SR Geek Picks: Maybe Bat Affleck Will Be Awesome, Top 10 Martial Arts Movies & More

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Avril Lavigne as Tank Girl; some Ben Affleck Batman goodness; part 2 of how animals eat their food; a fanmade Pirates of the Caribbean prequel; and the top 10 most awesome martial arts movies of all time. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, Mashable has 12 Ben Affleck Batman Memes the Internet Deserves.

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Maybe Ben Affleck as Batman Will Be Awesome

Ben Affleck might be a good Batman. He was the bomb in Phantoms.



EXPLICIT CONTENT rude words. The actor Ben Affleck as Batman.


Ben Affleck Batman/Daredevil Cowl

Ben Affleck BatmanDaredevil Cowl 570x320 SR Geek Picks: Maybe Bat Affleck Will Be Awesome, Top 10 Martial Arts Movies & More

Thanks to SR reader Calen Heydt for sharing!


Why Ben Affleck?


Why Ben Affleck 570x517 SR Geek Picks: Maybe Bat Affleck Will Be Awesome, Top 10 Martial Arts Movies & More-

Ben Affleck Responds to His Batman Haters

It’s the truthbomb we deserve.


Arkham Affleck

Ben Affleck as Batman 570x415 SR Geek Picks: Maybe Bat Affleck Will Be Awesome, Top 10 Martial Arts Movies & More

SR reader Kirk Kelso created this Ben Affleck/Arkham City mashup.


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  1. Affleck will have an uphill battle with the Batvoice. I really wanted the Arkham Batman but that dream is long gone.

    • Bale did not deliver on the Batvoice until the last film.
      Even that was not much to listen to and can be topped
      by Ben who essentially has a better voice than Christian.

      • I thought his voice in begins was perfect. Also there is more to a character than the voice. Affleck to me lacks the edge and presence of bale. I looj at every old affleck film and see ben affleck as daredevil or as a character. Where i saw Bale as bruce wayne and batman, or dickey ward or patrick batemen. Bale is a chameleon. Ben is ben

        • I thought the Bale Batman voice in Begins was terrible. Almost incoherent.
          Bale’s voice overall is not that great. Not that Affleck is Richard Burton.
          Bale does do the most with his voice dissolving into most characters.

          • Bale’s best performance was in Begins, but it really doesn’t say much compared to Michael Keaton.

            Yes. I AM going to keep saying Keaton is the definitive Batman. Why? He did what no one else has done since “Batman Returns”: Keaton naturally made himself intimidating, mysterious, and determined without going over the top. His performance is not outdated; it’s overlooked.

            Batman is not always off the walls angry, yelling at someone just to give him information. If he was, I wouldn’t like the character at all. Hence why I’m not a fan of God**mn Frank Miller’s God**mn All-Star God**mn Batman and God**mn Robin (seriously, go search that out and have fun reading god**mn every other panel).

            • I don’t there there has been a definite Batman yet on film
              the way Christopher Reeve and George Reeves before him
              were considered by their generations as the definitive one.

              Keaton’s character could be argued to be closer to Batman.
              Bale was playing Nolan’s take on Batman and a different one.

        • I also liked Bale’s voice in Begins, to be honest I liked it throughout the trilogy. Though I admit it got out of hand at times.

          I have never seen Daredevil, but I have seen Argo and I am actually watching The Town right now. I see a bit of Batman in him in The Town, he just has to up the notch a bit and I’m sold. Oh and also lose the Boston accent obviously aha.

          • I always got really excites cause i knew once in each batman film bale would go overboard aka “WHERE IS THE TRIGGER!” and “WHERE IS SHE!’ I embraced it and love it. But i can see peoples complaints

            • Lmao it’s awesp,e. RACHELLL RACHELLL!! I would not want to wake up to that.

              • awesome*

              • The best of them all was when he was on fire im begins and was like “ALFRED… ALFREED”

          • Give “Daredevil” a chance, it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be (Affleck is pretty dang good in it too)

            Search for the Director’s Cut though.

            • I’ve also heard the director’s cut was better. I’ll check it out sometime.

                • Spider-Man doesn’t have a jumping ability:

                  Superhuman strength
                  Ability to stick to walls
                  Spider Sense

                  That’s it, everything else is all Peter.

