Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct ‘Justice League’

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Yesterday Disney and Marvel Studios happily announced that Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers, will be back to not only write and direct its sequel, but will be overseeing Phase Two of the Marvel cinematic universe (which will also include a live-action TV series) for the next three years.

The big headline-stealing, buzz-generating announcements keep coming from Marvel Studios, but for Warner Bros., it’s been a challenging path to begin organizing live-action feature films for their DC Comics lineup into something that can compete at the same game. They’re taking steps in the right direction to make that happen and their answer to Joss Whedon’s signing may to bring in Ben Affleck to helm Justice League.

Now that Christopher Nolan has completed The Dark Knight trilogy (and is not interested in Justice League) and director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is set to launch DC’s response to Marvel’s franchise, we’re about to see what fans have patiently been waiting for: a shared universe where Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman can share a world with The Flash and Superman.

Justice League Alex Ross Art 570x249 Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Variety has the scoop from several inside sources which inform them that Affleck is the only directorial candidate to have been sent Will Beall’s Justice League screenplay and that he will be chatting with Warner Bros. over the next few days. Affleck, having only begun his major feature film directing career with 2007′s Gone Baby Gone also wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated The Town (2010) for Warner Bros., along with the upcoming Argo which he also helmed.

Even with only a few features under his belt, Affleck has proven he can handle ensemble casts in action and drama, and his working relationship with Warner Bros. almost had him taking on Man of Steel previously. He may still get his chance to work with Superman and more interestingly, Affleck could be in front of the camera in this one as well since he’s starred in the last two features he directed.

Ben Affleck directing Justice League Ben Affleck in Talks to Direct Justice League

Ben Affleck in ‘Argo’

Have we found our new Bruce Wayne in the man who once played Daredevil? Funny enough, Affleck was rumored for the part 13 years ago.

From the Man of Steel panel at Comic-Con 2012, Zack Snyder finally dropped his guard about keeping his Superman story separate, much like Nolan’s Batman, and he hinted that once they get “[Superman's] house in order,” they will see where Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent could appear next. With Green Lantern failing to earn critical acclaim, will Ryan Reynolds return as Hal Jordan for the team-up alongside Cavill?

More importantly, when is Justice League planned for release and who will play Batman if it isn’t Christian Bale? Will The Flash and Wonder Woman - both of which have scripts in development – get their introductions through solo movies before Justice League or will Warner Bros. rush Justice League first and use it as a launching pad for each hero’s individual film?

There are so many questions but expect more news soon.

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Source: Variety

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  1. Gone Baby Gone and The Town were really good and Argo looks good and I was hoping that he might be in line to direct the Batman re-boot (but not star as Batman), but I guess doing the Justice League movie would be good too, but they really need to re-boot Batman before they do the JL movie, so they should wait a few years, but Warner Bros won’t do things right…like letting DC have more say in movies based on their characters.

  2. please dont let him star in a movie he is directing.i usualy hate the results


      • We can attached Pumpkin Head to some of this “we have work with them before” DUH!! KKAAPPAASSAA!! ON ANY ISSUE!!!

  3. It would be a mistake to launch Justice League before the individual films. Most of why The Avengers worked is because we were introduced to the characters in individual films first. We developed affection for them as individuals which made us excited to see them as a group. Same thing with The Expendables (yes, I know it’s unrelated but it’s a great real-life example). We know them from their individual work, which makes us want to see them together.

    Also, Ryan Reynolds was fine. It was the movie that sucked. Bring him back.

    • Couldn’t agree more

    • If Batman plays a cameo role then the entire movie will be the world’s biggest flop.

  4. The Town and Gone Baby Gone are 2 of my favorite films, so this could be interesting to see how Affleck directs a Superhero movie, but, I have 2 conditions: 1. Home base for the JLA can not be in Boston. & 2. Affleck can not put on tights and a mask, and he should not have an acting role of any kind in this movie. (anybody remember Daredevil?)

  5. Still I wonder who the other contenders are. Also I think WB/DC probably want to keep the same visual style going throughout there movies in a sense that the realism stands out like in the MOS comic con footage. Almost as if they’re gonna go the Alex Ross route visually,which could be good.

