Ben Kingsley Confirms Marvel One-Shot – But is it The Mandarin?

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Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 Ben Kingsley Confirms Marvel One Shot   But is it The Mandarin?

Based on its box office success, it doesn’t seem like there were many people who missed out on watching Iron Man 3 in theaters earlier this year, but even those who didn’t get around to see it have probably heard about the controversial portrayal of classic Marvel supervillain the Mandarin. Love it or hate it, the plot twist regarding the Mandarin’s identity has kept people talking ever since and likely will continue to for some time.

Even Marvel, it seems, is interested in keeping this particular conversation going. Ben Kingsley, the actor behind the supposed Mandarin and his slightly less impressive counterpart Trevor Slattery, revealed last month that he was working on a secret Marvel project with many of the crew members who were involved with Iron Man 3.

Shortly thereafter Latino Review claimed insider knowledge of the plot of what was assumed to be another Marvel One-Shot, saying that it featured the real Mandarin being furious with Aldrich Killian and Trevor Slattery, “for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy,” and setting the record straight with a kind of ret-con of the Marvel movie universe’s Mandarin. That sounds more like the wishful thinking of a disgruntled comic book fan than anything else, and currently remains unconfirmed, but Kingsley has now given a firm indication that the secret project is a Marvel One-Shot, and will most likely be a DVD extra.

iron man 3 mandarin ben kingsley Ben Kingsley Confirms Marvel One Shot   But is it The Mandarin?

Speaking in an interview with Vanity Fair, Kingsley responded to the speculated plot of the short simply by saying, “I can’t confirm that. No, I can’t.” On the matter of exactly what the project is and when we might get to see it, however, he was able to give a little more detail:

“I think it may be seen as . . . sometimes [Marvel] tacks on a short film to one of their other releases, maybe on a DVD or something. I haven’t heard anything at all about this. So it’s in progress. It will have to remain under wraps. Marvel was so brilliant in the way they kept the transition from the Mandarin to Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3. They were absolutely brilliant at it. I so respect the way they dearly want to surprise their audiences. But we will just have to leave it in the realm of rumor.”

A DVD/Blu-ray extra for Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The Winter Soldier, perhaps? The Marvel One-Shots, which have previously included gems like A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer and the Peggy Carter short Agent Carter, are always fun to watch and there will likely be a lot of interest in this Iron Man 3-inspired entry.

Guy Pearce Aldrich Killian Iron Man 3 Poster Ben Kingsley Confirms Marvel One Shot   But is it The Mandarin?

Also responding to LR’s report of the plot for the One-Shot, Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce took to Twitter to dismiss any ideas that it will be an act of self-flagellation to soothe the tempers of fans who didn’t like Iron Man 3‘s plot twist. Keeping it short and simple (the way Twitter likes it), Pearce said:

“One thing I know for sure: nobody’s going to be apologizing for the Mandarin twist any time soon.”

Of course, there are undoubtedly ways in which the One-Shot could introduce the “real” Mandarin without seeming to apologize for the way he was portrayed in Iron Man 3, and it should also be noted that Pearce isn’t writing the One-Shot himself (that duty falls, once again, to Eric Pearson). There are many interesting avenues that could be explored from the perspective of Kingsley’s character, so hopefully this short is going to be something special.

Tell us in the comments if you think having such a plot with another, more legitimate, Mandarin would undermine the story of Iron Man 3 or, of course, if you think Iron Man 3 deserves to be undermined.


Source: Vanity Fair (via Latino Review)

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  1. Hail Hydra!

  2. Cue 200+ comments about ‘Iron Man 3′ and the twist. Still, always makes for fun reading…

    • Why wouldn’t the comments be about the ‘Iron Man 3′ twist? Even the article makes mention of it because the article stems from the movie.. so yes “Cue 200+ comments correctly responding to the article”.

      • It is because the article mentioned the twist and the reaction to said twist that I suggested 200+ comments to said twist. Again. Screen Rant knows what they are doing. They may bat their eyelashes innocently, but they know what they are doing…

        • It’s almost like Hannah said “I know, slow comment day, this’ll bring ‘em in”, posted the article then walked away from the epic explosion this comment section will become.

          Like a boss.

          • Given that the story’s about the Mandarin, I would have had to do some major obfuscating to prevent a comment swarm. Maybe we should come up with some kind of code to keep his name out of the headline.

