‘Batman vs. Superman’: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

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Ben Affleck in Dogma Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

A little over a month ago, the news that Ben Affleck would be the next actor to take up Batman’s mantle in director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel – currently known as Batman Vs. Superman - came seemingly out of the blueThe expected fan backlash has since calmed down, allowing different perspectives on the ambitious project to come to light, including the fact that the film is further along in development than anyone previously thought.

Affleck waited for the dust to settle (and for the Internet to take a collective breath and relax) before addressing the casting choice on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  The interview was short on specifics, but touched on some of the unique aspects of this new Batman, including how he would depicted as older than his previous big-screen incarnations, which presumably sets up Superman and Batman as adversaries, at least initially.

While more recent stories surrounding Batman Vs. Superman have centered on the question of whether or not Wonder Woman would have a role, we now have new insights from Ben Affleck on his take as the defender of Gotham City.

In an interview with 411mania, Affleck was asked about his beloved Red Sox, touched on his TV project The Middle Man, his favorite shows (he’s a Game of Thrones fan), and how he made the decision to take the role of Batman:

“Initially I was reluctant as I felt I didn’t fit the traditional mold but once Zack showed me the concept, and that it would be both different from the great movies that Chris and Christian made but still in keeping with tradition I was excited. Doing something different and new is always tricky and part of the thrill and the risk is that initially it confounds expectations. The truth is, it’s the movie and the execution of it is what all the actors depend on and I believe in Zack’s vision.”

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

While this version of Batman is to be “tired, weary and seasoned,” according to Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Affleck was asked how this description might extend to Batman’s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. According to Affleck:

“Yes, Kevin described it aptly. I don’t want to go further because I want to be able to capitalize on what is new about this iteration by having it be a surprise to the audience.”

While the fan outcry over Affleck’s casting echoed similar reactions to every other actor to play the role – going back to Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman - one wonders if Affleck himself has a favorite previous version. His response:

“It has been done very well many times before. “

Superman and Batman Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Talks Veteran Batman & More

It may be a noncommittal response, but it’s also very diplomatic, and possibly meant as a gracious attempt to honor all the previous Batmen, as well as deflect any premature ideas of how Affleck will interpret the role. He will be compared very closely to every other actor to play Batman, so keeping his approach under wraps is the best move at this point. Henry Cavill seemed to play the role of Superman as if it had never been played before, resulting in a fresh take on the Man of Steel – this is a tactic Affleck may be looking to echo.

“Confounding expectations” is a key phrase among Affleck’s responses. Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer did just that with Man of Steel; for all its flaws, it’s safe to say it was not what we were expecting, and very different from what came before.

One of the things which provoked the ire of many a fan and critic was Superman’s apparent disregard for the safety of Smallville and Metropolis during his throwdowns with General Zod; now we know that Snyder and Goyer plan to address this in the sequel, setting up the potential for a story full of morally and philosophically complex issues. As more information trickles our way, we will find out just what else we should – and should not – expect from this long-awaited team-up.


Batman Vs. Superman opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: 411mania

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  1. “Negative sun radiation.”

    Or something like that. That’s how Bats will handle Supes. You heard it hear first.

    • A bombard Supes with red sun photons to block our yellow sun photons sort of thang (this suggestion is genuine)

      Or he could go all Blade and cover him in sunblock…. would that work (this suggestion is deliberately factious)

  2. You can’t use radiation tactics to stop Kal. That only means Bats will also get weaker.

    • …not if he makes a suit that withstands it. C’mon Sonny!

  3. Don’t know why but I can’t reply…
    Doc, I think we have to look for what’s fair here. Kal is useless without his powers so the fight won’t be as badass for Zack.
    I might be wrong but I just can’t see it happening.

    • In this world, I can see Batman using Kal’s super-senses against him.

      Using a device that blinds him, or uses sonar tactics to really mess with him in a way that’s excruciating… things like that.

      • What a brilliant idea. I hope it’s going to be implemented.

  4. Just a warning to everyone, this is still a Superman movie so don’t expects this movie to be all Batman. I feel this needs to be said since th

  5. Just a warning to everyone, this is still a Superman movie so don’t expects this movie to be all Batman. I feel this needs to be said since the talk seems to be all about Bats. If expectations aren’t

    • Actually it isn’t. If this were a Superman movie, Batman wouldn’t be in the title, or part of the movie at all. The mere fact that Batman has been made part of it says that the “Man of Steel” movie was an utter and complete failure, and this is the only way they have found to keep this version of Superman going to be used in any future ensemble movies. Basically they decided that the new Superman can’t stand on his own and needs the crutch of a familiar character to even warrant another movie.

