Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female ‘Expendables’ & More

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This week:

Christina Hendricks joins Dark Places; Universal may acquire The 39 Clues; Marion Cotillard will play Lady Macbeth; Ben Affleck has already started training to play Batman; and Sharni Vinson joins the female Expendables.

Man Men star Christina Hendricks has signed on for the role of older Krissi in Dark Places, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn.

Christina Hendricks Cast Dark Places Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female Expendables & More

The novel’s story centers on a girl named Libby (Charlize Theron) who was the sole survivor of a brutal massacre.  Although, at the time, Libby believed that her brother Ben (Corey Stoll) was responsible for the crime, new evidence 25 years later suggests she might have been wrong. Hendricks’ character, Krissi, is a stripper who, when she was younger, accused Ben of being a child molester.

Although Hendricks is most known for her role as Joan Harris on Mad Men, she has slowly been making a name for herself in features. She just recently finished production on Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster.

Source: Deadline

Universal Pictures is apparently in talks to acquire the rights to The 39 Clues, a 10-book puzzle/adventure series from author David Baldacci.

Universal 39 Clues Book Rights Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female Expendables & More

At one point, Dreamworks was working on an adaptation of the books, with Steven Spielberg and then Shawn Levy (The Internship) in line to direct off a script from Jeff Nathanson – but now that the project is in turnaround Universal wants to scoop it up.

Although most who recognize The 39 Clues will remember the book for its collectible card game, there was actually a story tying all of the various puzzle-solving elements together. Two siblings, the Cahills, discover that their family is one of the most powerful in history, and are in a race against their relatives to uncover the eponymous 39 clues. The story certainly has potential, like a young adult version of National Treasure.

Source: THR

Marion Cotillard has signed on to play Lady Macbeth in Justan Kurzel’s forthcoming adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play, Macbeth.

Marion Cotillard Cast Lady Macbeth Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female Expendables & More

Cotillard will star opposite Michael Fassbender, who signed on to play the eponymous king a few months ago. At the time of Fassbender’s casting it was also reported that Natalie Portman was to play Lady Macbeth, but she has apparently departed the project. Coincidentally this is the second project on which Fassbender and Portman were supposed to work together before things fell apart – the other being Jane Got a Gun.

As for Cotillard, she takes on a role and story that have been done numerous times on both stage and screen. What is said to make this particular adaptation unique, however, is a “visceral” approach to the battle sequences.

Macbeth is slated to start filming in the UK this January.

Source: Deadline

He was only confirmed for the role last Thursday, but Ben Affleck is reportedly already bulking up to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman vs. Superman.

Ben Affleck Workout Batman vs Superman Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female Expendables & More

Although this iteration of Batman is speculated to be an older, wiser tactician, Warner Bros. likely still wants the 41-year-old Affleck to “fill” out the batsuit. After all, it’s practically par for the course at this point for actors in superhero films to pump some iron.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Affleck has hit the gym for a role. Just a few years ago he beefed up for his role as a Boston bank robber in The Town, so he shouldn’t have a hard time gaining some muscle. Whether he will be able to equal the physique of Henry Cavill (a.k.a. Superman) is another thing.

Source: US Weekly

You’re Next star Sharni Vinson has joined the cast of the all-female Expendables project, which may be titled ExpendaBelles.

Sharni Vinson Female Expendables Movie News Wrap Up: Affleck Beefing Up for Batman, Female Expendables & More

Vinson joins a cast that already includes Gina Carano (Fast & Furious 6) and Katee Sackhoff (Riddick). We haven’t heard anything about this project in a while, but it’s apparently still in development with Dutch Southern writing the script.

Most wouldn’t recognize Vinson based on name alone, but her work in You’re Next likely helped secure her the this job. Yes, it’s a horror film, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Deadline: Collider

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  1. The petition against Ben Affleck is priceless.

    You silly kids, you think you are dragging this down with that petition? All your doing is helping promote the movie! For that I say keep at it!

    Seriously, Ben Affleck and WB thanks you.

    • Ridiculous isn’t the word. So many other worth while causes and people decide to waste their time “fighting” this. But you know, to some people it’s more important to get Ben Affleck uncast than it is getting a well built in Sub-Saharan Africa.

      • You’re so right, there are so many other worth-while causes… like getting a Dredd sequel.

