‘Batman vs. Superman’: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

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Ben Affleck in Dogma Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

A little over a month ago, the news that Ben Affleck would be the next actor to take up Batman’s mantle in director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – currently known as Batman Vs. Superman - came seemingly out of the blueThe expected fan backlash has since calmed down, allowing different perspectives on the ambitious project to come to light, including the fact that the film is further along in development than anyone previously thought.

Affleck waited for the dust to settle (and for the Internet to take a collective breath and relax) before addressing the casting choice on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The interview was short on specifics, but touched on some of the unique aspects of this new Batman, including how he would depicted as older than his previous big-screen incarnations, which presumably sets up Superman and Batman as adversaries, at least initially.

While more recent stories surrounding Batman Vs. Superman have centered on the question of whether or not Wonder Woman would have a role, we now have new insights from Ben Affleck on his take as the defender of Gotham City.

In an interview with 411mania, Affleck was asked about his beloved Red Sox, touched on his TV project The Middle Man, his favorite shows (he’s a Game of Thrones fan), and how he made the decision to take the role of Batman:

“Initially I was reluctant as I felt I didn’t fit the traditional mold but once Zack showed me the concept, and that it would be both different from the great movies that Chris and Christian made but still in keeping with tradition I was excited. Doing something different and new is always tricky and part of the thrill and the risk is that initially it confounds expectations. The truth is, it’s the movie and the execution of it is what all the actors depend on and I believe in Zack’s vision.”

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

While this version of Batman is to be “tired, weary and seasoned,” according to Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Affleck was asked how this description might extend to Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. According to Affleck:

“Yes, Kevin described it aptly. I don’t want to go further because I want to be able to capitalize on what is new about this iteration by having it be a surprise to the audience.”

While the fan outcry over Affleck’s casting echoed similar reactions to every other actor to play the role – going back to Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman - one wonders if Affleck himself has a favorite previous version. His response:

“It has been done very well many times before. “

Superman and Batman Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

It may be a noncommittal response, but it’s also very diplomatic, and possibly meant as a gracious attempt to honor all the previous Batmen, as well as deflect any premature ideas of how Affleck will interpret the role. He will be compared very closely to every other actor to play Batman, so keeping his approach under wraps is the best move at this point. Henry Cavill seemed to play the role of Superman as if it had never been played before, resulting in a fresh take on the Man of Steel – this is a tactic Affleck may be looking to echo.

“Confounding expectations” is a key phrase among Affleck’s responses. Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer did just that with Man of Steel; for all its flaws, it’s safe to say it was not what we were expecting, and very different from what came before.

One of the things which provoked the ire of many a fan and critic was Superman’s apparent disregard for the safety of Smallville and Metropolis during his throwdowns with General Zod; now we know that Snyder and Goyer plan to address this in the sequel, setting up the potential for a story full of morally and philosophically complex issues. As more information trickles our way, we will find out just what else we should – and should not – expect from this long-awaited team-up.


Batman Vs. Superman opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: 411mania

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  1. I can’t wait to see what he does with Batman. A “veteran” Batman is just what a DC universe needs especially for the Justice League and I think Affleck can deliver that.

  2. Want to see this batman costume!

    • Batman: Noël…that’s all I have to say.

  3. I’m looking forward to this immensely. Maybe DC/WB has ab actual plan and they’ve just been playing close to the vest.

    • Kevin Tsujihara has said multiple times that DC has a plan for their Cinematic Universe

  4. i hope he knocks it out the park

    • I think he’s going to be immense! initially it surprised me but the more I thought about it and to be honest the more people hate on him I think he will surprise a lot of people!

  5. “Initially I was reluctant as I felt I didn’t fit the traditional mold…..”

    He should have stayed “reluctant” and just said “NO!”. This “tired, weary and seasoned” Batman,especially with Affleck, is NOT what the DCCU needs. Too bad, so much promise just wasted.

    • …or it is EXACTLY what the DCCU needs. Yes, I’ll go with this response…it actually makes SENSE.

    • @Chuck

      Yeah, I’m sure the world needs another young Batman just starting out like we had in Batman Begins. Great idea.