      • The Batman and Superman film was in talks since mid last year maybe even earlier. Do you call 670 million dollars a failure? Do you call several audience score above 70 a failure? I’m assuming you’re butt hurt for the sole reason that you didn’t enjoy the film? The truth is your feelings over the film do not express the million other opinions out there.

        I don’t think this will be solely a Superman film, like Mindbender said below, it’s more of a DCCU film from what I gather. But your reasoning for it not being a Superman film is completely off. Captain America Winter Soldier, The Avengers Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four Silver Surfer. Batman is a major character let alone a major selling point, whether it will end up being a Superman film or not, it’d be odd not to include his name in the title.

        • +1

        • Do you call 670 million dollars a failure?

          Sorry, but making a lot of money doesn’t mean that the movie is good. You must think that the Twilight movies are great because they made a lot of money. Good storytelling is what makes a film worth watching, not box office numbers.

          • well when a film is financially a success nd critically a success like man of steel was(as he pointed out 70 from audiences on rt nd a 7.5 on imdb)then yeah its not a failure but really it has to make money otherwise they wont make a sequel(example: superman returns) nd about twilight each film was successful at the box office but they all got heavily negative reviews.

          • Picking and choosing whatever suits your opinion huh.

      • How was MOS “an utter and complete failure” first it has made almost 600 million worldwide and thats even before retail sales.yes critics were divided on the film but the paying public have answered and those are the ones that matter.Batman has been added cause they wanna start building the Justice League and He’s the obvious choice to join next as they are the founding members.you talk as if he was an after thought.talk about naive.do you rally think Synder Goyer and Nolan are that complacent ! you are well in the minority with your view.

      • first of all BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is not the official title.
        MAN OF STEEL is the 3 highest grossing reboot ever
        nd 3rd highest 1st film of any superhero just behind the 2 spiderman movies

        spiderman 821 mill
        the amazing spiderman 752 mill
        MOS 662
        iron man 585 mill worldwide(not a reboot but just for comparison)
        it also grossed more than

        also it has positive reviews from various review sites nd critics
        7.5 on imdb nd a 75 from the audience on RT so yeah

        batmans involvement is no crutch this is how u form a cinematic universe just like marvel did with crossovers/intersecting storylines/post credit scenes leading into the next installment.
        there are few details released so far no one even knows how much he’ll be in or how he factors into the story, so I think its a little rushed to come to these conclusions.

  6. To EddieFelson
    He’d barely hear Bats and Bhe would probably be able to take a few hits from Kal. I’m not talking about sissy Ninja from Hollywood blockbusters or animated tv shows. Do you understand the full depth of Ninja strength in a historical context? Those guy are beyond tough, they break every bone in their bodies in training. Trust me… Bats would easily drop Sups.

    • Human hit’s Superman nothing happens, Superman hit’s human and it’s game over, it’s that simple. Ninja’s are human no matter what there training, I don’t care if he’s Muhammed “I’m hard” Bruce Lee ha! Seriously though were talking comic books here Batman will have to weaken his powers somehow to have any effect on him at all you must know this?

      • Yellow flag for flagrant apostrophe abuse. That’s a warning sonny!

        • Yeah, but +33 for the ‘Snatch’ reference.

        • Yeah yeah I know I’m an illiterate bast*rd.

  7. Just a warning to everyone, this is still a Superman movie so don’t expects this movie to be all Batman. I feel this needs to be said since the talk seems to be all about Bats. If expectations aren’t managed now people will be disappointed when the movie comes out and it’s mostly Superman, regardless of how good the movie is.

    • Is it a Superman movie? Is it a Batman movie?

      It’s neither: It’s a DCCU movie.

      • An approach I hope Warner Bros and DC takes. Sure, I’d like them to do individual films like Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Batman but I think it’d be cool to have some characters make appearances in others when the story calls for it. Or if a secondary doesn’t have much of a brand recognition, place them in one of these brand name solo films to get them noticed. Maybe have Cyborg in a Batman or Flash film, Aquaman in a Wonder Woman film or Martian Manhunter in a Superman or even Flash film knowing that Martian Man is a detective and Barry Allen works in the Police force (Unless he doesn’t lol, I don’t follow Flash).

        • Plus, knowing these characters’ premise, I don’t think it’d be that hard to use this idea. Green Lantern is usually on other planets (introduce the Thanegarians?), Wonder Woman is usually on Amazon and Batman would probably want people to stay out of his city lol.

    • I wonder if they’ll end up using a bit of red in the suit.

      • It wouldn’t be entirely different for a batsuit (Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne)had red in his suit). I’m just wondering if the suit will actually be armored in this movie. To fight Superman, I would almost think it would have to be.

  8. I personally enjoyed MOS. The problem with Superman is that he has become difficult to relate to as a character, something that DC, Synder and Goyar were obviously aware of. I found his “human” weakness of emotion to be refreshing and a welcome departure from previous depictions. As to to the article Ben is an outstanding actor (with a few flops) and understands character motivation (as easily seen by his films). As far as the carnage goes in MOS what could Kal do to mitigate it when caught in the heat of the moment?

