Matt Damon Won’t Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet ‘Grousing’

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as Batman and Robin Matt Damon Wont Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet Grousing

Ever since the announcement that Argo star and director Ben Affleck had signed on to a multi-film deal as the new Batman to first appear in the tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman (or, conversely, Superman vs. Batman), people have been jokingly asking whether Affleck’s friend and frequent screen partner Matt Damon would join him as Batman’s faithful sidekick, Robin the Boy Wonder.

Obviously “Boy Wonder” would be a little bit of a stretch for Damon, who turns 43 this fall, but the idea wasn’t entirely impossible. Since Superman vs. Batman will be an adaptation, director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer could have taken some liberties with the source material and incorporated Robin into the movie as a slightly more mature partner in crime-fighting for Batfleck.

While Robin might still make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman, we must sadly report that he won’t be played by Matt Damon. Speaking to the Times of India, the actor laughed off the idea, explaining that he just can’t imagine a middle-aged Robin:

“I am a little older than Ben. I never saw Robin as older than Batman. Somebody sent me a picture actually [see the photoshopped picture above]. It was really funny. But it’s safe to say I won’t be Robin.”

You may or may not know this, but not everyone on the internet has been pleased by the Batfleck casting. As well as the standard petition demanding that he be removed, a group of Batman fans have even pleaded with the White House to make it illegal for Ben Affleck to play any more comic book characters. The latter petition was recently removed from the site, which could either be considered a slap in the face of democracy or a sensible response to  a really silly request.

Matt Damon in Elysium1 Matt Damon Wont Play Robin to Batfleck, Responds to Internet Grousing

Screen Rant already covered some of the reasons why this casting choice could be a good thing in both Andrew Dyce’s editorial and the latest SR Underground podcast, but Damon didn’t hesitate to poke this particular controversy with a stick:

“I think it will be great. It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the Internet. I just think it’s kind of funny. You know, he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set. If anybody saw ‘Argo’ or ‘The Town,’ and all the work he’s been doing lately, it’s way more nuanced and interesting and way more difficult than Batman! Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that.”

Someone had better equip Damon with a flame shield for badmouthing the Bat, though admittedly the character does do quite a bit of sitting around with a cowl on his head and whispering in a gruff voice. With that in mind, Affleck does seem to be more naturally suited to the other half of Batman’s personality: the outwardly affable and carefree playboy with a troubled past and a dark side that he keeps hidden.

Since Batman vs. Superman is still so far off, we can have some fun with the idea that Damon only said he won’t be playing Robin, and not that he won’t appear in the film at all. Though the two actors haven’t appeared in a movie together since 2004′s Jersey Girl, they share great screen chemistry and also jointly won an Academy Award in 1997 for their Good Will Hunting script. Perhaps Damon will make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman, if only a cameo.

Damon might be out of the running, but would you be interested in seeing Robin team up with Batman against Henry Cavill’s Superman? Tell us in the comments which other characters from the DC universe you’re hoping to see in the Man of Steel sequel.


Batman vs. Superman will be released on July 15, 2015.

Source: Times of India

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  1. Yes, I would love to see JGL be Robin :)

    • Evie! How dare you, there are people around these parts who will castrate you for even SUGGESTING that those 2 universes could possibly exist together. If Bale isn’t in it, I don’t want JGL. If he was the Batman, I’d be all about it though. I think JGL as Robin was a cool touch of TDKR, but unfortunately we won’t be seeing those two seriously battling bad guys together. Instead, we’re left with Batfleck. The horror……

      • Nothing could be worse than Baleman in the Nolanverse. They could cast Gilbert Godfry as Batman and come up with something better than the Dark Knight Trilogy.

    • Not Robin, But Nightwing

      • And Have Someone In Their Mid To Late Twenties

  2. I just love Matt Damon’s head on Robins body that looks so dam hilarious every time I look at it I have to laugh. He looks like Ben Affleck’s little b*tch, LOL.

  3. How to make people accept Ben Affleck as Batman.

    Just downplay Batman’s complexity and say that he is one-note, dimensionless character that basically anybody could play. Good job, Damon.

    • Exactly. Well said.

    • “Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. ” – Matt Damon

      Way to grasp the complexity of the character Matt.

      So, we’re going to dumb down Batman to fit Ben’s acting skill? Great.

      Of course Damon is going to stick up for his buddy, why wouldn’t he?

      Hmmm…..I wonder if Ben came cheap? Probably. So lets forget quality, and go for cheap. Nice. Fans wait decades for these two on the screen together, and this is what we get. Thanks for nothing WB/DC.

      They are turning this whole Batman vs Superman idea into a joke.

      • Yep, Matt Damon sounds like a few of the posters here on SR. I’d be willing to bet Matt hasn’t read more than one Batman comic in his entire life. Opinion invalid.

