‘Being Human’ Renewed For Season 4 – What Happens Next?

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being human s4 renewal Being Human Renewed For Season 4   What Happens Next?

Apparently, Being Human won’t end on a cliffhanger. After closing their third season with a series of shocks for the show’s supernatural trio on Monday night, Syfy announced that the show will return for a 4th season, issuing a press release during the network’s upfront presentation in New York today.

Adapted from a popular UK show of the same name that will draw to a close later this year following 5 seasons and multiple cast changes, the US version of Being Human is no Walking Dead, but it has earned respectable numbers for Syfy – averaging 1.8 million viewers during its 3rd season while performing very well with 18-49 year olds and women. The 4th season of Being Human is expected to run 13 episodes, but fans will likely have to wait until 2014 to see what happens next.

In the finale, Aidan (Sam Witwer) chose deception over murder as he set his mangled vampire progeny loose in the wild instead of killing him. Naturally, this could come back to bite him in the ass with Josh (Sam Huntington), his new wife Nora, and Sally (Meghan Rath), but the bigger question is: how will Aidan deal with the apparent return of his long dead wife in season 4, and what manner of beastie is she? Beyond that, what happens to Aidan’s new love, Kat Neely?

Speaking of Josh and Nora, all seemed set for splendor after the werewolf couple’s quickie wedding, but then Liam’s quest for vengeance over his dead were-daughter reared its head and now Josh is stuck being a werewolf – conceivably forever. Though, the last shots of him in full-on wolf mode in the light of day with Nora screaming certainly speak to big questions about the nature of his transformation going forward.

being human s4 renewal wedding Being Human Renewed For Season 4   What Happens Next?

For Sally, the situation seems most dire. Free of both her earthly body and her Faustian deal with Donna the witch, good old ghost Sally was back, but in a stunning moment (and a rather cool visual), she got literally dragged to hell (or some other subterranean place) through her death spot by that same witch, echoing the season 2 cliffhanger when Sally was stuck in limbo, only to be rescued by Josh and Nora’s initial pact with Donna. Will they be able to get her back this time, though?

There are at least 8 months to speculate and think about those questions, though the return of Donna could set her up as a major character next season, much in the way that Xander Berkeley’s “Liam” was this year, Deena Aziz’ “Mother” was last season, and Mark Pellegreno’s “Bishop” was in season 1.

With that said, Being Human always seems to find a way to throw more than just one primary stumbling block at their characters over the course of each season, sidestepping the annual “Big Bad” trope and making it likely that we’ll likely see Donna, the above mentioned un-resolved and freshly brewed troubles, and a bunch of unforseen things and total surprises that continue to plague Aidan, Josh, and Sally into the next season


Being Human season 4 premieres in 2014 on Syfy

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  1. Thank the gods!!!
    I love this show

  2. Have one episode be a Supernatural, Being human cross over. How cool would that be?

    • But then one of either Josh, Aiden, Sally, or Nora would die because there is no getting past those Winchester boys :P

      • but wouldn’t you live to watch how dean would act around nora and sally lol

        • love* dumb phone lol


    • That would be awesome! but Sam and dean would probably end up killing them all .. like Tara said there is no getting past the Winchester boys :)

    • Too cool :P Love both shows!

  3. It would have been a buzz kill if the show got canned. I hope they pick up where the season ended plus this season was good just was kinda off in some ways having a year gone by. I know why they did it like that just kinda sucked to me. I wonder if there is something more to the new breed of monster for lian said they were incubating.

  4. i hated this show at first, but i will say it really did pick up during this last season. hate to say it, but to preserve drama, i think Josh will kill nora (even though i like her character) in wolf form, but odds are that won’t happen. As for Aiden, i’m not too excited by his wife popping up. Okay, so Sally’s ending was totally awesome and creepy. Especially with that death spot effect and Donna just popping up behind her and calmly dragging her to “hell” was awesome. I hope they really start having the seasonal big bads start being more of a threat. I feel like when it comes the villains, there is something somewhat lacking. I don’t know what it is, anybody else get that sense that this show doesn’t utilize villains too well?

  5. I would have been very pissed if the show didn’t continue after that ending. Again with the friggin’ cliffhangers! They really should only be utilized when it’s absolutely certain beforehand that the show/movie franchise in question will continue. If that’s not the case they should always end a season/movie with proper closure. If they find out later that they get to continue after all they can easily do the setup for the new season/movie in the first minutes of the new installment instead of in the last minutes of the current one.

    Audiences will not anticipate the continuation any less for that approach. In fact, most of the time I’ve already forgotten what happened in the end after months of waiting for a new season. They don’t really expect to keep the buzz for a show going for half a year, just because they used a cliffhanger, do they? If people returen to a new season it’s because they like the show and the characters as a whole, and not because of a silly and contrived open ending.

    • I totally agree w you! I hate that shows get canceled but even more so when it ends w a million questions unanswered. I need closure! I understand cliffhangers and why they are important and vital on keeping the viewers attention but its better to answer all the questions if there’s even a chance the show is over! Idk if you watched that ABC show Zero Hour but I was so mad they canceled that especially after 3 episodes! They aired it Saturday nights throughout the summer but I would still love to see where that show would have ended up. Even w the cancelled series it ended w all kinds of questions. It would be awesome if another network picked it up

  6. Thank God! Syfy renewed Being Human Season 4,yippee!!!! This is my favorite show ever and I’m so excited!! Can’t wait!! :) :) :D :D

    • but we have to wait almost a year…..

