Ben Kingsley Returning For Undisclosed Marvel Project

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Ben Kingsley Mandarin Trevor Slattery Ben Kingsley Returning For Undisclosed Marvel Project

[Update: Ben Kingsley’s secret project might be a Marvel One-Shot introducing the “real” Mandarin.]

Iron Man 3 is not only Marvel’s second biggest success to date, but it’s the fifth biggest film of all-time according to worldwide box office numbers. Despite its popularity among moviegoers however, the most loyal of Marvel Comics fans may have taken issue with how Iron Man 3 was arguably the least faithful to the source material. Building off of two Iron Man movies before it, both directed by Jon Favreau who was very concerned about staying true to the comics in his first take on the property, the trilogy conclusion finally introduced the Mandarin, the archenemy of Iron Man. The long-awaited arrival suffice to say, wasn’t what fans were expecting. And he’s not done yet.

Iron Man 3 may mark the end of Robert Downey Jr. solo movies with Disney and Marvel Studios, but it doesn’t necessarily represent the end of one of his most interesting “foes” – if we can even use that descriptor. Ben Kingsley, who was cast as the Mandarin and praised for his powerful performance by peers before the film’s release, was actually part of the biggest twist the Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered yet, but arguably the most controversial for comic book fans since it drastically changed a key villainous character from the Marvel library.

Advertised and disguised as the Mandarin, Kingsley’s character is revealed in Iron Man 3 to be no more than a drug-addicted actor named Trevor Slattery who is used in as a decoy in Iron Man 3 – a fictional terrorist of sorts to take the blame (and news headlines) for a series of attacks and events orchestrated by the true antagonist of Iron Man 3 – Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. By the end if the film, Killian is seemingly killed, while Slattery lives on, seemingly in custody.

Speaking with the Belfast Telegraph, Kingsley confirmed that he’s returning to Marvel for an undisclosed project, one where he gets to work again with the Iron Man 3 crew.

“It’s a secret Marvel project. I’m not allowed to say any more, you’re going to have to wait and see… I was with many members of the crew that were involved in Iron Man 3. It was lovely to see them again. It was great to be with this wonderful family.”

“I think they have enormous taste as creative artists. There’s nothing lazy or gratuitous about their work. They are at the top of their game, and they’re great company to keep.”

If Marvel is bringing Kingsley back, and he’s admittedly working with the same crew as before, then it’s a safe bet that he’s going to reprise his comedic role as the drunken Brit actor Trevor Slattery. Is Marvel designing a Marvel One-Shot short film around the character for some laughs, perhaps to attach to the home video release of Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Hayley Atwell had the chance to reprise her role as Peggy Carter in the Agent Carter Marvel One-Shot attached to the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray which may be leading to her own television series.

iron man 3 mandarin kingsley Ben Kingsley Returning For Undisclosed Marvel Project

It’s also possible that the character going to make an appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series, not unlike the Samuel L. Jackson cameo in the show’s second episode, although that wouldn’t explain why he’s working again with some of the Iron Man 3 crew. We’re going to stick with our Marvel One-Shot theory.

Whatever the project is that brings Kingsley back into the fold, it’s odd to take a touchy subject for fans of the books – the significant altering of the character from the books – and play with it even more, unless of course the powers that be are going to put the Slattery character on the path to becoming the actual Mandarin he was always meant to be. Wouldn’t that be neat? Qualms aside about how Shane Black decided to use the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, no one can deny that Kingsley’s surprising performance as Slattery was wildly entertaining.


Iron Man 3 is now available on home video. Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Source: Belfast Telegraph


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  1. Bring on the REAL Mandarin!!!

    • Kingsley doing the Ringo Starr impression…I mean…The Mandarin, sucked terribly.

      I’ll be happy to go against the author and be the only one who “can deny that Kingsley’s surprising performance as Slattery was wildly entertaining.”

      It most certainly was not entertaining. It was insulting and Marvel missed a major opportunity to create a truly terrifying nemesis for Tony Stark.

      • he was good in the roll up until the part of him just being an actor. I think it would be bad ass if thanos or loki or someone with magic comes and makes him into his persona . that would make iron man 3 a lot cooler but it still was the best sup movie this year so far

        • It really was NOT…it wasn’t even the best Marvel character movie (“The Wolverine” was leagues ahead of it).