      • @Chuck how closely are Cavill and Affleck matched? both 6″ 2 and float around 200bls (filming weight) and around 5% body fat! Affleck has about 10 years on Cavill so don’t expect Affleck to be rocking a walking stick… But yeah it’s not going to work at all is it?

      • The last thing we need is a Batman Begins rehash. What we really need is a seasoned, somewhat over-the-hill Batman who’s reluctantly pulled out of the shadows by a powerful new player who could present a threat.

        In other words, we need a Dark Knight Rises rehash.

        • I think I’d put it at more between Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. In Dark Knight he was still sort of early in his career and Rises is when he’s barely even able.

          • I think we need a completely different Batman all together. If you guys are talking about age and point in his career then I’m with ColdSc, but if we’re talking about type of Batman, I don’t think he should be anything like Bale’s. Something similar to Justice League Batman and the one from The Dark Knight Returns. Cold, stoic, humorless, and precise. Give him almost Iron Man level gadgets since Luthor will probably be Stark-esque with his technological abilities. I think Affleck is going to do the role well.

            • Yes, something similar to Justice League/Unlimited’s Batman is exactly what I’m hoping for.

              • I just hope they don’t go with an armored suit!

                • This isn’t the Actual Suit but its just a concept done by a comic book artist: Ben Affleck as Batman: Comic Book Concept Artzoom in

                  • ^ Well that went well…

                    • The helmet reminds me of Injustice: Gods Among Us. The rest of the suit actually reminds me a little of the Nolan trilogy suit. I think the gold bat emblem is interesting. The fact that its grey is a little different too. I do think there may be a good chance we’ll actually see a grey and black suit this go-round. Although I do understand the likelihood of an all black suit as well (tactical approach and what not).

                • If Batman existed for real (and that’s kind of the premise when you bring a comic character to live-action… “Make it like real life) then Batman would automatically incorporate advanced materials & armor into his suit. He wouldn’t run around in grey tights.

        • We need some corned beef hash. With butter and ketchup. And some eggs on the side. Yup, the old “dog-food dinner”. That’s what we need.

    • DC apologist will never learn. Always defending until the bitter end.

      • Wow…you are just sad in your rhetoric.

      • A very good argument for why this will be bad! ha!

      • Except I’m not DC, nor am I Marvel, I’m pro story telling and film making in all its forms.

      • @Chuck. What does that even mean?

        • It means some people really, REALLY need whatever attention they can get, however they can get it.

      • Defending what exactly?

    • Yeah, this is exactly the direction DC needs to go with this particular Batman existing in this universe.

    • Don’t forget Gone Baby Gone that’s three back to back in my book!

  6. I was skeptical about Michael Keaton, although he was a HORRIBLE Bruce Wayne ( Did not look the part/too short/not good looking) his Batman was good. Christen Bale was a good Bruce Wayne…not a very good Batman.

    George Clooney had the look, but a g*dd*mned awful script/movie /he decided to be part of. Val Kilmer was too young looking and well…his Bat films wasn’t good especially Batman & Robin ( Even though it’s a guiltily pleasure if one is high on dope.

    I will give Ben a chance because he has improved on his acting and if he can just bulk up and not throw us that awful Christen Bale growl…he may just work until a real actor made for Batman comes along.

    • I was happy with Michael Keaton! I knew nothing about the movie til I saw the first trailer for it. So to me it came out of no where and blew my mind!

  7. Ben’s initial reluctance being overcome by being
    sold on the new concept and having faith in Zack’s
    vision all speaks well of what is being planned for this.

  8. Ben Affleck isn’t in it just for the paycheck. He has faith in the storytelling prowess of the brilliant director of films such as: Dawn of the Dead remake, Man of Steel, and Sucker Punch.

      • I like Sucker Punch. For really REALLY shallow reasons. It’s like the ladybird easy reader version of Inception for dudes like me that are just too dumb to process it.

        Legends of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’hoole.. That’s Snyder’s worst movie.

        Most people like 300 yeah?

    • If you don’t like Snyder that’s fine. It’s always personal preference, but for myself and I believe a vast viewing audience of people who did enjoy his adaptations of 300/Watchmen/Man Of Steel reads like a damn fine filmography to me, and someone to to put faith in to at a time of incredibly pressurized and difficult comic/movie/franchise era.