        • Exactly where did Syria get their chemical weapons from I wonder… I actually know the answer to this and have expressed this knowledge some 6-7 years ago at least… But hey, say it now and people will throw out all kinds of insults. So, I’ll just let everyone just ignore this little tid bit…

        • HA ! ..very true

        • A lot of poeple panic.

    • @Dr Mindbender

      I keep thinking back to last Thursday night and realize that Warner Brothers deliberately, strategically, ceremoniously and unapologetically pushed THE COLLECTIVE BUTTON in their official announcement of Affleck becoming the “new Batman.”

      It came out of nowhere. And now we know it was a process that had begun months ago.

      People are still reeling. Warner Brothers , DC, Snyder , etc , all, know exactly what they are doing.

      Now I speculate how they are going to announce the ” Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood; Bryan Cranston HAS been cast as Lex Luthor.

      Supposedly, Snyder and company are waiting for the Affleck buzz to die down and they also are waiting for “Breaking Bad” to make its final bow.

      • @ Kryptonic

        Precisely. Cold and calculating, and knowing EXACTLY the kind of reaction it would receive.

        • Really? You really think that? Okay, it’s official, you guys are mildly delusional.

          No worries though, it’s kinda cute.

          • @ FILTHpig

            If anyone other than Ben Affleck was named, the response would not be this massive.

            Massive response with people losing there minds is exactly what they wanted, and is exactly what they got.

            You continue to ignore what is smack dab in front of your face.

            No worries though, it’s kinda cute.

            Here, i’ll even handle your next post for you:

            “I’m not ignoring anything, Ben Affleck sucks rolololololololol.”

            • But it’s a massively BAD reaction. People are reeling because they hate the decision.

              Can’t see how that was planned or a good thing, but you guys just keep telling yourselves that.

              It’s just bound to be true if you believe hard enough!

              • When you get older, you will have a better grasp at psychology. Massive BAD has two years of anticipation building to develop into massive GOOD, and believe it or not…

                …it’s already starting too.

                When it’s all said and done, the people grasping at “worst decision EVER!” will be in the minority.

                • *of psychology :::FACEPALM:::

                • Massive good, huh? Maybe you’re right, but it doesn’t look that way right now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

                • How old ARE you Mindbender, sixty??

                  I’m 39 years old now, so how old do I have to get to be as wise as you… and also apparently an expert “at psychology”?

                  • I didn’t think you were old enough to remember the Micheal Keaton thing, which was IDENTICAL to this.

                    If you had been around, I wouldn’t think you would be so quick to judge like this. I guess I was wrong.

                    • Of course I remember it, as I remember every comic book movie since the late 70’s. Different time, different actor, different movie.

                      If I can’t bring up Affleck’s horrid turn at Daredevil, then you should be allowed to bring up Keaton’s Batman.

                      So, how old are you again, Doc?

                    • I’ve just recently watched the director’s cut of that movie and I don’t see anything horrid out of Ben Affleck in it at all. If anything… I see some serious potential, he has come a long way since then. You can’t watch The Town or Argo and say otherwise.

                    • Not talking about The Town or Argo. The Town was good, Argo I found to be a bit overrated. It was good, not all that, though.

                      No, I’m talking about him in a red leather costume, in that stinking pile of a movie. Sure, he was the best part of it, but that’s not saying much. Nor is it enough to make me think he could pull off a much more iconic role in Batman.

                      Keaton was never in a superhero movie, so I had nothing to base his role as Batman off of… except what, Mr. Mom? Gung Ho? I can almost guarantee that Affleck won’t be as good as Keaton was. Just my opinion, though.

                    • of course you aren’t talking about The Town or Argo, because it would negate your whole “he’s not good in anything” argument.

                    • Never used that argument… do you even read these posts? He’s not good for the role, period. Many thousands agree with me, just as many agree with you. Agree to disagree, I suppose.

                      Never did catch that age, you old wise man you. Must be a psychological ploy!

                    • I’d say you are about 19-24, if I had to guess.

                      39-year-olds never say they are 39, unless they are 49.

                      …and there is no way you are 49.

                    • LOL… well, (unfortunately) I AM 39. I know, it’s sad really. And thank goodness I’m not 49 yet. *shivers* At least I come across as somewhat youthful online… I guess.

                      However, I will definitely try to use your advice and stay 39 for a few more years!