            • Don’t take my comments in any other way but as a bit of amusement, Ms Shaw-Williams. Two years from now people will still be going on about this twist. Even if the conversation is about fruit, people will still go on about it :)

              • I just don’t see what has been said here that hasn’t been said in the other threads about it. what ever It is I hope its cool

              • Ajeno…you imply some intent from the author here, as if you could read minds, but by commenting, are you not, in a way, putting up the kickstand and beginning to ride down that road?

                • I didn’t think he nor Hannah were trying to get comments from it. I think we all know that anything related to IM3 is gonna get a boat load of comments, regardless the content of the article.

                  • Well, he did say…

                    “Screen Rant knows what they are doing. They may bat their eyelashes innocently, but they know what they are doing…”

                    • It was an educated guess based on the fact that every ‘IM3′ topic has been probed and discussed since release. You give me more credit than I deserve. I am not smart enough to be that meta, quite frankly. In fact, I think this is the first ‘IM3′ topic I have commented on.

                    • i think he is implying that the article is merely a ploy to get hits, which translates to advertisement bucks. i guess. thats what i inferred from it

                    • Understood. Pretty much any DC or Marvel article gets a ton of comments, though. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc. Some comments here just came across as unnecessarily focusing on the author’s intent in writing the piece.

            • Nah, keep it and be proud if this goes several pages like I assume it will. Should provide hours of entertainment when you’re bored and wondering how to improve on the next write-up you gotta work on before it gets posted.

              You know those times when you struggle to word a certain thought and distract yourself with weird and ridiculous things before getting back to serious journalism?

              Kinda like that. But more epic.

              I’m hoping someone posts something ridiculous like “How sexist. Why is he MANdarin? Can’t a woman have that role instead?”

              • a black lesbian.

        • I was going to write, “Iron Man 3 featured its own unique interpretation of the Mandarin, but luckily it was entirely uncontroversial and enjoyed by all.”

          I get the feeling, however, that this wouldn’t have dampened the flow of comments.

          • So the ol’ bait and switch play? Should we call you The Handarin?

            • Dazz, it is so readily apparent that, because you loved IM3 and had no problem with the Mandarin twist, you don’t care for the ongoing debate, and therefore, belittle it and anyone who engages in it. Too bad everyone doesn’t see things your way…

              • You got that from me having a little fun and kidding around with Ajeno and Hannah?

                Hmm, methinks you read into things a little too much. Never belittled anybody over the issue and have actively engaged in the discussion myself many times, trying to point out things that contradict people’s arguments or show them lines of thinking that could open their eyes to something they may have missed.

                Although I do appreciate that you take the time to read and enjoy everything I say on the site. Always nice to meet a fan.

                Thanks Jeff.


                • x

                  • I cannot reply to the comments above as the option is not there, but no, I was not inferring any ill intent from the author other than to engender comments on an article. Not advertising revenues. Nothing. Dazz got it. I even said to the author it was meant to be taken as amusement. It does not need me to encourage topics people are passionate about.

                    I am passionate about ‘Homeland’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ today, hence my comments on them. Frankly, I would be just as happy if 200+ comments appeared on them as that would cater to my interests. To each their own and I never once question the integrity of any one author on this site. If I did, I would not be here and I would not enjoy the work of all as much as I do.


                    • Understood, Ajeno. Your comments, coupled with some of Dazz’s comments (particulary the quote below), just led me to believe that you guys were being overly critical of the author herself, so I figured I would say something. Thanks for your clarification.

                      “Nah, keep it and be proud if this goes several pages like I assume it will. Should provide hours of entertainment when you’re bored and wondering how to improve on the next write-up you gotta work on before it gets posted.

                      You know those times when you struggle to word a certain thought and distract yourself with weird and ridiculous things before getting back to serious journalism?”

                    • By the way, when the option to reply to someone is not there, just reply to the comment immediately before it, and your reply will fall in order.

            • Unbiased reviewers…THIS IS NO SUCH THING!

    • I want my mandarin( not trevor!)

      • You got Mandarin. Didn’t you see the film? Aldrich Killian?

          • Well yeah, Aldritch Killian wasn’t a horrible racist stereotype like the guy in the comics. Sorry that disappointed you.

            I’m fairly convinced that Aldritch Killian didn’t actually die at the end of Iron Man 3. He was pretty damn resilient. There’s no reason why he can’t find (or work out how to activate) magical rings later on. Heck, if the alternative is exploding due to Extremis, he might be desperate to go down some pretty extreme avenues of inquiry. So there’s options to make him a more traditional version of the character.