          • Dude, The Wolverine was pure garbage, and barely better than Origins. The Wolverine wasn’t just the weakest superhero movie this summer, it was one of the weakest movies, period.

            • …so WHAT does that say about the crap that was IM3?

            • TW was FAR superior to IM3.

              • You are in a small minority with that opinion.

                • …and that truly saddens me.

              • Now it’s two against one. The Wolverine was a much better film than the absolute s**** that was Iron Bland 3.

                • :)

  2. OH NO! Ruuuuun!!!

  3. Honestly I thought the twist was great. The studio really pulled one over everyone by making Kingsley a random scapegoat. It would be interesting for them to make him the real comic book mandarin. I wonder if all the people who hated the twist will forgive Shane Black or just gripe more that his origin didn’t match the comics.

    • I think you’ve completely missed the point on why people are really mad. It’s not because the Mandarin’s origin didn’t match the comics, it’s because they took Iron Man’s greatest foe and reduced him to a drug addict parody of himself.

      • Bearing in mind that Iron Man doesn’t have a great rogues gallery to begin with.
        Wasted opportunity.

      • No, they turned Iron Man’s greatest foe into… Iron Man’s greatest foe. Kingsley was just the fall guy.

  4. Marvel should just make a comedy tv series about Trevor Slattery just spoofing other villains from the Marvel universe in each of his movies. Call it the Life and Times of Trevor Slattery or some sh*t.

    • That would be so much fun

    • ^This guy.

    • I’d watch that.

  5. Interesting!

  6. 1. Its time to fix the stupidest movie moment of the year!
    2. Dr strange is about to exist along with the eye of agamotto.
    3. The infinity gautlet about to exist in near future.
    4. Rocket raccoon is about to make an appearance
    5. Thor has mjolnir
    6. The darkworld is about to appear
    7. So its about dang time that the ten alien rings find the real MANDARIN!!!

    • Yeah, not having the 10 rings was my biggest problem. Well, actually, I think the idiotic way they did the Extremis virus was my biggest and now they are continuing it in AoS. I’ve said it before, you need to have a great reason to change source material that was already great in the comics. Major details ruin stories. Minor details make it ready for the big screen.

  7. Well…before alot of back and forth presumably gets started concerning some form of idealistic illusions of making a “Real Mandarin”…

    Serious idea: They should do a one shot for Iron Patriot (War Machine, for that other camp of whiners) to give Rhodes a couple of action scenes in the armor, which is something else that people felt was missing from Iron Man 3. They could have him tie up a few loose ends dealing with A.I.M. and as part of that have a short bit where he has to interrogate Trevor Slattery.

    • Agreed with this guy

    • i would be very happy with that.

  8. I think it would be kind of cool if later on we discover that Kingsley’s Mandarin was the real Mandarin. Like, he was just acting the part of acting the part. Mandarin was actually a mastermind playing an idiot to fool everyone for the time being. It’d be a good way to deal with the problem they faced with changing the character so drastically, while not taking away the humor of the twist.

  9. please no. Just let me forget about this movie. Aside from the bad Mandarin, this movie had so many plot holes and was basically a movie for all of us to watch Tony Stark be a sarcastic ass. This movie was more a comedy than anything else.

    • ^^ This. Just let us forget about the horrible twist instead of rubbing salt in the wound -.-

    • It’s the same with every Marvel movie except Iron Man 1, unfortunately

      • Yeah they definitely lean heavy towards the comedy side. What got me about Iron Man 3 most of all though was right after he thinks Pepper dies, right when things are supposed to get serious, his stupid suit falls apart again. Ridiculous. All of Thor’s out-of-culture oddities were well played, Iron Man 2 had plenty of fun sarcasm but remained focused on the story, and Avengers was…well yeah it was pretty funny. I’m looking forward to shared DC universe. I’m hoping they do it better.

        • Well, what do you know? Marvel’s actually making comic book movies… Who would have suspected much? Irony aside, comic books are filled with comedy, so why shouldn’t the movies? By the way, you apparently need to be reminded that Iron Man’s “stupid” suit was a prototype (i.e. not finalized) that was roughly repaired with just a few basic tools.

