Ben Affleck’s Batman Costume: Fan Reactions & Internet Memes

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Ben Affleck Batman Costume Ben Afflecks Batman Costume: Fan Reactions & Internet Memes

Movie fans and online commenters had a field day when director Zack Snyder revealed the very first look at Ben Affleck’s Batman costume, officially kicking off the marketing of Batman vs. Superman like only a new superhero suit can. And fans (and critics) wasted no time in making their opinions known. However, a select few took the opportunity to show their devotion in a more… creative way.

Just as they did with the announcement of Ben Affleck’s casting, and more recently with the official cast announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII, fans took to the Internet to prove that genre film enthusiasts are more committed than most (or maybe, just maybe, have some free time on their hands for their favorite character).

In this case, while opinion on how perfect or groundbreaking the Frank Miller/Jim Lee styled costume may be varied, most seem to agree that the suit is worth closer inspection. Especially since the first photo (like the teaser image of the Batmobile before it) is delivered without color. So: first things first.


Let’s Add Some Color

It took little time for fans to start taking artistic liberties, and showing what possible color schemes Snyder might be after, drawing on a number of different comic book and TV variations. We’ve picked out a few of the best (or most memorable) for fans to inspect:

Batman Affleck Costume Color Ben Afflecks Batman Costume: Fan Reactions & Internet Memes

The above image didn’t take long to begin circulating on reddit, applying a subtle color, in keeping with Zack Snyder’s muted style seen in Man of Steel. We would wager that this is likely the closest fans will get to the finished suit until it’s officially revealed in color, but it certainly isn’t the only version fans have crafted in the time since the image appeared online.


Frank Miller

Staying true to the comic book roots of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” is Twitter user JJ Stubbs, sticking to the simple grey and black color scheme that, all things considered, is probably the safest bet of what to expect in the finished film. The ‘less is more’ style is as comic book-ish as colorized versions get, but others chose to go even farther outside the box.


Jim Lee

Batman vs Superman Costume Jim Lee Colors 570x896 Ben Afflecks Batman Costume: Fan Reactions & Internet Memes

No comic book artist has shown a better ability to capture the iconic look and feel of Batman better than Jim Lee – which led writer/director Kevin Smith to embrace Zack Snyder when he saw this first image of Affleck in a suit that was very Jim Lee influenced.” With that in mind, i09 user ‘Mandara’ concocted the above image, adopting the grey and blue color scheme that has become Lee’s trademark. Needless to say, the finished result would do just fine onscreen.



New 52

Batman vs Superman Costume New 52 Colors Ben Afflecks Batman Costume: Fan Reactions & Internet Memes

Those who believe that a Batsuit isn’t a Batsuit without a yellow utility belt will be pleased with the above design, modeled by i09 user ‘Name Classified’ after DC’s ‘New 52′ color scheme. If the suit revealed by Snyder is the official finished design, then the yellow belt seems to be a thing of the past. But hopefully this selection shows that even a shift in color palette can deliver a wide range of Batmen, so there’s always hope for the future.

And just in case these were a little too… tame for a new age of Batman, the next image should prove that black and grey may not be the worst options:


Or the following image, which came about as a result of comic writer Gail Simone noting just how much the bulky new Batsuit resembled DC Comics villain-turned-hero and Batman rival Catman:



Once fans got over the shock of seeing a Batman costume shaped by cloth, not plate armor or rubber, viewers noticed something else about the image: Ben Affleck is one downcast Dark Knight. Obviously, the hero has a reason to be sad – beyond the death of his parents in front of his eyes – as Zack Snyder has promised an older, more seasoned and world-weary Batman in the upcoming sequel.

But regardless of the reasons, online Photoshoppers wasted no time in turning Affleck into one truly heartbreaking meme.


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  1. I personally don’t really like those bat suits, the entire suit is disproportionate, for example the bat symbol in the middle is to big and his belly seems to be sticking out, also the mask looks not fit for the costume or to be taken seriously.

    • The chest symbol is almost exactly like Frank Miller’s from The Dark Knight Returns. It might not be to your liking but it’s certainly not “to” (Dumb and Dumber much?) big since it’s in the books. Understand there are dozens of comic book versions of Batman’s costume and none of them is “wrong.” I personally hate the yellow oval symbol from the early comics, but I love the movie it was used in. Like someone said, you don’t judge a book by its cover. As for the belly, it might just be a matter of perspective. And you’d be pretty damn foolish not to take this mask seriously. I mean look at that neck, Bats has never seemed so massive!

    • Thank you. The second I saw this picture my first thought was “Is Batman getting fat?”. Glad I’m not the only one that noticed.

  2. No matter what color the batsuit is or what color the batmobile is it’s not going to change the fact that it’s still Ben Affleck inside both and that make for a horrible combination. But since he’s going into the movie of Superman it seems fitting for him. I’m very happy that Christian Bale didn’t sign on to do Batman in this movie. Was so disappointed in the Superman movie I wouldn’t want Bale to lower his standards that way. For me there will be no other Batman only Christian Bale. He’s the best.