                      Now, stop avoiding the question: what’s YOUR age, since we’re being so open and honest?

                    • well really dr, nobody was “around” in ’88-’89, there really wasn’t the “internet” yet. there were some bulletin boards [bbs i think it was called] but no worldwide online community like now, so we cant really judge what nerd reaction was like at that time. all we had were polls in people magazine and tv guide.

                    • I’m 36 fixing to be 37 and all I know is I kept hoping to see that commercial come on for it because that movie came out of no where. I remember opening night was a huge event at the theaters across the country, and the one day they gave away the Batmobile was the one day I didn’t watch MTV :(

                    • While Keaton fit into the context of a TIM BURTON

              • I think the bad reaction was mostly baseless, not saying completely but there’s not even an image out there. If there’s still a bad reaction even after the trailer, then there might be a problem lol.

                • very true. and there will STILL be a voice from the Nolanites who have already decided to hate this, no matter what it looks like.


                  We only have A YEAR to talk about it until we get that trailer…

                  • I’m part Nolanite I admit and I’m still really excited. But you’re right, there’s still those irritating fanboys out there, there always was and always will be.

                  • No one has mentioned the fact that his best friend is KEVIN FRICKIN SMITH… The BIGGEST Batman fan ever! I’m pretty sure they’ll be chatting quite a bit about this film and how Ben can deliver a great Batman.

                    Let’s also not forget the other recent actors who were scoffed at and then delivered amazing performances…

                    Christian Bale as Batman
                    Heath Ledger as The Joker
                    Chris Evans as Captain America
                    Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk
                    Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine
                    Daniel Craig as 007
                    Chris Pine as James Kirk
                    Ewan McGregor as Ben Kenobi

                    Even Andrew Garfield is 1000 times better than Tobey ever was!

                    Just watch the damn movie first, then come up with a solid opinion.

                • i think they’re basing it on his entire body of work, none of which points to this being a good choice.

                  Now, director I could see, but a starring role as one of the top three characters ever? Nah, bad move.

                  • I just watched The Town this week and saw a bit of Batman in him in that movie. He also improved his acting immensely the past couple of years, both in front and behind the camera. Plus with his directing skills, I’m sure he knows what to do with role. Plus Snyder loves to collaborate so let’s hope the chemistry between them both brings out the best in Affleck.

                    • Yeah, let’s hope.

                    • +33

      • LOL….and as Lex the announcement will be….Matt Damon, LOL. Wouldn’t that be out of nowhere and another “What” type of announcement

      • I don’t like the Ben Affleck news. Not because I “hate” Ben Affleck. Not at all, I thought he was pretty good in many of the movies he was in. Even in the bad movies like Armageddon it wasn’t like he was terrible in it. BUT, for Batman, completely the wrong look. And he does have this way to his talking, primarily this whole talking and leaving his mouth open thing, that would just look terrible for Bruce Wayne or Batman.

        And even if he bulks up his body, his facial features are very… delicate… He doesn’t have that alpha-male look to him. No matter how much he bulks up, he’ll still look like somewhat of a push-over. That’s why I was really cheering for Karl Urban, because not only does he have the acting chops to pull off any role you give him like a chameleon, but he has that face that if he makes a serious face, you take him seriously, if you know what I mean…

        So I do appreciate Affleck’s growth in the industry, and appreciate his talent, but I just don’t think he’s right for the role. At least not for the Batman I imagine. They could change up the character a bit, but then it wouldn’t be so good I think…

    • You probably liked The dark Knight Rises too! You are sheep and you would be up the DC/WB tailpipe no matter who they hired. I couldn’t care less if Ben plays Bats, because they’ve already ruined their ‘Shared Universe!’ Ben is a director, as well as actor. I do not see him giving years to playing Batman in several films. The studio just wanted to stroke that ego show the little fans who’s boss.

      • Behold the all-seeing eye and all-knowing mind…

        • rok…

          You WROTE about wil-stryder’s silly comment: “all-seeing eye and all-knowing mind”. What I saw was: “dumb and dumber”.

          Nicely done. 😀

      • Uhh… no, I’m not a very big fan of what Nolan’s Batman developed into in The Dark Knight Rises.

        At all.

        …which is why I’m excited for this new interpretation that is being brought to use by a couple of comic nerds, one of whom happens to be best friends with someone considered to be an authority on Batman.