      Sucker Punch sucked balls but show me a director who hasn’t had a miss and I will show you one who’s still learning.

      @anthony keep up the hate, more seats for me

      • sucker punch was awsome, i mean it wasnt suppose to be much but it was a stylistic action typething

        • Yeah. I abandoned Sucker Punch at about the half-hour mark, but at least he was swinging for the fences. I can respect that, even if I didn’t care for the film personally.

  9. Asking a simple question about Man Of Steel, how is he supposed to protect Smallville when he has people as powerful as him hell bent on his demise? Coupled in with the military attacking him as well? Then to Metropolis he has Zod to contend with, who wants to kill everyone! Including him?

    • simple, he can’t be expected to. I love man of Steel SO much. Total triumph in my book. Can totally see why it’s not for everyone though.

  10. Can someone please answer this comment, as I left one similar a while back on a different article and failed to get a response.

    How is Batman even supposed to vaguely have a chance against Superman without Kryptonite?

    Couldn’t Superman just punch him through buildings, laser eye his face off, throw his vehicles out of the earth’s atmosphere?

    If Superman can fly through airplanes and sturdy buildings and survive tank rockets to the face, how can any of Batman’s gadgets even begin to effect Superman?

    How can Batman stay in the shadows and use his stealth tactics, when Superman can see through walls and hear things on plant earth when he is away from the planet?

    If Batman threw a punch at Superman, wouldn’t it do like, absolutely nothing? You could argue that anyone could think up any scenario in which one kills the other, but that’s not what I’m trying to get at. A better way of writing this comment I guess, is:

    Isn’t Superman a billion, guzillion, badillion times overpowered against Batman?

    • Completely true. Batman is utterly owned in every possible way, with or without kryptonite.

      That is, if they have a brawl.

      I believe they will not have a physical confrontation in this movie. Only battle of ideals and philosophy, comparing each other’s morality to shape their characters. Come on, Batman, especially the tired, weary, and seasoned kind wouldn’t do something as foolish as challenging a god in fistfight.

      Also, Superman should be nice enough of a guy to not beating up normal humans. Doing some pranks on the other hand…

        • Failing that I could always bore him to death with that comment!

        • I’m hoping they don’t bother with Kryptonite and stick with the Kryptonian atmosphere concept from MoS. I felt that made more sense.

          • A small dose of kryptonite is in the air, Lex will just concetrate it or maybe WorldEngine already left big enough chunks of it.
            Its not a stretch, our own atmosphere is a good example of how deadly connections in very small proportions aren’t killing us but bigger chunks would without any trouble.

        • LOL what if Batman’s girlfriend in this movie is Zatanna and she turn Superman into a frog and then they finally green light Justice League Dark by Guillermo Del Toro.

          this is a joke.

      • @Marl

        Battle of “ideals and philosophy”? LOL, this is a Zack Snyder movie. The only question is once the mindless fighting begins, how much slow motion will be used?

        • Yeah your right there was so much slow motion used in Man of Steel… oh that’s right there wasn’t… umm?

      • They WON’T have a physical confrontation? Hm, I thought that was literally the only thing people were looking forward to about this film? Having two renown superhero’s in a movie apparently titled, ‘Superman Vs Batman’ (working title?), and have them not at fisty cuffs, would be rather anti-climatic, no?

        I doubt people care all that much on how they would interact? After all, the comic book/TV fans could make a series of accurate assumptions on how they would, and the people who are unaware of their relationship (me) won’t care much either (still me included). After all, we haven’t yet spent time with Affeck’s Batman, and he will be a different Wayne and Batman by reports. If it was Bale’s Batman, I bet fans would be more accepting of their relationship/psychological ploys.

        I thought ALL the anticipation would be how they have at it physically, especially with Snyder at the helm? No one see’s a Snyder film and leaves the cinema all philosophical.

        I just really fail to see how there can be any tension or complex plot for this film, though I guess I should be a lot more fair until we see footage. Not trying to be ignorant, just being curious! I personally wager Snyder will just turn down Superman’s powers a lot, and just have him be a caped ninja. Basically Batman in red and blue.