  10. I am a fan of Marvels films they depend on comedy relief in their films and their is nothing wrong with that. They are more family oriented but there such a thing as going overboard and Iron Man 3 for me went overboard on a lot of aspects. There were positive things but for me the negatives outweighed the positives. I felt they had a golden opportunity to introduce The Mandrian and give Stark an admirable foe that challenges him, instead of the same exact synopsis they decided to go with again like the first two films. War Machine was misused again, Pepper Potts is the new Johnny Storm. Like I said they had some positives but somethings were laughable as the credits rolled along.

    • Same with the Avengers

    • So you’re saying the real Mandarin, Killian, didn’t challenge Stark? He would’ve died if not for Pepper. Is there more challenging than certain death?

  11. Slattery was great. Iron Man 3 was fun but not my favorite Marvel film to date. Prior to the big reveal the Mandarin was astoundingly effective as a villain, afterwards he was effective in throwing a huge spanner in the works so that no one can sit back and predict the outcome of each film based on their knowledge of the source material…

    • ^^ This.

  12. Mandarin double-twist!!

  13. They are planning The Trevor Slattery Show…

  14. He should be be the Norse God Tyr, except when confronted, he’s actually a coked out British actor with no powers of his own. WHAT A TWIST!

  15. I enjoyed Iron Man 3, I dont know alot about Marvel comics but from the things Ive read and watched Mandarin seems to be a great villain and historic figure, maybe they gave him plastic surgery to look like the Mandarin to scare people but the real ones still out there

    • See, I kinda hope that happens. That maybe he was a double or something, but I doubt it. Killian even says, “I am the Mandarin!” I think Shane Black just ruined the best Iron Man villain and won’t admit it.

      • The AIM think tank came up with the Mandarin so how could Killian be the Mandarin? Of course he says he is but he was also a real big idiot at the beginning of the movie. I have a hard time believing he became a genius later on. I more likely believe that whoever oversees AIM is the real genius. Let’s face it that Killian was taken down but AIM was not shown as being taken down. To add insult to injury he was taken out by a sports bra toting girlfriend of his biggest enemy. That sounds like an idiot and not the real mind behind AIM.

        • he was not an idiot in the beginning. he was a socially awkward scientist trying to meet one of his heroes and was slighted. he turned himself around and became the mandarin in actions, but hired slattery to be the face of the 10 rings group. there may be someone still running a.i.m. i was thinking it was going to be the guy from AOS 2 weeks ago. i think a.i.m. will still come into play either in AOS, or cap2 possibly.
          and why is it important to remark on pepper wearing a sports bra? she looked good in it, but you make it out to be a bad thing.

          • ^^ This. Geniuses often are socially awkward. Also, before getting injected with Extremis, he was a cripple (i.e. not trained to fight), unlike Pepper who already was physically fit, enraged to see her lover’s life threatened, and caught Killian by surprise.

      • +1000

  16. The Mandarin is smart enough and clever enough to have pulled off “acting” like Trevor Slattery. It would go a long way in fixing Marvel’s mistake to show how he was the one who fooled Aldrich Killian into doing his dirty work. A triple agent, so to speak: A)Fake Mandarin. B)Fake Slattery. C)Real Mandarin.

    Honestly, this idea I’ve laid out would redeem almost all other craptacular things wrong with IM3. It could be done in less than 7 minutes of on-screen time.

    I think the consensus is that Ben Kingsley did a bang-up job as the Mandarin and as Slattery. Most hated the twist though. Most people I’ve heard actually really enjoyed his take on the Mandarin up to the point of the switch. I hope they really are smart enough to figure out this little idea of fixing a great character.

    • Is he smart enough and clever enough to also get arrested? He does get arrested at the end. I loved his take up until the twist, as you said. I just don’t see how they can redeem this.

      • It could be that he went to prison on purpose. As Aldrich said once you give them a target it’s all over. Theoretically no Mandarin now exists with the extinction of Killian and the locking away of Trevor. What a better way to conduct business than completely off the radar. And here’s what I mean.. what if Trevor was Mandarin all along and he duped Killian into the role he played. Let’s face it Killian was a pretty big idiot at the beginning of the movie. But later on he’s all cool and collected ‘appearing’. Killian even said that it an AIM think tank that came up with the Mandarin persona and not Killian. AIM (which may have actually been overseen by Mandarin) tells Killian they need an actor to play a made up terrorist called Mandarin. They direct Killian to Trevor who is actually Mandarin playing the role of a has been actor. Is it any wonder what they showed in Shield this week?

