Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct ‘Justice League’

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Yesterday Disney and Marvel Studios happily announced that Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, will be back to not only write and direct its sequel, but will be overseeing Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe (which will also include a live-action TV series) for the next three years.

The big headline-stealing, buzz-generating announcements keep coming from Marvel Studios, but for Warner Bros., it’s been a challenging path to begin organizing live-action feature films for their DC Comics lineup into something that can compete at the same game. They’re taking steps in the right direction to make that happen and their answer to Joss Whedon’s signing may to bring in Ben Affleck to helm Justice League.

Now that Christopher Nolan has completed The Dark Knight trilogy (and is not interested in Justice League) and director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is set to launch DC’s response to Marvel’s franchise, we’re about to see what fans have patiently been waiting for: a shared universe where Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman can share a world with The Flash and Superman.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Variety has the scoop from several inside sources which inform them that Affleck is the only directorial candidate to have been sent Will Beall’s Justice League screenplay and that he will be chatting with Warner Bros. over the next few days. Affleck, having only begun his major feature film directing career with 2007’s Gone Baby Gone also wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated The Town (2010) for Warner Bros., along with the upcoming Argo which he also helmed.

Even with only a few features under his belt, Affleck has proven he can handle ensemble casts in action and drama, and his working relationship with Warner Bros. almost had him taking on Man of Steel previously. He may still get his chance to work with Superman and more interestingly, Affleck could be in front of the camera in this one as well since he’s starred in the last two features he directed.

Ben Affleck directing Justice League Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Ben Affleck in ‘Argo’

Have we found our new Bruce Wayne in the man who once played Daredevil? Funny enough, Affleck was rumored for the part 13 years ago.

From the Man of Steel panel at Comic-Con 2012, Zack Snyder finally dropped his guard about keeping his Superman story separate, much like Nolan’s Batman, and he hinted that once they get “[Superman’s] house in order,” they will see where Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent could appear next. With Green Lantern failing to earn critical acclaim, will Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan for the team-up alongside Cavill?

More importantly, when is Justice League planned for release and who will play Batman if it isn’t Christian Bale? Will The Flash and Wonder Woman – both of which have scripts in development – get their introductions through solo movies before Justice League or will Warner Bros. rush Justice League first and use it as a launching pad for each hero’s individual film?

There are so many questions but expect more news soon.

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Source: Variety

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  1. I’m sorry but Daredevil really put a bad impression of Ben Affleck on me. I’ve not seen alot of his other work so I can’t say much. But surely they can find another director with more credentials.

    • That’s an ignorant statement my friend. He is a more than capable director. Watch The Town and then revisit this comment of yours.

      • The Town is just Set If Off with white guys. Just sayin’…

    • Affleck didn’t direct Daredevil.

    • You should give The Director’s Cut of Daredevil a try. It’s a completely different movie. Its Richard Lester to Richard Donner.

      • I’m not trying to put him down or nothing. Like I said I have’nt seen most of his other work so I can’t say much but I’m just saying I think WB could find a director more suitable for this film.

    • my thoughts exactly…

  2. Yeah, hahahahahahahaha. Okay. I… What?!!

  3. I have feeling that Anthony Ocasio is going ballistic right now since he pretty much let out to the world that he a has a man crush on Ben Affleck, also he’s a good director and while I don’t think him playing Batman would be best fit at least not at near 40 I mean stranger things have happen…

  4. Oh Yes!!! I would love That. I do not remember which article from Screenrant I was reading but I remember you guys mention that it was the big difference between Marvel and DC. DC always try to hire quality directors for their movies. If, and it`s a big IF. If he accepts and in the end actually directs it, It would be a real pleasure to see his vision of this Universe. At least on a peronal note lol. If not, then I hope in the future he gets to helm one of DC`s Characters… :)

  5. this could be very good, love Gone Baby Gone and The Town, really looking forward to Argo as well.

    Would rather he just directed it rather than acted/directed to be honest. Don’t want to see him as a superhero again after Daredevil.

  6. Gone, Baby, Gone
    The Town
    ARGO (looks really good)

    Ben Affleck as a director is awesome. I would be very interested in this development, but I would prefer not to see Affleck as Batman. I don’t think he could really hold a candle to Bale’s Batman.

    • Good Will hunting

      • he did not direct Good Will hunting only co-write with Matt Damon

    • His character in The Town and Hollywoodland says to me that he can handle it.

  7. If he became the new Bruce Wayne, I give up.

  8. He has more film directing experience than Joss Whedon did. I’d need to know more about casting and the story before I decide if this is a good idea.

  9. Great director…. but non of his movies are even similar in style. but I like thechoice!

  10. Im thinking either Bruce wayne or Hal jordan.

    His movies have been excellent so far so why not.

    • “Im thinking either Bruce wayne or Hal jordan.”

      You want Bruce Wayne or Hal Jordan to direct? I don’t get what you’re saying.

      • It said he may co-star too so Im thinking Bruce Wayne or Hal Jordan.

    • I vote Aquaman 😛

      • hahaha you never know.

  11. Creative choice. I enjoyed The Town, Gone Baby Gone was good and im really looking forward to Argo. Could go either way but a very intresting choice. Im extremely curious.

    • Yea my interest went up even more now. Let see what happens next.

  12. I was just thinking what if Ben Affleck made his own Daredevil movie. Similar to Thomas Jane’s recent “Punisher” shot. In all honesty i didnt think Affleck was that bad in that role (it was Elektra that dragged that entire movie). He’s got a great trio of films he’s directed and his acting has gotten better in general. If he were direct his own Daredevil (probably cast someone else as the lead though) it would be realer and darker than the last one.