  7. Keep it going why have to wait so long till it comes. Back on! Ncis. Is cool but why we can’t have a Marathon!? This is goodstuff! I wanna be a vampire because of this movie!

  8. I Love this show,I would DIE if they didn’t bring out another season, I would be so disappointed if they stop this show.
    I am so addicted to it.
    Thanks for the BEST show eva!!!!

    • Wow sweetie, you need to get a life!!!!

      • Says the person trolling comments to tell people to get a life.

  9. I for one am excited for this show to return, I have really missed Being Human and Lost Girl while they’ve been away. Everyone talks about Being Human and compares it to Walking Dead but its not meant to be so I find the survivor horror of Walking Dead cool, but I also dig the twists and stories that Being Human tells. So I like them both, and think Being Human is great.

  10. Love this show. When will it be back?

  11. I’m a big lover of Being Human, I’ve watched it from the beginning. When it finished it’s season this year, number three, I couldn’t wait for seasonal for. Then later this summer it came back, I thought it was season four. So I started my watch again. Low and be hold all of the characters changed. “What”? No! No! No!” So I gave it some of my time and did not like it. What is this? I was about to cancel until I looked online. The one that they are playing now is the British version. What a waist. Why would they air that version, that has not been followed over her in, and confuse people. They almost lost this viewer, and sadden me. Now I have to keep Being Human in my DVR listing until the right one (the American version) comes back in 2014.

  12. I know they say we have to wait a year for the next season, but that’s just a lie because I have season 4 and 5

  13. Both versions of Being Human are amazing. I am so disappointed the UK version has come to an end, but excited for the US version to pick up again. I don’t really understand why so many people get up in arms over which version is better because both series are incredible for different reasons. The UK version is wittier, sillier and more emotional yet far slower paced whereas the US version has a higher production value and better special effects with an edgier cast. The universe of the characters is similar but entirely different and incomparable. I feel like I have a better appreciation for the US version after being a fan of the original; I honestly don’t think I would have given the US version a second look if not for my love of the BBC series. I feel a bit sad when I read so many US fans bash the original series without giving it a chance… It is totally worth it to embrace both sides if the Being Human saga.

    • I would love to see the British version… I’m always willing to give somethong different a chance. I will have to try to find it online or something.

      • im from newcastle in the uk being human uk is no where as good as the us one

    • so i think the Uk version of being human was cool because it totally had this neo-80′s new wave revival thing going on. Just look at the choice in music for the show and the way characters (especially the vampires) dressed. It was moodier and at times depressing ,which lets face it, many people generally shun television shows that don’t always have a happy ending. Being Human Uk can be depressing at times, especially when it came to Mitchell, his bloodlust and the conclusion of his story arc or just what happened to George and Nina in between series. However, the US version grew on me, granted it’s outlook on the world isn’t as bleak as the UK version (which suits my rather bleak impression of the world), the US version is certainly one of the better scripted sci-fi/fantasy shows on network tv. I do wonder if they’ll introduce the Trinity concept from the UK show to the US version. could explain why Donna has more of a mad on for Sally than she had for any other ghost, she did sense something special or powerful about her.


  15. Being human is like one of my best shows I hate missing an episode but its great to watch 2 together! It’s like having three helpings of dessert!!!! Love this show I hope it doesn’t end too soon that will be devastating!!!

  16. I absolutely love this show. I hate that I have to wait a year to see what happens next. By far best show ever!!!!

  17. Love the show love the character’s but gutted have to wait till 2014 for season 4. What am I going to do :-(

  18. Can’t wait for season 4

  19. I am so happy it is coming back! But that’s a long time wait 2014! And when in 2014!

  20. I can’t wait! I love this show <3

  21. Why do we have to wait so long???? I love this show and having to wait til 2014 is torture.

  22. Thank goodness miss my show!

    • Happy day when does the new season start

  23. I actually met “Sally” at comic con this past year! She’s super nice! She also told me she liked my shirt. First celebrity I’ve ever met :3


  24. love ,LOVE, love… this show! but need to bring it back sooner I got my whole family watching it and loving it! so hurry up BEING HUMAN! I GOT TO HAVE MY FIX!

    • They should seriously have a “Like” button for comments like this :)

  25. 2014….? Seriously? :( And that makes me sad for a long time!

  26. Why do we have to wait so ling for it to cone back on I want to see it now and I love this show

  27. The statements, questions, and complaints about this show to me is very hilarious on the other hand i am very sad to have to wait for so long to watch the best show ever!!!

  28. i wanna BONE Sally so bad she is freakin hot the things i could do to that fine sexxxy girl. she is on my top 5 girls i wanna BANG!!!!!

  29. i wanna EAT OUT and LICK SALLYS “Butt HOLE ” i wanna taste her butty so bad and let her penetrate me with a strap_on. i wanns make her my Goddess