Benicio Del Toro to be Offered Villain Role in ‘Star Trek 2′

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:28 pm,

Set phasers to smile. For the last two years, Star Trek fans have been waiting patiently for any information about the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ popular 2009 film and now they have some good news.

According to new reports, Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro may soon be tormenting the cast and crew of the Starship Enterprise in an as-yet-unknown role. Director J.J. Abrams will reportedly make an offer to Benicio Del Toro to star as the main villain of Star Trek 2 this weekend.

Variety reports that the Del Toro deal isn’t totally locked yet, but it seems unlikely that the actor would turn down the chance to be part of a major blockbuster and sources say the Oscar-winner has already met with Abrams once about the part.

Interestingly, while we’re closer to landing an actor to play the villain, we still don’t know who the villain will be. In fact, at this point, even Del Toro doesn’t know.

Despite meeting with Abrams, in order to keep the character a secret, Del Toro hasn’t been told all the details of the role. That won’t keep us from speculating of course, so put on your Vulcan ears and let’s start debating.

Could Del Toro play another Romulan? A Klingon, perhaps? There are a ton of possibilities for villains in Star Trek 2, especially since the new franchise exists in an entirely separate timeline from the original series.

Then again, it’s possible that the original series could inspire a new take on a classic villain. Last year, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci talked about being inspired by the original series and wanting the second film to be a new story that felt like “good old Star Trek.” Only time will tell exactly what that means for the movie, but it certainly will play a part in what role Del Toro finally ends up playing.

The 2009 Star Trek did something that a lot of people thought was impossible — make a nearly 50-year-old franchise sexy, fun, and appealing to modern audiences without offending diehard fans. Delivering an equally successful sequel is a tall order, but the addition of Del Toro to an already strong ensemble cast is a step in the right direction.

What do you think about Benicio Del Toro joining Star Trek 2? Who do you think he will play?

Source: Variety

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  1. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!

  2. Dang! You beat me to it! Classic1

    • I had to, it was just sitting there. I met Benicio in a strip club briefly years ago, he was a cool cat. Really tall, and was with a bunch of shorter guys that looked just like him. He bought me a beer. No joke…

  3. OUTSTANDING!!! J.J. Is kicking ass!!!!!!

    • OMG u nerd

  4. His name is MUDD!

  5. He kinda looks like a Khan…

    • You beat me to it

  6. I’d have to say that I doubt Khan would be the character they are goin to throw at the crew. Now keep in mind though if they do go with that they can take a totally new twist on it because they are not bound to the cannon of the original timeline. this is new ground with the “Original” characters so anything is possible at this point. I have to say though…. I still think Khan was a kick ass enemy for them!!!

  7. I say Khan. Simply because the first Khan was played by a latin actor and now there getting a latino actor. Hmmm 2+2=4, no? Other than that he’s an amazing actor and it’ll funny to see him wearing the fake chest. I believe in Abrams in delivering a great story.

    Live Long and Prosper.

    • Um, the chest wasn’t faked…got the STII:TWOK DVD that verifies it.

  8. They’ve said repeatedly that The Dark Knight is their inspiration/bar for this film, and if that’s the case then it would seem that they’d go straight to Khan as the villain, as he would be the most obvious Joker to Kirk’s Batman…? I also bet Khan gets discovered by the Klingons instead of the Enterprise and overtakes the empire, making them the villains again…

  9. Not Khan. And not Balance of Terror.

    I hate to say this, but I don’t think the new “Trek” has much chance of capturing the spirit of old “Trek”. What did we hear at the beginning of every episode? “To explore strange, new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

    Did you get any of that in the new movie? Don’t get me wrong, it was a great film. I saw it more times than I did any other film that year, and I still love it; but there was no “trekking”. And if they go the “Khan” route, then not only do they risk being a poor shade of the original Khan (could even Benicio del Toro fill Ricardo Montalban’s shoes?), but they risk locking the new franchise into a more conventional “space opera”, with heroes and villains who duke it out … Star Wars-style.

    If the writers of the second movie are truly inspired by the original series, then they’ll make it about exploration, and try to visit strange, new worlds. You can throw in references and characters from the original series; there’s no reason not to. But that alone won’t make it a “star trek”.

    • You have a good point. But perhaps the films will start operating on multiple fronts, as in they’ll explore the unknown, while at the same time re-establishing the Klingons as a threat, Khan as Kirk’s greatest recurring foe, and keep that as a backdrop to the general space-faring? (is that actually a word?).

      I’m pretty sure using Star Wars as an influence for the new direction of Star Trek was every bit intentional…

    • Excellent point. The 1st was an origin story though and ended with the “trek” beginning. Hopefully, they will go with a new villain and new chapter for the sequel. But, it’s a movie being made by a movie studio so it will probably be a reboot, retooling old storylines is Hollywood’s Britta (major screw-up).

