Ben Kingsley’s Secret Marvel Project May Introduce ‘Real’ Mandarin

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Mandarin Iron Man Marvel Comics Art Ben Kingsleys Secret Marvel Project May Introduce Real Mandarin

Iron Man 3 might prove to be the most financially successful Marvel Studios production in between The Avengers and its summer 2015 sequel, but it may also be its most controversial. And it’s all because of one major deviation from the source material.

Ever since Iron Man released in 2008, giving birth the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans of the comics and those who worked on the project were dying for the chance to properly introduce Iron Man’s archenemy from the books known as the Mandarin. With Shane Black taking over the director’s chair for the threequel and co-writing a script with Drew Pearce, they finally did, but not really.

In the biggest twist the Marvel Cinematic Universe has presented so far, Ben Kingsley’s heavily advertised Mandarin character was a decoy, not only in the film but for moviegoers. Instead, the “cameo” appearance by new supporting character Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) was actually a major role and Killian ended up being the primary antagonist, even calling himself the Mandarin at one point in the final act of the film.

For Marvel Comics readers however, he was no Mandarin and according to the latest rumor, we still may meet the “real” one. Kingsley revealed last week that he was shooting a super secret project for Marvel Studios, one that involved the same crew from Iron Man 3. No details were revealed by the knighted actor outside of that but we speculated that it would be for a Marvel One-Shot short film that will likely come attached alongside the home video release of Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Ben Kingsley Mandarin Trevor Slattery Ben Kingsleys Secret Marvel Project May Introduce Real Mandarin
I even suggested that the fact Marvel would want to bring Kingsley’s character of  drugged out Brit actor Trevor Slattery back, and giving more attention to that somewhat touchy subject, would mean that perhaps Marvel wants to make up for the Mandarin adaptation (read: deviation). Perhaps they could turn Kingsley into the villain Mandarin we know from the books by giving him the 10 magic rings that the Iron Man franchise wanted to stay away from in its efforts to remain tech-based and not magical.

According to Latino-Review, most of what we theorized may in fact, be true with the one key difference being that someone else will be playing the Mandarin. They claim to have knowledge of the Marvel One-Shot Kingsley has shot and that it revolves around the “real” Mandarin being upset with Aldrich Killian and Trevor Slattery for tarnishing his name and if true, it could be used to introduce the idea of magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something we know from talking to Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige is part of the Phase 3 plans after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. We’re talking about Doctor Strange, a property that’s not officially greenlit, but on that Feige confirmed is coming in Phase 3 alongside Ant-Man.

While introducing magic in a Marvel One-Shot is a neat way to do so, and is especially fitting if it comes with the Thor 2 DVD/Blu-ray, the idea of introducing another Mandarin (i.e. not Ben Kingsley) would be essentially retconning the story of Iron Man 3. Marvel Studios made a creative decision and them going back on one of that magnitude could be more problematic than bringing The Avengers’ Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) back from the dead to star in his own TV Show. Then again, perhaps Marvel Studios is setting up for the inevitable Iron Man 4 in Phase 4 or whenever Robert Downey Jr. re-signs or is replaced after The Avengers 3.

Expect to find out more in the coming months. The only things we can confirm are that Ben Kingsley is making a return appearance in some unannounced live-action project and that there will be original content (Marvel One-Shots) coming with every home video release of a Marvel Studios movie. If it’s not a short film or feature appearance, then Kingsley is going to appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and we don’t find that very likely if whatever he shot was filmed with the Iron Man 3 crew.

Should Marvel Studios re-introduce a magic-based Mandarin or has that ship sailed?


Iron Man 3 is now available on home video. Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Why do I get the feeling that this is would move be COMPLETELY made simply to save face?

    • Because its true. But if its not Trevor they’ll still have plot holes that can’t be overlooked.

      • there were no plot holes in im3.

        • There were plenty.

          • like what? because we all know that in every solo iron man comic book every super he ever meet helped him?

            • I list several in a response lower down the page. Feel free to look.

              • I read all your posts and that’s why I asked. tony is an a**hole that’s why he didn’t call shield, the other sups were doing other things ie cap 2 thor 2. he was trying new teck and it didn’t work like he planed it. we still got to see the armored armada. im thinking the madrian thing they are shooting is a button for either gog or cap 2. its going to be rawwwwwwwwww and dc fan boys will cry try to get me band from the site and hate all they can while not responding to my pro dc posts in the dc threads. then they will call me a marvel fan boy and troll for some reason

                • Well, I can’t clarify anymore than I did already…you’re on your own. Good luck…

                  • thanks bro. You must of really hated man of steel then. 6 supermen bad guys vs 1 superman but the 6 super bad guys don’t just all wait until they are used to earth’s air and just mop the floor with superman. Louis lane was iceman in the movie because no human would of been able to make it to sups lair in -130 weather dressed like that. We got a normal black person that can out run falling buildings going the wrong way like a cartoon joke. Or what about the chick who had a building fall on her leaving her with minor scratches ? You must of rued mos 100 x’s worse then iron man 3. the plot hole in im3 were miner compaired to that movie

          • There were none. The were all explained within the narrative

            • They really were not explained at all…hence, people’s concerns about and irritation with the movie.

              • Then we’ll have to agree to disagree chief. Lemme know what you think of Thor when it rolls round.

                • that’s what I was saying . Archaeon is just a dc fan boy troll. He over looks all the plot holes in mos and then makes up “major plot holes” in iron man 3. then he tries to call me a marvel fan boy while crying inside when he reads my pro dc post in dc threads. Just mess with him like I do its a lot funner

                • Mark…

                  I’m fine with us disagreeing…makes for interesting counterpoints. YOU are, at the very least, both reasonable and civil in your debating of the “important” issues…unlike certain other members of our crowd who attack with the intellectual ferocity of a rutabaga (^).

                  I’ll happily tell you my thoughts on Thor2 AND CA2 (when it releases). I look forward to that discussion…

    • Im happy they are doing something like this. I was hoping from the moment kingsley said he was just an actor that he was just lying to stark because he was vulnerable, and that by the end of the film he would come back all bad-ass and tell stark that he was a dope for believing him.

