Best Buy to Begin Phasing Out DVDs this Holiday Season

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best buy dvd sales store front Best Buy to Begin Phasing Out DVDs this Holiday Season

The history of home-video media reads like a chapter from the Old Testament Book of Chronicles: “Super 8 begat Betamax, Betamax begat VHS, VHS begat Laserdisc, Laserdisc begat DVD, DVD begat Blu-ray.”

Every time the home video market changes formats it’s usually in response to consumer demand – consumers stop buying one type of format so retailers stop selling it. Super 8, Betamax, and Laserdiscs have, for a long time, been out of retail stores and VHS tapes started disappearing from shelves roughly ten years ago. However, a lot of consumers are still reluctant to switch from DVD to Blu-ray – and that reluctance could linger for years.

While we at Screen Rant have discussed whether the time, or need, is right for a switch to Blu-ray – check out “Why Blu-ray is Worth the Extra Price” and “Blu-ray: Is It Time to Make the Move” – there are still a number of vocal proponents, and opponents, to switching.

Both have valid arguments.

However, starting Christmas 2010, consumers may not have a choice in the matter. According to Franklin Harris with The Decatur Daily:

“Best Buy plans to greatly reduce the amount of floor space it devotes to DVDs this holiday season, using that space instead for netbooks and tablet PCs — products that are actually in demand.”

With the prices of Blu-ray players now in the $50 range, a wide selection of current movies available on Blu-ray for under $20, and older films being converted to Blu-ray and sold for under $10, it’s not really surprising to hear this type of announcement. Switching to Blu-ray has become inexpensive and once again retailers are responding to consumer demand. It won’t be too long before other major brick-and-mortar retailers begin following suit.

I worked for Best Buy from 1999 to 2001 and witnessed this same reorganization when switching from VHS to DVD formats for the exact same reasons mentioned above. Consumer media outlets like Best Buy or Wal-Mart usually keep a 70/30 or 60/40 ratio when stocking their movie shelves with the higher number obviously dedicated to the more popular formats. As the demand for standard DVD movies continues to drop, so too will the ratio of DVD stock in stores – until it levels out around 90/10.

best buy dvd blu sales Best Buy to Begin Phasing Out DVDs this Holiday Season

From a business standpoint, Best Buy is making a very sound decision and it’s these forward-thinking decisions that will keep them leading the retail pack in home-media sales. Failing to look at current, and future, consumer trends is what led to the extinction of Movie Gallery and the inevitable shuttering of Blockbuster.

Best Buy representative Erin Bix told Perri Nemiroff of Cinematical:

“While an entertainment reset of some sort will take place in all stores, the product mix will vary depending on the market. We remain committed to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray and are not cutting assortment. We’re simply reorganizing the space. Blu-ray especially remains an important part of entertainment at Best Buy.”

No matter how committed to DVDs Best Buy claims to be, you can be assured that, six months to a year from now, the only DVDs available for purchase will be children’s films, TV shows, workout videos, and leftovers in the $5 bin.

It will take at least a few more years for DVDs to be completely phased out of circulation due to all the portable DVD players in existence. However, when manufacturers start selling portable stand-alone Blu-ray players at an economical cost, then DVD’s will join the other obsolete items in the world – like “Hammer” pants, Double Decker tacos, and my dignity. 😉

Does this decision from Best Buy shock you or change how often you will shop at their store? Will there be another format after Blu-ray or are we looking at an all-digital download future? Sound off below and let us know.

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Source: Daily Finance &  Cinematical

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  1. @Stephie, how outragous is that bs! Btw, they want everyone to have an internet connection. I can see it becoming something that everyone will HAVE to have one day. (Police state/big brother)
    So to jump into the wonderful world of Bluray you need:

    1- Bluray player ($50 to $500)

    2- HD monitor/tv ($400+ to $2000+)

    3- Internet connection (sign up fee+, $40 to $70 a month)

    4- BR discs ($20 to $40 depending on set)

    5- 5.1 surround sound stereo upgrade
    (Anywhere from $300 to $3000)

    In this economy, when dvds are just a slight grade lower in resolution?

    Screw that! BR can totally kis my grits

    • Um, not quite. To get into BD you need:

      1. Blu-Ray Player ($50-$500). $100-$150 for something decent but not too fancy.

      You don’t “need” any of that other stuff. (For the 1 in 1000 people who don’t have an internet connection, public libraries usually have computers that you can use for free.)

      As for the movies, they’re $1.50 to rent from RedBox (or wherever). Not sure how much Netflix is these days, but it’s not overly expensive.

