Ben Affleck Talks Exciting ‘Batman vs. Superman’ World & Batfleck Internet Outrage

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Ben Affleck Batman vs Superman1 Ben Affleck Talks Exciting Batman vs. Superman World & Batfleck Internet Outrage

Easily one of the most divisive, and surprising, revelations of the last year was the September announcement that Ben Affleck would portray the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel, temporarily titled Batman vs. Superman. Prior to the official word of Affleck as Batman from Warner Bros., rumors began to circulate that the studio was looking to cast a slightly older actor in the role, someone that could portray a Batman that had already been active in Gotham for years, as opposed to a younger “origin” story take. After a number of high profile actors had been rumored, including Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Goode, and Max Martini, we put together our own choices for who could play an aged Dark Knight on screen but the part eventually went to Affleck – much to the excitement of moviegoers who appreciate the actor/director’s recent work (especially The Town as well as Argo) and the chagrin of those who still haven’t forgiven him for Mark Steven Johnson’s Daredevil movie.

Despite all the controversy, Affleck has been surprisingly (and/or smartly) quiet on the subject, only speaking about the part in a tongue-in-cheek late night appearance and brief comments about how his Batman will differ from prior interpretations. Now, only days after Man of Steel star Henry Cavill promised that Affleck will be “fantastic” as Batman, thanks to what Cavill described as “strength of character” as well as a “dedication to the work and belief in oneself,” the new Dark Knight is offering further insight into what fans can expect when he puts on the batcape and cowl.

Ben Affleck Batman vs Superman Ben Affleck Talks Exciting Batman vs. Superman World & Batfleck Internet Outrage

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Affleck responded to a pair of Batman vs. Superman questions – discussing how he approaches a high-profile role like Batman as well as the “exciting” realism that director Zack Snyder is bringing to the character.

First, check out what the actor had to say about the pressures of taking on the fan-favorite superhero and whether or not he feels as though goodwill (or ongoing dislike) from his past work will affect how he plays Batman:

I mean, that’s the sort of great and terrible thing about this business. Each project is kind of in its own silo, you know what I mean? You do something, it works, people say it works. And if the next one doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t. You don’t get to start ahead because you did well last time. Without getting into the vagaries of the internet and who’s sort of out there being vocal about it, at the end of the day, when you get into the arena of those kinds of movies, these superhero movies, particularly ones that are working with characters that everyone’s known for so long, everybody’s got these strongly held opinions and preconceived ideas about what it should be. I totally understand and recognize that. At the same time, I don’t think projections about something that hasn’t happened yet are all that meaningful. I think at the end of the day, it’s like any other movie or project: You go out and make it great, people will say it’s great. If you go out and miss, you’ll hear about it. The stuff beforehand is kind of just the noise that happens.

Affleck’s opinion on the matter echoes what a lot of fans were saying in the wake of his casting: whether you’re excited, appalled, or indifferent to the choice, ultimately, it is up to the actor and Snyder to prove it was a smart decision. It’s admirable that Affleck is sensitive to why people are passionate, and sometimes opinionated, about their favorite characters but, while we all love to predict and anticipate upcoming projects, most of us do not yet know exactly what the filmmakers are going for in this next interpretation of the character. Maybe Affleck isn’t the Batman that some were expecting, based on what they wanted to see from a new version of the DC hero, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great choice for the iteration that Snyder and Warner Bros. need in a Superman team-up.

Batman Vs. Superman Ben Affleck Talks Exciting Batman vs. Superman World & Batfleck Internet Outrage

As for what that version might entail, details are still very scarce on what Snyder has in store – aside from confirmation that his Caped Crusader is an established crime fighter. A couple weeks back, following an interview event for the Man of Steel Blu-ray release, moderator Kevin Smith was shown an image of Affleck in the Batman vs. Superman batsuit – which the director/comic book writer described as “mind-bending” and unlike anything ever seen on film before. Smith later redacted a statement teasing which comic book design might have been an inspiration for the new batsuit (we’ve listed five possibilities) and while Affleck doesn’t provide any specifics about the design, the actor expressed his excitement for Snyder’s skill at balancing realism and world-building within a comic book movie.

