Syfy to End ‘Being Human’ After Four Seasons

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The story of the ghost, the vampire, and the werewolf (and the other werewolf) is coming to an end as Syfy has announced that Being Human will wrap up following the conclusion of the show’s current season; a move that follows the end of the UK-born original version of the concept, which ended in March after 5 series’ and a lot of cast turnover.

Why is the show coming to an end after 52 episodes? While the ratings have been mostly steady from last season up through last week’s episode, they are down from season two, but according to series star Sam Witwer, the exit was both planned (as is evidenced by the above video that the cast made to say goodbye to the fans) and one made from an artistic standpoint.

Here’s Witwer via his Twitter account.

“Wanted to tell a great story from beginning to end. We didn’t want to bleed the concept dry. Believe it or not – artistic decision. [...] This entire season was, from inception, designed to be the last one. All stories are tied up. This was how we wanted to go.”

being human s4 ep5 sally josh Syfy to End Being Human After Four Seasons

While Witwer provided far more information than the Syfy press release did about the reasons behind the somewhat surprising exit, there a small line that may indicate how showrunner Anna Fricke and her cast and crew plan to bring things to an end.

“They’ve saved the best for last with the final six episodes that revisit the story’s beginning, leading to a not-to-be-missed send-off for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora.”

If you didn’t watch the most recent episode, then you may have missed the trailer that aired afterwards which revealed the battleplan for next week’s episode that gets into It’s a Wonderful Life territory.

A blast from the past was a given for next week, and we wondered if it might last for awhile in our review of last night’s episode, but if the show is going to “revisit the story’s beginning” all the way to the end, that might make it hard to fully resolve a few of the show’s lingering plot threads – even if in hindsight, it makes some sense that the show is nearing the finish line.

Realistically (which isn’t a word often used when talking about a supernatural show), how could the show pivot out from where Josh and Nora are after everything that has happened? Hasn’t it felt like Sally’s story was nearing its end for weeks now? If there’s a character with life still in its veins, it’s ironically Aidan the vampire’s, especially thanks to the still unresolved Kenny situation and all of his baggage with Suzanna – but how many times can viewers watch Aidan fall and rise again, dedicated to living a humanesque life before it becomes tired? Though fans of Being Human may be crestfallen, perhaps this is a good death for the show.

What do you think? Was there more life in Being Human, or are they ending at the right time?


Being Human airs on Syfy every Monday @9PM. The series finale will air on April 7th

Source: TV By the Numbers, Twitter

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  1. well this sucks.

  2. I think it could have gone for another season. However it is better that they get to go out on their own terms.

  3. I’m fine with it IF the promise holds true that they properly wrap up the show.

  4. I am a HUGE fan of the original, how does this shape up with that one? Always considered watching it.

    • I have watch both completely and have to say that the characters are way better in this and the UK version got really weird in the end.

  5. It’s off topic but has anyone hear listened to Sam on the Rebel Force Radio podcast? His commentaries on the original Star Wars films are fantastic.

  6. This really sucks! but I have to agree that the show did feel like it was going to come to an end very soon; I just expected/hoped that it would have a least one more season. I honestly love this show with a passion, the characters and story-lines are constructed perfectly and it’s honestly going to be sad to say goodbye.

  7. I’m gonna miss it

  8. Yeah, this sucks! However, if they have a game plan for going out then bring it on. Will miss this show as I miss the original, it took me a long time to not hate this show for not being the original, but it totally evolved and became it’s own beast. Although, I hope thta they take a cue from the original and not allow every character a happy ending, but if they do i’ll be pleased just the same. Was hoping for at least 1 or 2 more seasons (which is rare for me), was hoping to see what their take on demons in the being human universe would be. Oh well. This and face off are the only reasons for me to watch SyFy.

  9. Crap.

  10. Really hope this was their idea and not syfy’s…they have a tendency to end good shows like warehouse 13 and eureka. “You End like Breaking Bad, or run long enough to see yourself become Dexter”

  11. %&##@$^ you SyFy. First Warehouse 13 and then this show?

    The list of prematurely cancelled SyFy shows is growing quite long and I for one am tired of it. My patience wears thin and I’m on the brink of giving up watching the channel altogether.

    All they seem to do now a days is run crappy, old SciFi shows and cancel good ones (oh and still televising Pro Wrestling!)

  12. I have to say that this show really caught me by surprise two years ago. This usually isn’t my kind of thing (I’m more sci-fi/space than horror/fantasy), but the quality of this show from beginning right up until this current season has been very high (with the exception of a few dodgy plot lines that came and went in season 2-3).

    It’s a shame to see it go, but I guess it’s better to watch a show go out with a bang instead of dying slowly with a whimper. Let’s hope that with this cancelled and a bit of the budget freed up, Siffy, Soufay, Siy-Fai – or whatever that network is branded these days that used to be Sci-Fi – actually commissions a decent replacement, and doesn’t go with the cheap rubbish they’ve been peddling for the past 6+ years since their re-branding.

  13. I thoroughly believe that they are ending at the right time. I LOVE this show, but I’m happy that they are ending now before they REALLY start fishing for plot lines. I was already thinking it before I saw Sam tweet it; I think they were starting to bleed out.

  14. I enjoyed this show.
    But all good things come to an end.
    However, I would like the sy fy channel
    produce a movie based in this show.

  15. SyFy has gotten so bad during the last few years. They keep adding stupid reality shows and now they are canceling my favorite show! Ghost hunters is the worst show I’ve ever seen and it’s been on for many years. The movies they play are mostly garbage and they constantly re-run them. After the finale of Being Human, I won’t be watching SyFy anymore!

  16. Im so super sad about this, I feel like this was the only concrete show I have ever watched on syfy and maybe the last. Unless Jim Hensons creature shop turns out interesting.

  17. I will miss everything about this show.

  18. I’m sooooo sad that the show is ending, I NEED Being Human in my life!!! I watched the UK version but to me the US version is better. I fell in love with the characters and the storyline. Like the cast was picked out perfectly, I haven’t been this interested in a tv series in a very long time. Too bad Sally and Aiden discovered their love for each other in the last season. Hope the last episode leaves closure for everyone. this show literally Makes me wish I had a vampire, ghost, and wolves for bffs. *Sighs* Love ya Sally, Aidan, Josh and, Nora!!!

  19. This show was excellent and I truly appreciate all the hard work everyone put into it. Just watched the last episode and I am satisfied with the conclusion. Great job. And, that rewind where Sally went back in time and changed their beginning really stuck with me. Loved, loved, loved it.

    I want to thank everyone involved with telling this story. You all did an excellent job and I am looking forward to seeing what you all do next in your careers.

  20. I am so upset about this. Being Human was such an amazing show, and it didn’t get out there enough. People are JUST starting to watch it. It really shouldn’t have ended.

  21. I wish they would reconsider, i really love this show!

  22. Just finished the finale ep on netflix & im a blubbering mess! :( im glad they all got their happy endings but in mind they’re all still living together as best friends in boston! Great show & cast!

    • As a show that proved that male nurses can be cool, I’ll really miss it’s originality. The ending a great, but I wish e could have gotten a few more seasons at least.

  23. I don’t believe I have ever seen any other show that exhibited the phenomenal chemistry between the characters as exhibited by the four main characters in “Being Human”. I doubt that I will ever see it again. The chemistry between Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and Kristen Hager won’t be matched in my lifetime – I’m 68 years young!

  24. I watched all of this on netflix the past weekend staying up till 7am watching each night I loved the series and cried at the end I do not think it could not have been a better ending I am going to miss the show I felt like I could connect with each character letting them go feels like losing someone close to me.