      • Red Box might work for some people, but I’ve found they rarely have a selection I’m interested in. Comes from having very little interest in most of the junk that’s in theaters these days. Of course, that has nothing to do with my main annoyance at the switch. If I had the money to own a dvd player in the first place, perhaps paying for a blu-ray wouldn’t be so bad. As is, I don’t own a dvd player, don’t pay for cable, don’t even have a tv beyond an old and small Magnavox that I haven’t used for half a year. I watch all my dvds on my computer…and I have a lot of dvds that I got for $5-10 that I enjoy and watch frequently, but are not available on netflix instant. I would like to KEEP acquiring and watching dvds on my computer – not be unable to watch anything newly purchased/given because I don’t have the ability to play blu-ray.

    • um no you just need the bluray player they can be hooked up to older TVs i buy blurays for 7 dollars at walmart all the time. why would you need an internet connection to play a disc, you don’t. and bluray when connected to a newer HDTV is 10 times better resolution then DVD. do your research DVD is 480 while bluray is 1080. all tvs are being sold HD now. anyone who has purchased a TV in the last like 5 years maybe more has purchased a HDTV, i believe its been even longer then that.HDTV have been on the market for almost 10 years now in one form or another. what would sound have to do with picture quality. my roommate just purchased a 32 inch HDTV for 200 Dollars and a 46 inch HDTV for 400 dollars. please do your research you might just be enlightened.

  2. This is just proom that Best Buy works for a secret government society hell bent on pushing Blu Ray down our throats so that they can hide secret military training videos with in the discs. This will force everyone in the world to join the American Military and then the military will begin to push Floride tooth paste on us. Once we brush our teeth with the toothpaste the government will implant nanites in our teeth so they can hear our every thought.

    BLU Ray is Evil.

  3. With DVDs being slowly phased out, I’m thinking that Blueray will follow
    in the very near future.I think Digital downloads is the next step.I live in Australia and already this technology is being trialed. If you can buy digital music, why not movies. It will not be long before the quality is up to par with a Blueray disc.
    I have a DVD player with a USB port and HDMI capability that allows me to watch digital movies that I buy online.Blueray is a marketing ploy to buy
    now before it becomes obselete

    • getting away from discs compleatly bothers me more then the dvds being overrun by blu-ray.

      i do not pay any money on the internet.if i have to go to the internet to download movies it would force me to do that.

      sometimes i hate the way technology is headed.

      • The movement is towards complete control of what you consume, and taking notes on it. Most of the stuff has no content, already. Moving wallpaper for zombies who responds to pattern recognition and marketing hooks. The intelligent world is over. The Overloads won. Welcome to your Electronic Facsimile.

  4. Paul,

    Please tell me where I can get a BluRay player for $50. I’ve kept my eye on them at Walmart every week and the best I’ve seen is $125 and that’s one from those no-name in house only brands, kind of like what VIZIO was to Plasma TVs.

    Don;t get me wrong I love BluRay, even boughta PS3 just 3 years ago so I could play BluRays and PS3 games. The darn thing crapped out after 3 months and itwas a replacement for the first one I had rbought broke in under 90 days (so itwas covered). There are WAY TOO many issues compatability probelms with the BluRay technology for these idiots in Retail to push it on the consumer.

    I bought am HD-DVD player when the HD wars were still on and it still works great while IU’ve been thru 2 SONY BluRay players, the company that is the maker of BluRay technology. Bluray just feels rushed and incomplete and in need of some seasoning

  5. What a joke. If Blu Ray phases out DVDs they are stupid. The truth is that DVDs and Blu Ray are gradually ohasing out because of Streaming.

    From 2010 (1 year ago) DVD lost 30 % of its sales. But Blu Ray (which had A LOT LESS ROOM TO FALL) lost about 40 %.

    The age of physical media is coming to an end. DVD may linger on for awhile, but Blu Ray is doomed. It never really caught on, and now it’s too late.

    DVD is good enough, and even if I wanted a better picture, I could avoid all this nonsense, and just buy a DVD UPGRADER.

    Even most people who buy Blu Ray players are just using them to upscale DVDs or for streaming. I have a huge DVD collection, but even I am watching more on the internet now. And maybe there is a new device around the corner waiting to kill Blu Ray. At any rate, I think I’ll enjoy my DVDs, stream, and see what’s next. I’ll just skip this scam called Blu Ray.

  6. If Best Buy phases out DVD they are stupid. The truth is that DVDs and Blu Ray are both being phased out by streaming. In the biggest media store I know, and in 2011, DVD has over 9/10 of the space, and this Blu Ray scam has less than 1/10.

    From 2010 (1 year ago) DVD lost 30 % of its sales. But Blu Ray (which had a lot less room to fall) lost 40 %. At this point in time, DVD holds over 80 % of the shrinking physcial media market.

    The age of physical media is coming to an end. DVD may linger on for awhile. But Blu Ray is doomed. It never really caught on, and now it’s too late. It had a slight mild swelling in 2010, but it has been losing ground eversince.