      • @ Wil

        I agree with your comment. Give it time & in the run long, these guys will learn the hard way WB/DC don’t always think things through. Im gonna be here when that day comes. Example already is MOS and how critics & people spoke about that film. And it wasn’t to some of these guy’s liking I recall.

        • Mos was panned by critics but not by fans. Imdb shows fans loved it. And TDKR was critically successful and the the majority of people loved it

          • I don’t think MOS was necessarily panned by critics, it was very divisive. Half the critics gave it 4 stars and the other half gave it 2 stars and sometimes even 1. I’m just hoping the sequel hits it out of the park with both critics and audiences.

          • @ Trey

            It was panned by both. And I wouldn’t think of Imdb as a reliable source. People enjoyed TDKR, Not as much as TDK. I see & hear it all the time that TDK was the best outta the trilogy & TDKR wasn’t all that people hype it up to be.

            • Above, you said people have to think it through about WB/DC yet you throw around movies being panned like it’s nothing. You might want to take your own advice.

            • @ Wally

              Then what’s a reliable source Wally? Where are you getting your vast wisdom and knowledge?

            • Imdb is a place for fans to review films so its credible for wn i say fans enjoyed it. And TDKR is in the top 5 of superhero films based on RT score

        • Wally…

          Of COURSE you’re going to be here for that…You haven’t been positive or even (actually) hopeful about virtually ANYTHING in the DC cinematic universe for a VERY long time.

          I find myself wondering WHY you continue to use your DC-centric screen name…It’s not as if you are convincing anyone, at this point, that you really do love, like, or even mildly enjoy most things DC.

          • @ Archaeon

            Oh please, I’ve mentioned good things I liked about MOS & the bad things I didn’t like. I mentioned before how I liked origins on Krypton & most of the cast, the action, but did not like how the film ended among other things. And people like YOU rip into me for it? Same goes for each film of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. If I or anyone say something negative about the trilogy, I get lashed at over few things. Burton/Schumacher’s films were not perfect neither was Nolan’s.

            Give me some real good reasons I should be hopeful of DC’s shared universe. My username got nothing to do with DC’s live-action films. Just a name I went with as I enjoy both DC & Marvel the same. Only thing lately is I enjoy DC’s comics & animated shows better. Not counting the New 52 comics. DC’s best years are behind them imo.

            • Wally…

              Yes, you HAVE mentioned some aspects of some projects you liked; THEN, you have negated most of that positive flow with overwhelming (and constant) criticisms…sometimes of the very same projects. You DON’T get lashed out at for criticism…you DO get those responses for repeating those self-same criticisms ad nauseum. We, as CBM fans SHOULD expect high standards…DEFINITELY. We have the right to praise and/or criticize whatever we do or don’t like about a film, actor, etc….DEFINITELY. However, when someone KEEPS criticizing so VERY much, it brings the mood of the discussion down…it’s no longer fun. THAT is what you do. THAT is to what I’m constantly responding, trying to get you to lighten up…ideally, to be a little more hopeful since you are (allegedly) a a fan of DC.

              By the way, I chose to explain myself, hoping you would FINALLY understand, but your closing statement actually, much more concisely, makes my case for me.

              • He is constantly double-talking with what he says on these threads.

                He goes on in on about how he supports DC then makes it a point to say something negative about them in closing.

                Most times when there is a negative nancy for DC that hypes Marvel, you’ll see a +1 from Wally, even when it is COMPLETELY out of context.

              • @ Archaeon

                I have got lashed out for critisms of various of films as any other person would on here. I notice others repeat themselves on the same issues to different people whether it’s a article about a certain film or tv show or in Open Discussion thread. So I know im not the only who has done it. I even had people complain & correct me about my spelling or word use on here. That’s something I else I notice from others aswell but I don’t say anything to them because it doesn’t bother me & no-one likes a smart a$$.

                It’s Screen Rant & im just trying to stay on topic of the article of discussion. Unless it’s Open Discussion then id talk about something else. I don’t see how I could keep the mood down when most people are supportive & seem to be having fun. I try my best to be hopeful,no promises.

                You could of explained yourself like this sooner instead of keep on replying to whatever I was saying if it bothered you that much.

                • Wally…

                  I thought I HAD explained myself before, but…

                  Fair enough.

          • +1 to inifinity and beyond

        • @Wally West

          Great point!