                  Daredevil, on the other hand, became much more in touch with his other senses when he lost his vision. It’s not like he simply just stands and jumps, he is CONSTANTLY running to keep his momentum.

                  • The very first ability Spider-man showed was a super jump. He jumped out of the way of a car and went up thirty feet.

              • Directors cut is better but its by no means a great film. Just alright imo

  2. If you thought how “animals eat their food was funny” (I didn’t), then you’ll get a kick out of “7 ways to discipline tour child”. Now that one was funny.

    • *your*

    • Your correct it will be near impossible for him to surpass bale in most peoples eyes, but that doesnt mean he will be bad. I cant imagine he would be worse than kilmer or clooney

      • +1
        Bale is one hard act to follow. The best way to go about it is doing some different.

        • something*

            • I would prefer something just a tad bit less comic booky, but I really liked the tone they set up in the trailers.

        • As usual coldsc i agree completely. change it up and differentiate yourself from the pack. What makes James Bond characters so easy to compare is because all actors havent been given a diffrent direction to take the character. They are all very similar

          • Though I like all the James Bonds interpretations, I do agree they can use a little difference between each incarnation. I thought Skyfall was a good start, I’m hoping they stay on that lane.

            There are so many different ways of tackling Batman, I mean look at the comics, there’s probably over dozen different versions. They also have Goyer at their side, while a questionable writer (I think he does well), he definitely knows how to re-invent characters in a whole new light.

        • im sure he will interpret the character different than bale did. he doesnt want to be a copy, and we want the smart batman, not the batman that paid everyone else to do his homework for him

          • Affleck is also a great director and writer, while not the best actor, I think he for sure knows what to do with this role in this situation.

        • If you think they will touch the joker this soon you should rethink that. 8 years minimum before we see another joker would be more likely. Clayface, penguin, the riddler and deathstroke seem far more likely to me. Even mr. Freeze

            • Good luck for whoever takes that role, thats even a bigger uphill battle then following bale. Only superhero film to have an acting oscar

            • While there’s a chance they will end up doing Joker again, I’d most likely be against the idea. He’s been done twice in the span of 10 years or so, while I love the character, lets put the guy to rest for a bit. I’d much rather have them start tackling other villains that haven’t been introduced to the general audience yet. Maybe Hush, Hugo Strange, Black Mask and Killer Croc to name a few. Hush and maybe the Red Hood can have sort of a past life mistakes theme going on for the movie as well, especially since Batman will be older this time around. I think that would be awesome!

              • I would be up for Hugo strange as new bad guy.

          • Joker = Benedict Cumberbatch. Hed make one mean Joker, plus he’s got the face for it.

            • I think he’d make a good riddler too. Hell, he’d be good as any character.

    • I do not think Christian Bale defined Batman like Christoper Reeve defined Superman.
      There can be an entirely different take on Batman, as in the comics, which makes
      direct comparison of who is better unnecessary and being a credible different
      take is all Ben has to do and I think that is what will end up happening.

  3. Finally all the mindless stupid fanboy hate has stopped give Ben a chance and stop riding Christian bale’s D*** so hard

  4. Calm down people remember heath ledgeru all were mad when they announced he was playing joker and he turned out the best acting performance of all time. So calm down and judge the movie not the news!!!!

    • Can’t remember anyone being mad about that. So no.

      • LOTS of people were upset that he was casted, including me. That is, until I saw his performance, that shut me up, and LOTS of other people as well.

  5. Great manip Kirk. I already thought Ben looked like
    the Arkham City Batman in the source image.

    Not sure Batman would ever sport that kind
    of facial hair especially in the upcoming film.

    I an hoping for some variation of the Arkham City
    Batsuit for this and maybe these images will
    get designers thinking along those lines.

    Image the first set images of Ben in such a suit.
    I bet the response would be the opposite of
    mental meltdowns over his casting.

    • I know! I looked at the image (the original) and thought “That DOES look like Ben Affleck in a Batman cowl.

      • Affleck has a but chin tho, which will be front in center. Tho thats not really worthy of a negative point towards his incarnation

        • Judge Dredd was drawn by various artists with a cleft chin, as has Batman yet none of the actors playing them have had the same and no one really noticed.

          I’d say anyone using that against Ben really misses the point and is just clutching at straws to find anything – no matter how ridiculous – to complain about.

          Not that you are, just saying since you brought it up and I imagine others will use it as a complaint.

