Matt Damon Won’t Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet ‘Grousing’

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as Batman and Robin Matt Damon Wont Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet Grousing

Ever since the announcement that Argo star and director Ben Affleck had signed on to a multi-film deal as the new Batman to first appear in the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman (or, conversely, Superman vs. Batman), people have been jokingly asking whether Affleck’s friend and frequent screen partner Matt Damon would join him as Batman’s faithful sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.

Obviously “Boy Wonder” would be a little bit of a stretch for Damon, who turns 43 this fall, but the idea wasn’t entirely impossible. Since Superman vs. Batman will be an adaptation, director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer could have taken some liberties with the source material and incorporated Robin into the movie as a slightly more mature partner in crime-fighting for Batfleck.

While Robin might still make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman, we must sadly report that he won’t be played by Matt Damon. Speaking to the Times of India, the actor laughed off the idea, explaining that he just can’t imagine a middle-aged Robin:

“I am a little older than Ben. I never saw Robin as older than Batman. Somebody sent me a picture actually [see the photoshopped picture above]. It was really funny. But it’s safe to say I won’t be Robin.”

You may or may not know this, but not everyone on the internet has been pleased by the Batfleck casting. As well as the standard petition demanding that he be removed, a group of Batman fans have even pleaded with the White House to make it illegal for Ben Affleck to play any more comic book characters. The latter petition was recently removed from the site, which could either be considered a slap in the face of democracy or a sensible response to  a really silly request.

Matt Damon in Elysium1 Matt Damon Wont Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet Grousing

Screen Rant already covered some of the reasons why this casting choice could be a good thing in both Andrew Dyce’s editorial and the latest SR Underground podcast, but Damon didn’t hesitate to poke this particular controversy with a stick:

“I think it will be great. It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the Internet. I just think it’s kind of funny. You know, he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set. If anybody saw ‘Argo’ or ‘The Town,’ and all the work he’s been doing lately, it’s way more nuanced and interesting and way more difficult than Batman! Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that.”

Someone had better equip Damon with a flame shield for badmouthing the Bat, though admittedly the character does do quite a bit of sitting around with a cowl on his head and whispering in a gruff voice. With that in mind, Affleck does seem to be more naturally suited to the other half of Batman’s personality: the outwardly affable and carefree playboy with a troubled past and a dark side that he keeps hidden.

Since Batman vs. Superman is still so far off, we can have some fun with the idea that Damon only said he won’t be playing Robin, and not that he won’t appear in the film at all. Though the two actors haven’t appeared in a movie together since 2004′s Jersey Girl, they share great screen chemistry and also jointly won an Academy Award in 1997 for their Good Will Hunting script. Perhaps Damon will make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman, if only a cameo.

Damon might be out of the running, but would you be interested in seeing Robin team up with Batman against Henry Cavill’s Superman? Tell us in the comments which other characters from the DC universe you’re hoping to see in the Man of Steel sequel.


Batman vs. Superman will be released on July 15, 2015.

Source: Times of India

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  1. I am already tired of the Ben/Batman hating. I remember the casting for Batman ’89 and the hate for Keaton was just the same, until he showed them how good he was when the film was released, yes and like the Ledger casting for the Joker. Behind Batman Begins which I think is the best Batman movie to date, I still enjoy the Burton Batman films with Keaton before Dark Knight and especially Rises. (As a disclaimer I can’t fault Ledger or Eckhart in Dark Knight who made that movie). If there was ever a casting mistep in Batman it was Hardy as Bane. A great actor but just not right for Bane. There are too many other bigger and intimidating actors which could have been chosen and would have looked the part.

    • We just might be surprised by Batfleck. Damon is too old to play Robin. I’m not sure why Robin is an enigma for presenting him in this new Batman universe. Robin can be presented well in the new darker Batman just look at Batman Arkham video game.

  2. I would really like to see Knight wing, maybe an Oliver Queen cameo

  3. I think Matt Damon should go back and check all his words and should also be reminded of his performance in Max Payne. As for Ben Affleck, I think he looks preety much as a jerk and feminine type with an ill voice which ofcourse never suits him as The Batman. Probably they could have taken somebody who is younger aggressive in the role as is with the case of Henry Cavill.