  9. if man of steel was a success in warner brothers eyes, then we wouldnt be discussing batman.

    • On the contrary, if it had not been considered a success you would not be discussing Batman in the next Superman film.

      There simply would not be one.

      I doubt anyone is crying over a $662,845,518 take with dvd and blueray still to go.

      • +1

  10. Batman being in this movie has less to do with the success or failure of Man of Steel and more to do with the success of The Avengers. DC wants part of that kind of action and doesn’t want to wait to 5 years to flesh out individual stories, so they are teaming up now so they can get to JL more swiftly…

  11. So in short, he said nothing.

  12. Folks really need to stop putting personal preference up as fact (or at the very least acknowledge bias).

    Man of Steel made 600+ million in less than two months and broke records for the month of June. Professional reviews were mixed and audience reviews were positive. Was it a failure? Hardly.

    Batman vs Superman has been in development since Superman Returns. There are rumors dating back to ‘I Am Legend’. The executives at Warner Brothers have been wanting to make it for damn near a decade, but did not have a solid enough platform (Superman Returns) or had creative clashes with existing IPs (Nolan and his TDKT). They saw the opportunity to move forward with it in Man of Steel and gave it a green light. Does that sound like a cash grab? I don’t think so.

  13. Batman gets Duck Dynasty to build him a hand carved Dog Whistle to stop Superman

  14. Waiting on this movie but I hope that it will be a balancing of the symbols that both these heros represent Superman = LAW, Batman= Justice and both are NOT interchangeable.

    • The two concepts, however, are also not incompatible…

      • Which is why you see them as uncomforable collegues most times in the Brave and the Bold. They do like each other but ultimately they can come to cross purposes. As there can be unjust laws (Corruption)and unlawful justice (Vigilante Justice). Both Characters have a Dark Side no matter how heroic they may seem. Thats why these Iconic Heros are great. Otherwise lets face it the son of a great and noble family that is the last survior of a doomed planet and the son of a murdered billionaire are not People we can easily relate to.

        • I wholeheartedly agree.

  15. I’m tired of hearing practically the same comments over and over again. Further along in development my face. Marvel’s already got an Ultron teaser!

  16. For one this movie will not favor Batman alone or superman alone. It will make them equal too the viewer because these characters have a equal number of dedicated fans. It is however gonna be a difficult story too write. You have two of the most respected and famous characters ever too be created both drawn up too protect people from harm and you have too somehow create a situation or event that forces them too believe that they are right and the other one is wrong. As far as Bruce Wayne bringing back The Batman too try and defeat a alien with super human abilities because he didn’t agree with how superman handled the situation at the end of man of steel is not typical for Bruce Wayne’s character. Bruce Wayne is smart he would see that superman is a protector like himself and understand what superman did was logical in its own right. I believe a good approach would place Bruce Wayne in a situation where he believes that superman is good but the world is just not ready for someone like superman or the baggage that comes with him. Yes he is good but he is very powerful and nothing on earth can stop him, but that means his enemies are powerful and will stop at nothing too kill superman and that makes earth a mark for all potential enimies of superman and Bruce Wayne knows this. Its not much but i believe it’s a good start for what causes friction between these two saints.
    now as for Mr. Ben Affleck though a great director I do not believe he is a good enough actor too pull off a character like Batman. I Believe Mr. Affleck could of maybe pulled it off in Batman begins but that ship has sailed. This Batman is older and been through the grinder. The actor that plays this Batman has too show that pain and emotional damage not just by watching his parents getting murdered but the years of being a person that has watched many people die and has conflicted pain on ruthless criminals and has suffered more injuries then any human alive. You need a actor that can show deppresion and anxiety and pain and suffering in his face in his walk without saying a word a man that when you look at him it creates an emotional change in the person looking at him. When Bruce Wayne first created Batman in Batman Begins he said that Batman would be a different person then Bruce Wayne, and Christian Bale does it extremely well, his voice his walk his attitude is all completely oppisite from each other when he turns from Bruce Wayne too Batman. In this Portrayal of Bruce Wayne I believe that there’s no difference in the alter ego and the man. All the years of seeing the evil and the darkness of the world has made Bruce Wayne and Batman the same. You say they are the same person, but if you watch Mr. Nolan’s films you can clearly see that Christian Bale views and creates 2 different characters. I believe the new older Batman/Bruce Wayne is just one. I don’t believe Ben Affleck is capable of doing this. Sorry Ben but you need more of a rough tough attitude and look too pull this one off. Anyway I don’t know how much research or searching the casting team for this film did but they were truly too quik in picking the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman!!