            But a foreign baddie with magic powers would have been either stupid, boring or both. I was really concerned as to how they were going to make me care about the Mandarin they initially introduced, but when they revealed him as an out-of-work actor from Croydon I just loved it. It was such a surprise – and with so many comic book fans already knowing most of what’s coming, surprises are less common than they ought to be in these movies.

              • I’m With you nnamdi.
                I think the movie was going so great till the twist. Plus the extremis story is so rich that it could have easily made this movie as great as the Avengers (which was what i was expecting) and sadly it wasn’t. Picture it, Ironman goes to fight the Mandarin which easily whoops the floor with him bc of the superior tech on his rings. Ironman was neither fast enough, nor advanced enough to be able to beat him. Mandarin leaves ironman broken and defeated only for him to turn to the extremes virus and become a badass that finally is able to defeat the mandarin. It could have been that simple and be that good.
                Oh well, there’s still hope it can happen.

                • Why didn’t you become the screenwriter of Iron man 3.

                  Here’s my pitch: The world knows aliens exist and so Mandarin is finally introduced with his trademark rings( he got it via illegal smuggling of the alien technology that has now been presented to the world. Then later maybe if there was an iron man 4 iron man could fight extremis enhanced mallen and later on have to deal with the mandarin getting his hands on the extremis virus
                  But…since Robert Downey Jr. is getting older (he could get replaced ,but that would be horrible) then the Ben Kingsley version gets his hand on the extremis virus and the scientist dude is a pawn and then a final battle ensues where Mandarin shows off his karate prowess.

                  For my first pitch Mandarin could get his magical rings via aim where his origin story could be retconned so that his rings are fashioned from chitauri technology and thor tech.

              • Wait, how exactly did they do Bane correctly?

  3. “One thing I know for sure: nobody’s going to be apologizing for the Mandarin twist any time soon.”

    Good, I hope not. They have nothing to apologise for.

    Can’t wait to find out what this is, should be fun although I haven’t bought a Marvel DVD since IM2 and haven’t seen any One-Shots yet.

      • Hear hear!

        I hope we get the Mandarin too but… anyhow we see am, we go take am.

    • The One-Shots are great! I’m sure there are some posted online somewhere! The Agent Carter one was excellent! You must check them out.

      • I might try and Youtube them.

        I’ve seen A Funny Thing… since that comment was posted and thought it was ok, just a crap quality upload that stopped me enjoying it as much.

        Item 47 only seems to last 10 minutes on Youtube though, heard it goes on for longer.

        • Also watch The Consultant

  4. Just make it an Iron Patriot one-shot, with Trevor as a side character. Maybe clear up the AIM/Ten Rings connection.

    That’d be better to me that to make some type of fan service “patch” to make some “real” Mandarin. A character that it would never really make sense to use again anyway (at least to me) if they don’t go through with an Iron Man 4.

  5. Hope to see this mistake being corrected. Having the Mandarin punishing Trevor for his mistakes. That would be great.

    Now that the people at Marvel are at it, they might as well explain why the suits are destroyed with such easiness. That for me, was another mistake. They could do so by introducing the real rings and how the Mandarin used them to blow the suits away. That would be more believable.

    • You mean the suits Tony blew up himself or the ones easily destroyed by the people with SUPERPOWERS after their Extremis injections?

  6. Hey. It’s a twist inside of a twist that is the twist

    • I’m a dude dressed as a dude disguised as another dude.

      • Some halloween costume idea….

      • a chick that’s dressed as a dude that wants to be a chick?

        Is that twist REALLY that big of a deal??? 6months later?
        I’m not asking you Dazz, so Please don’t take offense!
        I admit I didn’t really like “the twist” but MY LORD, I honestly cannot believe ppl are STILL pissed about it! It is ONLY A MOVIE! Meant to entertain, I never checked the news papers or the online obits, but the way some ppl act There must have been some suicides over “the twist”

        I can just see the suicide notes in my head now:
        The Mandarin twist in IM3 was just too much to handle, my life will never be the same so I think it is best this way, The whole MCU is going to fail miserably, IM3 will not make its filming budget at the BO and the whole Marvel production Co. Is destined to fail and my life would never be complete without an ending to this movie universe!

        As Always

        P.S. Aldrich Killian IS NOT THE REAL MANDARIN, I don’t care what he says.

        • Just to make you feel a tad bit better…Some of us thought the twist was pretty much a non-issue. It was the REST of the crap THROUGHOUT the movie that bother me, for example.