    • Great points. Besides, why go through the effort of altering the timeline, just to tell the same old stories? The Romulan and Vulcan empires were wiped out in the reboot. If the Romulans and Vulcan’s never existed, what civilizations would have grown in power in their place? That’s the story the next movie should begin to tell.

      In the new Star Trek universe, instead of Khan being discovered by the Enterprise in a cryogenic state, maybe their ship landed on a habital planet, with Khan creating a society which is now on the verge of becoming a galactic power.

      • Did you guys watch the deleted scenes from Abram’s Star Trek? There were Klingons, and they wore leather masks that were in the shape of the ridges, but hid what was going on underneath. I’m gonna go ahead and make a wild guess that they’re in their human forms from TOS and are ashamed, hence the masks. They discover Khan’s ship and since he’s a geneticist he convinces them he can reshape them to their ‘superior’ form with the ridges et al, but as he does this it makes them even more monstrous, and also under his control, hence Khan takes over the Klingon empire. Then the debate begins as to whether the klingons are evil and must be destroyed, or saved/spared because they are under the influence of circumstances beyond their control. Of course, I also think the Talosians could be a big part of the story, especially since I think Pike is a bigger part of this timeline, not to mention they could go a million places fast with the Talosian’s mind powers, special effects wise, that is.

        I’m dead curious if they’ll shy away from STNG characters like the Borg, Dominion, etc., or not.

        Why does everyone fear the Khan, I don’t get it. Kirk and the Enterprise need an opposite number and Khan is his classic nemesis… He’s Space Hitler, basically…

      • Sorry to nit pick but A: Vulcan was not an empire. B. Romulus is still there it won’t be wipeout for another 130years and now that they know about the possibility of the star going super nova, they have more than enough time to save it this go around. C. It didn’t ‘never exist’ it was destroyed recently. Ye, the destruction would leave a vacuum for a new power to replace the Vulcan’s or at least a power struggle over it(i could even see a power struggle within the surviving Vulcan populous.

        What i’d like to see is the overall fallout from Vulcan being destroyed. It was one of the main systems in the federation. I could see a lot of systems start getting the feeling being in the federation does not offer the protection they once thought it did. I could see people/systems trying to take advantage of the chaos that would ensue.

  10. If it’s Khan so help me heads will roll! /having “Man of Steel” flashes.

    They have the groundwork laid out to do something new, so go do something NEW DAMMIT! Redoing the Botany Bay storyline would be lame (plus no one will match Montalban’s performance) If they had to though there ARE 77 other episodes they could borrow from the original series to make a movie out of (counting the first movie as also borrowing an original series idea)

  11. I’m gonna have to go with a Klingon. Simply because del Toro is used to wearing all of those prosthetics since he starred in “The Wolfman.”

  12. Del Toronto will be furry … it’s been confirmed he’s playing the leader of the Tribble army!

  13. without makeup-mask he looks like ferengi. so……

  14. He will reprise his role as the infamous Dr. Gonzo! – a horrific being who has truly been spaced out further than any other man has gone before!

    • That movie mad me feel like i was high. DAMN BATS!

  15. Please NOT Kahn. I want NEW characters in this NEW franchise. Don’t rehash old ones simply b/c they’re popular.

  16. You guys beat me to it…but I’m going to type it anyway…Khaaaaaaaan!!!!

  17. For Christ’s sake they better not be doing Space Seed

    Maybe for the third picture but it feels like they are aiming for that with this next film.

    I also get the sense that they might just be going back to the second incarnation of the original Star Trek II script which had many of the elements we saw in Khan but had a whole additional story that had Khan escaping Ceti Alpha to set himself up as some sort of intergalactic religous fanatic demi-god figure with an armada of followers and ships at his side. They of course dropped all that in the interests of time and budget but the original Space Seed was only 45 minutes long. What is they incorporate that story with that of Khan setting himself up as some sort of larger than life fanatical figure with Rebel Starfleet ships and armies at his side for either a huge showdown at the end of the first film or a conclusion in the second with his Ultimate banishment to Ceti Alpha

    You heard it here first

    • That could be interesting, especially with the demise of the Vulcan and Romulus. What happened to their empires, and the people and planets under their control? This would create the perfect opening for the Khan you described.

  18. My guess would be Kor, Kang or some other Klingon. Del Toro would make a great Klingon – tall, gravely, deep eyes, etc. Also, I think that the filmmakers said that Kahn idea is out (and I really hope so, honestly). If they do have Klingons, now the problem is… which Klingons (TOS, TNG, or the weird ones from the new movie’s deleted scenes)?!

