SR Geek Picks: ‘Iron Man 3′ Fan Complaints, Weirdest / Hottest Halloween Costumes & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find everything Wrong With Iron Man 3 According To Fans; Back to the Future As A Broadway Musical; an honest trailer for After Earth; Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing an acapella version of “We Can’t Stop”; the best Halloween news bloopers ever; and 30 life hacks debunked. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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“Great Scott” – Back to the Future As A Broadway Musical (Sweded)

What if Back To The Future was a broadway musical? This riveting duet is from the climactic scene where Marty tries to save Doc’s life but risks disrupting the space-time continuum. Will Doc listen before he sends Marty back to the future?

Sing your own with the Sing-Along, Karaoke version:

Watch the Behind The Scenes:


Best Halloween News Bloopers EVER

A collection of the best Halloween news bloopers of all time.


30 Life Hacks Debunked

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. For our 30TH EPISODE!!, John tests 30 “life hacks” to see if they work as promised.



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  1. I usually enjoy those “Everything Wrong with…” Videos but this one was especially harsh. And Happy having a mullet wasn’t insinuating that those were in style in 1999, it was a joke that he was dressed as Vincent lVega from Pulp Fiction. Granted, that movie came out in 1994 and the scene takes place in ’99 but I still thought it was funny.

  2. I did not think it was harsh at all oddly enough….Iron Man 3 made Independence Day look like an Oscar contender. LOL

    • Independece Day not only WAS an Oscar contender (nominated in two categories) but actually won one (Best Visual Effects). ;)

  3. I actually enjoyed After Earth, sure the movie has is problems but what movie doesn’t

    • Me too. The only problem that I had with After Earth was that it was completely predictable from start to finish.

  4. Seriously, the only movies I have been disappointed by in the MCU are the Iron Man sequels.
    Iron Man 2: Hey guys, I’ve got an idea. Let’s give Tony a villain that does nothing but use his own technology against him JUST LIKE THE FIRST ONE.
    Iron Man 3: Hey guys, I’ve got an idea. Since the last movie sucked, let’s base this movie off of one of the coolest Iron Man stories ever and add the Mandarin, arguably Tony’s greatest enemy. BUT WAIT! Instead of making the Mandarin a deliciously evil megalomaniac who gives Iron Man the toughest fight of his life, let’s turn him into a drunken little hoax and make the real villain a guy who was in two panels in the comic book before shooting himself. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

  5. lets hope whoever directs 1m4 ( i def hope its not shane black ) can save the iron man franchise….

    • Agreed sir.

    • I think it’s too late, after Iron Man 2 and 3, it’s over. Marvel clearly doesn’t care about good, quality movies.

      • And the rest of Hollywood does?? I was always under the impression that once they manage to actually get you into the theater seats it’s all about the NO REFUND POLICY. Leaving people with the occasional Sucker Punch sensation. Anyways, here’s to smarter shopping. Good luck.


    • Save it from what?

      • Shane Black.

  6. Here we go again with the bash Iron Man 3 stuff. I enjoyed the movie and really saw nothing wrong with it. I didn’t know enough about Mandarin to care one way or the other. I still liked it better than Iron Man 2.

    • And this is why you should stop watching movies.

      • He should stop liking a movie because he enjoyed one? One that critics rated high, mind you. I think you need to stop thinking so highly of your own opinion as law and let people enjoy what they want to enjoy.

        • *stop watching movies,
          not liking a movie.

        • Critics taste in film has deteriorated very much so recently. Anyone that thinks Iron Man 3 at least deserves a “C” they need to stop watching movies. And yes since he liked it, he has bad tastes in movies.

          • “Critics’ taste in film has deteriorated very much so recently”.

            “taste” being the key word here. Even ignoring the fact that you are trying to denounce someone for having a differing opinion to yours (over one movie, at that), wouldn’t it make sense for someone who commits the travesty of enjoying a superhero movie to watch as many movies as possible, so that they can have a greater wealth of experience with which to rate films?

            • Come on, everyone knows that KArdo’s opinion is the gold standard we all need to go by…

              • +1 haha I knew reading this comment thread would be worth a laugh

  7. Wow, that iron man 3 critique was nitpicking at its worst. Some of those questions could be easily answered if you atleast use your brain and creativity the rest of them are just ignorant to the point where one guy submits saying they were ripping off of Nolan’s title ending? Are you kidding me? Nolan ripped off of Robocop 2 and that came out 1990. I’m not trying to defend Iron Man 3 since that movie is truly flawed but at the same time that doesn’t mean we should praise all the haters for their silly critiques. Don’t those guys at Everything Wrong ever filter or proof read what they do before they upload a video? The are just as bad as those inconsistent movies.

    • Just wait until he does Man of Steel, then you’ll know what nitpicking really means.

      • But the plot was almost holeless. The only dumb moment is that he said he is from Kansas.
        The biggest problem was with people expecting to see Superman who will check buildings with X-ray as in the comics before fighting nearby. Everyone thought that costume is enough when in truth he faced such threat just once, everything happpened in one day. Thats why movie was called Man of Steel and not Superman.

