Behind-The-Scenes Photos of The Last Airbender

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the last airbender m night shyamalan logo Behind The Scenes Photos of The Last Airbender

One of my most anticipated films of 2010 is what I’m hoping will be the career-path-correcting project by M. Night Shyamalan is The Last Airbender. Shyamalan’s had a rocky track record in recent years with his latest original films not doing well amongst fans, critics or the box office but he looks to rectify that with his first go at adapting an established property.

We’ve not seen much on the film recently but we were initially hopeful of the full trailer debut for Christmas. That was of course delayed due to ILM shots needing completion so we’re tentatively set to see the trailer release in February.

The latest issue of Empire Magazine features some cool new photos from the set of The Last Airbender and /Film put up some scans that a reader sent in from the mag.

For fans of the the critically acclaimed Nickelodeon television series, titled Avatar: The Last Airbender (re-named to avoid confusion with James Cameron’s movie), check out the latest issue of Empire with Matt Damon’s Green Zone as the cover story. In it are these high quality photos:

the last airbender photo avatar fight Behind The Scenes Photos of The Last Airbender

the last airbender photo aang Behind The Scenes Photos of The Last Airbender

I highly recommend you check out the Emmy award winning animated series that ran from early 2005 up until summer, 2008. The story was organized into 3 books (seasons) with each episode called a chapter. There are 20 chapters in each book with one extra in the final book making for a 61-episode run to tell the story and end it properly and I’m excited to see it adapted to the big screen.

Shyamalan promises a faithful-to-the-series adaptation and everything we’ve seen so far points that that being true, especially the awesome looking teaser trailer for The Last Airbender.

What do you think about these two new photos? For a third image of M. Night on set, head over to /Film.

The Last Airbender glides into theaters July 2, 2010.

Source: Empire (thanks to

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  1. WOOT. Thanks. Do you know if the article is substantial or is it just those pictures? How many more pics are there do you know…

    Ive already told my son (11) to get some sleep as I will be taking him to his first midnight movie when this comes out. :D

  2. awesome!!! would be nice to see how M.Night handles something like this . I’m pretty sure that everyone will be surprised when the trailer comes out in Feb next year , most probably with percy jackson and the lightning thief . This movie is gonna be so epic .

  3. looks terrible.

    M.Night, please make Unbreakable 2!

    And Lady In The Water is actually quite a nice little movie, very charming.

  4. O.O

    DrS…. what looks terrible about it?

  5. I’m excited to see this – my son is a big fan of the anime cartoon, and I must admit, I was hooked too. If the quality of the movie comes close to the quality of the cartoon, then I’ll be very pleased! I’m also a fan of M. Night, but “The Happening” was so amazingly awful that I almost gave up on him. Let’s hope “The Last Airbender” redeems him.

  6. @Aknot

    I’m not an anime fan, and a live action version worked really well for DragonBallZ

  7. DrS,

    It is no where near “Anime” on a DB level. Some characters even have small eyes..they never open their mouths in a disproportional way etc.. :D

    Please if you can check it out. If you go to Nickelodean dot com. Videos and navigate to Full and select Avatar at the drop down you will find one titled firebending masters.

    Ok was watching it.. their eyes do get a little big but not like DB.. :D

  8. A friend of mine is obsessed with Dragonball Z, and it put me off anything that even faintly resembles it.

  9. What if I send you 50% of the cost to see it? Heck you went and saw Avatar even when you said you would not… :P

  10. @DrSamBeckett
    please don’t compare this to that terrible B-grade action flick “Dragonball” which was hated by everyone , including the anime fans and the rest.

  11. @Prem

    I really dont see the difference

  12. @ DrSamBeckett,

    Dragonball isn’t even comparable, man. I’m not an anime guy but I loved the Airbender cartoon.

    Thanks to the Totally Rad Show for the recommendation.

  13. Ok, fair enough, this just seems like a huge waste of Nights talent, so what he made a bad movie or two, every director has made a stinker and guy gets crucified for it!

  14. @DrS,

    Waste of his talents? Why? Avatar if done right could be as epic as LotR. I mean it worked in a cartoon:

    Love Story/triangle
    Comedic moments
    Epic battles
    New Lore

    Since he has his hands all in it, if it fails, well it would be almost all on him.

  15. “The Last Airbender” is definitely a departure from typical anime – it’s MUCH better. The story is well-written and engaging, and the things that are intended to be funny ARE funny. Kind of rare in cartoons these days. Does anyone know why they stopped making the cartoon itself?

    I’m still hoping M. Night gets back on track with this film. :o)

  16. @ DrSamBeckett

    its not anime, they just use a lil anime inspiration to it. its actually made by some white guys here in the US. DBZ, GUNDAM, ASTRO BOY, those are animes. so technically its a cartoon.