In fact, above all else, Affleck promises that when the Batman vs. Superman movie hits theaters, the Dark Knight and Man of Steel won’t just look like a pair of Mexican wrestlers in suits:

Well, I don’t want to get too far afield and I’m sure I’ll have time to talk about Batman down the road. What I’ll say is that I really like Zack. From what I’ve seen of what’s Zack is doing, it’s made me very excited. One of the nice things about being an actor in that movie is they show you all the stuff before anyone else gets to see it. So all the sort of world-creation, and the take on the character and the other characters is really exciting. And at the end of the day, the truth is it’s really directors that make movies work or not — especially these kinds of movies, where it’s about the whole world, and a rising tide lifts all ships. And if it all has integrity, if it all has a sense of realism, then it works. And if it doesn’t, [then] it doesn’t really matter what everyone’s doing [on the screen] because they just look like a bunch of Mexican wrestlers in suits.

Batman Vs. Superman Movie Older Batman Ben Affleck Talks Exciting Batman vs. Superman World & Batfleck Internet Outrage

We’ll certainly look forward to more details from Affleck when he actually does take time “to talk about Batman down the road” but, in the meantime, the actor’s comments are certainly encouraging. At first, some fans were skeptical that DC and Warner Bros. had a solid plan for their shared movie universe, and even though an Aquaman movie, an appearance from Cyborg, or a standalone Wonder Woman adventure might all be a ways off, it’s a relief to see the amount of thought and care that appears to be going into the superhero project at hand. Hopefully, as Affleck himself points out, Snyder can silence skeptics with a great take on Batman in an exciting new Superman tale.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will be released July 17, 2015.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Mexican wrestlers in a suit hahahaa

  2. Y’know what I like about you Ben?

    You can actually make it through an entire DC article without a blatant Marvel plug, unlike some of the other contributors around here.


    While we are on the subject…

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    • Well I think its what ever gets the most views, maybe?
      This week, there hasn’t been much pre-JL buzz, but right now is Fall movie season, and also all TV shows are getting intense before the winter hiatus, so that kinda stuff must have had enough views to boot pre-JL out of the top seven spots. Oh and Star Wars is getting an Instagram or something.

      But I agree, it was convenient to have it up there.

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    • …and marvel thanks dr m for the back-handed mention.

  3. I’m super excited to see him as Batman. He wasn’t my choice but I’m eager to see what he brings to the character.

  4. Name one movie Affleck was in where he didn’t phone it in.

    • The Phonebooth.

      …no wait…

    • Ill name a bunch

      Good Will Hunting

      The Town


      Smokin’ Aces


      Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (ok i know he technically did, but its on purpose to look like a jerk)

      Chasing Amy

      and i actually really like him in “Hes Just not that into You” – whatever its a chick flick, but its a god movie to watch with the wife

      • I’ve seen most of those, and he phoned it in them as well, The Town and Argo were decent movies, Argo did not deserve the Oscar, Affleck was the worst thing in The Town and Argo, he should give up on acting and just
        stick to directing.

        • Wow…you are such a positive contributor to these various threads.

          • +1

        • You may have thought he was bad in Argo and The Town, but MOST people thought he was great (and he was). That’s why Argo, you know, won the Oscar in the first place.

          • I really liked Argo and the Town. I thought Argo should have won, and was happy when it did. But, I still think Ben Affleck is kind of a “blank” as an actor. He’s good enough in a good movie, but he’s bad to weak in anything less. As I’ve said before, his directing has made me do a 180 in my opinion of him. I actually like the guy when I didn’t before. But I still don’t think he’s a great actor. Hope they make a great Batman, and he’s good in the movie, but I have trepidation.

        • I honestly don’t think he was at all bad as you’re making him out to be. And if he wasn’t as good as the others, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t good at all.

    • You just ‘s*ck’, in every sense of the word and you know why? Because you say pretty much the same thing in every article. Voice your opinion and all, sure but it gets to a point where it’s just spamming and well, draining the life out of the party. You’re one of the people who listens to their IPOD or just frowns the whole time during house parties or a get together with friends. Ugh. JustSomeGuy pretty much sums it up.

  5. fuuuuu, I really wanna see that new bat suit.

    • Hey, I’m the “Dude”!


        • And I’m Javier.

          • And I’m Javert! Do not forget my name!

  6. I am the bat.

  7. I bet ya that Cavill was contractually obligated to say Affleck will be fantastic as Batman.

    • Seriously, do you get some kind of fix from constantly trolling?

      • I am not trolling. I’m offended by you accusations. The only time I’m trolling is when I joke about changing a black character’s race.

        • No, you pretty much do it constantly when you criticize without contributing any REAL response on a given thread You don’t give reasons…you don’t support. You simply tear down.

          Feel offended if you want; maybe, THAT will convince you to CONTRIBUTE to the discussion.

          • Affleck always sounds like he’s simply repeating his memorized lines rather than making them sound like his own words.