    • Funny…I don’t recall seeing Matt Damon in Payne. Perhaps you mean Mark Wahlberg?

        • lolololololol


      • bwahahahaha!

    • I dunno, I’d say Matt Damon did a pretty amazing impression of Mark Wahlberg in that movie.

    • oh forgot to mention that you obviously don’t know what you are talking about, Matt Damon in Max Payne?

    • That’s just a testament to Damon’s talent: completely unrecognizable in Max Payne

      • hahaahahaha rofl

      • Bahahahahahahahaha

    • My favorite part with Damon as Max Payne was when he came in and replaced Mark Wahlberg halfway through. Plot twist!

      And it sounds to me as if this guy doesn’t watch any Matt Damon or Ben Affleck movies, and he’s just using his memory and google. “looks feminine”? I guess he didn’t watch The Town…

    • Matt Damon wasnt Max Payne high speed it was Mark Wahlberg so your point of view and or opinion is completely invalid

    • @Hinarumi Matt Damon didn’t play Max Payne…Mark Wahlberg did.

    • Is it too late to tell this guy that Matt Damon wasn’t in “Max Payne”? Also, “Looks feminine” just means “I want to kiss him.”

  4. This is what I don’t want. They all think its some sort of joke to play Batman. Screw him. Give it to someone who respects the role

    • dude I would bet my life that he respect more and knows more about batman than you buddy wait till you see the movie if it’s suck then you can complain. Ps Ben to get my wrong I just vouch my life for you!!!! lol

      • In support of that statement, Kevin Smith has been friends with Affleck for many years. There was the 90′s romcom thingy that he did called Chasing Amy which featured Affleck as an artist who drew Bluntman and Chronic. A clear parody of Batman and Robin.
        My point is that the parody was never portrayed in a derogatory fashion. Telling me that these guys new and loved the characters on which their caricatures were based. A love of comic books carried through into film, with their favourite character being transposed on themselves.

  5. Newsflash! It is being reported elsewhere that Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad has been signed to play Lex Luthor in up to 6 films starting with MOS 2.

    Also being reported that Warners is trying to get Matt Damon to play either Aquaman or Martian Manhunter.

    Finally, Affleck supposedly signed to do up to 13, count ‘em, 13 films as Batman.

    I would list where I heard this, but don’t want to offend our hosts at SR since I don’t know the protocol for doing that here.

    I will say it is by a well known national news source.

    • It’s a pure rumor. CosmicBookNews reported these so called ‘developments’, a very non-trustworthy source. They also stated they got the info from a source that was unnamed lol.

      • My apologies to SR.

        I just watched this video report done by Hollywood Nation of Fox News. You can see the video yourself by going to the Fox News homepage.

        • There has been a lot of sloppy relay reporting
          without investigation all over and especially
          websites wanting to generate their own
          hits and cash in on the falsehood.

          Note the Screen Rant has not even
          commented which speaks to its integrity.

          • *that* Screen Rant

          • Superhero Hype is a far better and faster source for superhero news than Screen Rant. Stories show on Screen Rant days after they appear on Superhero Hype.

            • This was not news and should not be reported.
              Screen Rant is more the site for reliable news.
              Reliable necessitates not always being first.

            • …and yet, Martin, you’re HERE.


              • To aggravate and make fun of people just like you Archaeon, why else?

                • …so you’re obnoxious AND a tw!t?

                  NOT a surprise…Heh-heh.

                  You ACTUALLY looked up my name just so you could insult me? Now, THAT is truly funny!

                • “to aggravate and make fun of people”
                  is not a Cardinal Virtue and not a
                  motivation in life to aspire to.

                  • Oh, so true, Robert…MAYBE, he’ll learn.

        • fox news hahahahaha

          • CNN made the mistake first.

    • Not “by a well known national news source”.
      It is generated by the site ColdSc named
      which is well-known for making things
      up to generate traffic ad dollars.

      In short: PURE BS

      • Time will tell.

        If you are right, then I offer my sincerest apologies for spreading false rumors. It is unintentional.

        • Just consider how believable that is…Matt Damon, a 43 year old actor starting off a well-known long lasting superhero franchise like Aquaman? That’s just preposterous. I never believe anything I read until Screenrant or Fandango confirms it.

