punkd miley 280x317 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

To celebrate the return of Impractical Jokers on TruTV, question the return of Punk’d on MTV, and revel in the absurd craziness that is international TV, we looked through the world’s selection of hidden camera shows to find 5 ridiculous pranks that you definitely won’t see on Punk’d.

…well, not unless MTV gets better lawyers.

terrorist 280x373 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

When you’re a famous celebrity in Iraq, you have to watch out for their version of Ashton Kutcher creeping around, waiting to pull some silly prank on you at any moment (just ask their version of Bruce Willis). Unfortunately, Iraq’s idea of silly is kind of terrifying.

In the Iraqi hidden camera show Khali en Buca (translated as “Let’s Steal It”), they highlight the hilariousness of pranking a celebrity by accusing them of being a terrorist. At gun point. And then tell them that they’re going to blow them up.

“Haha… it’s so funny… because you thought we were going to kill you.”

Oh Iraqi Ashton (and/or Justin Beiber), you’re so silly – now talk to the camera with it pointing at the side of your head.

You can take a look at the terrorist prank HERE. 

boiling water trap 280x373 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

While Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! may not strictly be a hidden camera show, they certainly do their share of pranks. The most infamous being the “Boiling Water Trap,” where a portion of the floor is replaced with a giant tub of boiling water and a breakaway floor to cover it.

What’s crazy is that falling into the a tub of boiling water isn’t even what everyone cares about. Instead, while you’re cooking yourself, the hosts pull out a stop watch and begins timing how long it takes for you to get out of the water – because there’s nothing that makes falling into boiling water more hilarious than finding out you’ve been entered into some competitive challenge from Hell.

You can check out the “Boiling Water Trap” HERE.

hanging 280x373 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

On Venezuela’s hidden camera show ¡Qué Locura!, they decided to forego any type of conversational foreplay and just straight-up try to mess with your head.

Knowing your schedule and making sure you’re alone, ¡Qué Locura! decides to crush your mind grapes by presenting you with a dead body hanging in the stairwell. What makes it even more hilarious for the person being pranked is that there’s no team of producers waiting in the wings to reassure you that everything is ok.

Instead, you get to see a dead body and then completely freak out – all alone.

Haha… Isn’t it funny because you’re completely alone, and then you see someone hanging, and then you run away? And then we had to chase you down, stop you from freaking out, tell you it was all fake, and then get you to sign a release.

execution 280x373 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

Imagine driving with your friend and being pulled over by by some armed agents. Your friend gets out of the car and is shot in the chest – there’s blood on their shirt. You cower in the small corner of the car for protection. The armed guy shoots out the tires of your car and points the gun towards you.

What do you do?

Laugh, silly goose – it’s all a joke!

“What’s that? You crapped your pants? But it was so funny when you watched your friend die and then thought you were going to be next.”

Oh Infarto, you so crazy.

sniper 280x373 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

Most people have heard about the craziness of Japan’s Panic Face Kings. Whether it be recreating a scene out of The Ring, The Grudge, or any other Japaneese movie where everyday things turn terrifying, Panic Face Kings are usually waiting in the wings to have a group of young Japanese girls to scare the crap out of you.

This time, Panic Face Kings decided that it would be better to skip all of that ghost nonsense and just make someone believe that they’re going to be turned into a ghost themselves – with the help of a sniper.

Just to prove how evil the whole prank is, when someone pretending to be a police officer tries to help him out, the man freaks out even more – because the guy that’s trying to help him is always wearing a bulletproof vest and is firing a gun next to him.

You can check out the “Sniper” prank HERE.

impractical jokers 280x317 5 Crazy Hidden Camera Pranks Youll Never See On Punkd

So if you want to watch some hidden camera fun, but aren’t in the mood to see what “crazy” thing Justin Bieber does to prank Miley Cyrus, check out Impractical Jokers at 10pm on TrueTV.

Because, as we all know, there’s nothing better than making your friends look like idiots… except when you do it on television.

You can check out some Impractical Jokers hilarity HERE.