      • if batman surprised superman with a kriptanite bomb. he toses it like a smoke bomb but its kriptasmoke. that weakenss sups right off the bat. then bats hits him with some kirptabullets that weakness him even more. then he uses kriptanuckles to hand a weak super man his arse. it could happen but not if batman fought fair. if bats tricked him he could beat super man for sure


      Seriously though, no amount of anything will convince me I am watching Bruce Wayne/Batman because I will always be thinking “Ben Afleck vs Hopeman”

      • …and yet you’re here commenting…for no reason. Nice.

        • Well looks like you missed my point.

          Would have been better to hire a lesser known actor to play Batman rather than the Oscar winner of the week.

          Superman, with all his God like powers, will no doubt be unable to fight his way out of Benmans shadow no matter how much he Hopes.

          What is comes down to is,
          Ben Afleck vs Clark Kent
          Ben Afleck vs Superman
          Ben Afleck vs Burtons Batman
          Ben Afleck vs Keatons Batman
          Ben Afleck vs Nolans Batman
          Ben Afleck vs Bales Batman

          Also I Comment where I please, reason or no.

      • I think ben is a crappy actor but I really want him to be good in this because we don’t need a dcu were batman is a different actor in every movie. I want this too be good just like I want the fantastic four remake to be good. batman vs superman looks like it is going to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then the ff reboot. I hope with my heart that he does a good job because the world needs a bad ass jla movie franchise that spins off into a young justice franchise.

    • All you need to do is read the original graphic novel where the idea of Superman vs. Batman comes from. It’s addressed very thoroughly how it would go down. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it. If you had you wouldn’t be asking all this stuff when it’s been covered.

      • ^This.

      • There’s always one.

        To your last sentence, duh.

        By that logic, you should never question anything that has happened ever because it has ‘been covered’.

        I am more interested in Cavill’s and Affleck’s iterations of the characters and how they would fight, since they’re films are grounded in a specific movie verse where the pair haven’t taken out their nemesis’ a billion times over through a series of long winded comic book series’ with about a dozen words on each page which largely consist of ‘ermergerd, my nemesis is back. Oh look, I won…no, damn. He’s back again’.

        You’ve worded your comment like I have made some sort of mistake in not reading up on how a ‘thorough’ confrontation between Superman and Batman would go down. After all it was sort of why I made the comment in the first place, to find out how it would go down. Some people can be so easily ‘surprised’ at comments on a website these days ;)

    • my guess is red sun radiation. it hasn’t been explored in the movies yet
      plus red sun doesn’t incapacitate supes like kryptonite does, it just depowers him.
      this way they can have a fight at human strength, which gives batman the advantage

      • hmmm…interesting idea. It’d be refreshing to see Batman or Luthor go for the Kryptonite angle only to have Superman zap it out of their hand or something. Then he’s gotta come up with something else like red sun radiation.

    • The only one I could see as having a chance against Supes is possibly Green lantern, who could make some green Kryptonite, like maybe a cage or vice, with his ring and squish or poison Supes, or Doctor Fate, since Supes’ powers don’t work against magic. But they would have to work fast, or else Supes would just power up to super speed and plow right through them, splitting them in two, or zap them with heat vision hotter than any sauna you have ever taken, and the fight would be over. I suppose The Atom could try and shrink small enough to slip inside Supes’ body cavity (if he can go that small), then suddenly grow in a suicide growth spurt that would kill them both? Flash probably could not kill Supes, although he could move just as fast, but Supes would have the advantage of all the extra powers that flash does not have.

      • You nicely covered all JL bases there. One question though: has it been consistently established that Flash is AS FAST as Supes? I seem to remember some iterations in which he has the upper hand speed-wise (which would be fitting due to Clark’s vast array of powers).

        Maybe they could work this into the MOS/JL-verse somehow? Have Flash be a little faster, Wonder Woman a bit stronger etc. in order not to outclass the other members by a long shot.

        • Flash is faster than Superman on a bad day. And Green Lantern can not contain Superman either. He tears through GL’s constructs on the regular. Only core Leaguers that can take Superman is Martian Manhunter and maybe Flash depending on Speedforce.