          • Sigh…botherED

            Tense agreement IS important.

    • LOL. Twisty McTwister Twisterton

    • Twistception.

    • As twisty as a contortionist using a bendy straw stuck into a pretzel.


      • Holy cow!

        A Black Adder reference on Screen rant. I can go to sleep smiling now.

        • Haha.

          Gotta show some love for the classic comedies.

  7. I was enjoy Iron Man 3 until the “twist” happened then i was just like really! wasn’t even at all funny and just seemed out of place in the movie i get what they were trying to do with the whole im the real bad guy stuff but wasn’t really that impressive. oh well cant complain about it anymore but made me not enjoy the rest of Iron Man 3. So i would say go away Trevor i don’t want to see you anymore…

    • “wasn’t even at all funny”

      What? It was blooming hilarious!

      • It really wasnt though. It was sad actually. I couldnt have had more of a straight face when it was revealed. I was thinking maybe the Mandarin tricked them, maybe he knew they were coming etc but to no avail…epic fail yes sir.

        • Hmm.

          The entire cinema laughed throughout that scene and found it hilarious when I saw the movie.

          • Our enire theatre groaned and shifted uncomfortably.

            • That’s enTire theatER, of course.

  8. Unless he is coming back as a ring-zapping REAL Mandarin, instead of Tremoring Slutterly, I don’t even really care if I see it. IM #3 was a big disappointment in alot of ways. But I bought it. Because it is Iron Man.

  9. I meant the helicopter scene. In IM I when the tank hit Stark, it only made minor damages to the suit.

  10. The way I see it, Marvel had their shot at portraying a really great villain and they failed.

    It failed because the real villain was neither interesting nor original.

    I think they should leave well enough alone.

    • There WAS no REAL villain in that movie. There WAS a butt-hurt middle-schooler.

      • My point exactly.

  11. The character of Killian was like a guy with Stark issues. He wasn’t the Mandarin, he was an excuse of The Mandarin.

    • To be honest, I preferred the personal route than the age-old “world domination” route (which he was kinda doing too with his business affairs).

      • Has to be said, if we want a magical guy intent on world domination, we’d only just seen that with Loki. How impressive was the traditional cheesy Mandarin figure going to be after Loki?

  12. If they do use the quote on quote real mandarin I wonder how they will do it, I suppose Trevor could have been lying to Tony and tried to use Killian as the figure head to take down the president and is infuriated and out for vengeance against Tony because his plan obviously failed but that may be doing too much, they could also make it so that Pearce finds the ten magic rings which could theorectically be from the Manhattan Invasion and he could go on the evil path which I actually would prefer over the other idea that I mentioned. Now, please don’t think that these are the only two options to make the “real” mandarin if thats what the case is there are plenty of other ideas these are just the two that came off the top of my head. If they do turn Trevor into the famed antagonist who would be the protagonist, I’d want it to be Iron Man I’m sure a lot of other people would but I have no idea what the process is for getting actors to do these One-Shots so I don’t know if Downey would be doing it they could make the Agents of Shield take him on that may be fun to see but in the end of the day I really don’t know anything do I :) The way that I see this could be a blow to Marvel is if their sole goal is to make up for the Mandarin, then they could get too caught up in trying to please the fans and not on making the film good if they want to make it the real Mandarin they need to make it because they want to see the real Mandarin. I will say this, I am happy to hear Kingsley sound enthusiastic about working with Marvel again, I like him as an actor and I think he could work really well in this role. So lets just see what happens I guess.

    • Isn’t Killian dead though? Pepper killed him.

      • This is the Marvel Universe. NOBODY is REALLY dead…

  13. Another scene that was really over the top. They could at least have it with Pepper saying “the lessons with Cap have really paid off.”

  14. It’s probably going to be a funny 5-10 minute one shot with Trevor in Jail, or something. calling it.

  15. It turns out the real madarin is tonys dad and Tony was hitler all along and everyone was a ghost of an alien

    what a twist

  16. Because of that stupid twist, Iron Man 3 is without a doubt, my least favorite MCU film. SMDH. I refuse to add it to my video collection; and yes I know it made a ton of money at the box office and will make a ton of money in home video, so who cares if I buy it or not (I know guys will bring this up, so I decided to bring it up first).