        • @ FILTHpig

          Correct, Matt, by his own comments, clearly doesn’t understand the character of Batman. CLEARLY!

          You are 100% correct. I can’t stand to even read some of the POSTS.

          “This is the guy I wanted from the begining”

          “SO love this choice.”

          “WB loves all this negitive press.”

          “WB knows exactly what they are doing!”

          These are just a few I’ve seen from these mindless wonders that would agree with anything WB/DC does.

          Give me a break. Saying it’s “Great” won’t make it great. People can’t wish this into a good casting choice.

          • Why can’t people enjoy the casting?

            What if it took only seconds for me to think “Well, I’ve never liked Affleck but you know what? This could be a pretty good decision” (the way it actually happened)?

            Is that somehow wrong? Illegal?

            It shows how pathetic people are when an actor is cast in a role and you get people trolling those who think it’s a good choice and trying to make it illegal for an actor to take a role.

            This is why I’m deciding to not bother reading articles about the new movie, despite how excited I am for it. Pathetic people such as yourself ruin the enjoyment for me so I’m just gonna read the headlines regarding the movie and move on to avoid the immature and childish tantrums of those who think throwing hissy fits and insulting others who don’t follow their opinions is the way to get their point across.

            Truly annoying when I can’t even read about my favourite superhero on Screen Rant any more because children get so petty over the actor playing him.

            • Dazz…

              Don’t let them get you down. Just smile and remember these people are not more than symbols on a computer screen. ;)

            • And it only took me a few seconds to know which performances of his I’ve liked (Not really many), what I thought he could bring to it having seen many of his performances (Not much) and then to see he was going to be handed a role that is near and dear to me. So: Not Happy. And you’re on a site called Screen RANT for Pete’s sake, really what did you expect..?

          • Okay, Martin…

            What about if it has nothing to do with any opinion on WB’s brilliance (or, as you’d say, lack, thereof)? In my case (and, I’d imagine, quite a few others), I simply am very happy with the casting choice and look forward to seeing what Affleck brings to and does with the role.

            In short, I’m not WISHING it into a good casting choice…I’m saying it IS a good casting choice.

            • @ Archaeon

              You are wrong. Spin it however you want, you’re still wrong.

              You are the worst WB/DC suck up of them all, with the possible acceptation of ACW 007, and you’re both delusional when it comes to WB/DC. Everything is always roses and sunshine when it comes to WB/DC and they can do nothing wrong. You both need a serious reality check.

              By the way……did you know your name means prokaryotes? Look it up.

              Didn’t think that screen name through real well there did ya fella?

              n. pl. ar•chae•a
              Any of various single-celled prokaryotes genetically distinct from bacteria, often thriving in extreme environmental conditions.

              Good Day.

              • Martin…

                Actually, YES, I knew about that definition as well as definitions for the similarly spelled ARCHAEAN (which is what I originally based my variant spelling on) and ARCHAEOLOGY and ARCHAEOPTERYX, all of which inspired my screen name. I’m interested in the past (among many other pursuits). I LIKE my name.

                By the way, did you notice the part of the very definition YOU provided that says “often thriving in extreme environmental conditions”. Hmmm, giving myself a screen name based on a survivor (though that’s only according to YOUR slow-witted interpretation)…wow, HOW could I feel good aboout THAT?

                Heh. Are you REALLY this stup!d, or is that just a gift for me?

                Too funny…you ACTUALLY looked up the definition of my screen name JUST to insult me?


                Thanks for the laugh.

              • Archaeon, sometimes spelled Archean,
                was an Eon 4000 — 2500 million years ago.

                So you see, Martin, you are wrong and
                Archaeon is a time-traveler to our era.

                • :D

              • That’s okay, I will always find a place in my heart to care about your opinions in regards to my own.

                A really


                Deep place in my heart.

                • Heh-heh.

          • I agreed with your first post, Matt Damon had a few of the same points that many of the posters who defend the Affleck casting had.

            While I don’t agree with Matt’s points, those posters or the casting of Affleck, I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “mindless wonders”. I don’t go around calling people names on here, although some people sometimes ACT like I do!

            I just disagree with Affleck as Batman and most likely never will accept it. I hate the casting choice, period, no offense to people with the opposite opinion.

            • FILTHpig…

              Rarely do we agree about the various topics on this site.

              I DO, however, have to give you props for being so stand-up in your above calling out of Martin…Way to take the high road. :)

  4. Since they’re asking for Frank Miller advice in this new movie. If they’re going to a Robin, I hope they’ll use Carrey Kelly because his Grayson version is really sad. Or simply don’t use Robin at all… again.