    • I agree. The Khan idea is ridiculous. He will be a Klingon commander. He looks like Kang or perhaps Kahless.

      • Qi’ Yah!! No human could portray any Klingon, let alone the greatest Klingon that ever lived, petaQ!!

        Well, Kahless, didn’t….

        AND WHO COMMANDED YOU TO SPEAK, WORM????!!!! If I wanted your opinion, I would rip it from your filthy throat!!!

        Uh, OK, sorry.


  19. KAHN!!

  20. its clearly Balok from Corbomite Maneuver

  21. not a star trek fan but did like the last film.
    & Benicio Del Toro would be a awsome villain.
    gorge lucas need to bring out a sith gritty movie.

  22. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does NOT want to see Kahn! Mostley because I think they should continue to go into unexplored stories but also I can’t see anyone else doing a good enough Kahn. The direction I’m hoping they take it is that in the course of “exploring strange new worlds” they come across some clue or event that sets the whole Del Toro villain in motion (a little cause and effect that gets the Enterprise crew second guessing themselves). I’m hoping the alien they use is one of the lesser utilized from the original series.

  23. I think Del Toro would be awesome as Kor.

  24. I keep seeing people say the Romulan empire was destroyed. While it was, it wasn’t during this era. It happened during the Next Generation era. The Romulans are still in play in this timeline and while the Vulcans were nearly wiped out they aren’t completely gone. I’d love to see how the interactions between the Vulcans and humans plays out now. I wonder if they would still have the Vulcans kind of looking down on humanity. As far as everything else, I’m golden with whatever. If my ideas were any good, I’d be doing the movie myself, so I won’t judge.

    • I was thinking the same thing. In the last movie, the empire was wiped out in the future (25th century I believe), so the empire is very much alive and well in the 23rd century.

  25. The only problem I have with using any existing villians from any Star Trek series is you still have old Spock. Wouldn’t you think he might tell them watch out for Kahn, or the Borg and etc . And he has a 100 years tech know how. However I would love to see Del Torro as a villain. He has a unique intensity.

    • That had to be a major issue for them in coming up with the storyline for the sequel, how do we deal with two Spocks running around. Who knows if Leonard Nimoy will even be in the sequel, although I think it’s a cop-out for them to ignore him. I think it’s way more interesting and an incredible creative challenge to figure out what to do with 2 Spocks, one of which has knowledge of the future, which he may or may not share with the others… Of course, I think they should bring back all the original actors for at least a cameo while they’re all still with us.

    • The timeline has changed, so Spock-Prime could only guess at how the new events would unfold. I actually like the idea that Klingons find Khan and Khan becomes the emperor. Since that never happened in the original timeline, Spock-Prime couldn’t advise Kirk on what to do (unless he informs him that Khan is 2 dimensional).

      • Well, in the deleted scenes from 2009 the Klingons had masks on, so whether they have the ridges or not is a major issue for them to solve, or maybe they’ll let it remain a mystery, but I doubt it. I know it got more or less explained in Enterprise as to why the TOS Klingons were more human in appearance, but it just seems to me that they’d wear masks because they’re humanoid and are ashamed and want their ridges back, which is something Khan could convince them he could provide, but of course Khan would only do it if there were something in it to his advantage, and since he thinks he’s a superior human of course he’d have no qualms with taking that opportunity to enslave the Klingons, therefore making them his army in which to conquer the galaxy, which makes the Klingons the ‘enemy’ again, but in a way that makes it a philosophical debate, because the Klingons aren’t inherently evil, just manipulated by someone who is, but I’m sure there will be those in Starfleet who simply think the answer is to destroy them, in fact Kirk may be one of those people, or McCoy, with Spock arguing for them on humanitarian grounds, and that provides the conflict between the three of them…?

  26. I think it’s funny that the second movie actually has the potential to offend even more fans rather than the old ones if they do something like Khan… or even if they don’t, because so many peoples want Khan.

    My opinion: Go on a wholly different tangent. Leave Khan to be one of the highlights of the original series, and do something new.

  27. How about someone we have never seen? How about creating something from scratch and not rehashing old ideas? How about doing something totally original and not borrowing anything from what came before?

    Why Reboot if you are just going to Rehash. We had that with the last 2 TNG movies and the Enterprise series.

    Do it new!

    • Well, if they did something new they could go with a next generation, or a deep space station, or a lost starship forced to explore the unknown due to circumstance, or even show the very first Enterprise…?

      Oh wait…

      We’ve already expanded plenty on the original premise, let’s go back to the source material, Kirk & Spock and the rest of the crew, shown from a fresh perspective with all the old villians AND new ones. Star Trek is an old tree that needs pruning, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater…

    • Uh, the empire? :-)

    • Terran Empire