‘The Best Man Holiday’ Sequel In The Works

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The Best Man Holiday The Best Man Holiday Sequel In The Works

Releasing a sequel over a decade after its predecessor is a tricky proposition. On the one hand, there is clear studio appeal to make a follow-up to a beloved film with a built-in audience. However, if the project isn’t done right, it could often disappoint core fans and subsequently sully the reputation of the franchise itself.

Such was the risk with writer/director Malcom D. Lee’s The Best Man Holiday. The film – which just released in theaters this past weekend (read our review) – is a sequel to the 1999 hit The Best Man and features the return of the entire main cast of the first film. While the original film is well-remembered by fans, there was no telling how its sequel would perform at the box office, especially against the likes of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, but it managed to reign in over $30 million domestically against a $17 million production budget. In Hollywood, that kind of success can mean only one thing.

According to Deadline, Lee is in negotiations to write, direct and produce another film in The Best Man franchise for Universal. There’s no word yet on which cast members would return for the third film, but it doesn’t sound like any of them are contracted to come back. Lee is currently developing an untitled project for Fox Searchlight but is expected to begin work on The Best Man Holiday sequel soon.

The Best Man Holiday Reviews starring Taye Diggs Morris Chestnut Nia Long Sanaa Lathan Monica Calhoun Regina Hall and Terrence Howard The Best Man Holiday Sequel In The Works

The Best Man marked Lee’s directorial debut, and it’s easy to see why he would jump at the chance to continue writing for those characters. After all, none of his follow-up films – from 2002 comedy Undercover Brother to 2013 sequel Scary Movie V – have made as strong an impression as his first film. Since audiences clearly want more, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

However, the difficulty with keeping The Best Man series rolling is in the contracts. Since the series relies so heavily on its ensemble cast, Lee may have trouble getting all the key players to commit to another film (In case you haven’t heard, star Terrence Howard knows a thing or two about contract disputes). If that’s the case, the film could either inflate its budget (thereby risking its chances to turn a profit) or pull a similar move as American Wedding – the third entry in the American Pie series (which also coincidentally has a sequel to its revival film, American Reunion, in development at Universal) – and simply write around the absence of some characters.

In any case, it sounds like Universal (understandably) wants to capitalize on the success of The Best Man Holiday and fast-track its sequel. Fans can only hope that development moves along smoothly and that Lee and company are able to lure back the likes of Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut and the rest of the cast.

Do you want to see a sequel to The Best Man Holiday, or would you prefer that Lee focus his energies elsewhere? Let us know in the comments section below.


The Best Man Holiday is now playing in theaters. Stay tuned for updates on its untitled sequel as this story develops.

Source: Deadline


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  1. Malcolm D.Lee should definitely push towards a third installment. People would love to discover Terrance Howard’s (Quintin) spouse and view Morris Chestnut’s (Lance) ordeal of coping through his lost. He may find a new love interest which could be Gabrielle Union. The two are great together with various movies in years before.

  2. We definitely need to see a sequel the fans will come back we need a sequel

  3. I loved the best man .. really loved best man holiday and I am looking forward to seeing a sequel. Keep it going for as long as possible. Love the cast love them all. They are very talented people and I love to watch them all. I am gonna Pray that there will be lots more from them in this best man series or sequel whatever you want to call it. Just want more to come. Please!!

  4. There should be one more to tie up the lose ends with Robin & Harper and their baby, how Lance copes with Mia being gone, and of course whoever quintin marries

  5. Best movie ever. There should be a sequel. It represents African Americans well and does not exploit stereotypes. It is a good clean movie and I look forward to a sequel.

  6. Yes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, have another one, let us know what happens, I am also please let the 3rd one be released soon please we are hangin on the end of our chairs at home about to fall off waiting. I was sooo excited to see Best Man Holiday, My favorite movie was Best Man I LOVED it!!!

  7. Yes I would like to see a sequel of The Best Man Holiday ..would love to know if Quentin and Shelby is going to be the one that gets married..