              • Hey I said I am the bat.

                • Hurawl!?!?

            • See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? I disagree, but at least, you provided a legitimate reason for your dislike.

          • @Archaeon – Just do what I do when I see a troll…ignore them. If they get a response, then they just keep it up. Ignore them and they go somewhere else for their “fix”. :)


            • are, of course, right, and I DO know better, but I sometimes let my passions for the material and/or my frustration at constant negativity (and THIS from a known cynic in the real world!) get the better of me. I HAVE been working a tad bit on it… ;)

              • Paul…I think the line-up of the responses got jumbled in this latter half of the Comments section…?

                • @Archaeon – Probably. I’m doing it from the backend *giggity* so everything is sorted by time-posted for me.


                  • Ah…makes sense.

                    (…and Quagmire would be proud ;) )

      • instant troll, just add interwebs.

      • Ummm, THANK you to whoever fixed my comment…?

      • @Archaeon – :D You’re welcome.

        Paul Young – Moderator

  8. “At the same time, I don’t think projections about something that hasn’t happened yet are all that meaningful.”

    What I’ve been saying from the beginning. Making judgments on something that you know next to nothing about is childish and just plain stupid.

    • Yep.

    • Exactly! I’m not saying Affleck will be great as Batman, for all I know he might suck. But that’s because we haven’t seen ANY footage of him playing the role. None of us can really say if he’ll be terrible or great, the only ones who can are the people working with him on the film (who have said he is great).

    • I’m happy he’s keeping that mind set.

  9. Affleck has proven he is a talented filmmaker, so for me his praise of Snyder’s ideas and concept goes a long way.

  10. “Easily one of the most divisive, and surprising, revelations of the LAST year”? Ok, im still in 2013, what year are you in over at Screenrant?

    • Not LAST YEAR but OF THE last year.

      Think of it like this:

      “Easily one of the most divisive, and surprising, revelations of the LAST 365 days”

  11. He was da bomb in Phantoms yo!

  12. PANIC!!!!!!!

  13. He is an OK actor. He will portray an OK Brucefleck and an OK Batfleck. By and large and OK film with too much BatfleckBruce and little MoS.

    • Since you’ve seen the film, what did you think of the acting from the other actors? Did you like the interpretations of other DC characters that haven’t even been revealed to us yet? Was the action any good, or at least toned down from the last movie?

      Ugh, I really hate that I never get to see these special screenings for movies that are almost two years before the film comes out…

      • Heh-heh…isn’t funny how these magical critics come out of the woodwork?

  14. Ben Affleck is NOT a good choice for batman, for Batman Vs. Superman’s version of batman. If they really want an older, more experienced version of Batman, Josh Brolin would’ve been the right choice. Ben Affleck would’ve been okay for a Batman who’s younger, y’know? But for The Dark Knight Returns-take, Ben Affleck is something far from it. Josh Brolin is the right choice, not Ben. Ben would’ve been a great director, I’m sure he’s a big fan and that’d be darn awesome seeing him direct.


    • Funny how you know the ‘right’ choice without having seen the script lol.

      • A true Batman fan would know that we must first see how the character is being written and how the actor will fit that interpretation. Michael Keaton, for example, was perfect for the more gothic styled version, but would have been terrible for a more mature Dark Knight Trilogy take. Same with Christian Bale, who was great for The Dark Knight Trilogy, but wouldn’t have worked for the more silly, Tim Burton Batman.

        All we know is that Batman/Superman will feature an older, more experienced Batman. Josh Brolin would have worked for that, sure, but Ben Affleck is in his 40′s, how could he be a “younger” Batman? We need more details revealed about what kind of interpretation of Batman we’ll be getting.

        • I think Brolin would’ve been awesome, he’s a better actor after all. But Affleck is a great choice nonetheless, he’s got that maturity and experienced presence that I think will bounce off Cavil’s Superman really well. Plus, the man can grow a badass beard aha. I’m really hoping he has a little scruff in the film.

        • i think Affleck being cast as a aging Batman is great he has the older look to him but could also repeat the role becasue he is only 40, if you get a guy thats closer to 50 by the time JL or another Batman comes out the actor might not be physically able to perform being 55 and over

  15. The thing I like about Affleck is that he is a comic book fan. Daredevil was not his fault and I know he won’t mess this up. So excited for this.