    • I don’t know about that. Marvel could of planed it this way all along. I can see either that he is made the real manderian with magic or that someone sent by thanos gives him the real rings to mess with iron man. once bk puts the rings on the power over takes him turning into the real maderian. I think It would be dumb to make someone else be him because were was he the hole time they were faking like bk was him? He would of flipped the f out and iron man wouldn’t of had to deal with the bad guys in iron man 3 because they would of all been killed while tony was in tenn. im geeked about this news and the best part of it is all the retarded fan boys will see the real manderian , wet their undies, and then come online and bash it. just like all the dc fan boys do when they see a marvel movie that is bad ass. SALTY

      • I kept hoping he’d end up as the real Mandarin playing a double bluff, but I don’t think Marvel planned it that way all along. If they had I’m sure the end credit scene would have been the ten rings busting Trevor out of prison and “Trevor” finally letting his facade drop to reveal that he was the real deal and had just played them all for fools.

        • how do you know what their plans were? What if for a button for either cap 2 or gog you have lets say loki or some one with magic come into his cell , turn him into his persona magically , and then give him the alien rings? then we have him , quicksilver, and scarlet witch for the avengers to deal with in the movie. tony builds ultron. ultron defeats all three capturing qs and sc while the real mandarin gets away. thanos or one of his henchmen messes with ultons program turing him into the evil robot we all love. the avengers turn to qs and sw to defeat ultorn

    • Not to save face… but intended on doing it the entire time! Think: Villain for Avengers… Already established villain Loki. Avengers 2 villain Ultron (or should I say his already established villain creator The Mandarin!) Avengers 3… Already established villain (or soon will be in the upcoming G.O.T.G.) Thanos!

  2. Would love to see the real Mandarin even if it is just a dark figure personally confronting Trevor and it showing the Ten Rings actually being used.

  3. This still wouldn’t make up for how bad IM3 was.

    • im3 wasn’t a bad movie. it just wasn’t a step up from the avengers movie. im3 was still better then mos or the last two of the dnr trilogy . Lets make a batman movie , make it trendly dark , try to make it realisitic and then use the joker and baine as the bad guys. LMFAO. Plus the joker talks all gay and everyone sweats it because the dude killed hisself. PPL cry about the maderian but what about baine. it was just as bad as the manderian not being the maderian. Oh and lets not talk about how gay he sounded either. Lets not even talk about the wolverine movie. both dc and marvel fan boys suck just the same.

      • Internet troll is good at trolling

      • Wow…and yikes, if you really believe what you posted.

      • Keep lying to yaself.

      • If you can’t spell Bane correctly and think Ledger killed himself you’re a tard. And im3 isn’t better than any Nolan batman movies or mos.

        • it’s better than tdkr, imo.

          • +1

        • @ Cyborg

          Everyone knows TDK trilogy is alittle overhyped as people would say The Avengers was. Bane was over dramatic who talked a lot who again was a woman’s lacky while Ledger’s performance carried TDK success because it was his last film everyone wanted to see in which he played a great role such as The Joker.

          IM3 id give 3 1/2 stars while I give MOS 3 stars.

          • +100000

          • I’d give TDKR a 4.5 or 4.75/5.0.

            I’d give “The Avengers” a 3 or 3.5/5.0.

            • says the dc fan boy. the last two batman movies had crappy bad guys and a batman that growls at you . it was trendy dark with out being really dark. the fist one was by far the best movie out the three. the avengers was an orgin movie that started the ig story off. at least it goes some where unlike the batman movies that didn’t spin off into a dcu. I guess if I see you in a café in france in the future that wouldn’t be a gay ending to a movie franchise

              • …says the Marvel fanboy…AVENGED.

                You really believe the muck you spout.

                That saddens me.

              • All marvel films are over hyped. After multiple viewings of the avengers it comes off as a average film with comic book heroes in it. And mos poops all over im3.

                • the last three batman movies were hyped more then the avengers movie. I watched them the first time and the last two movies came off as having really bad bad guys. Mos does poop all over iron man 3 because it poops over everything else too, that’s not a good thing. mos wasn’t even the best super movie this year, now thor 2 is out , wow you have to be salty. I wish I was there when you saw the new captin America movie. lmfao whaaaaaaaaaaaa its not dc but its so cold. ill these sissy comments online and then sweat a dc movie for the same reasons I hate a dc movie. all you would have to do is read my posts in the new batman tread and you would know im not a marvel fan boy. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only dc fan boys think that mos is better then im3.

                  • You make no sense. And winter solider looks great from the trailer. I could care less about DC or marvel but im3 sucked as a film that’s my opinion and the one of many.

                    • I don’t think Avenged is even TRYING to make sense…I believe (hope) he’s merely attempting to rile us all up by sounding like a hip, cool, independently-minded thinker. He just doesn’t seem to realize he ends up coming across as a ten year old doofu$.

                      If he really IS trying to impress us with mental acuity, I weep for humanity.

                    • your troll logic makes no sense. the majority of the ppl liked im3. mos was good but not great. your in dc fan boy denial about the dc live action movies. their bad guys suck. they have such great villains but when it comes to movies they don’t make the leap. I hope they do lex right. he is one of my fav bads

                    • @ Cyborg

                      Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you IM3 turned out to be better than MOS did as you’re in denial of it.

                    • Frank Castle “formally WallyWest” 13 hours ago

                      @ Cyborg

                      Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you IM3 turned out to be better than MOS did as you’re in denial of it.

                      he is he cries like a baby about minor plot holes of iron man 3. But then over looks all the major plot holes of man of steel. Lets see. there are like 6 supermen bad guys but superman gets off by only fighting one. These 6 supermen don’t wait until they are use to earths air and just mop the floor with sups. you have a black man that has the power to out run a falling building the wrong way. It was like a bad cartoon joke, you have this chick who had a building fall on her and she only got minor cuts. oh and Louis lane played the ice man in the movie because she would of been dead dressing like that in -130 weather

        • -100000 your troll logic doesn’t add up

        • heath had oxyies and 5 other drugs in his system that he didn’t have scripts for. that is suicide 101

          • …and this matters in our discussion HOW???

