‘Being Human’ Series Finale Review

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being human series finale aidan sally Being Human Series Finale Review

[This is a review for Being Human season 4, episode 13. There will be SPOILERS.]


The central crux of Being Human has always been can these characters actually be, if not human, something close? Can they tamp down the things that made them unequally monstrous and be normal? After four seasons, it would be hard to answer in the affirmative as calamities and backslides have marred the existence of the vampire (Sam Witwer), the werewolves (Sam Huntington and Kristen Hager), and the ghost (Meaghan Rath), but through it all, they have continued to strive toward something better, and that is admirable. The question is, is that worth a reward?

According to the producers, the answer is yes, but while a certain amount of fan service is often par for the course when it comes to presenting a series finale, Being Human‘s relative happy ending felt hastily thrown together and surprisingly unearned.

Seemingly off on an ambitious journey to the bitter end, Being Human shook things up immediately after it was announced that the show would cease after the current season, introducing the characters to rock bottom before embarking on a trip to an alternate timeline by way of Sally’s magic. At the time, we wondered if the show might stay in the other timeline, but it was quickly pushed away to allow for a return to the status quo, save for a newborn relationship between Aidan and Sally that was in-feasible and not nearly as emotionally resonant as producers had hoped it would be.

being human series finale josh nora aidan Being Human Series Finale Review

The greatest sin of this final season of Being Human is that after 3 1/2 seasons of platonic friendship between Aidan and Sally, the audience was asked to not just accept their bittersweet coupling, but to accept that their love was all-consuming and the key to an immortal bliss that their characters, specifically Aidan, might not have deserved.

Aidan is a willing monster at times; moreso than Josh, Nora, and even Sally (whose abuse of magic could qualify as monstrous, considering the consequences). This has been a recurring theme throughout the show’s run. Yes, Witwer’s vampire has openly rebelled against his natural tendencies and pushed himself free from the vampire politics of Boston, but despite those good deeds and the deeds that he has done for his friends, though, there is still a pile of bodies that can be laid at his feet.

When Aidan’s vampirism is removed by Sally, who saves Josh from both the prophecy and Aidan’s wrath by way of a completely self-sacrificing act that ends her own life and infuriates Ramona, Aidan worries about what’s next. He worries about being judged, so much so that he tries to stave off his suddenly fast approaching death by re-turning into a vampire and that’s a sound worry that could have been answered with ambiguity after Aidan’s own act of sacrifice.

being human series finale nora Being Human Series Finale Review

There’s a poetry to the moment, at the very end of the episode, when Josh and Nora stand in the charred remains of the house, Ramona seemingly gone and unable to hurt anyone else thanks to Aidan’s torch job. Everything old has turned to ash, Aidan and Sally have both redeemed themselves with heroic acts that saved the future for Josh and Nora while stopping Ramona. The future is finally able to blossom for Josh and Nora, the only two characters on the show who honestly seemed fated for such an ending.

Those two represented the fulfillment of the original “experiment” when Josh and Aidan moved into the brownstone, and their happiness completes the circle, giving Josh and Nora the peace that they both wanted and deserved as the characters with the cleanest hands. Adding ghost Aidan, his rapidly appearing door, and the Sally twist just feels tacked on for sentiments sake and it ultimately drags down a series finale that doesn’t so much feel like a goodbye as it does a thank you hug.


This brings us to the end of Being Human.

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  1. OMG! Loved the finale. Thank the powers that be. I’m so going to miss the show each week. Good luck to four very talented actors.

  2. I thought that it was beautiful, and I’m fine with admitting that I cried like a baby – and I’m a 43 year old man – when Aidan got his door and Sally was waiting.

    Why CAN’T there be happy endings in series finales? My favorite show was “Dexter”, but that finale was so pathetic that my opinion of the show soured dramatically in the series’ final 10 minutes.

    Jesus said, “there is no greater love than that which is shown by laying down your life for another”. Aidan didn’t just sacrifice his life for Nora and Josh, he was going out of his way to protect other future inhabitants of the house. That he was willing to risk an eternity in hell after his death shows the depth of his sacrifice ——– for love.

    Ditto Sally.

    Sometimes, after a really crappy Monday, you want some escapism. Some HAPPY excapism. Sometimes you want that warm farewell hug, and not a brick upside the head.