          Having said all this, Matt Damon would be really cool as Lex Luthor…

          • Warner’s has not been shy with casting announcements.
            With all the chatter on this one they would have confirmed
            it if it was real and they have not which amounts to a denial.

        • Well, no need to apologize Shawn.
          A lot of people thought this real
          and half the Internet does.

    • Fortunately, this rumor is just a rumor. Really rooting for Mark Strong here. Sinestro had his face covered in makeup and CGI the whole time, nobody will be confused. It’s not like 2 different actresses didn’t play Rachel in two out of three Nolan Batman movies.

      • I’m pulling for Strong too and I have a
        sense he has the inside track from
        comments he himself has made.

  6. Cranston as Luther then Saul is Otis

  7. When are we gonna see Green Lantern and Flash team up? That’s the one I really would fantasize about seeing!!

    • Boy that makes sense. Nice idea, Goldilocks.

      • Is it wrong (this to both Goldilocks and Robert) that every time G. brings up this idea (which I like, btw), a nightmarish image of a new superhero soap opera pops into into my mind?

        “The Light and the Lightning”…afternoons on the CW.

        • Gotta love your title there, Archaeon :D

  8. Is there any truth to the scheduled Flash movie for 2016?

    • nope. Machinima jumped the gun on that one. DC’s only confirmed project’s are Batman/Superman and they commissioned some guy to write a spec script for another Green Lantern movie, but that probably won’t go anywhere.

      • I still say that the plan is that Flash is introduced on “Arrow” along with other DC/Justice League characters that probably can’t carry a film by themselves. Then the TV universe gets hooked into the cinematic universe allowing for a faster Justice League movie. Its faster and cheaper and less risky. A few cross over episodes and guest appearances etc and you’re there. Flash, Martian Manhunter, Atom, etc can’t carry a movie alone. Especially if someone wants to make money. Seems brilliant to me.

  9. 2012 – Everyone praises Affleck for his writing/directing and acting for Argo. He wins several awards and everyone is amazed at how much Afflecks acting/writing/directing abilities have improved over the years.

    2013 – Affleck is cast as Batman and everyone writes him off as a s*** actor for a terribly directed/written comic book film he acted in 10 years ago.

    I honestly don’t understand all the hate or the lack of common sense from some people. I realise that Batman is an iconic and much loved character (I love Batman) but lets just wait until we see a trailer or something guys…

    • We don’t want the movie made. That’s the point. So if we wait till the trailer then our goal is missed. Your lack of commen sense is befuddling.

      • Yeah, like a petition is gonna stop a movie of this magnitude from being made. Heh. Stupid internet is stupid. And way to not acknowledge his valid point. Get out troll.

      • We? I never asked….

      • There is no royal we hear.
        You speak for a minority.

        • *here

    • I agree with you buddy. Ben has come leaps and bounds since Daredevil. I loved the new Batman films, but i cant stand Bale. Just like i love Cap America but cant stand Chris Evans. Now finally an actor has been cast that i really like as a character that i REALLY like. Im happy they are going with someone different that you wouldnt expect.

  10. Everyone complaining about Ben Affleck wil be the first in line for this movie hahaha.

    • Truth!

  11. Screenrant thinks this is funny! F U Screenrant! A lot of us respect films and don’t appreciate this casting.

    • Calm down there, chief. I think you’re going a little overboard.

  12. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I still am not sure what to think about the choice, but I have noticed that a lot of people are starting to settle into the idea of Affleck playing Batman (I said alot not all). It would be nice, however, WB/DC gave a crap about what fans want, because none of the guys mentioned were selected, obviously, and Affleck was not one of the actors mentioned in the mix. For me, I would have just loved to see Adkins get the part. The comic book moives are not to be taken serious, so they are more action for me, not quite 80′s-90′s action films though. So I see Batman as someone extraordinary human with unbelievable martial arts skills, which I think is harder to get on screen because not every actor can physically perform at that level. We already got a Batman that shows more emotion and fakes his playboy life to hide his batman identity in Bale. Rather see me some unbelievable fight sequences now. By the time WB/DC decides to go this route (20 years), Adkins will be walking with a cane. he looks like Bruce Wayne in some ways. Oh well Affleck for president 2016 people.