            • I guest you can’t read cyborgs post. I said the only reason ppl liked his joker because he killed himself. cyborgtroll said I was a tard for thinking that some one who od’s off of 5 drugs killed himself……………… you would be a trad to think any thing but that

              • I did read his post…There is, however, no evidence that he INTENDED to die. That intent would make it a suicide (at least, a purposeful one) instead of an accident.

                Seriously, are you just making such inane comments because you think you’ll impress someone, or is it simply that you cannot help yourself?

                • what do you mean he took 5 different kind of drugs he had no prescription for. why else whould he take so much that it would kill himself? Majority of suicides don’t leave notes. weather you accidently kill yourself with drugs or purposely take that much it is still suicide . He did drugs he knew what they did and he took all of them. he wasn’t shooting herion so how would he accidently take 5 or 6 different kinds of pills ( he didn’t just pop one of each). I could understand if he was shooting up but when you pop pills its different…… what was he like” did I already take 5 or 10 oxies?”

                  • Sheesh…You really ARE ten years old (with all due apologies to ten year olds)!

                    • Its crazy that a dc troll is calling me 10. lmfao look at all of your fan boy posts . slap your self and ask your daddy to buy you some more comic books

                    • Avenged (and Frank FORMERLY Wally)…

                      Well, I’ve finally reached my quotient of stup!d!ty for the week. Frank, you simply have low comprehension, so that, I can at least TRY to get past…so MANY people have tried to help you on these various threads. C’est la vie. Avenged, you not only illustrate how more pr!m!t!ve pr!mate brains processed information; you do so with with a rac!ally backwards tinge as shown by your rac!st remarks in the BvS Costume/Batmobile thread. THAT, I canNOT let go, so you and I are done.

              • Gtfo dude. How long have you been on sr?

                • long enough to know your a dc troll. you need to grow up

        • the misspelled baine is way cooler then both banes from the movies….. now if you figure out how to add both banes together take way them being some chicks b**** and that gay voice then you got a bane. lmfao bane would of juiced his self up and then crush some one’s head with his hand like a grape instead of threating bombs in the sports stadium

          • Why is everything happy with you? Are you just getting up from your afternoon nap? Do you need to be burped? You argue like a child. Grow Up or leave screen rant.

            • what do you mean. your a dc troll who posts on marvel stuff just to be dumb. you hate on the marvel movies for the same reasons you like the dc ones. All it would take is for one of you to read my posts in a dc thread? I don’t hate. you are all salty because I don’t hate on it. Just accept it that you like movies with really awful bad guys in it. I love dc, its just not cooler then marvel. just like the movies . the batman movies you love are dark just to be trendy and then claim to be realistic. Then they shoot themselves in the foot by choosing the joker , two face, and bane as the bad guys. if you were a bat fan from the comics you would know that those were bad choices for a realistic batman movie. the joker should of never been in the second movie it should of been the black mask. Out of the three they used bane was the most realistic of the three they used. you got a crazy that is a clown who uses gag weapons, two face would be a pool of matter because that acid would of turned him into goo. a scientist who invented a super steroid is way more realistic. Lets not bring up how crappy the three movies ended too. ill meet you in a café in Italy so we can talk about that in the future

              • What are you talking about? Literally NOTHING you have written in the past 24 hours has made any sense to ANYONE who has even a shred of sanity. You are a strange, strange person, either that or you’re 12 years old.

                Ps. What the hell does ‘beastie’ mean? Is that cool new slang the posers have started using?

                • Heh-heh…glad there are others who noticed (and have noted) this. Avenged has been getting more and more bizarre with each post he makes on this thread.

                • it will be beastie troll . it will be beastie

      • I think Screenrant should remove that comment, you wouldn’t put up with racism so why homophobia? and making lite of someones death well I cant fathom why anyone would ever want to do that? and just saying he is a Troll isn’t enough.

        • its not making lite of it. the only reason ppl liked his joker was because he took way too many drugs and killed himself. Why should I cry for a hype just because your a dc fan boy?

          • You are a child who is home alone on the Internet. One, who had no idea what the words you’re typing mean or how to spell them. In a lame attempt to prove how one comic book property is better than another.

            • what do you mean? I love dc and marvel and image too stupid. your dc troll logic doesn’t add up. im glad I hurt you by pointing out how crappy a joker heath was. jacko was way better a joker. you would be sweating jacko if he killed himself after he played the evil clown too. I was so disappointed when I saw the second movie. there never was a movie so hyped up like that and heath killing himself added to it. heath was the second best joker on the big screen and the third over all. cesar was better then heath bro. Just live with the truth no matter how much it hurts you inside

    • IM3 was still better than the 2nd film. Wasn’t terrible.

      • Just like how The Wolverine was better than Origins? You’re comparing it to a crappy movie, and I bet Winter Soldier will be comparably better to the first Captain America movie.

        • the winter soldier looks like it will be better the cap 1 thor 1 and 2 , iron man 1-3, the hulk movies, the avengers, mos, all the batman movies dating back to the 60′s too. its going to be the best super movie to date. no way super vs bat is going to touch that with the tool they have playing batman. There isn’t much cooler then a batman vs superman movie. im hoping they cast a black person to play batman and Affleck is just bruce not batman

  4. good grief marvel.

  5. Introducing magic? The hell? What about Thor? Because Thor is all about magic and Mandarin about highly advanced alien tech at first. Just because Thor said that all their magic is tech doesn’t make it more believable, infact it makes it less believable that Asgardians have advanced tech since they don’t know sh*t and are Vickings level of intelligence + magic.

    Also Kingsley was perfect Mandarin, it will be huge loss if they’ll replace him.

