Tim Burton Confirmed to Be in Talks to Direct ‘Beetlejuice 2′

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Beetlejuice Unearthed Tim Burton Confirmed to Be in Talks to Direct Beetlejuice 2

When Beetlejuice debuted in 1988, it didn’t take long for it to become a legitimate cultural sensation spawning a cartoon series, toys, video games, and almost immediate proposals for a sequel. Though much work was put into producing the dire-sounding Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, said sequel never materialized.

Despite the failure of Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian in the ’90s, stories and rumors of a sequel have persisted for years. Just two days ago, an unverified source claimed that original director Tim Burton (Frankenweenie) had expressed strong interest in helming a version of Beetlejuice 2 written by Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). Now, more reliable voices have confirmed that Burton is indeed moving forward with plans to direct the follow-up to his horror-comedy classic.

The Wrap has shared the news that Burton is in active talks to helm Beetlejuice 2. Currently finishing work on his upcoming historical drama/biopic Big Eyes, Burton has apparently begun speaking with the producers at the Geffen Company (who also backed the original film) about the job.

If Burton does indeed direct Beetlejuice 2 and Michael Keaton (Birdman) returns as the ghost with the most (it’s not a sure thing yet), it’ll mark the first time he has teamed up with the actor since Batman Returns in 1992. Over the years, nearly every principal actor from Beetlejuice has expressed interest to reprise their roles in a possible sequel. With Burton behind the camera, Beetlejuice 2 could be more of a legitimate reunion and continuation than fans dared hope.

Beetlejuice Alec Baldwin Scaremongery Tim Burton Confirmed to Be in Talks to Direct Beetlejuice 2

Though it would have to work hard to be worse than the famously bad Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian script, one has to wonder exactly what scriptwriter Grahame-Smith has fashioned for this version of the sequel. The screenplay must have Burton’s confidence if he’s willing to direct it – but given the nature of the scripts for Burton’s most recent projects, this may not be a surefire sign of quality. After all, Grahame-Smith was responsible for the quite tepid screenplay for Dark Shadows.

Nonetheless, any solid news about Beetlejuice 2 is potentially good news. After a spate of underwhelming projects, Burton needs a hit. A return to one of the movies that put him on the map could be just the thing to revitalize a career some say is in sharp decline.

Be sure to check back with Screen Rant for any further news about Beetlejuice 2 – who’s involved, whether it’s happening at all, and whether it will be a sequel worth the 25-year wait.


Beetlejuice 2 has not yet conjured a definitive release date. Watch Screen Rant for more as it develops.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Would not watch this for all the beetle-juice squirted and smashed on my windshield in China! Burton sux grasshopper-spittle. Along with his buddy Johnny Dipp.

    • Beetle Juice for $10 or apple juice for $3.

    • Goldilocks your opinion does not matter sorry but we don’t care what you have to say since we love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

  2. If the effects are done more practical then it would be a hit. Too much cartoony CGI will kill it!

    • For sure. It’d be rad to see some stop motion effects by Henry Sellick rather than CGI.

  3. To be fair his latest movie was received well by critics regardless of whether people flocked to see it or not. I finally saw Beetlejuice last year and was delighted with the classic Burton experience it provided. I especially loved the scenes in the underworld or wherever they were with the doors and the waiting room with all the mangled people. If they can capture the same feel as the original, stick with the practical effects that made the original so great, and if Michael Keaton is returning, I am all for it.

  4. How tedious this all sounds. Why do a sequel from a film this far in the past? Keaton – just so 1990s.

    • How tedious you sound. Why trouble yourself to comment…just don’t see it. Obviously, plenty of people do want to see it, else it wouldn’t be made. Here’s some other upcoming sequels you don’t have to see…

      Dumb and Dumber To
      Army of Darkness 2
      Legend of Conan

      I won’t miss you in the theater.

      • Can’t forget the new Bill & Ted.

  5. “Beetlejuice Returns” sounds better than “Beetlejuice 2″

    • I see what you did there.

    • “Beetle Juice Rises” works too.

      • BeetleJuice Forever. Couldn’t resist, I apologize.

  6. Why?

  7. why not

  8. next movie should be called “BeetleJuice BeetleJuice”

    the third in the trilogy, of course, “BeetleJuice BeetleJuice BeetleJuice”

    • BRILLIANT!!! lol

    • “Buttlejuiced”.
      Change your shorts!

  9. Don’t do it!!!!

  10. “Don’t mind her. She’s still upset because somebody dropped a house on her sister.”

    Give me a line as good as that and I will be in. But I think we all know that there is no way it can be as good as the first. People change radically over 25 years, lest of all, they become more comfortable and less challenging to themselves. The energy of the original was one of youth primarily from those behind it.

    Trying to recreate that energy of youth is rarely anything other than a complete embarrassment.