      • The Dark Knight Rises was not anywhere near as awesome as “The Dark Knight ” was, but if I had a choice, I’d watch it again and again if someone with a gun threatened to force me to see the atrocious “Iron Man 3.”

        Who’s that on your avatar, sheep?

        • If someone held me at gunpoint to force me to watch IM3 again, I have to imagine there’d be some internal debate about whether or not I might be better off simply taking the bullet.

          For the record, I loved TDKR.

          • Right on.

            I payed to see IM3. Marvel has my money and I barely made it out alive,lol.

            Seriously, though, I’m NOT hating on Marvel. I fully admit I prefer DC but I love Marvel as well.

            But the IM flicks have missed the mark. Maybe it’s my own , personal way I see the character.

            I just don’t see Marvel taking Iron Man seriously.

            I don’t want to see an Iron Man comedy. I want to see a serious and dramatic , heavy Iron Man story with a lot of depth and gravity.

    • +1

      • @Mindbender

    • man and some people went so far as to send death threats to the admins for the man of steel fan page as if they had ANYTHING to do with the casting of ben affleck and even if they did that’s completely out of line. it’s one thing to disagree with a casting choice but people have really gone out of hand with this one.

      • +1
        They always do. They’re most likely children who are upset they didn’t get what they want or adults with a twisted mentality. Doesn’t make it any more right. It’s disgusting.

        • ColdSc…

          We should NOT insult children.


          • Lmao nice!

          • @ Archaeon

            It looks to me that it is you that’s acting like a child if you are resorting to name calling.

            • Take one minute to read the comments on the petitions. I read a couple and Arcaeon’s description of them is pretty much on the dot!

              • Plus they’re threatening people on a faceook page about a movie lmao.

              • ColdSc…

                THANK you…that’s all I’m saying.

          • @Archaeon
            You make me feel bad for calling them kids, but you get flagged if you say how you really feel.

            • Same goes for you Dr.

              • *throws rocks*

            • Heh-heh…You’ll notice my “creative” way of spelling out the key word in my response… 😉

    • Not silly. At least we are trying~ to get off this wreck before it happens. In the end it wont change anything probably but at least we tried.

  2. Christina Hendricks… I thank her.

  3. Expendabelles? Really?

  4. Do it right Ben and we’ll love you. Go Bats vs Supes !!

  5. Bryan Cranston – perfect.

  6. As long as ben does not roid out i will be paiently lurking in the shadows waiting for his epic fail or epic win as bats. If he fails tremendously all lurking in the shadows will say we told you so lol.

    • Something tells me that if he succeeds tremendously, all lurking in the shadows will say “we told you so” too.

  7. Good to know Afleck is bulking up. He’l need it for the mlti-pic deal, which I’m gessing is 1) Batman vs. Superman 2) Justice League and 3) a new Affleck-led Solo Batman movie, maybe THE CAPED CRUSADER w/ JGL as Nightwing, If there’s a fourth its probably JL2.

    • Not possible, JGL is part of the Nolan’s Batman universe

      • Despite his horid acting ability Taylor Lautner
        could make a solid nightwing. Keep his mouth shut and let him do his martial arts

        • @ Trey

          Please tell me you’re kidding.

          • Why? Fits right in in a world where Ben Affleck is Batman, and some people are OK with that. I’ve let it marinate, I’ve thought about it, I’ve let my initial knee jerk reaction of “oh God, no, please nooooooooo!” calm a little, and guess what…Affleck is still a horrible choice. Anyone that thinks the studio expected such massive backlash and negative response is kidding themselves. Sure, they will try to spin it into the favorite cliché “all press is good press,” but the fact is they thought they hit a homerun, they didn’t.

            • Kids. One day, you will learn. Until then, keep making fools of yourselves on the interwebs.

              The fact that you are crying so much about it yet will still, STILL buy a ticket is the very reason this happened.

              (this is where you claim you won’t buy a ticket)

              …which will be the point I call you a fool for being so narrow-minded.

              • You should probably stop assuming peoples ages simply by reading posts on an anonymous online forum… for one thing it’s condescending, and for another you’re just not very good at it. 😉

            • Comparing Taylor Lautner to Ben Affleck is absurd.

              Seriously. If you ever think they are on the same level of acting ability, you might as well save your breath when it comes to debates.

