Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct ‘Justice League’

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Yesterday Disney and Marvel Studios happily announced that Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, will be back to not only write and direct its sequel, but will be overseeing Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe (which will also include a live-action TV series) for the next three years.

The big headline-stealing, buzz-generating announcements keep coming from Marvel Studios, but for Warner Bros., it’s been a challenging path to begin organizing live-action feature films for their DC Comics lineup into something that can compete at the same game. They’re taking steps in the right direction to make that happen and their answer to Joss Whedon’s signing may to bring in Ben Affleck to helm Justice League.

Now that Christopher Nolan has completed The Dark Knight trilogy (and is not interested in Justice League) and director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is set to launch DC’s response to Marvel’s franchise, we’re about to see what fans have patiently been waiting for: a shared universe where Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman can share a world with The Flash and Superman.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Variety has the scoop from several inside sources which inform them that Affleck is the only directorial candidate to have been sent Will Beall’s Justice League screenplay and that he will be chatting with Warner Bros. over the next few days. Affleck, having only begun his major feature film directing career with 2007’s Gone Baby Gone also wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated The Town (2010) for Warner Bros., along with the upcoming Argo which he also helmed.

Even with only a few features under his belt, Affleck has proven he can handle ensemble casts in action and drama, and his working relationship with Warner Bros. almost had him taking on Man of Steel previously. He may still get his chance to work with Superman and more interestingly, Affleck could be in front of the camera in this one as well since he’s starred in the last two features he directed.

Ben Affleck directing Justice League Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Ben Affleck in ‘Argo’

Have we found our new Bruce Wayne in the man who once played Daredevil? Funny enough, Affleck was rumored for the part 13 years ago.

From the Man of Steel panel at Comic-Con 2012, Zack Snyder finally dropped his guard about keeping his Superman story separate, much like Nolan’s Batman, and he hinted that once they get “[Superman’s] house in order,” they will see where Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent could appear next. With Green Lantern failing to earn critical acclaim, will Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan for the team-up alongside Cavill?

More importantly, when is Justice League planned for release and who will play Batman if it isn’t Christian Bale? Will The Flash and Wonder Woman – both of which have scripts in development – get their introductions through solo movies before Justice League or will Warner Bros. rush Justice League first and use it as a launching pad for each hero’s individual film?

There are so many questions but expect more news soon.

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Source: Variety

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  1. Best idea ever! Green Lantern was epic!!!

  2. I don’t think Affleck is going to be a Justice League character in the film. I’m sure that was just a joke. He’ll just be directing. But if he was going to play a character I wouldn’t want it to be a hero.

    • He was great in Hollywoodland as Superman – Ben Afflick-Director/Superman in JL :)

      • nooo we dont need multiple supermans ..

  3. Affleck would be good as The Flash or GL, not Batman. Gosling as Batman does not work. He doesn’t suit the character type. Chris Pine is short to play The Flash. Lol @ Joaquin Phx as The Batman. Joke of the day. That’s dumb. He got nothing that can make him a good Batman. If anything, he should be Solomon Grundy or Bizzaro. Jennifer Lawrence is too young and short to play WW. Am not sure if Affleck is a right fit fr directing a JL movie. Guillermo D T, Peter Jackson, Zack Snyder, Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn, The Wachowskis etc would be a proper fit.

    • Peter Jackson? There is no large epic book for him to work off of. and its not in middle earth. he is not a fit at all.

      • Peter Jackson, del Toro and Brad Baird on my top picks for an epic 3-part Justice League (LotR-esque) film.

    • I don’t know if you know what you are talking about. You said Jennifer Lawrence should not be wonderwoman because she is too young and too short. How about simply just becuase she doesn’t look like wonder woman, period. Your said Ben affleck should play flash? FLASH? are you really serious? If anything he looks more like bruce wayne than he looks like flash. Afleck looks more like bruce wayne and batman than val kilmer did during his 90s run as wayne and Bats, and looks more like bruce wayne than Micheal Keaton’s bruce wayne (who actually is my favorite batman). Then you said Joaquin Phoenix should be Solomon Grundy. What are you talking about? How could he be or play Grundy? Grundy is DC’s version of the Hulk. How could Phoenix, who doesn’t look like Grundy, is not tall enough and muscular enough to play Grundy, and etc etc etc etc etc play Grundy? Grundy should be done with the same CGI that was used for the Hulk (Norton’s Hulk, and the Avenger’s Hulk). Then you said Bryan Singer would be a “proper fit” to direct a JLA movie. ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS? You want singer again? After the mess he did with the x-men and superman return, you want his soft watered-down version of comic book direction to helm a JLA movie? That’s the biggest LOL of the day.