    • @ George

      In the DCCU, we get the sense that even though Superman has super powers… he is actually still very sensitive to things like light and sound. He mentions himself that his parents taught him to focus, otherwise it hurts. I think Batman will be able to use Kal’s super-senses against him.

      • That’s exactly my thought. I’m hoping they take the approach of Superman’s powers maybe being a little too super. His hearing can be his own worst enemy at times, something Batman can take advantage of with a sound device making too high pitched of a sound for Superman to stand or something along those lines. Or even his x-ray vision, not allowing to see under clothing like several incarnations but just their skeletons. That way, Batman’s identity wouldn’t be immediately revealed to him.

  11. I’m just gonna save all my comments until the trailers. Until then ñets have faith in Zack’s vision.

  12. I think the season veteran is the right approach given the trilogy we just had with Nolans batman.

    Think about it, we just saw a story arch where batman originated, had his morals tested, had his physical strength tested, and then gave everything to save his city as he escaped away into retirement.

    My point is, yes this batman is completely different from Bales Batman, it’s smart to keep the somewhat continuity of having an older batman finally meet Superman instead of having a brand new young batman AGAIN.

    This way, Afflecks Batman doesnt HAVE to explain how he trained to become Batman. Doesn’t have to go through meeting the Joker again. Can actually have a legit Robin/Nightwing be brought in, which i think would be awesome for a Batman solo movie where he continues to learn to trust others beside him which will lead to a better working relationship with Supes.

    The guy above me is right, Bats can physically go toe to toe with Supes, Wonder Woman, GL etc. So having an Older Batman will force him to be more tactical.

    • Cant* physically go toe to toe….

    • Was it mentioned somewhere that there won’t be any Kryptonite around?

      Regardless, go watch The Dark Knight Returns, specifically part 2. Granted Batman uses Kryptonite, he can certainly go toe-toe-toe with Superman. Especially since Superman has never come across as being all that intelligent.

      • *synthetic Kryptonite

        • *mean

      • I don’t know if he isn’t intelligent but he never had to use his brains to defeat his foes. his fighting style is to over power his opponent or use his lazer eyes or ice breath

  13. Dark knight returns FTW.

  14. My hopes and two cents for this Batman:

    - The costume doesn’t have to resemble anything we’ve seen before. Make it scary, monstrous, and nightmarish. Weave the cape with CGI.
    - A slick, shiny batmobile.
    - Less straight up fight, more tricks and gadgets too awesome to exist.
    - A Bruce Wayne who is a charming, witty, and manipulative jerk.
    - A love interest who can actively aid him as Bruce and Batman.
    - Majority of people hate him. But not with kids and teenagers.
    - He knows about the existence of other superbeings.

    • Agreed with everything except the slick and shiny batmobile. While I’m not saying it be a tank like the Tumbler (though that is my favorite form of the Batmobile lol), I’d rather have it make sense in it carrying artillery and most of Batman’s gadgets. Having a super sleek car kinda cheapens it for me. I’m also a bit hesitant in him having a love interest to aid him as Batman. Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises I thought was pretty cool but I wonder how they’d do it this time around.

      I’m really hoping they bring fear of the Bat into this. Like you said, the frightening and monstrous Bat would be awesome. As for the tricks and gadgets, I’m hoping he uses more during the fight. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, it was more strategic than anything, in this I’d like it to be more combat based gadgets as well as the strategic ones.

  15. The first pic.. Is that Ryan Reynolds in a Batman suit?

    Also, I ´d go for a seasoned Batman over a beginner ´a la batman begins´ Batman. But I agree Affleck should add his own touches to the character.

  16. So who would be good choices to replace Affleck after he feels he’s done with the role with this version of Batman’s age & all. Still have the DC universe and Batman’s own solo franchise to think about with WB only releasing what one movie every 3 years right now & probly for each hero solo outing. Affleck won’t get any younger & unlike RDJ in Ironman films, they expect Ben to be in the Batsuit more or less throughout the films.

    I hoping Batman would be in his prime where he’s been Batman little over 10 years, not tired & weary.