  17. These photos are from, not /Film.

    Seriously. Lol.

  18. @NightBender

    /Film said they were sent to them by “reader Chris G” and that’s we attributed the images to them.

    We’ll update the post.


  19. Does anyone know if this movie is going to focus just on book one or go through all 3 books?

  20. @Vic:
    Thanks! Those photos (not scans) were sent to me by a long time member at (whose name btw is not Chris G.) lol.

    The movie is going to focus on just book one.

  21. If you like the series at all, I don’t see how you can overlook the racial discrimination that went on in the casting. They’ve literally gone in and whitewashed all the East Asians out of the movie.

  22. I really hope that if this movie just focuses on the first book, that there is a real commitment to doing the other two books. Would hate to see the story left unfinished on the big screen. The animated series was really such a beautiful story. My wife and I both watched it with our kids (and without when they were caught up doing other things) and found that a lot of our friends, relatives, and parents were also caught up in the story. It’s an epic tale that, in my opinion, deserves full treatment on the screen. I’m really hoping that it doesn’t get ruined in translation. Counting on M.Knight to get this one right.

  23. @NightBender
    remember me from the forums?
    lol, I knew that those images were from

    did you visit the imdb forums for LAB? you will get more members over there who might agree with you but not “true fans” of the series . Its better to get a good movie with good actors rather than a stupid movie like Dragonball with some of the worst actors ever . Aang looks like a Xerox copy of his cartoon version so I don’t really care about any other actors . Stop this racism crap ffs .

  24. @ DrSamBeckett

    I’m sorry, but if your idea of anime is Dragonball Z, then you are definitely misinformed. I love anime, particularly old-school anime (Ninja Scroll, Akira, Battle Angel, etc). I can’t stand Dragonball. I never got into the lame stories, which were lame excuses to string together ridiculous fight scenes. A lot of people may like Dragonball, but I’m not one of them. The anime I’m into a full of deep stories, mature themes, great action scenes, memorable characters, etc.

    That said, Avatar the Last Airbender is not true anime. It is greatly influenced by anime, particularly by Miyazaki’s work (if you really want to see a very good anime, rent Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away… they are nothing like Dragonball Z). The comparisons to Tolkein are pretty apt, the world in Avatar is a fully realized, richly detailed world, complete with its own mythology and history. It is a children’s show, but it has something for everyone. The action scenes are very good, the story is amazing. The characters are deep and they develop throughout the series (the show gets high marks for having a lot of strong and interesting female characters).

    The Last Airbender is the perfect film for M. Night’s talents. This could do for Shyamalan what LOTR did for Peter Jackson (another person who did horror movies before taking on Tolkein).

    @ Vina

    The racial discrimination is duly noted. I reserve all judgement until I see the movie. As long as Shyamalan is faithful to the story, and the characters ring true… I’m really not bothered by the casting. The truth is, The Last Airbender is a story that everyone should see, it is THAT good. If the price to pay for the story to make the big screen is that the cast doesn’t quite look like the actual characters (yes, even if the ethnic make-up of the characters is different), then, at least for me… so be it. The fact that the story takes place in a fictional world kind of negates the controversy for me. And, honestly, I have not heard any protest from the show’s producers, so if they are okay with the casting, that’s good enough for me. It the story that’s important.

  25. The show is excellent, so I hope they don’t drop the ball with the movie.

  26. To say that I’m dubious about this movie is like saying the ocean’s a little bit damp.
    I adored the show and just have trouble seeing it working in live action. Particularly the comedy. The comedic parts were a HUUUGE factor in what made the show great and I really hope Shyamalan keeps that intact.

    If I may throw my opinion into the whole race discussion, I’m not opposed so much to the changes in race as I am to the lack of accommodating changes in some aesthetics.
    If you want to make all the Fire Nation people indian/middle eastern/etc, why do their clothes, architecture etc all look distinctly asian? In the show the fire nation had an extremely japanese aesthetic, especially WW2 era japanese and there were several similarities in their behavior and role as well. The Earth Kingdom, which is invaded by the Fire Nation, is heavily influenced by China, so right there is about as clear a WW2 allusion as you can get.
    But having them be indian/middle eastern sorta destroys that whole thing.

  27. @ Imajicka1

    You’re not really comparing this “cartoon” to LOTR are you?

    And Shyamalan was never a horror director.

    • u have no righ to say a bad things about avatar

  28. man all you guys are trippin THE dbz movie was not even close to what a dbz movie should be think matrix revolution on steriods. and this is not an anime this is a childs show based off anime. anime is cowboy bebop guyver or full metal alcemeist

  29. @ Trish,

    This show ended because they told the entire story.

    It was a good and properly structured series and I’m glad it ended instead of extending it for the sake of getting more episodes in.