    • Agreed. There’s been lots of talk about “introducing” magic in the marvel universe, but that isn’t quite accurate. I know what Screen Rant means, I think; a strictly magical character. But Thor has discussion of magic and science being “the same,” Black Widow tells Hawkeye that this is “gods and magic and aliens and nothing we were trained for,” and doesn’t cap say something like, “I don’t know if it’s magical, but it works an awful lot like a hydra weapon.” Phil Coulson keeps mentioning how magical his experience was in Tahiti (is that where he went?) and Avengers 2 has Scarlet Witch. Also, it may be worth mentioning that the main stream audience (i.e. not the geeks) may not make much distinction between how Loki’s staff works and the ten rings. Most of us fan boys got our teeth into the whole “magic” thing b/c of the movie Iron Man. We were wanting Marvel to handle the introduction of magic with care, sense Iron Man was operating in this “real world” universe. I think we’re long past that, and the general public has already bought in, right?

      • Look at it this way. 1000 years ago a ‘flashlight’ could be percieved as magic.

        So to associate magic with science you dont understand does not make it magic in the literal sense.

        So IF (and I say if) Marvel is introducing magic it could be the magic we directly associate with the mystical arts (Dr. Strange, etheral beings, conjuring, etc.) and not just science we dont understand.

        So no it is not the same thing nor has it been introduced yet in a marvel movie.

        They (Marvel Movies) have explained some things as ‘science’ or Extraterrestrial in nature.

        Now they will introduce magic and mystical arts. This should also tie in with what fans have been clamoring for….. a Black Panther movie.

        • I hear what you’re saying, and I guess we’re really splitting hairs that only us, the fan boys, are going to care very much about. Fact is, “magic” in the sense that you’re talking about (mystical arts) are associated with the derivation of power from a divine or demonic entities. What is Thor, if not a divine entity? What is Mjolnir if not a mystical artifact? The main stream audience is, if nothing else, *exceedingly* well primed to accept the introduction of a strictly magical character. I think this is a big part of the *miss* commonly attributed to Iron Man 3. Besides “trashing” a beloved villain, they also missed an opportunity to “go there” with the whole magic thing. They’ve been priming it for so long already, and to have us, here, going back and forth on will they or won’t they is just frustrating for the fan boys. There’s this whole other side of Marvel waiting to come out of the closet. ;)

    • Actually Thor is about Godly powers not really magic as in the magic of the Ten Rings or Dr. Strange. I think Marvel is trying to keep away from labeling characters as ‘Gods/gods’ just to stay politicaly correct. Just an assumption.

      What makes you think the Asgardians dont know sh#t?

      • There is a common misconception that people back in the days were not as “intelligent” as we are today simply because they didn’t have the technology…

  6. This is what has been said to do ever since the film came out. All the IM3 complainers should be happy about this.

    • This one, relatively minor joke still would not erase the awful silliness of IM3. That movie was crap, and Marvel should just move forward…away from the MCKCU (Marvel Comics Kiddie Cinematic Universe) that this movie represented.

      • @ Archaeon The Troll

        Do you even realize how ridiculous your post is, troll? At least MARVEL has a cinematic universe, unlike that other comicbook company.

        • @ Darrin

          +1 on your comment. I didn’t like how they treated The Manderin twist in IM3 but still it wasn’t terrible.

          Archaeon’s statement would be invalid as the filmmakers took inspiration more from the TDK films for IM3 for starts. Like you had said, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has & does prove to entertain people of all ages while DC seems more aimed at adults.

          • the iron armada was beastie . it was cool as hell seeing all those suits fighting at the same time

        • Darrin (and, apparently, Frank Castle)…

          The fact that you call ME a troll even though YOU are the one who threw out an insult shows just how m0r0nic you are and how NOT worth my time to give a lengthy response.

          Frank, specifically…

          My criticism is not invalid, because it is my opinion based on how I perceived what was done with IM3. I perceived crap. Do you think when YOU disagree with someone’s opinion that YOUR comment is wrong? I’ll bet not. THINK before you type, next time.

          Oh, and Frank…DO you mean “FORMERLY WallyWest”, as in that’s what your name used to be? If you really are “FORMALLY WallyWest”, you are taking yourself MUCH too seriously…

          • Yep. I thought IM3 was awful. That’s just my opinion. Thinking IM3 sucked doesn’t make you a troll. Ragging on someone for having that opinion brings you an awful lot closer to Troll territory.

            Don’t hang about under bridges kids.

            • Yep. THANK you.

            • you all are saying why is was terrible, blah blah blah, and not saying what was bad about it

              • Tay…

                The “twist” was nothing special (neither terrible, nor great), so THAT is actually a non-issue for me…that kind of plot device has been done many times before…usually, much more effectively and interestingly.

                The “wrong” aspects of IM3 (at least, in part): There is NO real antagonist in the movie (Killian is not a “big bad”; he is a butt-hurt middle school outsider gone nuts). The humor is over the top, not even close to being well-balanced with the drama. Most of the tech is a dismal failure…I don’t mean it simply breaks down; I mean it CONSTANTLY breaks down and/or behaves inconsistently…these breakdowns merely serve as slapstick plot contrivances. Fans keep defending the movie saying it’s deep and brings out the true drama of Tony’s suffering and trauma after New York…it simply vaguely references New York to provide moments for rapid-fire humor (it’s kind of like watching Chandler Bing, from “Friends”, with a high-tech pedigree). It COULD have been dramatic and intriguing, but, much like the alcoholism…ish sidenote from IM2, it’s not really explored. Speaking of connections, the MCU is held up as a beacon of a synchronized, connected universe. IM3 joins only by the faintest wisp of the thinnest, weakest strands of belonging. A painfully dumb example of this is the bizarre fact that NO ONE from SHIELD (nor Captain America) is ever even mentioned as attempting to rescue the kidnapped President!

                Oh, and the grand combat action with all of the suits (don’t even ASK about the illogical “House Party Protocol”) at the end is not actually filmed particularly clearly or intelligently. The “Tranformers” movies had equivalent clarity in their battle scenes…that is NOT a compliment.

                THESE are most of the reasons I found IM3 to be crap.


                • Nailed it!

                • I don’t think it’s deep… I do think it’s relentlessly entertaining though as do many others. There’s no correct opinion on this one.