    • WB/DC doesn’t care what fans want? I think they do. They care so much that they are us their “go-to guy” as the next Batman, someone’s who’s been around a long time and whose shown he can grow and put out quality work that makes them money, someone who’s won Academy Awards for directing and screenwriting and whos’s had aclaim as an actor recently. They cared enough, with all that they had to choose from, to give us they guy that everyone says is their most profitable.

  13. Yes I realize there is more to Bruce Wayne than just fighting. but the martial arts is harder to come across is my point. the detective work is what seems to be what fans are wanting more of this time around. Just be glad I did not think of Van Damme!

    • Are you trying to say that Jason Bourne is jealous of Batman?

  14. I think matt damon has a bout of sour grapes i mean its not as if he hasn’t had his fair share of very little dialogue cheesy acting behind his name unlike him Ben Afleck has the height posture and sophisticated look and not that ive seen his body but like any actor he ll obviously work a bit on his body to get the typical muscular physique known to batman. Ben Afleck clean shaven looks the right age to play the part.

    I loved the role he played in Daredevil and Im sure he ll play Batman well

    one thing he definitely will have to change though… his flip up pee wee hair style… the shape of his face definitely needs a more rugged hairstyle

  15. Damon to keep his shaved head and play Lex……

  16. Ugh why are we still on this -_- it’s obvious that people dont like it but God DAMN move on its like that one thing that happened in may that finally died down … a week ago …

  17. That photoshopped picture looks so f***ing stupid, it never fails to make me laugh.

  18. Damon underestimates what Batman does on screen.

  19. Wow, damage control continues. You’re such a good friend, Matt. Except he basically just $h!t all over the role of Batman. Nope, sorry, still doesn’t make me feel any better about this casting choice.

  20. bring back adam west as batman!

  21. Damon as Harvey Dent
    Cranston as Gordon
    Mark Strong as Lex Luthor…


    • Asa Butterfield as Robin
      Neil Patrick Harris as Riddler

  22. If the film isn’t up to scratch, then it won’t matter who plays Batman. We’re not talking about Day Lewis as Lincoln, or Freeman as Mandela, but an actor that plays a superhero in a costume for the majority of the film that’s mostly involved in fight sequences. Nobody would win an academy award playing this character, and his only performance that will matter is being Bruce Wayne. I thought Bale did a great job, but I don’t think he would have accepted the role if Christopher Nolan wasn’t involved, so it shows you that it’s mainly down to how good the script is.

  23. keep calm folks he wasn’t dissing batman he was just pointing out from an actor’s perspective it’s not a huge stretch to portray that character because of his limited emotional range (which is intentional on the part of batman to intimidate criminals and protect his identity)…lighten up!

  24. I kinda do hope they have Robin in this movie or Robin 2 and Nightwing. I wouldn’t mind GL or Flash to make an appearance also.

    • I could see them alluding to these characters but not actually making an appearance. If they do make an appearance it’d be reminiscent of Hank McCoy on the random news channel in X2. Maybe Flash is getting interviewed like in the JL cartoon and says, “The big guy’s heart is in the right place but, let’s be honest, I’m the fastest man alive and even I can’t be everywhere at once.”

    • Wow Jay that was cool. Did you make that?

      • Nope. Wish, I did. Apparently SR liked it too.

    • dopeness!

  25. Honestly people are taking this WAY too seriously. Damon is probably just being a troll, I can’t imagine he had no idea how people would react to what he said. And I don’t think he was dissing Batman, he was just pointing out that the more complex and dramatically challenging side of the character to act is Wayne, not the Bat and that he believes his buddy Affleck is up to the task. But why am I even trying? At this point most people are in no place to listen to reason. This is why we get ridiculous petitions. Jeesh people, I’m sorry you hate the actor who cast in a role important to you, but if you want to make petitions and stuff, go do something about Egypt and Syria why don’t you? Now there is a real crisis.

  26. I am so happy that like half this comment page is Matt Damon/Max Payne jokes. I don’t comment on any other sites or blogs or anything except this site and this is why. Thank you SR community for being such good entertainment.

  27. Matt Damon as Azrael.

  28. No one liked the idea of Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker but is now a fan favorite!