  6. Hey DC, I want you to know that I am with you on this. My only request is that you make the JLA film to be serious. Don’t make the same mistakes that Fox did with the x-men and fantastic four films by trying to make those films to appeal to kids. Your TV toons such as Young Justice (which is one of my favorites), as well as your straight to DVD movies are serious tone. Stick with that premise/formula when making movies about your characters. Remember Christian Bale’s second batman film? Critics of that film at the time suggested to parents that they leave their children at home because of the movie’s serious tone. The end result of the movie was that it grossed over 1 BILLION dollars because the tone of the film was serious. Don’t kid down you flicks, DC, but make them serious.

    My second request is that you pick actors and actresses that actually look like your characters. Know that there are actors and actresses who actually look like YOUR comic book characters. Search them out no matter how long it may take. Don’t rush the process because of the success marvel is having. Marvel made that mistake because of the success you were having decades earlier, and the end result of that was a mess of the x-men and the fantastic four, and the creation of a gaping hole when it comes to making movies of their characters without the involvement of the x-men and fantastic four because fox owns the rights to those characters. Know that there still will be many many many folks who will want to see solo fims of certain DC characters and a film about the justice league no matter how long takes. REMEMBER that and take your time.

    Also, Have casting calls that call for actors/actresses who look like a certain person, who actually looks like the character you are casting for, but for watever reason cannot play the part themself. I have preferred Marvel over DC for years. Nevertheles, I am comic book fan 1st and foremost, no matter the company. I want to see your movies do well. Honestly, I could care less if you out perform marvel. Just do justice to the Justice League and to all of your characters when putting them on the big screen. Also if you find an unknown who looks more like a certain DC character(s) than an A-lister, go with the unknown (providing they can really act. Do not throw out the actor looking like the character when it comes to the casting for these roles. In other words, do not just settle for superb acting, when the actor/actress looks nothing like the character. Picks actors/actresses who both look the part and can act the part.

  7. @LONGSHANKS…I agree with your assessment. marvel has gone the way to favor little kids, probably becuase of Disney. When Disney was purchasing the company, I thought someone had said disney was trying to not just attract boys, but also trying to attract the 18-34 year old male market. Too many of marvel’s programming on television is too kid friendly. I abhor ultimate spiderman and stopped watching it a long time ago. The cartoon itself makes no sense. The characters are supposed to be high school teenagers yet their antics and behavior in the show is equivalent to that of 8 year old kids, literally. I don’t remember Peter Parker or Spiderman being portrayed that way in the comics or in earlier cartoon versions of the character (Peter Parker/Spiderman). I kind of think that that is the direction Marvel will now go when it comes to their big screen movies (to the kids).

    DC toons are way more serious toned and adult-oriented (Young Justice, and their direct-to-DVD toons). DC toons are much better (not just because of the adult tone of their stories/characters, but also in the fluid, real-like movements of their characters in animation). I actually, slightly, prefer Justice League Ulimited over the Avengers.

    Nightwing was right in that the way that DC can beat out marvel on the big screen is to not only tell compelling stories, but to also tell stories that are adult-oriented. This is what Marvel is not doing, and that is a big mistake. Avengers was good, but it could have been more serious.


    Stan Lee said in an interview that it was his suggestion to his uncle during the 40s or 50s (because his uncle at the time was running marvel) to steer marvel toward the adult demographic. Stan said the response he (Stan Lee) got was laughter from people within the company. Nevertheless when Stan became the editor-in-chief marvel was doing well.

    I won’t watch a marvel toon or movie if it is to kiddish. It’s ridculous. I’m not a kid, and need something that appeals to me (as an adult), and seeing as how i can and will pay to see an adult-oriented comic book movie more than once (providing that it is good), when kids can’t, the movies should be directed more so to me and the rest of the adults, rather than the 3rd and 4th graders.

    Also, The Incredible Hulk is my favorite comic book movie too. Excellent film (I paid twice to see it).

  8. Wow, you called it on Affleck as Batman! GOOD JOB!

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