  4. Lynn Collins for wonder woman check her out in John Carter she was awesome she’s perfect for the role.

    • @ Vader

      Have you seen Kelly Overton from season 5 of True Blood? She looks more like Wonder Woman imo. She’s that werewolf who train Alcide. People should take a close look at her. I think got the name right.

      • I know who you are talking about but to me she is still not a good fit.

        • womder woman is a tough one to cast in my opinon .. really tough .. i dont think its as simple as someone busty .. or someone whos athletic .. i think they are gonna have to do a big time search for her to be honest ..

        • @ Alpine

          I think she has good cheek bone,perfectly fit & looks taller than Lynn Collins. Of-course she’ll need to dye her hair.

      • @Wally West..i don’t think Overton is a good fit for wonder woman. Funny you mentioned her, because I was trying to contiplate a month or 2 ago which comic character she could and maybe should play in the Marvel Universe. Though I am still not too sure, I am thinking she could possibly make it as Jean Grey, or Rogue. But it is not guaranteed yet, because she has a odd look (not in a bad way). She would have to get a test shot. But I don’t see her playing wonder woman (she’s too slim, and doesn’t have the facial features/structure to play her, in my opinion). Someone, a month or 2 ago, on here said Briget Regan. Now that’s a good pick. Man how would I like to be the casting director for every comic book film that came out/is coming out. “SIGH”

        • One thing about Regan though, she would have to hit the gym to tone up her body for the part.

  5. Honestly i wouldnt mind him directing at all! Heck either christian bale to play batman or ben himself!!! Aslong as he adds that edginess or darkness needed it will be a great film!

    • Ben Afleck as Batman is the worst idea ever…cuz he was so captivating as Daredevil. No, just no…

  6. Hah, you’d think with all the people saying “Affleck’s work as director has been good…” that all the other people bitching about his acting work in Daredevil would at least consider the possibility that Affleck could be a good option.

    Of course that would involve people READING THE COMMENTARY, and gods know I’m the only one who does that before posting.

    • Not the only one…

      I don’t understand all the Daredevil complains either. He only acted in the movie and that was nearly a decade ago anyway (any normal person grows and develops their skills over time). He’s certainly not the best actor out there and he’s starred in quite a few $*!*y movies, but he goes have talent.
      And as a director he’s pretty good IMO (I’ve only seen one of his films, but the other two seem to be on the right track as well)

      Just to bring things back to reality: @people, he’s only in TALKS to direct. Nothing is confirmed. He hasn’t even read the script yet. No deals are being done. Him acting in the movie is only a suggestion that Rob made since Affleck has starred in his previous movies (which he directed) – again, no certainties.
      Sorry for being a buzz kill 😉

      • *DOES have talent…

        • and the town showed that he has the skills to act and to write

      • l disagree. Never seen him pull of a good job acting. Plus he’s in those god awful Kevin Smith movies.
        Not even a superhero fan. he said he felt embarrassed wearing the daredevil suit and would never play a super hero again.
        l hope this doesn’t work out for him

        • he allready turned them down .. which as i said i think they should just let snyder helm the project he did pretty good with watchmen .. i think he could make it work really well .. but i also didnt think big ben wouldnt of been that bad of a choice as i think his take could of been really good based on some of his other work i.e. gone baby gone and the town ..

  7. The most important thing for me is whether Ben Affleck is a fan or not. The director of a JLA movie, or any franchise movie, should be a fan and know from the heart what it’s all about.