  17. I have faith in all of them to make this a great movie. And learn from the flaws (scattered story) of the 1st MOS.

    And don’t listen to anyone who said it was too much action. How can a Superman movie have too much action? If you don’t like action watch Superman Returns. I just want to know who the villains will be?

    • I think people still judge everything against Christopher Reeves’ portrayal. It was an origin story but somehow he came out fully trained and making veteran decisions with his powers. It was good at the time (and a pleasure to watch even today). However I think Cavill’s rookie Superman should not be judged nor the should the action be considered too over the top for such a portrayal. I think people willfully ignore the fact this was a starting Superman who only got in touch with some of his powers before the age of 33 (per MOS, he didn’t learn to fly until then). To me, MOS was like a graphic novel played out over the big screen almost in documentary presentation. It actually makes sense (at least to me) that we came in at a certain point and we saw flashbacks that filled in the relevant backstory and motivations. And the The all important question. I think Lex Luthor will be one of them, especially if this movie deals with the fallout of what happened in the first one and how the world views Superman. I still think its too soon for the Joker. I think whoever Batman’s villain for this movie will be (and he will likely have one), it should be someone that poses the kind of counterpoint threat that Lex would play to Clark.

      • I really liked Man of steel better than the old Christopher Reeve Movies Superman 2 was the only good 1 to me. There was only 2 complaints I had about man of Steel The story was scattered (No movies perfect). and the other one was Zod didn’t say Kneel before Zod I waited the whole movie for it That disappointed me but that was just my own issue. Even though in Superman 2 he wore out that phrase, it would have been nice for the new Zod to say it once.

        I hope they have more Superman villains than Lex Luthor. Because I still want to see some action more than just Superman and Batman fight. I would settle for any of the villains Luthor made, like Metallo, Parasite or Bizarro. I just want plenty of action and a villain not to powerful for Batman. i wish they had a way to add Brainiac to MOS 2

  18. I believe he could go either way. Granted his best work is done in movies he actually directs, but he’s improved somewhat on his standalone acting. Physically we know he can get himself into tremendous shape as evidenced in The Town. We know he has a degree of potential to look the part and to some degree act the part. At this point, its not enough that he was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman, I kind of want to see a Batsuit, a batmobile and a trailer, something that sells this for me and others including those who are for him taking the role and those who are against it. A WB exec saying he’s perfect doesn’t really sell because truth be told, I don’t see someone who’s invested saying its going to suck if it actually does. I think when you see something of him in action, you can say yes he’ll do the part justice or no he won’t. I feel I have to root for him, because if he’s successful, I might get to see a Justice League movie before I die, if he mucks it up, then it lessens the chance of that and let’s be honest, if his casting is causing this much ruckus, its a pretty good chance more attention is going to be paid to him despite Cavill being the lead (which is actually rather unfair, given he gave a good performance as a rookie Superman). So come on WB and Ben, give us hope.

  19. If Bats masters all the elements of Ninja he could easily beat Sups. Sups won’t hear his swift movements even with super hearing. Proper diversions make his X-ray vision kinda useless. Then there’s illusions, above average speed, combat ability, advanced deductive reasoning & sleight of ‘body’. The gadgets are just a bonus.

    • No wrong, even if Supes doesn’t here his Ninja movements (which he would) how does he hurt him?

      Turning the world against him

      No mortal could fight Supes without using these tactics?

      I like the advance deductive reasoning “you don’t wanna do this Superman” “yeah I do”

      • Doesn’t a red sun or red Kryptonite have some kind of bad effect on Supes? Seems I remember that (Earth having a yellow sun?)?

        Maybe Mon-El from the Legion of Super-Heroes would be equivilent to Supes? I seem to vaguely remember when he met Superboy for the first time, posing as a brother or something, they debated who was stronger, and decided technically Mon-El might be, being the older of the two, although that was never really put to any test.

        • Yeah Red Sun reduces him to only have human capabilities. Red Kruptonite is a strange one since no 2 pieces have the same effect on Supes and the effects range from being evil to transformed in to a dragon?

          No Superboy ever please

          • Red K makes Superman self-obsessed or whatever word you want to use.