    • What he said.

      I haven’t shed as many tears since the series finale of “Six Feet Under” – and I’m not ashamed in the least. The writers struck all the right chords and wisely overshadowed any potential narrative flaws by ‘an overflow of emotion’ that just felt right.

      After all the hardship and tribulations these characters had to endure and subsequently bounce back from, they simply deserved this kind of happy ending.

      To be honest, I feared that they would pull a bitter twist out of nowhere – for instance, when Josh and Nora entered the torched house, I was semi-sure that it was all an illusion of Ramona’s, or that ghost-Aidan would turn out to be Ramona, or that the fate awaiting him on the other side of his door would be gruesome – just to shock us to our core. But thankfully none of that came to pass.

      Having watched both the original UK version and the US remake, I have to say, that I preferred the latter. The original had its moments, but the US version just had more time to thoroughly develop its characters and lay out storylines. In addition, the humor seemed more genuine and managed to alleviate several dark moments throughout its run. I’ll definitely purchase the entire DVD set now. And I hope that all these actors will be given a chance to prove their range in higher-calibre roles.
      Sam Witwer should be either Nightwing or Daredevil. I haven’t made up my mind about the other three yet.

  3. I have watched TV for five decades, seen a number of so – called finales. Many get caught up in happy endings or the rules of TV right and wrong. I thought this was well done. It found a very good balance between punishment and happy endings. Hope those responsible continue this excellence in their future endeavors.

  4. LOVED the series, the ending was just as I had hoped it would end…I didn’t feel it was rushed or thrown together at all. Throughout the whole series, the characters became noble “humans” despite their curses and the friendship and love for each other was evident. They all made sacrifices for each other, so while the content was many times violent and gruesome, I’m always a sap for happy endings. Great series, I’ll miss it.

  5. I am glad they gave the show some kind of resolution, but I agree that they may have had to truncate the alternate timeline story to get to the finale. The relationship between Aidan and Sally probably would have been built up more if they had more time, but they were pressed for time with the remaining episodes.

  6. I didn’t mind the turn the show took after the cancellation was announced, but I was disappointed with the finale. It all felt unearned, as you say.

    I think this show had one good season left in it and then it should have wrapped. The show needed to give me more of a reason why Aidan deserved a door. He was killer and sure he regretted that he killed, but he always slipped back into murder-mode.

    I think his love for Sally can be fanwanked that he viewed her version of him as hope for who he wants to be. I don’t think he loved Sally because of who she was, I think he fell in love with what she represented – the idea that he could live a “normal” life. But even while in love with her in the alternate universe, he still couldn’t contain his monster.

    Sally waiting for him in heaven was a bit too much for me. TIme and again we’re shown there are consequences for magic, even if it’s done out of love. Yet somehow she ends up on the other side of Aidan’s door. Everything was just too neat and tidy here.

    On the other hand, I liked how Josh and Nora’s story ended. I think they earned their happiness.

    • Totally agreed. Overall I liked it, but it’s like giving it a C+, when if they had earned it they would’ve gotten an A. Aiden didn’t feel particularly redeemed, I never bought him and Sally’s love, and Sally never really earned her sense of responsibility.

      Josh and Nora got a happy ending together though, and that’s what really counts.

  7. Loved the finale: http://www.untemperedtv.com/?p=779

  8. I feel all in all that it was a great ending. Some fans will complain but you can’t please everyone so don’t even try. Really going to miss the show being it’s the only one on SiFi that I watch. At first I couldn’t understand why the show was being cancelled but I’m glad Sam W. did an interview explaining why. I think all these actors and actresses done an amazing job on the show. Each one brought something different to it. I’m know I’m going to miss seeing the Ladies on it as well! Maybe they will all unite on another series soon!

  9. Finally got to watch it, and i have to say it wrapped perfectly with the end shot of josh and nora with the kids dreaming of sally and aiden. Screenrant bashing it, but i guess that is their opinion. It resolved it better than most shows with good finales do. Go watch the UK series. After it jumps the shark it gives a HORRIBLE end to the series. Downright bad on all levels what they did to that show when the first 2 seasons were fantastic.

    This ending was wonderful if you were a fan of the characters.

    • “the ending was wonderful if you were a fan of the characters”?