              And as for Lautner as Nightwing, no. That is not like Ben Affleck as Batman. Affleck does have the potential to be THE best Batman (not saying he will, but it’s quite possible).

              Dick Grayson is almost as complex as Batman, he has his own reason for doing what he does with or without Batman. He’s also a very likable presence. Not eye candy; he’s a likable presence. Taylor Lautner does not look like a guy trained physically and mentally by acrobats and Batman, nor has he ever shown any convincing emotion. Nightwing isn’t brooding, he’s actually quite energetic in a fight and uses humor similar to Spider-Man.

              • PLUS, the thing about Dick Grayson, whether as Robin or Nightwing, is…HE TALKS. He laughs, he jokes, he lightens the mood. THAT was the whole point of the character’s creation, so a silent Nightwing really canNOT work.

                Taylor Lautner? NO.

                • Taylor lautner looks the part and can do his own stunts. Weather he is capable as an actor is another story im jusr saying purely on lookd lautner fits the bill

                  • I don’t think he’s that bad of an actor. He’s okay in my eyes and physically, you’re right, he does fit the bill pretty nicely.

                    Even if he’s in the Dark Knight Trilogy, I’d love to see Joseph Gordon Levitt in the role. I think it would be perfect. He’s got the acting down for sure and just needs to build up a tad bit.

                    • I think you at least have to have a Robin story before Nightwing.

                      Yes, this Batman has been around for a long time, but is the general audience going to all of a sudden be onboard with like a brief statement just like “Under the Red Hood”? I had to explain what happened to many just because a lot of people who watch these movies are not familiar with the Batman lore as much as everyone else in the theater who is.

                      If anything, I say forget about Robin and Nightwing for this new line-up. I at least don’t see anyone accepting Nightwing has been around the block because many will still go “Who the heck is Nightwing?!?!”. That’s just how it is. People are gonna go “Did I miss something? What? He was the first Robin? Pity we never saw his relationship with Bruce develop”.

                      If there is a Robin, great. But don’t get another dude in his 20’s playing him.

                    • @ACW 007

                      What I thought too, you have to go through the Robin storyline for it to make sense. But Nightwing is such a great character, I wouldn’t mind if they redid his origin (shoot me aha). It would add a really interesting storyline to future Batman films we haven’t seen before. Plus, it would present a chance of doing an Under the Red Hood type of storyline, with maybe a bit of tampering. Sure it doesn’t have Jason Todd (the Red Hood is Jason Todd right?) but in the end, I couldn’t care less since we’ll finally get both characters in a movie without having a kid prancing around. Nothing against Robin, I just can’t see him in a movie. Both storylines can easily intertwine into one character, comic book fans would freak out but honestly, they always will. And I’m sure general audiences would start looking into Nightwing.

                    • If you’re going to jump straight to Nightwing, or a Robin who is growing into his Nightwing status, I nominate:

                      Liam Aiken

                  • In terms of the look, sure…no problem. In terms of the character, I just think Lautner doesn’t have any range in facial expressions. His VOICING of Dick’s lines would likely be fine (he DOES have inflection), but his face and body never reflect that same emotion.

                    …but I, of course, was responding primarily to the question of a SILENT Nightwing.

              • Lautner???? Please tell me this is a joke. Maybe in ten years when he learns how to act.

    • I really hope he spends the next year bulking up for Batman not just by lifting but actually having a years worth of martial arts training. Would make his movements awesome and give us a very different cinematic Batman.

  8. I’m a huge Shakespear buff and Macbeth has always been my favorite.

    So, obviously, I’m quite excited about this new production of “Macbeth.”

    Quite disappointed about Natalie Portman dropping out. She’s a favorite of mine and she would have been an intriguing Lady Macbeth.

    But now we have Marion Cottillard. She will be a fierce Lady Macbeth, of this I am sure.

    Hoping that this will rival what I consider to be the best cinematic portrayal of “Macbeth” to this day; Roman Polanski’s 1971 film.

    Orson Welles’ 1948 film portrayal is a solid second.

    • Agreed.

  9. ExpendaBelles sounds like a disappointment in the making. The premise is about a cast of major female action stars, yet it’s lacking notable names like Michelle Rodriguez, Michelle Yeoh and Sigourney Weaver. Expendables wouldn’t have been the same without the likes of Stallone, Wills, Statham and Lundgren on board, and likewise I can’t see this getting major action cred with only a bunch of C-list heroines.