  5. If robin is in the movie he has to be played by a younger actor, as soon as he hits late teens early twenties it’s just cheesy if he’s not nightwing lol

    • If this so called Robin is going to be in it he will already be established as Nightwing being in his late 20s early 30s. This is a veteran Batman we are talking about so everyone is going to be older. I just wonder if they’ll bring in Oracle or stick to the new 52 vision where she is still walking around as Batgirl.

  6. King Lear < Batman

  7. They should have robin be a kid again. The reason studios don’t do it is because they’re afraid people will realize batman is a lunatic. I love batman by the way so no hate. What would you think of a guy who took a kid out crime fighting. Forget his origin story, by that I mean have him already be Robin. It doesn’t even have to be Dick Grayson. It could be Tim Drake with Dick as Nightwing, and maybe even Jason Todd as Red Hood.

    • If they’re going to have an older Batman that’s been ‘doing this for awhile,’ they should have Bruce alone apart from Alfred because the first Robin, Dick Grayson, has left. This would set up potential Nightwing appearances on Arrow and fast-track to a point where they could conceivably tell stories about The Killing Joke and Jason Todd.

    • If they’re going where I think they’re going, we could see a detective style show with Dick in Bludhaven as a companion show to Arrow and this upcoming Flash series.

  8. yes a robin is needed, Dick Grayson, robin/nightwing, or tim drake as robin and dick grayson as nightwing. Show both lol im sooo ready for this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Drake sounds like it will be older, post Dick, Bat. Closer to DK Returns than to World’s Finest.

  9. WWell, paraphrasing Damon, who longer cares.

    “he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set.”

    It’s Batman, it’s just a comic. It’s so funny to see why a group of fans complain.

    So in the end it’s about the pay check. Fine actor = Fine film. Fans all over the world, lower your expectations.

    • You got all that from someone who is NOT Affleck? Really?


      …and sad.

  10. I have been a Batman fan longer than many of you have been alive. I watched Adam West play it in the 60s in it’s first run. I have seen the crying from fans every time a movie was announced with a star they didn’t approve of and seen the “I refuse to go see it!” comments thousands of times. In each and every case, I have went to see the movies in their first run and I have ended up buying them for home viewing. I am a Batman fan, I am not a wanna-be writer or wanna-be actor who thinks I know better. I am simply a fan of Batman and the basic idea behind what makes him tick.

    I know that someday, not yet, but someday, they will get all the pieces right and it will be a real, truly great Batman movie. So far, it hasn’t happened, but it will. They have gotten the villain right part of the time and Batman right part of the time and Bruce Wayne right, part of the time. They have not gotten all the parts, in the same movie right yet. I will continue to go to see the Batman movies when they come out, because I support the idea of a great Batman movie eventually coming out and to stop watching would lead to apathy. If Batman fans stop supporting Batman projects, studios will stop making them and eventually, there won’t be any attempts to make a great Batman movie. The idea that a great Batman movie never gets made, is a sad idea for a Batman fan like me. I will keep hoping and keep watching, regardless of who they choose, because someday, they’ll get it all right and I am not going to stand in the way of progress towards that goal…

    • Knowing ‘what makes Batman tick’ isn’t about having watched the Adam West TV show, which is fun and campy and, frankly, quite far removed from what I hope the Snyder/Affleck interpretation of Batman will be. Depending on the scenario and the writer, sometimes Batman is trying to be an avenging angel or a good detective trying to help people or simply someone who is as insane as those he fights, but his way of dealing with his issues is more beneficial to the populace.

      Each Batman interpretation is different and *should* be different. People can say that they loved the ‘Adam West Batman’ because it’s distinct from the other portrayals, but has similar themes. There shouldn’t be easy comparisons and Affleck will get a lot of hate if he’s simply a replacement ‘Bale Batman.’ Affleck’s Batman will have to be different if only for the simple reason that Bale’s rendition didn’t have to even think about super-destructive aliens.

      Here’s hoping he plays a ‘thinking’ Batman that goes some way to earn the title of World’s Greatest Detective. If Justice League is happening – and we all want it to, right? – then Batman is going to need a ‘power’ to make him useful to gods-among-men like Superman and Wonder Woman. And I’m not talking about the numbers 13, 1, 8 and 5 getting rearranged to 13, 18, 5 and them being letters M, R, E and that leading them to The Riddler. I want clever writing.

    • A genuine sensible level headed and reasonable
      comment from a genuine level headed and reasonable fan…
      And any person disagreeing missed the point of his words completely.

  11. The script might be good as Batman Begins or as horrible and disastrous as Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance or Blade Trinity.

  12. You know who should make a cameo?! I say make it Aquaman. Lets say the bat/supe fight leads to supes hitting the bats into the water somehow. And as he is sinking…there comes Aquaman to save him up out of the water. And then he disappears again. Or something like that.