      NO, just NO it wasn’t.
      It was TRIPE, utter CRAP. Worst writing I’ve seen in YEARS.
      You can’t just change the timeline for a minute. It changes EVERYTHING, from the second Sally doesn’t die.
      This means NOTHING from previous seasons even occurred.
      1st law of time – you can’t change your PERSONAL History. If Sally didn’t die, she didn’t become a ghost, didn’t have to be brought back as a zombie, didn’t meet the witch, didn’t BECOME one, COULDN’T have turned Aiden into a human and then worked magic to save him.
      This means Josh never killed Ray, or did any of the other things he did to help Sally.
      The vampire virus may never have occurred, changing ALL vampiric timelines.

      They didn’t think ANY of these things thru.

      REALLY SAD attempt at a season.
      One of the WORST I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching SF since the 70s, starting with Dr. Who.

  10. I don’t get it.

    Would the fans have preferred that Aidan and Sally had gone to hell instead of Heaven?

  11. THAT ending would have been utterly heartbreaking.

  12. A thank you hug? I’m totally okay with that. And not the least ashamed to say that Aidan getting a door made me actually cry. Not tear up, but stream tears.

    Oh, and who actually thought that the alternate timeline would be permanent, that it was anything other than bringing Sally closure? Throw out 3 1/2 years character development with only a few eps left?

  13. I loved the finale all the way up until the very, very end. Then all I could think was, “Okay, so you two fell asleep with a baby and a toddler running around alone in a field? Nice parenting.” :P

  14. I loved the ending and I think they did an incredible job but I was very sad to see it end! I cried when widen got his door and it was perfect bc I do believe everyone can be forgiven for their indescresitions! The Sally and Aiden romance, although how sweet was it Sally was there to greet Aiden in the end?gotta admit I seen that coming when I seen where they were heading with the whole ordeal, I felt like bc the show was coming to an end they felt compelled to give the fans what they sort of always wanted. Romance between Sally and Aiden.
    Personally I could’ve done without it. I felt their relationship was more brotherly sisterly love rather than true romance. Even though Sally magically realized her feelings for Aiden, literally, I don’t see how Aiden could have realized his feelings for Sally! He seen her as his BFF or sister then once Sally decides to “love” him he just suddenly switches his emotions to “yup I love you more”?? That doesn’t happen. Now, had they of toyed with the notion of Aiden being attracted to Sally from the get-go, it would have made much more sense, maybe a whole “your hot and I’m in to you, but your a ghost so darn can’t make it happen” kinda way! Then I would have been like , I totally knew they’d end up together. Felt rushed and awkward to me. At any rate I’m very sad to see it go, loved the show and the characters, I hope to see something similar pop up if not on syfy hopefully another network, if one does, I’m 100% tuned in.

  15. I liked the finale! I watched the original series and was disappointed that the original cast was all killed off before they became human. The last season was a bit weird too… Some of the elements in the US series finale were predictable, but I’m glad that everyone got a happy ending. Since the writers didn’t give us a lot of screen romance between Sally and Aidan (in the current timeline), it’s nice to know that they found each other on the other side. Honestly, I’m sad that it’s over: it was one of the few good tv series out there. Bummed out too that I never got to bump into one of them in Montreal. I did see one of the Dutch though…

  16. I loved Being Human from the start.
    That said, this was the ABSOLUTE WORST season of the program, and the MOST CLICHED STORYLINE EVER.
    Total ROT.
    After this I’m GLAD it’s off the air. Talk about TRIPE!
    Some made up evil ghost we’ve never heard of suddenly becomes a force to be reckoned with and kills Aiden… WHY? Where she come from?
    Sally, who I’ve been SOOOOOO tired of as a character since season 2, suddenly becomes Hermoine frickin Granger, miss perfect witch who can do anything?
    Make me wanna gag.
    Cliché after cliché after bad writing cliché.
    Just change the time line and make the ghost a witch and everything will be ALL BETTER.
    I had DVRed the last 1/2 of the season due to working Monday nights and saw it all in one showing. Can honestly say the finale made me WANNA PUKE.

  17. Just finished the series on netflix & loved it from beginning to end. That final episode made me a blubbering mess! :( Im glad they all got a happy ending! (& just thinking about how josh & nora named their kids aidan & sally is making me wanna cry all over agian!)