  10. ExpendaBelles will be a big big failure at the box office.

  11. No chance than Ben can get the size of Cavill or even near him. But Bale wasnt even near that size nor is it necessary.

    • One of the funniest moments for me in a movie theatre was when Cavill runs out of the water in Man of Steel, you could clearly hear the women in the theatre “ooh and ahh”. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

      • Aha my theater also got the same reaction.

        • Women? I think every man in the theater adjusted in their seats when he came out of the fire. Than man is a specimen, and im comfortable enough in sexuality to admit that

          • +1
            Agreed. I despise Cavil for having that jaw line. Lucky pr*ck aha.

    • No chance? Are you kidding? Did you see Cavill before MOS? He wasn’t that big, and Afleck is taller than him. Meaning he has a bigger frame to work with.

  12. There will always be someone new playing Batman. I’ll reserve judgment until a trailer is seen.

    • But if it is bad then it is too late to change it. Why not go with the winning formula that just made Warner Brothers $2.5 Billion over 3 Dark Knight films?

      • Wow…STILL?!? Even after the actor has been named…and it’s NOT Bale.

        • Yes still!

        • ha!

  13. If Christina Hendricks ever goes nude in a movie, she doesn’t have to but if she did it’d be because the role demands it, I would probably die right there in the movie theatre. I’ve thought about it and I’m pretty sure I would die. So……… I hope she never does it.

    • Well then, whatever you do, DON’T GOOGLE HER!

      • What do you mean, you kid right? I’ve looked, I’ve Googled, for f**ks sake I’ve even Binged just to cover my bases….. Are you seriously telling me that somewhere out in the interwebs there’s a topless scene with Christina Hendricks?

        • No, but there are leaked topless photos from her phone supposedly. I’m 99% sure it’s her, but you never know, it is the internet!

  14. My take on the whole Batman vs Superman thing is that Ben Affleck could be great or he could end up pulling another Daredevil. We won’t know until the first trailer comes out which probably won’t be for another year. I think with this casting, WB/DC/Snyder is looking at casting people who nobody would have thought of to play a role like the Ben Affleck as Batman casting. The Lex Luthor casting will be interesting. There has been rumors of Cranston and Strong being in the running for Lex but I have a feeling it will be someone else. Someone who will catch people by surprise again. Comicbooknews is as realiable as IMB. One site that reported the Affleck deal a day before it was confirmed also speculates that the Cranston role as Lex is a decoy and it could end up actually being someone like a Jason Clarke or a Michael C. Hall type of casting. “Look for the casting of Lex to be someone no one expected as well like Ben Affleck. The Bryan Cranston deal as Lex is nothing more than a rumor created by the same website that also said that Tyler Hoechlin was a lock as Bats. As always, take these rumors with a grain of salt but judging on what WB, DC, and Zack Snyder have done lately they will look for someone who know one will ever have even considered”.

  15. Christina Hendricks is playing a stripper, and all you guys are talking about is Ben Affleck?

  16. I think everyone is missing the point here, regardless of our opinion, he is the next Batman, he will do a good job regardless of past super hero exploits and both Nolan and Snyder would not cast him if they didn’t think he would do a good job. So calm down and hold out final judgement for the trailer.

    • I don’t know. A petition that is already at over 75,000 people in three days. If they all choose to boycott the movie that is about $750,000 Warner Brothers has already lost without shooting a single frame. Plus how many people does each petitioner represent not to mention if these people are that upset there won’t be any repeat viewing. The Variety magazine online poll which asks if Affleck is a good choice and has been up since the announcement is at last count…

      No – 76.64% (81,841 votes)
      Yes – 23.36% (24,951 votes)

      It has been pretty consistent. I think that is why there are so many articles trying to defend Affleck. Warner Brothers is trying to change the sentiment and if they do not do so, then I think Affleck would bow out. The movie may already be poisoned.

  17. “Why are we criticizing him, Dad?”

    “Because he was in Daredevil…”

    “But, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “Because he’s the actor DC deserves, but not the one the fanboys want right now…so we’ll support him. Because he’s not Gigli. He’s a man with a beard. A comic book fanatic…”

    “…a Ben Affleck.”

    • +1

  18. SMH … BATMAN is boss! fan takes this too serious, let it be