    Idk how he would do on a movie this this big of an effects budget but there are worst directors they could pick in my opinion.

  13. I don’t like him as batman he lacks intimidation. maybe Hal Jordan but Warner brothers atleast has got me interested

  14. Count me skeptical. I doubt The Justice League is anywhere near being greenlit.

    • Are you skeptical about Affleck directing, or the project happening?

      • The project happening so soon. Secondarily, Affleck directing.
        I could see Affleck being part of a larger pool of contenders
        at some point with some bigger names being considered.

  15. Come on DC and Warner, quit MESSING around…Get some true comics people and Proffessional Producing involved CORRECTLY with JLA, SO IT DOESN’T BECOME ANOTHER MESS….
    So out of a partially unemployed Hollywood, this is the ONLY person to DIRECT???? NO OFFENSE BEN….Isn’t JAMES CAMERON AVAILABLE AFTER HIS DIVE ? I don’t see a CORRECT ATTITUDE TOWARDS ALL OF DC’s HEROES.

    • You want to have the Avatar of Superhero movies? It’ll probably just be Pocahontas with superheroes, knowing Cameron.

      • Haha, yeah, Cameron coasting on his early work and lifting storylines from other things could be….awesome?

        If he has to star, I’d have him as Hal Jordan too.

        Not that Ryan Reynolds wasn’t good in the role in a bad movie, just that his wisecracking style didn’t fit with that particular character.

  16. I thought Affleck never wanted to play a costumed character ever again, didn’t he say it embarrased him or something?

    • things can change who knows. maybe he is more open now having his career progress in a big way since then.

  17. Yeah this seems stupid to me why would you make a movie with them all. just go and let have their own movies first..the did the same s*** in the avengers and they f***** up

    • Well, that’s your opinion.
      I’m sure Warner Brothers doesn’t think $1.5 billion is “f***** up” – why wouldn’t they want a piece of the superhero-team-up pie.

      Keep in mind that just because you think something is “f***** up” doesn’t mean it actually WAS/IS “f***** up”.

      I for definitely, without a doubt want to see Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman or the Martian Man Hunter together on the silver screen…

      • *I for ONE WOULD definitely…

        • I like “I for definitely” better. Sounds Shakespearian!

    • How did they f anything up?

      Did you not see the solo movies leading to The Avengers or did you think Avengers was the first?

      I like that they wanna start with JLA because then people won’t accuse DC/WB of copying Marvel plus you could introduce the least known characters (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter) alongside Superman and Batman and THEN lead off from there with solo movies.

  18. i hope he he is not batman or superman in the series .. i would be okay with him being green lantern hal jordan .. me personally i would rather see snyder helm the justice league .. since he handled watchmen pretty well .. i didnt get see what the big deal was for gone baby gone .. it was meh to me .. they need to cast joe mang from true blood as the dark knight allready atleast 5 years into his batman career

  19. … I doubt anybody saw this coming.
    Affleck did a good job with The Town, but I’m not sure how he’d handle the Justice League.
    Don’t really know what else to say at this moment… I’m a little shocked.

    • Shocked is a good word but come on man the town, gone baby gone and Argo looks great

      • The Town for one sticks out to me as why he is a contender.

      • Like I said, he did a good job with the Town. It’s not one of my favorite movies or something, but I did enjoy it.
        Haven’t seen ‘Gone Baby Gone’ yet, but I took a look on Rotten Tomatoes and the avarage rating is 7.7 out of 10.
        And I don’t judge films that haven’t been released yet. I’ll cross the Argo-bridge when I get to it 😉

        • gone baby gone was okay .. i didnt get all the love it got though ..

    • I almost feel that this is a reactionary PR move. WB really needs a new heavy hitter franchise with Harry Potter and now Batman done. They’ve been screwing up Wonder Woman scripts for years now, and Superman Returns and Lantern were underwhelming (extremely underwhelming in the case of Lantern). Meanwhile it seems like Marvel can’t lose. WB has to respond to Marvel’s extreme success, so they respond with a bold choice for director to match Marvel’s bold choice in Joss Whedon. I’m not sure that they need bold so much as they need focus on building characters and story that people care about.

  20. As Long as Christian Bale reprises Batman. I don’t care. But who would BA play?

    • im ready to move on from bale as batman ..

    • Nah.

  21. … and just like that, if it’s true, Warner has picked my interest in this film…

  22. For the love of all that is holy do not let this man touch this movie

  23. Why not Barry Allen? Heck, even looking at the header image of him beside the Flash, it’s a match. That I could easily live with. Batman… hm… not so much.

  24. I think he’s an interesting choice to direct but I don’t think he should also be acting in the film also.
    That’s a pretty huge undertaking for one man. Especially a film with the scope that TJL will be. And to be honest I’m just not a fan of his as an actor. He’s shown great talent as a director so IMO that should be his sole focus if this works out…

  25. I respect opinions, but stop using Daredevil as a your main argument for why Affleck would be a bad choice. He just acted in that movie.

    Andrew Stanton needs to direct this. John Carter was a masterpiece that wasn’t understood properly by most people.

    Haha joking. Rian Johnson would be a good choice though. He’s gonna get huge soon. WB should see how Looper plays out and go from there.

    • I’d say Rian Johnson for The Flash.

  26. I see Affleck as more “the flash”than a Bruce wayne

  27. GABRIEL MACHT (Harvey from Suits) for the new Batman. Don’t mention The Spirit please.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

  28. I could see Afflek pull of Flash. He needs something witha mask though she he can concentrate on directing.

    • Needs to dye his hair for that

  29. Ben Affleck for Martian Manhunter! Who’s with me? Huh? Huh? Anyone?….. yeah okay.

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