  13. Aquaman will be in it.

    • Screw Aquaman nobody cares about a swimming fish with a fork in his hand. Give me a break that would just screw up the movie.

      • I hope they do Aquaman before Marvel does Namor. We all know if he was real you wouldn’t have any problems if he saved you from drowning. Or would you wait on Batman to get in is wetsuit and hope he brings enough shark repellant. By then it could be over for ya and you’d be a nice treat for sharks.

      • Have you read the New 52 Aquaman series? In my experience, people that think Aquaman sucks don’t know Aquaman. Or they watched Super Friends. Aquaman has super senses, super strength, nigh-on invulnerability and… he can talk to fish. Or, rather control marine life, since fish aren’t really mentally capable of sustaining decent conversation. And exhibit some of that power over things evolved from marine life. Like humans. And, depending on the writer, he has hydrokinesis. He also has the (comparatively less interesting) abilities of fast swimming and breathing underwater.

        So whilst his ‘main’ power of controlling all sea life isn’t much use on land, he’s still pretty much a non-flying Wonder Woman without the need to block bullets with bracelets. And he has a fork/trident. The rebooted New 52 Aquaman comic even acknowledges Aquaman’s ‘joke status’ with the members of the public pretty much asking outright how he feels about being seen as a laughing stock when he’s shoulder-to-shoulder with the eternally awesome Superman and Batman. There’s a lot of potential for a decent Aquaman in a Justice League film. I have a sinking feeling (SINCEREST APOLOGIES) that a solo film would have an overly heavy handed ‘green’ message, though.

        • i think that’s a little unfair and rascist toward fish, saying they aren’t capable of decent conversation. come on man! have you ever had a fish mom or a fish sister or brother when you were a fish? are you even a fish?! then stop being so pretentious and hating on our little buddies in the sea.

          also, u noobs all seem to be missing the bigger picture. of course Ben affleck as Batman is ridiculous, but … helloooo… Batman vs Superman is just mentally retarded. superman could melt Batman’s face just by looking at him. and don’t give me those ultra lame arguments that oh well he’s so smart he would be prepared with some awesome device. superman turned the EARTH backwards and reversed time, defeated doomsday (wtf was bats then), and defeated lex luthor dozens of times. and Lexington is the ‘greatest criminal genius of our time’. cmon ppl wake it up, join reality. sheeesh

          • that should say lex not Lexington…arrrr

            • Didn’t mean to sound… fishist? That’s just what Aquaman said in the New 52 reboot. I am armed with a canon (and other awful puns)

              Batman vs. Superman *is* stupid. Whilst your Earth-spun-backwards-time-travel doesn’t count since this new Superman is more grounded in reality (slightly) you do make a good point about the fight itself being dumb. Superman, even with his inexperience, would clobber even the ‘hardened, battle-worn’ Batman.

              However, they always make up stupid reasons for why its a ‘fair fight’ such as The Dark Knight Returns having Batman in Iron Man armour, Superman getting nuked shortly beforehand, Batman knowing Superman can take ridiculous punishment and Superman not wanting to really hurt Batman. And a one-armed Green Arrow popping up out of nowhere to shoot Superman with a kryptonite arrow and, as is widely known, kryptonite is just a crappy ‘we need Superman weaker right now’ plot device.

  14. I really like Damon, he’s great human being, but I totally disagree with everything he just said. Sorry dude!

  15. You know we haven’t seen any detectiving since Michael Keaton, maybe that could be added to the Bat and give Ben the chance to do something other than glare.

    • detectiving? Is that actually a word and are you agreeing with that guy Damon?

      Michael Keaton’s version of Batman did very small detective work on the big screen but Bale’s Batman did a lot more hardcore detective work I think you have to watch the Nolan version of Batman again. Nolan got everything right about Batman in Batman Begins.

  16. Damon as Nightwing

  17. Damon as Harvey Dent if anything. Ill admit after some time im excited for Ben Affleck (especially if directs a batman solo film). im actually more worried about the script. Goyer can write great stories but his script writing…idk. The lines/character development in MOS were average . The potential there for Superman inner conflict and world reaction to an alien and destruction of metropolis were all there but weren’t explored to much. All that can be forgiven if addressed in MOS2(and would retroactively raise my opinion of MOS)

  18. If Robin/Dick Greyson isn’t in this movie, then I hope he’s in the 1st Batman only movie. That could be the Robin origin movie and then he becomes Nightwing at the end of the trilogy. I would hope they include Batgirl in these some how as well. I want more women kicking butt and taking names and so we need Batgirl to show up in these movies.

  19. I loved Ben Affleck in Daredevil ! lol

    But I hate the thought of him as Batman ! :(

    …… unless they make Matt Damon a slightly older Nightwing and then it might be worth watching ! lol