  11. So this is, what, the fourth time Burton’s been in talks to direct it since 1992?

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    As for people’s worries about the script, apparently the script that Burton and Keaton got excited for a decade ago was said to be the one most likely to be the finished movie if it ever got the green light.

  12. i would be interested when Winona signs on. burton should totally revisit previous successes. everything nowadays is a sequel or reboot anyway so why not. A good mix of CG and practical effects, like 2011 The Thing. dark surrealist films could work in 3D too

  13. Beetlejuice is ONE of my all time favorite comedy horror movies! I almost went on to write a full treatment for a sequel, but once Mr. Burton entrusted SGS to write it, I backed away. Long story. Now, my biggest concerns:
    1.) Story and character development
    2.) Practical sfx DONE RIGHT and not over CGI or any crappola like that. I dig the stop motion stuff, some things shouldnbe taken to the next level.
    3.) Running time. Extend it a bit longer, slap on 20 extra minutes of Beetlejuice greatness.
    4.) Bring it Geffen. Make this a tad scarier and enticing than the first, 25 years we deserve it.
    5.) Give BTJ some nifty antagonists and protagonists. Do we really need the Maitlans all over again?
    6.) Add layers to this story, make us have unexpected turn of events, but routing for the good guys and BTJ…period.8
    7.) Keep the dialogue quirky and give BTJ awesome lines!
    8.) Bring some fresh make up ideas onto the screen…Dark Shadows characters looked boring and uninspired.
    9.) DANNY ELFMAN score this please. I love the fiddles and violin tones for BTJ, more of that please.
    10.) I dare you to throw in some Nightmare Before Xmas characters (similar anyway, like Jack and that Werewolf, etc) into the mix. There, a template of awesomeness IMO, you have my blessing :D

  14. i just hope they show beetlejuice more then last time because he was only in from middle to the end about 20 to 30 mins the most which was the best parts of the original movie. sure the other actors and character scenes were good back then but now for alot of us the best parts are with keaton’s beetlejuice character. that character has become an icon now with a cartoon,Disney world rides,talking pull string action figures, people dressing as him for years. the beetlejuice character has become to much of an horror icon like michael Myers or jason voorhees not to add him till the end which will be a big let down we waited 25 years to see beetlejuice at the very end screw that.

  15. s*** add beetlejuice throughout the movie make it about him anything less WILL be a big flop people want beetlejuice character with michael keaton in the role again. i see on every beetle 2 websites talking about this sequel and everyone seems to agree on three things. 1 its ether keaton as beetlejuice or no go 2 show the character ALOT more then just hanging around in a plastic village and 3 show beetleman’s past how he died what he did in life and what era he lived in and alot of people seem to like the idea of showing the other-world more often you know the under-world the neither-world the dead-world etc.

  16. the story should wright its self starting like……film opens with beetlejuice *keaton* still waiting in the waiting-room for his extremely long number to be called with him getting very very antsy as he’s been waiting for over 25 years’ so long that his face and most his body has cobwebs on it from sitting in the same place for so long’ beetleman looks as he’s fast asleep from waiting that long’ one of the other ghouls jump up yelling randomly YES!! IM NEXT!! this makes beelteman jump clear out of his dead skin having the chair fall over completely with him in it yelling im up i swear ma im alive *looks at his hands* sorta. beelteman finally gets up walking to the counter with a very ancient looking old dead woman sitting there reading a book called “humans of today” beetleman puts his papered number on the counter trying to get her attention saying ‘hey babe hey u there hello anybody home in that empty head of yours’ she finally looks at him as he says ‘aye i been here for over 20 years can i get some freaking service before i die again, she says let me see your number, he gives it to her she looks at it then says ‘oh wait this number’s wrong’ as beelteman thinking hes gonna finally be leaving she then stamps on it a few more thousand numbers beetleman stares at the papered number again as his face starts getting red in a frustration comedy build up as beelteman mumbles to himself in funny juice style then he does his famous head spin screaming ‘AHHHH!! the scene zooms out with the original theme playing “daay liight comee and the onne goo hoommee”…..now thats one hell of a way to start the movie and after that the story should wright its self since this new sequel is set in a 25 year gap in between the films. so this time the story may just wright its self with whats going on the world today we may see a new person learn about beetlejuice wanting to call on him or we may see lydia be the one dieing in a accident gaining powers this time around needing beetlejuices help on controlling them. with a 25 year story gap almost anything can be written down as long as it has keaton as main character beelteman it has lydia’s actress return probably to be one being killed off. seriously its the most interesting thing that people would want to see happen having lydia killed off gaining powers exploring the under-world meeting beetlejuices actual resting place. come on people it wrights its self

  17. I just now head of beetle juice and he is awsome i domt het what happens to him when you say his name 3 times