    DVD is good enough, and even if I wanted a slightly better picture, I could just buy a DVD upgrader and avoid this nonsense called Blu Ray.

    Blu Ray is the biggest scam in the media, and the sooner it dies the better.

    Even most people who have Blu Ray players are using them to upscale ST DVDs, or stream. PEOPLE MAY BE BUYING THE PLAYERS, BUT NOT THE DISCS. I have a huge DVD collection, but even I am watching more on the internet now. Streaming will mean the death of both DVD and Blu Ray. Who knows? Maybe there is a new physical device around the corner waiting to knock out Blu Ray.

    At any rate, I will continue to use my DVDs and stream. Or maybe I will wait for the next physical media. At any rate, I think I will skip this scam called Blu Ray.

  7. You DVD owners are nuts !!! Sell your DVD movies now before the value drops below $1.00 – Blu-ray is here to stay. Every new release now comes in the Blu-ray format with digital copy – DVD IS DEAD and has been for years,more movies than ever are comming out on Blu-ray.

    The more HD TV prices drop, the more customers Blu-ray adds – why watch TV in HD and then put on a crappy DVD with less of a picture?? I used to own 2000+ DVD, collected them for years and years.

    Just recently I bought a Blu-ray player for $100.00 and starting selling off my DVDs !!!I now have 200+ blu-ray movies (the ones I want to watch) – I will stream all other movies I view from Netflix – which I can utilize through my brand new Blu-ray player.

    Change is part of life, don’t be that old lady buying up VHS movies 20 for $1.00 at Half Price Books. You’ll see DVDs in the same boat in 2yrs – MARK MY WORDS!!! –

  8. BluRay is pointless to me. They have more space for what? To cram all the little extras and fancy animations and other ^%#>@$! that I’ll never watch? I buy movies for the MOVIE, not the extra junk. And clarity? Who gives a rip about 150% perfect picture quality? I’ve pirated VHS rips that never made it to DVD and still enjoyed the films!! It’s my belief that those who TRULY appreciate film and art will not fuss if the quality of it isn’t past as good as it will go for the present time. DVD is enough quality for me, and I have ZERO intention of buying BluRay, which I honestly believe will be phased out entirely in a few years anyway because of digital copies.

    So take your BluRay players and shove them. I’m not wasting money better spent on more important things in life.

    • Pete,

      You need to relax. Go have a beer and watch the Super Bowl (in regular old analog TV, not HD, since that doesn’t matter).


    • Pete…

      Many people enjoy the extras, even if you don’t. There are animated shorts, explanations of creative processes, interviews, alternate endings (or even beginnings), games, technical/structural explanations, analyses, etc. Often, the extras prove to be as good as the main feature…though for different reasons, of course. Also, most people DO want to watch a film or show in a higher quality format (whether because of clearer sound or better picture). More power to you if you don’t care about crappy viewing conditions, but others do. Oh, and you pirate videos and are PROUD of that? Sad.

      As for digital formats…GOTT IN HIMMEL!!! I hope it never comes to that. There should ALWAYS be SOME kind(s) of tangible media, if for no other reason than backup. Digital media are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and are easily manipulated (read: altered, erased, discontinued, etcetera), much like their disc counterparts, despite what the “gods of the digital realms” would have you believe about their product.

  9. Good on them ! Its about time this happened for titles with both blu-ray and dvd versions, reduce the price slightly and only sell blu-ray. They are supporting the newly forming industy for high definition. How can anyone be upset with that ?

  10. Why Blu-ray now? Right now, all the Blu-ray players have HDMI out only connections. This is an effort by Big Media to control everything. If it wasn’t for HDMI TVs being as affordable as they are, this very reason would have made Blu-ray tank. Why then does Best Buy sell a Blu-ray burner for about $100? Why the blank media for it? There are no stand alone recorders for it. Sony had one, but it was like a DVD Direct, and it only had analog inputs, and now no player with that hi-definition format has analog ports. I am happy with DVD, but it seems all a way to keep making you buy.

  11. Fast forward to December 2014. A popular department store here has high quality Blu ray players for 35 bucks WITH smart capability which means it has many built in streaming video services included. I also picked up many great Blu rays from this popular department store for 4 dollars each. The picture and sound on Blu ray is amazing compared to everything else. Blu ray players also play DVD’s. I know so many people who only buy DVD’s and have no clue about what a Blu ray is or does and they they don’t realize that Blu ray players can play DVD’s. I think the education is what is needed. 35 dollars is not much money it’s basically someones pizza night. You just miss one night of pizza and you have a Blu ray player that can play your old DVD collection, upconvert it, and connect to streaming services if needed! Some have web browsers etc. It’s well worth it.