  8. Please bring on #3 with the same castplease……

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  10. Most certainly a sequel needs to be done.

  11. Yes! We need a sequel Malcolm. This movie was talked about all through my family and on social media. But, I think Q’s spouse will be Shelby, I’m just guessing. Don’t wait too long to bring the 3rd one out lol

  12. I would love to see a part 3 Malcolm get to work but please don’t make us wait another decade though!!!

  13. oh. yes we really need another movgie with the same cast. especially since quitons says he’s getting married! And to whoooo? i really do hope that its not shelby. Welll at the same time i think that they are really kinda perfect for each other

  14. Please make a sequel to The Best Man Holiday can’t leave us not knowing who Q’s going to marry and what about Lance? we need closer.

  15. I would love to see a best man 3 please dont let the second one end like that i feel that its incomplete without a third one n besides quentin gets engaged so there has too be a third cause i strongly believes he gets engaged to shelby n so i would like to c a third one

  16. We NEED the Bestman movies to keep going for as long as possible. Such a great story with great characters, and a great cast. I pray that the original cast members continue working together with this franchise. #MorrisChesnut #NiaLong #MelissaDeSousa #TayeDiggs #MonicaCalhoun #SanaaLathan #HaroldPerrineau #ReginaHall

  17. I want to see if Lance finds love like Mia.. I want to see if Shelby and Quentin will stop playing and take a chance. . I want to see if Shelby daughter could possibly be Quentins’ child. I want to see if Jordan can love like how Mia told her to.. I want to see if Harper got that financial gain like how he wanted on Lance’s bio.. I love Candice’s character .. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US MORE

  18. The Best Holiday was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I cried throughout the movie. There has to be a sequel so we can see how Lance handles the lost of his wife; whether Shelby and Quentin will get married; was Harper’s book a success; Harper’s baby growing up and more. It will not be a success if all of the same characters do not return. Will Lance get married again and who will it be,Jordan, to help him raise the kids? Many thoughts are racing through my mind. Pleaseee hurry! Your fans await! We can’t wait until 2027! Start preparing NOW!

  19. I would love to see a third best man movie as long as the same characters are in it

  20. Yes! Yes! Yes! bring on #3!! Can’t wait!

  21. Best Man #3 will be a hit if it is with all the same cast as 1 and 2. I Love the first and really Loved the 2nd. I can’t wait to see the 3rd Iinstallment and to learn who Quentin’s bride to be will be.. Hopefully this is out by the end of 2015!!!!!!!

  22. Yes, there should definitely be a sequel to the best man holiday. Quintin should be engaged to marry another woman other than shelby; however, in the end I think he should end up with shelby. I think Robin should somehow end up with Lance and I think Harper and Jordan should finally get together because they have better chemistry than Robin and Harper.


  24. Yessss!!!!!! Bring It back It need 2 more movies after it It made me cry towards the end.SEEING SHELBY LOL SHES HILARIOUS and her baby.I would love to see Terrence wife.I would not want to see Gabrielle Union in this movie please dont do they starred in way to much together.Let him remarry and find happiness or something but you know you have to throw a twist in the movie with with someone .you should enter another man and woman.

  25. Yes, yes. I would love to see a third Best Man movie as long as the same characters are in it. Can’t wait!!

  26. WE definitely need to see a third Best Man love both movies just hope it doesn’t take forever. Thanks

  27. There has to be a third “Best Man” movie. I had watched the first movie and then the 2nd one. My husband just saw them for the first time last weekend and is begging for more. The whole cast is fantastic and love the connection. Terrence Howard is especially funny. The relationships seem to real and that is how friends act. You have your ups and downs. Love the series. Please bring it back with a third one, fourth, fifth, etc.

  28. I’ve waited so long for a part 2; as the first one is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I can’t get enough of part 2. I go from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds!! I love how the characters have grown and how interracial relationships were depicted. Both movies stay on my DVR recordings and are generally my first choice. Malcolm Lee please give us a part 3; we gotta know what becomes of the hilarious Mr. Quentin Spivey!! Don’t leave us hanging!!

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