  17. I must say I really enjoyed IM3, but what I enjoy even more is how much conversation it sparked up! I work all day at a desk and sometimes going through and reading comments really puts a smile on my face. Whether you loved it or hated this movie I really like that it makes people have such introspective. I have to say thanks to everyone who comments for making my day more fun by giving me some really good stuff to read! P.S. I loved the twist and I loved how it completely blew all of our minds for better or worse.

    • Exactly.

    • Not everyone…

  18. NEVER allow Shane Black to do another CBM. Can you imagine what he would do with Batman? No respect! He’d turn friggin Batman and Robin into buddy cops and the Joker into a farting clown!!!

  19. IM3 was such a mind ‘f’.

    When the twist happened, I laughed and hated it at the same time. So odd.

    The main reason I hated the twist, was that it was a waste of opportunity.

    Stark was mentally unstable from Aliens…throw something else supernatural, like arch nemesis the Mandarin, in there, and Stark will have a seriously tough time. Not just physically, but psychologically.

    Such a shame.

    • I agree that it was a wasted opportunity. Ben Kingsley is such a great actor to play The Mandarin, as he was portrayed in the comic books, and they screwed that up.

      Other than that, as much as it still irks me a bit, it was stll a very clever twist to catch people off guard.

  20. jesus…so i guess no one is upset that they combined 2 characters from IM2 whiplash and crimson dynamo…turned 10 rings into Al Queda instead of vietcong…made his butler into AI computer, people upset cause they tricked you, played with your emotions hahaa

    • I didn’t like IM 3 for the slapstick tone, the poor story telling, poor editing, and poor continuity.

      I thought the twist was cool, but I still think that movie blows.

      • out of all 3 Iron Man movies it’s my least favorite, it felt like a cash grab but thats jus me

        • Exactly. Trust me it’s not just you.

          • Meh, I still think IM2 is the worst of the trilogy because it felt like there was nothing really going on.

            I didn’t mind Whiplash being a combo of two characters but really didn’t appreciate that he wore his own suit at the end, thought it would’ve been cooler to have him using the whips while the drones he modified for Hammer distracted Stark and Rhodes.

            • i liked IM2…it felt like a let down after the origins story was such a great movie, but i have rewatched it a few times and i’ve come to really like it….i think Ivan Vanko could have been a bigger role

              i think the suit was a nod to the original Dynamo

      • Poor Continuity? how so?

  21. um personal attack much? can we get this deleted @Rob? no thanks. we don’t need profanity on this site either.

  22. I think Iron Man 3 needs to be REMADE.

    Leaving that desire aside, I wonder what will happen after the Marvel one shot?

    Would the “real” Mandarin become a primary antagonist for the Earth´s Mightiest? or will it be just a comic relief where the producers will continue to mock at dissapointed fans?

  23. I’m surprised you can even spell “pretentious”, let alone know what it means, judging by your obvious lack of intelligence and maturity.

    Jealous much? I think it’s past your bedtime now little boy.

  24. They didn’t explain how Rhodie gone from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle

    • Yes they did. When Don Cheadle appears on screen he says,

      “Well, it’s me, and I’m here, so get over it and move on!”

    • what? why would they explain in a movie the change of the actor

      • It was a reply to the Continuity comments above. Plus, I think the Change of Howard to Cheadle or Norton to Ruffalo or Zachary Levi replacing the Former Fandral might involve an Illuminati storyline in future Marvel movies, like the Skrull invasion.

  25. That’s not an explanation, that’s a CONSPIRACY.


    • Oh, but they do…they do.

  27. Just Further Proof in Marvel’s willingness to showcase the Lesser known Villians and give them thier time in the sun. Can DC do this NO it can’t, it’s gotta fall back to the same s*** different movie/game. I don’t want to see the umpteenth view of the Joker nor do I even want to see the pathetic Catwoman. They are overdone time and time again. Marvel is pulling out all the stops and raking in the cash making everyone happy. Sorry DC but you’ve lost!

    • …and you say this with a straight face?

  28. Just watched IM3 again. Love it! Awesome movie! Love the twist. Love to read all the fanboys whining. Way to go Marvel!

    To me this movie really made the case that Tony Stark is the one-and-only Iron Man. And honestly, it seems pretty clear that Killian is the Mandarin.

    I assume that a lot of the 1.5 billion BO was due to Avengers coattail riding, but after seeing it again I think it was also simply a really good SH movie. Thor will give us a better idea of the coattail effect.

    Honestly, I just reread a reprint of the Mandarin’s origin and I don’t know how that could seriously be put on screen.