                  • I agree…THAT is the beauty of opinions. :)

                    • You’re pretty forceful about yours though sir! Have you seen the dark world yet? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts, I loved it… But you could argue it’s simultaneously the grandest and silliest marvel movie yet.

                    • I haven’t seen it yet, but I am looking forward to seeing both it and CA2, upcoming.

                      As for my opinions, I AM certain in them (they are my own, after all), but I am NOT forceful in expressing them…at least, no more so than anyone else who posts here. If people share my opinions, great…if not, great.

                    • I’d like to know what some of your favourite movies are man, as it’s nice to find some common ground with the more coherent writers (and stronger debaters) on this site. I enjoy a good argument, as long as it’s kept friendly.

                      Gotta admit though, I LOVE Iron Man 3, plot holes or no. Man of Steel’s better though.

                    • I love “Dead Poets Society”, “The Princess Bride”, “The Prestige”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Fantastic Planet”, “The Thief and the Cobbler”, “Aladdin”, “Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm” (these last five being animated, of course), “MirrorMask”, “Inception”…and MANY others, but the aforementioned stand out.

                      If you loved IM3, that’s certainly your right…I did not. I, too, enjoy engaging and civil discussions (and, sometimes, even debates) about movies…Ideally, that’s why we all frequent this site. :)

                  • poorly written script plus ugly vusuals including the worst plot twist of modern cinema equals iron man 3

                    • What the hell are vusuals?

                • Spot on, the ill timed jokes were the worst and totally take any drama out of the scene.

                • Like many things in MOS been done the same way of whats been before.

                  • Weak sauce to divert his argument of topic Wally.

                    • OFF topic. *ahem*

                      WeakSauce formerly known as WallyWest.

                    • Maybe to you Dr. Fact is Archaeon talks about IM3′s plot device been done before. And I mentioned how many things in MOS have aswell. If you really look it at it hard, I didn’t divert anything.

                    • Frank FORMERLY Wally…

                      I actually bring up other points too. Stop focusing on one just to TRY to make your point.

                    • Archaeon 23 hours ago

                      Frank FORMERLY Wally…

                      I actually bring up other points too. Stop focusing on one just to TRY to make your point.

                      I don’t even think you saw iron man 3

                • Not really. You gave three reasons as to why you didn’t like it. Two that are more or less nitpicks.

                  • @ Tay1

                    Id only give MOS 3 stars at most. There’s plenty to go over I wouldn’t call nitpicking when a number things have been done already on film or television.

                  • Can’t help you then. Oh, well…

                • when has rdj made a deep movie. the rdj iron man is a shallow show boating rich piece of crap. he can’t change his persona for one solo movie.”It COULD have been dramatic and intriguing” lmfao a rdj im movie that was dramatic and intriguing? wtf you must not of watched im 1 and 2 or the avengers

                  • …so you just have low standards going in and yet STILL support the lack of effort?

                    Wow, that’s just dumb.

                    • you have low standards for dc movies and no matter how good a marvel you say stupid stuff like” its was good the first time I watched it but then I realized it wasn’t the comic book I was in a romance with so that makes it bad the second time I watched it” grow up I don’t post stupid stuff like you on the dc threads. im pro dc – Affleck as batman

                  • And you must not have watched Chaplin. He does serious great.

                    • that is not iron man. how about we go back and edit the last batman movie and make batman talk normal in the last one but still talk all weird in the first two

                    • Avenged…

                      Half of your responses do not follow the posts you are trying (TRYING…poorly) to contradict, and the other half? Well…sigh.

                    • Archaeon 19 hours ago


                      Half of your responses do not follow the posts you are trying (TRYING…poorly) to contradict, and the other half? Well…sigh.
                      its good to know I blew your troll brain up with that one. just ask your daddy to buy you some different comic books and you’ll be ok buddy

          • @ Archaeon

            This could go on forever & can spin it all you like but your criticism not only invalid but Fact. I like to think Id be in the Right when people accuse me of knowing nothing when they should actually do their research before accusing someone. I had someone claimed to me Batman never carried a gun in the comics or killed people. Told him research the character REAL hard, never heard a peep from him again.

            I do think before type. Im just telling it how it is. Not my fault people cannot handle it.

            And you think IM3 started a great cinematic universe? Ironman did that. Lets compare between Ironman & MOS. According to RT, Ironman received 95% approval while MOS got 56%.

            Ironman grossed $318,412,101 in the US while MOS received 291,045,518 in the US. Worldwide gross for Ironman-$585,174,222
            MOS- $662,845,518 With $371,800,000 coming from other countries. Even though MOS made money overseas, it made less in the US with mixed reviews from critics & fans.

            MCKCU? Hey maybe that’s your opinion, but it works for Marvel while DC is still up to bat.

            BTW When it says “formally WallyWest” means I plan to change my username soon enough. Not as like you had to bother asking like you cared.

            • wow, wally…

              … turning to unrelated numbers to divert the attention away from the legit Iron Man 3 complaints huh?

                • My comments stand…and quite well, in fact. I can’t say something that’s both invalid AND a fact…so I’ll just go with the more positive connotation of the latter.

                  You REALLY should think before you type.

                  • @ Archaeon

                    Yeah I know where you stand against any Marvel film. You’re 100% DC fanboy which I have no idea why you bother commementing on any Marvel film discussion or bother see any Marvel film period. I noticed before you admitted you a DC guy.

                    You’re more in denial of FACTS & maybe this conversation should be over since you don’t think.

                    • Since I have seen EVERY Marvel movie (and enjoyed MOST of them to some extent) in theaters and have NOT seen “Steel”, “Catwoman”, or “Batman and Robin” in theaters and thought they were awful, your entire statement simply sounds desperate and $tupid.

                      Congratulations on making a thoroughly inept response…try again.

                    • I must of touched a nerve Archaeon stooped to insult,lol.

                      Nothing desperate or stupid, you can’t admit it. Pretty stupid to say a film is awful when you haven’t seen them such as those listed. You told me not to judge a film if I have not seen it before. Was that just talk?