  16. As a Chris Nolan ‘Batman’, he would’ve been horrendously miscast. As a Zack Snyder ‘Batman’, he will be perfect.

  17. Prime the pump, baby, I am pumped for this movie! A couple guest appearences in the flick would be OK by me!

  18. I believe that we have WAYY too much judgment on a film that really doesn’t even exist yet, on paper yes, but I say at least wait for the first photos of him in the bat suit before shooting the guy down! I think he must realize how big of a plate he has been given and won’t disappoint.

  19. at this point, i’m just glad the movie is getting made, and not just talked about. let all be honest, we would go see it no matter who was in it, even out of curiosity, because we all love these characters and just like that the films are happening, imo. 2015 cant get here fast enough.

    • Yeah it’s about time. I could care about who’s behind the cowl.

  20. “…like a pair of Mexican wrestlers..”
    Do I have to get offended here?

  21. Argo’s full of lies & half truths.

    • …yet STILL an excellent film.

      • I disagree.

  22. I’m optimistic, but I still have my worries. I think the guys working on this can make a really entertaining film, but I’m liking this slowed-down vibe, I’m getting from at least the movie guys. (Between animated films and live-action television, it’s a mile a minute.)

    One step at a time, and if all goes well, we’ll get that Justice League movie by 2017, I’m thinking. Then, and this is just a pipe-dream, we’ll be one step closer to an actual new generation of heroes getting some attention. Done well, I think a Robin, Cyborg, and potentially later a Teen Titans film could be fun. Of course, done well, anything is fun…

  23. So the guy who directed the film that won best picture says Zack Snyder’s the s***.
    What else does that say?
    What else is there for us to say?

    2) We know exactly how Cavill portrays Sups. The only reason we’re getting so many Batfleck news is because we know almost nothing about him. It’s still a MoS sequel so relax yourselves.

    &… These guys aren’t stupid. Ben was obviously chosen because he had something that Bale, Urban, Brolin or any other rumoured actors lacked. Plus they want an older Batman, not straight up old.

    btw I have this strange feeling that Batman won’t be called ‘Batman’. If it does happen, try not to rant without thinking clearly.

    Lastly… Get rid of Chris Nolan. I like the guy & all but Superman is just not the ‘Nolan’ type guy IMO

    • well….I honestly don’t see the hurt in having chris around in Snyder’s open universe and chris is a supe fan and who knows maybe hes sharing some ideas with zack and goyer and maybe ben and also funny anuff with supe after seeing donner’s superman is what wanted him to be a film maker and his production is behind the scenes of mos and mos2 or what ever it might be called and chris is also doing what he does best with making surprisley pretty original films and serving as ex.producer to focus his intaction on interstellar….considering a one movie at time type of director.

    • @Sonny

      Keep in mind that it was David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan who envisioned Man of Steel in the first place when they’d reached a writer’s block in TDKR. Nolan pitched the idea to WB.

      It was Nolan who roped in Snyder to direct MOS over lunch. It was Nolan who laid the foundations of the Superman suit starting with no-undergarment and fist gauntlets. In fact Nolan gave significant input regarding all those Smallville moments.

      By talking about dismissing the visionary who gave you this movie in the first place, you are shattering the ground beneath your own feet. And don’t worry, Nolan has already left DCU camp for Interstellar.

      • It’s undeniable that he had a lot of influence over the final product.
        Problem is most of the realism is dependent on explaining things in depth. It worked perfectly for Batman but Supes is a different story. As a result you have to go back & forth in time evaluating lengthy flashbacks with terrible pacing. Plus that linear dialogue made a lot of scenes sound a lot like a business conference in a Buckingham Palace basement.

        I respect Chris to death, but Supes just doesn’t click with him. As much as I enjoyed MoS, his influence was a bit much. That’s just how I felt.

        You’re also right about Goyer. He should just get fire if he f#*ks up again.

  24. opps intention^ not intaction…..he’s^

  25. “Exciting realism” should mean Snyder’s CGI realism in MOS. It remains to be seen whether that works out for Batfleck.

    Starting with bloody Kingdom Come drones.

    • See…I would say extremely cool “Kingdom Come” drones…

      • I would say, there have been no confirmation of ANY drones let alone Kingdome Come drones.

        Or what you said. Extremely cool.

  26. What’s with all the spamming ‘Hurawl!!?’s??! Its getting effing intolerable.

  27. Ben Affleck Responds to ‘Batman’ Backlash: ‘I Handle Sh*t’….

  28. give him a chance, no one thought Heath Ledger as the Joker would ever work and……..

    if he blows it ridicule him till he becomes a hermit on tom hanks castaway island.

  29. Kevin Smith was quoted as saying that the bat suit will have a “Jim Lee feel to it.”