    • Like Joss Whedon perhaps? I agree. I never got the feeling Nolan was a comic book fan, but undoubtedly he had a strong, clear vision. But Batman is different than other superheroes. He’s as “realistic” as James Bond or Indiana Jones. A whole team of superheroes is another matter.

      I don’t see this happening at all. I’ve seen his movies. He’s a capable director. But the same could be said of the Green Lantern director (Campbell?). Getting a “good” director usually leads to a mediocre movie at best. At the worst it could be awful.

      This announcement is attention grabbing though. Of course us fans are all over every scrap of news like hungry dogs on a steak. But floating “Ben Affleck/JLA” will begin building buzz in the rest of the world. I think that is all this will amount to.

    • Affleck is a huge comic book fan.

      • so is kevin smith and did you read the turd of a script he wrote for superman lives … which funnily enough was set to star mr affleck ..

        • Haha perfect point!

  8. Ben Affleck,is WB serious?. DC needs to seperate itself from WB. They’re gonna need to take up notch. Still my opinion would be for Bruce Timm/Paul Dini & Co handle the DCMU. If WB were wise, they’d realize thats talent being wasted that could be put to good use for live-action. They know the characters, building characters & their places stories that take place at. Not to mention they casted great voice actors & guest actors to lend their voices so they know what they were doing. If they could do that with animation, im sure live-action won’t wouldn’t be much of a challenge if they accepted the chance.

    • l agree with you about Ben being a s*** choice.
      But you can’t have people who’ve only ever dealt with animation handling big budged superhero movies. What looks good on the page or in the cartoon more often then not comes out horrible on the big screen.
      They might work as consultants but imo they should never be calling the shots or making any sorts of important decisions

      • honestly i think they should see what bruce timm could do with a wonder woman movie or a green lantern sequel .. see what he can do with a big live action movie and if it goes well then let him handle justice league 2

        • Bruce Timm has no business in live action. He is an animator.
          Paul Dini on the other hand could make for an excellent choice in a producer/writer role. He was the backbone if Barman TAS, and wrote the story for the video game Arkham Asylum/City

          • good points

          • @ Ignur Rant

            Bruce Timm had as much to due with success of Batman:TAS as Paul Dini. designing characters, backgrounds,etc. The late Dwayne McDuffie too was involved which made them a team.

      • @ Joker

        I wouldn’t go that far. I know people who thought Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm was better than Batman Begins. Imo i thought they were both great, but for animated film they proved what they can do. They also made other made good feature length DVD movies & of-course they’re low budget so what’s to expect highly of them compared to live-action big budget ones? Plus they would make a great team as Paul Dini wrote great stories, Bruce Timm is a good with drawing backgrounds/evironments,etc. I could see him design places like Atlantis,Themisyca,New Genises, Apocalapse,etc great on film.

  9. At first I’m like Really but Ben Is comic book Fan and has Friends like Kevin smith to call in and help So i say great choice. Daredevil sucked because of the writer and director not Ben and I still enjoyed DD a little

    • Daredevil sucked because it was pg-13. and because the cast was quite s*****.. Director’s cut is at least watchable. And how are people still considering Kevin Smith as somebody who can do anything good for any movie. If not for all the crap he’s puked out at theaters then just conciser his painful to read Superman script

    • Actually it was more of the studios fault for changing the tone. The Director’s Cut of Daredevil is alot more violent, dark and with significant less Elektra. The studios told him to recut the film for a youmger audience.

      • I really hate this reasoning for killing otherwise decent movies.

        You have convinced me to locate a copy of the Director’s Cut so I can judge for myself.

        • Yep had significantly less Elektra/ love story stuff more violent and darker.

  10. How about we let Kevin smith Direct the JLA movie He’s a die hard comic book fan already knows Batman Better then 90% of die hard batman fans and it would be like Joss with avengers

    • he said that he is to lazy for something like that, he also said that hes version would be superman jumping on Lois and yelling “how many dick have you sucked” he was kidding it is obvious but he could write the script he is good with that…

    • MAn of steel is not launching anything. That’s what Snyder said at least

      • i thought i read a report where it was said that they will mention wonder woman and could possibly include cameo ..

        • Take out “said” and replace it with “rumored” an take out “will” and replace it with “might”.