                    • Archaeon 2 hours ago

                      Since I have seen EVERY Marvel movie (and enjoyed MOST of them to some extent) in theaters and have NOT seen “Steel”, “Catwoman”, or “Batman and Robin” in theaters and thought they were awful, your entire statement simply sounds desperate and $tupid.

                      Congratulations on making a thoroughly inept response…try again.

                      what the hell are you even talking about?

                    • Ummm, Avenged: Read. Frank FORMERLY Wally: I never said I did not see those three films. I said I did not see them IN THEATERS…indicating that my love of GOOD CBMs outweighs any loyalty to brand, in DIRECT response to your comments.

                      …picking and choosing, again…sad.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      You knew I meant in theaters. Don’t try to spin it I asked if you seen those films on home video.

                    • Frank FORMERLY Wally…

                      “Pretty stupid to say a film is awful when you haven’t seen them such as those listed. You told me not to judge a film if I have not seen it before. Was that just talk?”

                      Those are YOUR words. No, I did not think you were talking about home-viewing versus theater-viewing. Your OWN statements make it very clear you did not understand that I had indeed seen those movies…just not in theaters. YOUR OWN WORDS show clearly that you (again) misunderstood my response and THOUGHT I had said something different than I had ACTUALLY said.

                      My response was merely to clarify…again.

                      Seriously, if you’re going to involve yourself in a battle of wits, next time, do not come unarmed.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      No wonder why you think it’s always someone else who complicated because it’s always about wits with them when you debate over facts. Always coming off thinking you know the answer which you’re wrong on. It’s pathetic.

                    • No, that comment is pathetic. Really? THAT is the best you can come up with? It doesn’t even make grammatical OR logical sense.


                    • Can’t believe what denial you’re in,lol. Burton & Donnor’s Batman & Superman films had depth. Now I see people say they’re campy just because they’re old films. Do you agree to that? Because Same could be said about Nolan’s trilogy years from now if so.

                    • You might aswell say Green Lantern or Batman & Robin or any other old WB/DC film had more depth than any of Marvel Studios’s films that I bet people would say are corny today.

                    • Frank…

                      Wow…just wow. Your thickness is frightening. You really don’t comprehend even the simplest of sentences, do you?


        • Im3 was craptastick. And the marvel movie universe is campy. They don’t take anything seriously. And what do you know about DC’shared universe? Is coming and it’s bringing major firepower.

          • You seen DC’s future?

            • Yea and it’s bright.

              • …Don’t understand how anyone can hold this opinion unless you are a major DC fanboy. I could agree that “the future is bright” since they haven’t established much yet, if at all with a cinematic universe. But MOS was dogshite. The amount of cheesiness and plotholes was pathetically bad, but pretty much what you’d have come to expect from that studio.

                Chris Nolan’s Batman films were superb (forget Bane for a sec) and are recognised as such, but now DC are going off on a tangent from that with Batman vs Superman – with Ben Affleck. The future of that really doesn’t sound bright at all. Infact, that’s a pretty big fall.

                Zack Snyder is a bad director. I think most people would hold that opinion, he makes films that get bad reviews and are generally tacky and incomplete (example: Suckerpunch). DC have pretty much cuddled up to him now, and that is nothing but bad.

                And comparing the groce of a film that came out in 2008, at the start of the economic crash, to a film that came out this year is astonishingly dumb, factor in some context (most notably that it was 5 years ago) and realise that the amounts raised by films have shot up insanely, if not doubled in that space of time down to increasing international accessability in Asia, and your point is rendered invalid.
                -From a social point of view, realise that a lot of people would go to see a Superman film because they are familiar. Justice League? not so much. How much did Green Lantern make? There is a reason why everyone surrounding Superman 2 is being so defensive and careful how they go about the concept – because it sounds fundamentally tacky and silly.

                Even I can tell you they have no cohesive hold over any of their plotlines or franchise, and they are now trying to claw together strings in the new Superman films in the wake of Marvel. They lost all of my hope the minute they changed the Batman actor, barely a year after Dark Knight Rises. At least with Spiderman there was a five year gap. I’m not a strict Marvel fanboy, I’ve never read a Marvel comic in my life (although I have DC, Batman funnily enough) but as an avid filmgoer, I can tell you (with the proof of history) that having faith in DC to outperform or even come close to Marvel is putting your eggs in the wrong basket. Sorry mate.

                • …or (more likely) we just appreciate and enjoy interesting, engaging, thoughtful films about the characters and worlds we love.

                  You, however, are perfectly welcome to maintain your fantasy of how much “truer” YOUR opinion is than ours…good luck with that.

                  • @ Archaeon

                    Sorry but you’re not always right on your opinions, Good Try.

                    • Frank FORMERLY Wally…

                      Neither are you. Your try…not so good.

              • forgot to add: 3D has made a huge impact on cinema as an experience, increasing ticket sales since Avatar, combined with efforts to curb piracy, and that’s without inflation. You really can’t compare the groce of a film that was made in the last decade to one made in the current one, too much has changed.

                • Yea, and movies are released in IMAX too. That’s counts aswell doesn’t it. 3D or not, it how much the movie makes. Not many sees it in 3D as you might think. More people are likely to go to 2D version than pay extra for 3D showing that isn’t good throughout.

              • Maybe in animation,lol. That’s all.

          • Define campy in CBM. Marvel is well balanced between realistic/fantasy while DC’s films are set in fantasy.

            • +1000

            • It doesn’t take it’s self seriously.

              • Marvel Studio’s films takes themselves seriously with a little humor. MOS had humor, so its campy too I guess.

              • because batman superman the green arrow ,the flash, the hulk , thor , iron man are all so realistic. I did like the last three documentaries they made about batman.

            • You think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well-ballanced? REEEALLY?

              It’s entertaining (mostly), but that is not the same…

              • @ Archaeon

                YEAH, like their heroes, the cities are to be taken place in real cities unlike DC films. Gotham & Metropolis are fictioness cities that don’t really excist, why while places like New Mexico, New York & where Stark lives do. Not to mention in Ironman films you see programs like Mad Money & The O’Reilly Factor, being watched by characters. Among other things. Then there’s the fantasy side that’s well balanced with the realistic tone of the films.