    • I don’t understand why some people got disappointed by Man of Steel. It’s without question the best Superman movie to date and the only one to realistically show the sheer level of power such a being would wield.

      • I have to respectfully disagree, to me Superman 2 will always be the best.

        • It was good for the times and certainly not better than the first one (I mean, the Bee Gees as villains? Come on!). Nowadays, it just looks very cheesy.

      • The thing is, just showing “the sheer level of power such a being would wield” isn’t necessarily interesting or entertaining. It certainly wasn’t in MoS anyway. In the same way that showing how a person would react in a real-life romantic situation doesn’t necessarily make a good romcom. That’s why there are scriptwriters and directors, to direct the action and hone it, so us ordinary people find it entertaining too, at the cinema or at home.

        Ultimately, whatever a film sets out to do, people either like it or they don’t. Whatever a filmmaker set out to do, it doesn’t matter, the people that saw it either liked it or they didn’t. With Man of Steel, it doesn’t seem to me that people HATED it, it certainly could have been worse, but they were no doubt bored. There was no tension, just these invincible cartoon characters hitting each other again and again for what seemed like hours. It had all the panache of something I leave in the toilet bowl. Whereas the Christopher Reeve films, the first two anyway, had that special quality. They engaged people and they were dramatically interesting. They trump Man of Steel, quite easily, not because they had more punches or longer action sequences or more CGI (they didn’t), but because they follow the rules of drama. Create dramatic tension and play that tension in every single moment.

        Ultimately, you need people that understand this intrinsically. You need talent, in charge of the film, that instinctively know how to tap into people’s spirit and dreams. That’s not Zach Snyder, that much his clear. Whatever his talents, and I think they’re many, he’s no Director.

        • Just because you failed to be entertained doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entertaining. Or maybe you consider yourself the be-all-end-all of cinematic taste? Such a huge fight was something that I’ve been waiting for, like, forever. I for one got a total blast out of it and when the credits rolled, I thought to myself “At last! Someone finally got it right!”

          The old Donner flicks I highly enjoyed as a KID but rewatching them today is somewhat painful: they just feel downright cheesy on all levels from FX to costumes to the script (spinning the Earth counter-clockwise to turn back time? Come on!) to the actors’ playing style. Way to defuse drama! And if you didn’t feel the dramatic tension in Snyder’s epic fight and its emotionally crushing conclusion, maybe you should ask yourself whether you might have watched the movie a little too casually.

          Snyder may not always be a great director but he certainly has his moments – he managed to make a very decent film out of Watchmen without losing the spirit of the book despite all the material that was cut. The Zod fight was most definitely one of these moments and perhaps his finest ever. I’m sorry for you that you didn’t get it.

    • I agree that bale was the best for Dark Knight but he certainly wouldn’t have been better than Michael Keaton was in hi Batman movie..That movie will forever be my favorite Batman flick..nothing beats Nicholson..Basinger..and Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman…Affleck was perfect for Daredevil the way Julia Dreyfuss was for Elaine so it will be a little weird getting used to him as bats but he seems to have a cool look and I think he can fit this style of Batman well..This is a different Batman world and so Bale would look weird in it..he should do movies that have the same directors/looks and actors he had if he does others

    • Christian Bale had the worst Batman voice ever, and to me, Bale was the worst most unnatural Batman to date, his Batman always sounded like he had a frog in his throat and was forced out rather than natural.

      Kevin Conroy whom does the voices for most of the animated Batman movies, animated TV series and video games is most recognizable by his fans as ‘the voice’ of Batman.

      As for Ben Affleck stepping into the Bats role, I think he’ll do we’ll if his character is more in-tune with himself and not the lost and confused still trying to deal with life version that Bale portrait. The Dark Knight movies should’ve been better than they are and may have been if they related his character more to the comic books as the crime detective he was and not the vigilante he’s portrait in the movies, I’m sure Ben will nail the role more as a crime buster Batman using his wit and detective skills like Keaton rather than relying on his tech like the others did.

      Michael Keaton was and still is the best movie Batman ever, the rest of the franchise was a disappointment.

      • Seriously did you even research why before you decided to hate on it.. Like yeah it was a little over the top but still, not at bad as you think

        • agreeing with Bootstrap that is

      • I agree. The Bale Batman were good movies but just weren’t really much Batman characteristics. I actually thing Ben Affleck will do fine as long as the movie is written well

      • Playing Batman is fairly easy, it’s playing Bruce Wayne that kills the character. Batman is mostly action but Wayne requires emotion and skill, something Affleck doesn’t have. Keaton was definitely the best Bruce Wayne. Bale was the best Batman. If you could combine the two, you’d really have something. Unfortunately, Affleck can’t even play himself. He’s too robotic.