          • lol .. yeah my bad .. well hopefully the rumors are true ..

      • I remember at comic con when ask about Supes being in a Batman/Superman or JL movie he said once Supes house is in order anything is possible after.

    • Agreed. Superman/Batman film before JLA. That seems to be the rumor from my buddy who works for DC.

  11. See DC didn’t listen we need to back up from the situation, its just like Tim Burton hired Kevin Smith writing Superman Reborn back in 1998, they would’ve said no. Iam not blaming Iam assuming so nothing happens.

  12. This is not bad news at all. I would like to get a take of what he wants to do with the property but not a bad choice at all. Affleck is a comic book fan and he has proven his directoral abilities.

    And I was one who enjoyed Daredevil. Some of the other casting aside it was one of the more “true to the comic” movies out there story wise. Plus he looked like Matt Murdock.

  13. This is only a publicity stunt on WB’s part.

    Associating a celebrity with JL expands the “buzz” beyond the comic book fan base. It’s in a mistake-filled EOnline article.

  14. well looks like big ben turned wb down on this one …. which is fine just give the project to snyder .. film a scene at the end of man of steel where wonder woman maybe not yet in costume and martian munhunter .. locate clark and warn him of a greater threat and thats a lead in to a justice league movie ..

    • l’m not sure if taking the Marvel approach is good for DC.
      l would love to see something new an more original. Maybe start off with the JLA movie then have a bunch of other movies based on crossovers and one or two individual flicks.
      l mean unlike marvel’s movie company Warner already owns most(all?) of the rights to DC characters right?

      • very true .. i just dont understand how they made a hale berry catwoman before flash .. or how they made a jona hex before nightwing… they should be ahead of marvel not behind .. but yeah i dont think they need to do solo flicks before a justice league .. ie the marvel phase .. they should do their own thing .. but they(wb) should be making cbms twice a year not twice a decade ..

    • if cavill gets it right in mos i dont see why you would recast him for justice league .. thats a horrible idea .. yeah i know that they did it with hulk .. but superman is superman .. there needs to be one ..

  15. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Don’t give the top-shelf toys to the Noob! ~ Stark

  16. It can go either way but DC/WB needs to keep pushing forward if Affleck passes then onto the next.

  17. What do you all think about casting Karl Urban for Bruce Wayne/Batman in JLA or Superman/Batman movie?? Has the look! Maybe possibly Gerard Butler? Thoughts???

    • i would be cool with butler has hawkman .. not so much batman .. i dont know why i just think his accent will come through to much ..

      • @Victor…i know why you said butler for hawkman…becuase you were thinking of the 1980 movie flash gordon, and the guy they had playing the leader of the bird people. He looks just like Butler (or Butler looks just like him), and they both have the same strong accent. Am I right? LOL.

    • i think the reason was because it had them all in one movie .. not because of the solo flcks before ..i mean .. the number for cap and hulk were meh ..

  18. DC just does not get it. I’m not saying they should straight up copy what Marvel is doing but since the Dark Knight Trilogy has ended their future plans are in 2 categories : Rumored and Unconfirmed. GL sucked, and I love the character in the books and even animated. Man of Steel is still a BIG question mark. They said no to Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman script. Chris Pine is great as Kirk so back away from Flash please. These guys need to stop all of these random ideas, get a guy to oversee the big picture, put a team of talent together and create a cohesive DC Universe!!

  19. Hmm actually the more I think about it he would be better directing a new Batman movie.

    • i could see that working as long as he wasnt playing batman .. maybe he could be a young gordon ..

  20. Uh, no… Ben Affleck is NO Joss Whedon.

    Unimpressed. Try again DC.

  21. ideal JLA cast:

    Henry Cavill as Superman

    Jensen Ackles as Batman

    Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman

    Seth Green as the Flash

    Aldis Hodge as Green Lantern

    • You started off strong but went down hill quick…

      Olivia Wilde is too short and model skinny to work.

      Seth green? He’s 5′ nothing when we need Flash to be 6’+ tall.

      And we’ve already given Aldis Hodge the role of Black panther so he’s not available ;)……but I do approve of the John Stewart angle.