                • Their cities and are real locations…THAT, however, does not make those movies balanced in the slightest. Their lightness and campiness far outweigh any groundedness from the real place. The DC movies (the current ones, of course) while existing in made-up locales have much more grounding in terms of their characters and emotional development.

                  Try again.

                  • Sigh…that initial “and” obviously should not be there.

                  • Oh? What’s more realistic & grounded about MOS you wouldn’t seen in any of Marvel’s films yet? Humor me.

                    • The emotional development of Clark and the depth of emotional content in both Clark AND Bruce versus, let’s say, Tony and Thor (Hulk had a great deal, but that all came from the Norton film, hence, the reason THAT is my favorite MCU film, to date).

                    • …as I already mentioned, btw.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      Ironman & Thor both shown depth of emotion in their films. Thor was harder to compare to the likes of Clark or Bruce Wayne cause he hasn’t taken up his alter-ego of Donald. But the name was reference in Thor’s film.

                      Bottomline is both Tony & Thor had what you claim they didn’t have. Just not throughout the film like a soap opera like Superman Returns.

                    • Actually, Tony, in the FIRST IM shows a fair amount of emotional depth and character development…THAT film is fairly balanced. IM2 and IM3 almost devolve the character because of how lightly they treat him and the world around him. As for Thor…ummm, no. From what I’ve been hearing about Thor2, that will (hopefully) change, giving HIS character some more depth, as well.

                      I never claimed they didn’t have ANY; I DID say, quite clearly, that the humor and overdone lightheartedness of their respective films overwhelmed any real attempt to present deeper, more interesting characters. Clark and Bruce did not have that problem in THEIR films.

                      …picking and choosing…AGAIN…sigh.

                    • Thor had development as did Captain America in his first solo film. Tony even had a little in Ironman 2 & 3. You must not watch the films carefully, hate them that much or something. But they had development because they all did better than The Incredible Hulk which you liked best as you mentioned. So I guess majority speaks higher than your opinion on the subject.

                    • Frank FORMERLY Wally…

                      Wow, I’m beginning to suspect reading is massively difficult for you. My second paragraph DIRECTLY contradicts whatever it is you THINK I said. READ it…carefully. As for using profits to “prove” that a film has depth, that is both inane and pitiful. It also makes me wonder if you found Bay’s “Transformers” trilogy to be a brilliant cinematic masterpiece. After all, your own words…well, yeah.


                    • @ Archaeon

                      Profits is one fact I brought up, how well the film might of been received would be another whether positive or negative. Like Ironman 3 turned out better than MOS did perhaps. And IM3 was a sequel. No matter how many excuses you can come up with, that’s bottomline I pointed for ya before. Maybe you could read better yourself. Try

                    • Btw Bay’s Transformers trilogy is far from perfect just as Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Im speaking as a Batman fan there, not just a movie fan. Might wanna think it over.

                    • Frank…

                      Double yikes.

                    • Yikes as you know im right.

                    • Frank…

                      Not only are you not right, I don’t even know if I truly believe anymore that you’re an adult…at least one with a reading comprehension level above early elementary school. This saddens me.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      What saddens me is knowing I am Right when I am & what denial you’re in that you resort to spinning whats said petty insults. Id question your age because you sure as heck aren’t mature like you think or pretend.

                    • @ Archaeon

                      Sorry but this became boring to me repeating myself to one who lives in denial & makes childish insults aswell be obsessed with someone like me,lol. Hope it had nothing to do with my opinion of Affleck being Batman or something. Of-course it’s always something little you nitpick about.

                    • Frank…

                      I honestly do not know if you are slow or just too obnoxiously stubborn to use whatever common sense you MAY possess. That said, your exceedingly obvious emotional immaturity, coupled with whichever of the above two factors (both?) hound you, make it clear you are incapable of carrying on an intelligent, ADULT discussion. Thus, this is my final comment to you on this matter: Grow up. Think. Learn. Good luck.

          • lmfa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beware of ben Affleck . why did they pick an actor to play batman who couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag and made one giant crap fest after another?

  7. Wow. Marvel, if you make a decision, you should stick to your guns. Don’t give those sad little fanboys power over you.

    • Imagine this, what if in The Dark Knight the Joker turned out to be a hoaxed used by some dude named Bob (who you don’t care about?)

      • Nice Jeremy Jahns reference. Fine fine, I’m sorry for teasing the fans. They have the right to be angry. But Marvel made a decision, they shoudln’t cop out and say they are undoing the twist they did. It’s disrespectful to all the people who worked on Iron Man 3, and all the hard work they put in it, because it basically makes the movie obsolete. It would just be another generic Iron Man movie if you take away that twist.

        • The fact is, Marvel shouldn’t have pulled the ,”twist” in the first place. It was completely unnecessary and the Extremis story could have been easily told w/o tarnishing the Mandrin’s name.

          and the twist had very little influence over the movie being another generic mediocre IM movie or not……that was kind of the fans point, it didn’t have to happen and they needlessly ruined a great villain for one minor plot twist.

          • The twist was unnecessary. Seemed to me like Shane Black was trying to shake things up for no other reason than to prove he’s a maverick kinda guy who shakes things up.

            The extremis story would have been far more compelling with a single extremis soldier on the loose controlled by the Mandarin. 30 different Iron Man suits didn’t improve anything either.

            The whole guff at the end with Tony destroying his suits and getting his arc reactor taken out seemed pointless too.


      • Lol. TDK Joker could be anyone right? The face paint, no alias.

  8. I think this will be some sort of short clip to include some short joke about the Mandarin character from IM3. Don’t think we’ll see the real ‘Mandarin’ ever …

  9. Chicken…

  10. Unless that was always the plan.

    • 1000x this. There was one comments thread on this site that really cracked me up…

      dude A: “what happens when ben kingsly comes back as the real mandrian given his powers magically .”