        You can watch How it shoudl’ve eneded on MoS but they couldn’t find any problem at all and slap one even though it was mistake on HISHE part. I don’t blame them though, movie didn’t appear on disks and people usually saw movies 1 time in theaters and don’t remember much.

        • Well I know for a fact that the person behind the Everything Wrong With videos hated MoS and is very bitter about the movie. So I fully expect to see him make a video bringing even the most minor things he sees as an error.

          I enjoyed the movie immensely personally, can’t wait to see the sequel.

    • It wasn’t nitpicking at all. It was all facts, easily

      • Everything Wrong with usually has sardonic retorts to gaping holes in the plots of various blockbusters, this one however focused over a minute on continuity errors (Tony’s glasses, the phone, the car, etc., etc., etc.). Those happen in EVERY movie, they’re virtually unavoidable when editing a scene together featuring dialogue and the 180 degree rule in film. There’s an entire category in IMDB entitled “goofs” devoted to pointing out mistakes in every movie.

        • Also, they’re gonna break Shane Black’s balls for having a Christmas motif in a lot of his films and call it a cliche? I don’t hear people lambasting Wes Anderson every time he puts some hipster Charlie Brown reference in one of his films. (For the record I enjoy Wes Anderson as a director).

        • Say what? Almost ALL movies get the same treatment! He goes funny where its possible and nitpicking such mistakes that are obvious for majority of the movies. Thats why EWW is popular.
          Sometimes he slaps a mistake which is not mistake or he didn’t get it, everyone are humans after all. But here, everything was nailed.

          Aside from fun stuff and technicial mistakes how can you counter:
          1) Tony said that he is IM in the first movie and didn’t care for ANY defence at his places(especially the one he is living in)?
          And the very fact the noone even tried to assasinate him is unbelievable.
          2) Flying helicopter CAN’T fly without permission. You say noone even cared for unauthorised flights?
          3) Tony can summon ALL suits yet he is not doing it when he has plenty of time to say “Initialise protocol bla bla bla”.
          4) When helicopters and people in those go why did noone care to trace them? Tony is not living in the desert or island.
          5) If Trever was an actor there’re plenty of people who knows him unless you think all of them where out the country or didn’t watch TVs. Then there is government. Yes, i know they’re fluffy and good and definetely not spying on all of us right? They totaly can’t search through their huge database and find an american(!) actor. And the whores won’t say anything at all to anyone because women don’t talk at all and are very loyal right?
          6) Why noone knew him, they have TV and watch it just fine.
          7) Why the costume gets smashed by a fu**in truck?! Any sensible reason for that, any? Did Tony get stupid in years and downgraded his tech?
          8) Why in the hell villains would left absolutely functional armor and put their hostage in it? Why?
          Why President couldn’t use it to save himself? I can understand why he couldn’t fly away, i can buy not using repulsors but the movements are allowed, this is exoskelet, superstrangth delivered.
          Hell, he could communicate with Tony, why didn’t Jarvis said that costume is fully functional and took remote contol?!
          10) Avengers, SHIELD, special forces, noone? I though President was a hostage, oh well, Oprah show is more improtant.
          Hulk? Tony clearly knows where Banner is, Banner can control Hulk, Banner didn’t help.
          - Oh look, your budy is under attack, the terrorist promissed to kill him, what you gonna do?
          - Tscch… O-p-r-a-h week run.

          Lets just forget about others and answer this ones? Could you? Before you even try to think, trust me i did, the only answer – script sucks alot, too much easily visible serious plotholes, too…much.

    • Those were all problems put forth by the fans.

    • I think what he meant by that ending was the precedence of the other two movies having the title at the beginning and this is the important one, Tony did a monologue towards the end which I think he ends with “I am Iron Man”, then bam title, Iron Man. Think he was saying the rip off was how at the end of the Dark Knight, while Bruce didn’t do a monologue, Gordon did, he ended with “Dark Knight”, bam title, The Dark Knight. Think that’s what he meant with the rip-off. Hope I used “at least a brain and creativity” there.

      I think Marvel needs to ease off of the “catering to kids” angle, subverts some of the serious tone they try to go for. They employ a little too much of deflection by humour. Iron Man 3 felt really Disney-fied, to me.

      • EXACTFCKINGLY It’s because of all these Marvel fanboys that we’re getting bad children movies from them. Iron Man 1 is the only GREAT superhero film from Marvel. Avengers is just very very average. But of course all the Marvel fanboys overhype the sh1t out of Avengers. Every single Marvel film feels like a kid’s movie except for Iron Man 1.

  8. Is everyone so caught up with the stupid stuff that nobody noticed how talented that girl is who redid Guns N’ Roses on that instrument? I mean, she does the guitar solo at the end and everything…

    • I really liked it.

  9. Why does nobody point out the fact that from IM1 through Avengers, Tony needs an assembly line to remove the armor, yet now magically every suit can just open up (either from the front or back) to let him step in or out as he pleases. He keeps talking about the MK42 being a prehensile suit, then turns out every suit he owns is a prehensile suit. Even Rhoadie’s MK1 suit is now magically prehensile, even though that idea had never crossed Tony’s mind when making the MK1. The movie was enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as it’s Box office numbers indicate. Shane Black took WAAAAAAY too many liberties, and ignored IM1, IM2, and The Avengers.

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