        • Olivia Wilde…..I wouldn’t say absurd based on the pictures I’ve seen. She looks more like a runway model (another word would be lithe) than she does and Amazonian Princess to me.

          If she had more muscle tone (and well some actual muscles) that would be one thing but she doesn’t.

    • Jensen Ackles defintely should be considered for a role. I think he is a great actor and I would like to see him in more projects. Plus he has experience working with DC characters having been on Smallvile and playing Red Hood/ Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Hood.

    • Ackles could work as Hal Jordan as well. Djimon Honsou for Martian manhunter. Maybe Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen. Not sure about WW. As for Bats there are a lot of contenders that could work.

    • Olivia Wilde as wonder woman? let me guess you picked her to play wonder woman because of her eyes right? I am not being sarcastic i am really asking this question. She is too slim. You need someone with the face of Gina Carano or Jillian Michaels, with the body type of Jillian Michaels.

      • yes and no; i said i wanted her to play WW because she looks the part TO AN EXTENT and because if tron legacy proved anything, it’s that she can kick ass

        and you gotta admit, height aside, seth green would make an awesome barry allen

        • james, we don’t want or need someone with a “to an extent” likeness to wonder woman to play wonder woman. We need an actress who just plainly looks like wonder woman. The fact that wilde did her thing in Tron Legacy, doesn’t mean she is qualified to play wonder woman. There are a number of women actresses who have played roles that required them to fight, however, that doesn’t mean that they can play wonder woman. Again, we need a woman who not only looks like wonder woman, but has the jillian michaels body type to play her.

  22. So apparently there is some sources that say Affleck passed on the script. Whether its true or not I am not sure.

    I wouldn’t mind DC taking a step back and making sure the direction their going is the right direction. I feel things may be too rushed. I wouldn’t mind if DC/WB go for a more character-driven, grounded take on these characters such as The Dark Knight Trilogy and what seems the Man of Steel, so far. A film can be grounded, character driven and still feel epic in scale and overly entertaining.

    They should not follow Marvel’s tone and be unafraid to tackle it differently. The Dark Knight Trilogy proved that you can take a more grounded serious approach to the characters while still being true to the essence of these characters and their mythos. It was not realistic by any means as some will say but it was definitely far more grounded than any other franchise adaptation where the focus was on character and the threat felt real. And by The Dark Knight Rises I can actually believe some of their comic book elements to introduced.

    The more fantastical elements can be introduced grounded, plausible, and subtle. Raiders of the Lost Ark and Games of Thrones cross my mind. The context of the story is grounded with a high emphasis on character (and entertaining action in the former) and the fantasy takes place in the background. It is presented in a tangible yet visceral way that in context the fantasy feels organic, natural, and perhaps believable to the audience. It underlines the story plot rather than used as a reason for a CGI battle.

  23. Marvel is doing a good job but I only felt invested in the characters compleltely in Iron Man and in the Avengers. Their direction is focused on fantastical elements (magic cubes, alien invasion etc) that while entertaining is played out tongue in cheek and not emotionally investment. In the Dark Knight Rises I almost felt there was a surreal fantasy underlying the emotional journey of Batman and Gotham under siege.

    In conclusion, DC in my opinions should examine if they are really invested in telling a compelling story or trying to replicate Marvel’s The Avengers. They shouldn’t rush to catch the hype because a good compelling story will always have its day than a product forged to make an easy payday. DC should take note of The Dark Knight Trilogy–their most successfuly franchise– and use it as a template like Man of Steel was done. DC should pave its own path, not follow Marvel.

    I am by no way suggesting the hyper realistic world of The Dark Knight(2008) or the grittyness, but the character journey, the grounded feel of the story that allows the audience to better invest in these characters and staying true to the essence of the world without it becoming campy toungue in cheek like Marvel( they are doing that on purpose though).

    • @ Nightwing
      True That! :)

    • spot on Night wing,, I hope someone in DC reads your view,

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  25. this is all speculation he can still say “i dont wanna direct this type of film” it didn’t say hes close to accepting it just said in talks nothing set in stone yet