      Me: “It would be kinda weird to change Mandarin’s powers to be magic-based, but they’ve changed other stuff in Marvel films & it’s worked before.”

      dude B: “Um his powers r based on 10 rings with universal powers so ur misinformed…”

      Me: “That is correct. His powers are based on his rings. misinformed about what exactly?”

    • I think they ment that some one would turn him into his mandarin persona. like loki. he could break in his cell for a button and magically turn him into the mandarin and then give him the alien rings.

  11. Hmm.. Latino Review take with a shovel full of salt.

  12. For whatever it’s worth after the abysmal IM3 i give my sincerest middle finger.

  13. I believe a good take on it would be if Ben Kingsley WAS the Mandarin all along and he bluffed his way out of the confrontation when Stark and Rhodes.

    I know this may be hard to swallow when you consider the scene where they met him at the house but it would be a good way of coming back from it without having to retcon anything or contradict anything prior.

    Think of Alan Rickman in Die Hard where his character Hans meets McClane on the roof and becomes someone else completely.

  14. I loved the twist in IM3, and thought the movie was very enjoyable. And I actually like reading all the whiny complaints of fanboys, so for me it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    That said, Ben Kingsley is a great actor and they could easily make him into the Mandarin. Just establish that Trevor is resentful about his treatment and generally feels powerless, and then have someone exploit that and give him the power to become the Mandarin. Thanos or someone like that maybe.

    • Just imagine this, Shield puts Kingsley in a holding cell while they figure out what to do with him. He just sits there in his cell all quietly as the camera pans closer and suddenly he gets bigger, more purple, and it turns out Kingsley was actually Thanos in disguise getting a closer look at earths heroes while he plans his attack on them. I don’t know if Thanos can actually shape shift in the comics but I think it’d be a real surprise and would make sense.

      • But then there would be no separate and “real” Mandarin. It was Thanos all along? I know somewhat about Thanos and I don’t think he’s the type to sneak around and disguise himself.

        • Yeah I don’t think he’s the type for that but I have to imagine between giving Loki the septer and when he makes his attack in avengers 3 he has to be doing something to bide his time and scouting each avenger separately would be the way to do it. It also goes with him being a master strategist.

  15. Cool

  16. TOO LATE

  17. I don’t know how Marvel let that ridiculous Mandarin bit go through in the first place. Was Marvel asleep at the switch when Shane Black and crew told them what they were gonna do? At minimum, they could’ve saved face at the time by switching out the lame after credits button with Ruffalo with an abbreviated version of the story they’re gonna tell in the one shot showing the real Mandarin. That would’ve gone over much better.

  18. They should just accept they messed up and move on, I can see this turning into a real mess when they’re finished with it.

  19. in the old Iron Man comic books there was a villian named “The Actor” who used to trick Tony Stark by disguising himself as other villians, i’ve been telling people about this but nobody listened

  20. How would it be retconning the whole story?

    There is one Mandarin. He allowed people to believe he was someone else (Ben) through his right hand.

    His right hand (Killian) who helped set up the fake Mandarin just went off the hook with power and bravado thinking he was really the one in charge.

    It wasnt like anyone else heard Killian claim the right.

    Further even if they do it the way described above or create THE (true) Mandarin in another way it does not retcon IM3. Retcon means you alter facts. If portrayed properly you dont have to retcon IM3 just show a man behind the curtains pulling the strings of one Mandarin and one guy that went coo coo for coco puffs thinking he was the Mandarin.

  21. Id say bring in the REAL Mandarin in the future since Marvel intends practice magic within it’s universe with Dr. Strange hopefully.

  22. So, are we going to see Iron Man fighting the Mandarin in Iron Man 4: That Mandarin that You’ll…Never…See…Coming…

    • you’ll never know.

    • i think those lines have more weight to them now…i actually love what they are doing, not just spoon feeding us villians every movie, all 3 Iron Mans i think will be connected by the Mandarin

  23. People unfamiliar with comics may not realize this but a lot of story is made up as you go. One artist comes up with a story to sell his issue. The next artist in line tries to take that historical material and come up with his “next-step” to include it somehow and still sell a new and different issue.
    As you may recall the original Spiderman did not have a backstory about his parents and genetic research. Many issues later he did. How is this any different?
    Are you saying a villain on the screen can’t lie about who he is?
    That’s all that would have to happen to explain Trevor being the real Mandarin.
    As i mentioned previously about the latest AoS show. The lady reported her Extremis findings to a man in prison that wore the same colors, had a similar look, and had a resemblance to Kingsley. Could Kingsley or the real Mandarin being working from prison to stay ‘low key’?

  24. IM3 made 1.2 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! They apprently did A LOT more right than wrong. Sorry comic snobs.

    • After IM1, IM2 and “The Avengers”, there is no way that IM3 wasn’t gonna do amazing. Doesn’t make it a good movie. Far from it IMO. The masses spent money on it not declare it a great movie.

      Disliking sucky movies does not a snob make. Besides, going too easy on movies is a bad thing. They should strive to be great. If people lap up any old tosh , then movies will never need to be good.

      • I hold up Transformers 3 (and 2 for that matter) as direct empirical evidence.

  25. That’s a understatement & was well liked by critics & audiences.

    • no its drops were terrible and the critics also complained no one liked it but you

  26. I don’t see why Kingsley cant play the “real” Mandarin as well since his character in Iron Man 3 did say that Killian paid for (“extensive?”) plastic surgery presumably made to look just like the real Mandarin.

    I hope they bring Kingsley back in a future Iron Man as the real Mandarin otherwise just leave the Mandarin be… plenty of other cool villains out there.

  27. Everyone has their own opinions, just like everybody has to go to the bathroom. Some people think IM3 or almost all of the MCU movies sucked, others think they were awesome movies, others don’t like any of the comics or the movies. To attempt to change one’s opinion is a mistake. If someone thinks IM3 sucked, let them think that. If another thinks it was awesome, let them think that as well.

    That being said, it would be interesting if Trevor was actually given power and became the real Mandarin.

    • @ Ironhide943

      Id agree with Trevor be given powers that warped his mind perhaps? And becomes the Real Mandarin.