        *****Spoiler Alert for Shield TV show****

        The lady seeking to create stabilized Extremis is reporting about it to a man that looks like Kingsley in prison.

        • The AoS reference I get, but the lady in the flower dress was clearly the boss of the man in prison, if it had been the other way around I could get on board with this theory a bit more.

          • Maybe similar to the Eye Spy story it is one operative reporting to another. Or in the case of that story one person under eyeball control being controlled by another under eyeball control.

            Whatever the case, i have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Kingsley, not as Trevor, but as the Mandarin.
            He’s too big of an actor to be just side comedy.

    • I think this would be cool. I liked the portrayal of Mandarin, and the Trevor reveal was funny in the moment, so if they could reveal again the Trevor thing was also an act, I would be ok with that.

      Another interesting possibility would be if Slattery went crazy in prison and blamed everything on Iron Man and decided to take on the Mandarin personality that had been created for him.

      Whatever it may be I’m very interested to see what becomes of this. I would also be ok if an episode of AoS focussed on this, and the other IM3 related issues (not just a extremis reference in the pilot)

      • It was depressing in the moment. I don’t really think they can come back from this. For me, it’s like finding out that the Red Skull was actually just a geeky Nazi officer who thought it’d be cool to put on a mask. It was really underwhelming.

        • No.

  17. i actually came across ironman 3 movie tie in the epilogue there is scene showing the mandarin in prison..furious and seeking revenge ( or so it seems ). what could this mean ?

    • There’s a novel?

      • Yes, please explain this novel reference.

    • i have been looking for the book. i saw this book only once and took a peek at the very last chapter and found this mandarin epilogue. it is iron man 3 movie storybook..

  18. Remember they gave Trevor plastic surgery.

    He is a Body Double!!!

    ***It’s complicated***

    The Mandarin is real (I S)<—see what I did there??

  19. I would rather them do a more interesting one-shot than retcon the Mandarin to appease whiney fanboys’ gripes about a character that is racist, outdated, pretty lame to begin with and has no place in a time of globalized cinematography. They should stick to their guns and leave it how it is. It was a masterful twist that nobody saw coming and made for an excellent statement on society as a whole, not to mention adding depth to a CBM that they often lack. Really, I don’t understand why the Mandarin gets so much heat while the last 10-15 minutes were the only part of the movie that I thought were bad.

    Better idea for a one shot: Have Tony wake up aboard the Roxxon-Norco after he was knocked unconscious when he self destructed Mark 42 on Killian. He realizes that the ending of Iron Man 3 was a dream, he has killed Killian, Pepper actually died, and he doesn’t waste millions of dollars of suits on the “Clean Slate Protocol” for Christmas Eve fireworks.

    • You really shouldn’t waste your time with comics or the movies based on them.

    • I am confused, what is racist about the Mandarin. He is a floating head.

      • That would be MODOK.

    • Exactly, what is racist about it?
      The fact that he was written as Asian and you have an Asian play him is racist?

      • No, the fact that he was written as an asian stereotype is racist. Pretty much like portraying a french with a baguette and a beret or an american as a hamburger-loving fattie waving his country’s flag.

  20. The worst part about “the twist” was is didn’t need to happen at all. The big problem with introducing the Mandarin was, could they pull it off and not have him come off raciest or cheesy. Ben Kingsley pulled it off, it totally worked until the twist.

    But considering how little actual Iron Man is in Iron Man 3, should we really be surprised that there’s no actual Mandarin? No, not really.

    Iron Man 3 as a movie is really all about deception at the expense of the ticket buyer. “Oh your here to see Iron Man, guess what, 99% of the time you see Iron Man, Tony’s not going to be in the suit, HA, HA!” “Oh your here to see Iron Man fight his arch, guess what, your going to see Tony not in the suit confront a parody of the Mandarin instead, HA, HA!”

    But anyways, this news stinks of Marvel trying to smooth over the Mandarin disaster, somehow… maybe actually giving Trevor the rings and somehow actually turning him into the real Mandarin would be nice, but it’s too little to late.