        • “emotion and skill, something Affleck doesn’t have”…..

          you seem to be another one of these trolls that has never seen a movie. Affelck has proven to be taalented and to make a blanket statement about “emotion an skill” shows you just dont like the person and will flat out make stuff up to make them look bad. Watch The Town. Watch Good Will Hunting.I doubt you will because you just hate the man Ben Affleck or his look or something. Hater

        • “emotion and skill, something Affleck doesn’t have”…..

          you seem to be another one of these trolls that has never seen a movie. Affelck has proven to be talented and to make a blanket statement about “emotion an skill” shows you just dont like the person and will flat out make stuff up to make them look bad. Watch The Town. Watch Good Will Hunting.I doubt you will because you just hate the man Ben Affleck or his look or something. Hater

    • Michael Keaton was the best batman, nuff said ;)

  3. Personally, I’d rather see Mr. Potatohead as Batman than that no talent assclown Affleck. I’ll wait to order it from Netflix instead of wasting my hard earned money to see this in a theater.

    • But you will be watching it then… okay

    • Well, Affleck it’s well known for his talent. I dont know if you had the chance to watch gone baby gone or the town,please do this and come to talk to me.

      • These seem to be trolls that have never seen a movie and dont plan on watching any. They just hate the person and dont care about the person’s talent. Affleck has proven to be talented. Gadot looks good in her uniform. They just dont like the person and will flat out make stuff up and spout hyperbole to make them look bad. Watch The Town. Watch Good Will Hunting. Gone Baby Gone. I doubt they will because you just hate Ben Affleck or his look or something. Haters smh

  4. like a metallic snowflake lighting color instead of dull kevlar grey and not armor texture it makes it too much. did u like the Batman Bike and his tank Baticar, well i am thinkin of inventin another thing or two more awsome. producers need to link more with us and show appreaciation to fans like this forum does.

  5. A more serious batman. The older wiser frank miller batman. The dark knight whom has to be one step ahead of the best rouges gallery in comics. (By the way it would be nice for the caped crusader to be a detective again in movies.) Ben affleck. He does look like batman with the costume on. But he will fail as bruce wayne. There is a certain something he is missing there. His voice does not have the tenor to convey as batman. You might cringe. I havent seen his recent movies. I could be wrong.

    • Oh you hit the question on perfect. It easy for people to be Batman in the costume but actually being Bruce Wayne will be more difficult.

  6. I haven’t watched Ben affleck in a movie for a while. The batman costume seems to be well sticking out, creating somewhat a second fat man costume on Ben, the symbol is way too big for as it is. I believe that a alteration should be sorted out on it but far as best suits go, it better then hard leather nipple costumes I saw on Batman and Robin but for acting as Batman I can see Ben going well with it but Bruce Wayne that part is what has me wondering how well he can play him.

  7. For all those of you who say the costume is not accurate and the bat logo is way too big – it’s not my favorite logo either but it IS accurate if you look at Frank Miller’s batman that the look is taken from –

  8. The Dark Knight’s cape has to be black. Blue doesn’t make any practical sense. It looks nice. But the Batman character is like a ninja using shadows to boost the element of surprise and attack. He’s also in mourning – it’s in the remembrance of the death of his loved ones that motivated him to fight crime.

  9. The costume looks too bulky, and it appears they are trying to make a muscle structure with strategic padding and stitching. Makes him look fat. Affleck is too stocky to make this work–they need to create something sleeker.

  10. Whose the fat guy in the gray suit?

  11. What??? No nipples? How could they missed such important detail?

    • Well WoW added nipples to the toons there now maybe take up playing and old staple game to get your nipple fix =D You know I am teasin! ;)

  12. Sorry but the whole dark colors is sexy and mysterious. Get rid of the yellow belt lol. If you want to watch Batman in the 60′s then do so.

  13. Personally I would of rather seen the limited technology of christian bale’s batman fight Superman not Ben as the batman its turning in to the mid 90′s again with outlandish costumes as apposed to real life tech and practical functionality. batman and robin you know the movie I speak of with the Riddler and Twoface. this is my own opinion.

  14. If I have not read a Batman story before, I really can’t differentiate him as Batman or “Catman” from the new costume debut. I just hope it can be better through some modification.

  15. Seriously..Ben is gana fight in a cloth suit..and win fights? Even with armor christian as batman got hurt! . also ben is gana butcher this role. He can’t do the scary deep voice and he’s a semi good actor in any movie mkay…also Ben needs to workout like a mofo and train which he won’t. He’s skrawny , I hope they postpone the release date because get ready for 5 more batman remakes with Ben affleck -_- he’s not charasmatic or scary whatsoever. I hope he fights bad guys and trains and has new stamina. All the comics show a beefy guy who always can move with precision and has detective skill. There’s key things here and I hope this new fresh batman mission goes well. Otherwise america will be pissed because batman is more relatable then superman and the audience needs to feel realism and talent across the board

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