  20. Please tell David Goyer not to include “I’m going to stop u” or something like that as the big comeback 2 the villain like in MOS nd TDKR cuz that kills me a bit inside everytime I watch it.

    • I actually like that part in Man of Steel but I agree about Dark Knight Rises. That was a terrible line for that moment aha.

      • yeah anything would have been better “no I came back to save my city or die trying” or “UR A MONSTER BANE but UR ALREADY DEAD cuz IM BATMAN!!!!”

        • “My condition has left me cold to your pleas!”

  21. I just can’t wait for this movie!

    • I wonder how big he’ll be when filming starts.

      • Ben looks fine for the suit from that shot.
        Nor sure they are planning more bulk at
        this stage, more cuts and rips next.

        • Not sure

        • Cutting the fat and getting ripped is probably what he’ll be doing soon enough. Biggest Batman on screen so far I believe.

      • He should be fairly large by the time filming starts. He has to fill out a 6’4 frame. He could actually afford to start his toning process by this point. In the comics Bruce, a veteran Bruce, weighs 210 and is either 6’1 or 6’2. Clark is actually supposed to be slightly taller and a little over 20 lbs heavier. Superman = Kryptonian Bulk, Batman = finely honed athletic prowess. I’m surprised Ben’s not doing parkour and MMA training, but he still has some time to get it in.

        • Yeah he needs to be believably imposing. That’s Batman’s thing. He intimidates and threatens and makes the bad guys piss themselves.

          • Yes, and I don’t think we’ve seen a truly psychologically terrifying Batman yet. Bale’s version was brutal and chaotic. This one needs a balance. There has to be a mental menace, an invocation of primal fear, and he has to be fairly manipulative, always several steps ahead. There is one thing I’m going to say that may cause an uproar, but I wonder who WB is going to cast as a younger, more raw but somewhat experienced Batman. I get that Affleck is signed on for multiple pictures, but I see for future Batman films (hopefully Affleck directed) there being scenes where he’s younger in some instances. I imagine Ben to portray something more akin to a tenth to twelfth year Batman that has Dark Knight Rises nuances. In some ways, I could see the films smacking of an Arkham series setup, we see some films where we get Ben’s Batman ala Arkham Asylum and City, but we also get some where we see him where he’s second up to perhaps sixth year. We could see a more in depth evolution of skill and principles on screen that eventually leads up to the Batman we see in MOS2 and hopefully Justice League and beyond.

        • MMA isnt going to help? he doesnt need to be taking fights to the ground! He needs Krav Maga maximum effectiveness and efficiency in order to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible. It also goes in to detail regarding how to protect yourself against the armed.

    • Oh, someone must have been peeking in my window (hee-hee)!

    • He was big and ripped in The Town so body conditioning wont be a problem. He and Cavill are the same height so they will probably show up at around the same weight as well.

  22. Batman:
    “Snatch the Kryptonite from out of my hand, little Grasshopper!”
    “Get outta town, Caped Crusader! You must be batty!”

  23. One thing about this film is that for the first time, Batman is not a “solo character” and combined with the lack of need for his origin story (please tell me that we are finally at a point where that is the case), there is a great opportunity to explore different aspects of Batman, things that have not made it into prior films. It should be liberating for him, in a way.

    • I agree. We can finally get more of his detective abilities and brilliant strategic mind. I wanna see the Batman who is 5 steps ahead of everyone.

      • Amen, to that. And cool, imaginative gadgets that are also practical and innovative. Batman in the movies has yet to be portrayed seriously as perhaps the world’s greatest detective. His wealth and intelligence are his “super” powers.

    • That, would be sweet.

  24. I’m glad the tide is turning in Ben’s favor somewhat. I think he’ll be great and I can’t wait to see real footage. BTW I Can’t believe how many people are still asking how’s Batman going to fight Superman? Seriously have you actually ever read the comics, watched the animated movies or cartoons? Good grief…

  25. Ben is Batman, lose sleep, cry, then praise him. You will. Troll that. I agree with those who have faith. Those who dont? Go clean the toothpaste off of your Batman pajamas and go to bed. trolling