    • a billion dollars is not even a disaster. a loud minority didnt like it. oh well. time to move on.

      • Yes, and that billion dollars will fund Disney/Marvel’s next jaunt into crapdom. After all, they reason, if people are will to pay for THAT steaming pile of ______, think of what else they’ll throw money at?

        See how that constant billion-dollar justification is allowing for more, post-IM3 crap? Sigh…

        Here’s hoping that the upcoming Thor and Captain America films do not follow suit…

  21. would be nice if they did a one shot to make kingsleys character the actual mandarin
    but they should have done it in the film if they were going to do it, that would have been brilliant

    more likely though is that it’ll be something like ‘the trial of trevor slattery’

  22. I liked the twist but I can’t see any reason to bring him back.
    Seems like a waste of a One-Shot.

    • The only ‘One-Shot’ Trevor had was when he came out of that bathroom on IM3 with two babes on the bed.

      Ok two-shots.

      It sputtered really.

  23. “Trevor” is the biggest disappointment of all the Marvel movies. They could fix this now if they want to.

  24. i hope that in some way trevor becomes the real mandarin..
    with help thanos for all i care.

  25. Iron Man 3 was a very entertaining and fun movie, as all MARVEL movies are! I’d love to see Kingsley back!

    Hey WB/DC wake up and listen…

    Sir Ben Kingsley speaking of MARVEL Studios:

    “I think they have enormous taste as creative artists. There’s nothing lazy or gratuitous about their work. They are at the top of their game, and they’re great company to keep.”

    If only WB/DC had at least half the talent MARVEL has, we would be enjoying a DCCU right now instead of the same old tired Batman/Superman
    re-treads. MARVEL is a shining example of what WB/DC could be, should they ever be able to get their act together.

    • I love you for saying that.

  26. Whatever they decide to do with Kingsley, good luck. Even if they miraculously fix the twist issue, I will still feel cheated by the movie that produced that issue. As I have said, the twist was not even a big deal…Even if Kingsley (or someone else) IS revealed to be the REAL Mandarin, with rings/gravitas/etc., IM3 was STILL crap.

    • I would gladly be willing to send you your $10 back that you spent on IM3, if you would stop commenting on it.

      • Nope…I’ll keep commenting as long as I like, as long as the topic is brought up.

        You’ll just have to deal with whatever issues you have on your own. 😀

  27. “Iron Man 3 was arguably the least faithful to the source material”

    If Marvel are smart they’ll make him real Mandarin while saying “we planned it from the start”. Atleast few mistakes will be fixed, maybe not much but pleasant anyway, to see real Mandarin in action. That would also explain why noone knew Trevor as an actor and will put him at the “i played you little sheep from the very start” position.

  28. The only way this news of Kingsley working with MArvel again will get me excited, is if they fix that crappy twist in IM3. I doubt that is what will happen, but one can hope!…….IM3 imo, was a movie with lots of potential and just totally wasted it. Wouldn’t Kingsley have made a better REAL menacing Mandarin, with his incredible acting skils? Imagine that?? It would have been better than having Killian as the main antogonist.

  29. I thought of an intersting theory I thought could make a lot of sense and would make IR3’s ending better. Basically, what if “Trevor” pulled a double bluff on everyone and is the real Mandarin? One of the Mandarin’s rings grants him the power to control the minds of thoughts and actions of others,

    What if Mandarin used he’s rings to manipulate Killian into believing he was in charge the entire time and that he was the one using “Trevor”. The Mandarin and the Ten Rings use Killian and AIM to perfect the Extremeis virus, Killian and his people go get themselves killed fighting Tony Stark and Mandarin gets to escape under the alibi of being a patsy for Killian’s evil scheme.

    Almost manipulating the idea of modern story-telling, almost everything these days needs to have a twist so what if the twist is that up till the point of the twist everything actually was what it looked like. Ten rings were clearly operating and ask yourself this.

    How could AIM lie to Trevor? At one point he shoots a guy dead and you’d have thought if you told someone their going to pretend to be the leader of an international terrorist group they’d at one point even by accident see the news and instantly realise “HEY! THAT’S ME ON TV ORDERING TERROR ATTACKS!” I prefer to think AIM thought they were looking after an idiot when they were actually being played by an international terrorist.