          • +1000 Dazz. U so right. Alot of people seem to be looking for any reason to dislike the casting choice.

    • That manip is spot on, stubble and all. I’d love to see something like the new arkham origins suit.

  6. *imagine* not image
    *am* not an

  7. The initial response to Ben Affleck’s casting played out like the ending of The Dark Knight.

    Fanboys and girls who were observant and open minded were Jim Gordon’s son.
    The editorial staff of SR was Jim Gordon.
    Gotham PD were all the fanboys and girls that were nerdraging.
    And Ben Affleck was Batman escaping the nerdrage on the Batpod.

  8. Can Affleck please shave for the role? Thanks. Otherwise people might vomit in their mouths at the site of scruffy Batman plus butt chin.

    • Id rather him have stubble it might add a bit of edge that he needs

      • Batman with stubble shows that he’s burning the candle at both ends and too tired to even shave, with little time to do it in between schmoozing during the day and fighting crime all night.

        Where were the complaints that Judge Dredd had stubble? There weren’t any, because Judge Dredd fans aren’t ridiculous like some of these so-called Batman fans are.

        • There also is far less judge dredd fans than batman fans. But your right judging appearence in general is pretty silly, its all about the performance

    • I would actually prefer him having a little scruff.

  9. They pulled off MOS? What movie did you see?
    Bale was good as Batman, the films not so much.
    Nolan is a hack & Snyder is just wack.

    • And you don’t know jack.

      • Right? Except how to talk mindless smack.

        • :D

        • Cool…double SMACK!


          • Sigh…double HACK?!? THWACK?!?

            Yeah, let’s go with THWACK…HAS THAT COMIC-hooky feel to it :D

            • I DESPISE auto-correct.



              • Y’all talk out of your buttcrack

  10. I’d watch this movie regardless of who is chosen for Batman!

  11. ummmm excuse me Kilmer had the best Batman Performance until Bale.

    • I firmly believe Val Kilmer COULD’VE been a really good Batman with a better script, but it’s hard to show you’re a highlight of a somewhat good/bad film when you’re being overshadowed by flashy colors, Bat Nipples, the size of your lips, and Jim Carrey.

      • Val Kilmer would have been a fine Batman in the Burton films.
        He was not one of the shortcomings of the one he was in either.

        • Exactly.

          The script really crippled the performance so you can’t really blame Kilmer.

  12. In regards to Affleck shaving:

    Batman and Superman are opposites in character, and Clark has gone with the clean shave. Bruce Wayne has always been a workaholic, and stubble would (as Dazz said) give him the tired, rugged, and somewhat emotionally disturbed look.

  13. Ppl are killn ben already but truth be told bales batvoice was lame him and nolan didn really show how smart batman was/is the dark knight was good cuz of ledger and the last 1 was plain sh#$t jus sayn

    • I was gonna respectfully disagree. Till i realizes how ignorant your comment was. Im all for a debate but when saying something is complete s***, using a comment everyone uses against the dark knight without having any weight behind it and giving no thoughtful purpose behind your opinion. Then ill just plain disagree

    • No, Nolan DID show that. ONCE. “Batman Begins”. Then he abandoned nearly everything he built up to in TDK.

      • That is a fair assessment. Nolan stated many times the dark knight isnt a bruce way or batman story its a harvey dent story. Since its the only movie to ever show the transformation of dent in its entirety. Bale didnt really have a change as a character the whole film not much of a definitive arc in the way dent did. His only arc was you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villian. Why i love the film so muc (being my favorite film) was because it was a breathe of fresh air and still to this day one of the few superhero films to standout as something diffrent. Not the best batmam film but the best film of the genre imo.

  14. Hey looks more like the FLASH then he does batman. Sorry no BEN AFFLECK. I want to see Batman and Superman.

  15. Batman and Superman are opposites in character, and Clark has gone with the clean shave. Bruce Wayne has always been a workaholic, and stubble would (as Dazz said) give him the tired, rugged, and somewhat emotionally disturbed look.

  16. I’m sure it will be good to the general public at large. Some people however will never be swayed. The Nolan trilogy now carries the same sacred rights the original Star Wars trilogy carried before the sequels were announced.

    People always get scared of this sort of thing when the news first hits. Its like when Downey was cast as Iron Man. We all remember the current state of his life at the time before he recovered with Iron Man stardom.