‘Beetlejuice 2′ May Happen; ‘Monopoly’ Snags New Writers

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beetlejuice 2 monopoly movie Beetlejuice 2 May Happen; Monopoly Snags New Writers

There’s been talk about Beetlejuice 2 for many years now – and, thanks to a new deal struck between KatzSmith Productions (which is headed by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith) and Warner Bros., a sequel to the Tim Burton classic could actually start to move forward.

Speaking of still-theoretical projects that may have a future after all – Universal dropped Ridley Scott’s Monopoly board game adaptation a while ago, but the project is still alive and getting a rewrite by a new pair of successful scribers.

Monopoly remains the more likely movie to happen, though it will definitely be affected by the popularity of next year’s Battleship movie. The Beetlejuice followup, by comparison, looks to benefit from Grahame-Smith’s rising status (more on that later), but it’s far from being “a sure thing.”


Beetlejuice 2

beetlejuice 2 Michael Keaton Beetlejuice 2 May Happen; Monopoly Snags New Writers

Original Beetlejuice stars Michael Keaton and Geena Davis have expressed their interest in making another film about “the ghost with the most” in the past, but this long-rumored Tim Burton project hasn’t been regarded as anything but a pipe dream for years – up until now, at least.

Deadline has learned that part of the deal between KatzSmith and Warner Bros. involves the former working on a new Beetlejuice flick. The site says the project will not be a remake; rather, a rebooting sequel (a la this winter’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) that advances the storyline of the original 1988 movie. Grahame-Smith’s work on Tim Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows movie (he wrote the screenplay) is reportedly what convinced studio heads that he should work on Beetlejuice 2 – which the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author could end up scripting as well.

Put bluntly: It’s highly unlikely that fans will go for this, unless both Keaton and Burton return as well. It was the former’s hilariously wild performance as the title character – mixed with his director’s warped Gothic visual style – that made the first Beetlejuice as big a hit as it was. No matter how good a script Grahame-Smith pounds out, it’s hard to imagine anyone mustering up a lot of excitement for this sequel – without those two crucial “ingredients,” that is.



monopoly header Beetlejuice 2 May Happen; Monopoly Snags New Writers

Universal has dropped several Hasbro board game movie adaptations recently, including Gore Verbinski’s Clue, McG’s Ouija, and Ridley Scott’s Monopoly. The last of those three is on the lookout for a new studio backer, with Scott still onboard to at least produce the film.

Heat Vision has learned that Golden Globe-winning screenwriting duo Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flint) will be reworking the Monopoly script. Whether they will be fashioning it as more of a real estate market satire, like Scott reportedly wants – or a timeless family story, like what Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has spoken about in the past – is not clear. However, based on their collective filmography, the former seems more likely.

Battleship won’t make or break the future of Monopoly, but it will help persuade Hollywood studios on the matter of just how bankable old-fashioned board game titles really are. This particular project seems to have more to do with its inspiration than some of its peers (see: the Candyland movie being modeled after Lord of the Rings). Whether that is a good or bad thing, though, kind of depends on how you look at it.

We will keep you posted on the status of both Beetlejuice 2 and Monopoly, as more information is released.

Source: Deadline, THR

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  1. Would love to see Winona back, too.

  2. Please DO NOT RUIN MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Call me crazy but i can watch that movie back to back. I would see it only if everybody came back except Otho- he died this year i think.

    • Agreed dont ruin this with a crappy sequel.

    • Why not! my entire adolescence has continued to be ruined every year.

  3. I want a ‘connect four’ movie….or maybe a “guess who?” starring Aaron Eckhart and Amber Heard for the leads.

  4. The Beetlejuice boat has pretty much sailed imho. If they had REALLY wanted to do a sequel they should have struck wile the iron was hot and made it 15 years ago. It has been WAY too long for ghosts that aren’t supposed to age to pick up 23+ years later.

    Only other option would be to reboot it but without Burton or Keaton it would, in all likelihood, fall flat on its face like Fright Night and Conan the Turkey did.

    You Hollywood execs blew it so MOVE ON.

  5. At first a Monopoly movie sounded ridiculous to me, but if they go the “satire on real estate” direction, I’m all for it. Something like “Thank You For Smoking” would be interesting (without the R-rated material, of course).

  6. Leave Beetlejuice alone… But if you are going to do it don’t for get Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder…

  7. I wouldn’t watch it without Keaton. I say leave it alone with out him…He made Beetlejuice.

  8. Wow! After all those years? Sounds nice I’m huge fan of the original so the sequel could be fun. I Hope they don’t screw it up?

  9. I would have no problem with a beetlejuice movie (a sequel, reboot etc…) I would have no problem without tim burton (who lately, makes films that half-way though could possibly end up being a snuff movie) as long as the new director keeps it alot like the original movie. I would have no problems with a new beetlejuice, after all, no one was hoping that Jack Nicholson or Cesar Romero would appear as the joker in TDK and Keaton is getting a bit old as well, either way, I’m excited…

    Monopoly? Wasn’t that Wall Street? A monopoly movie sounds long and boring.

    How about Clue? Like that movie under the same name, it could be a comedy?

    Crazy 8′s? Connect Four? Tic-Tac-Toe? Dominos? Bridge? Sorry? Monkey in a Barrel? Do we really need a movie based on any of these or other games we haven’t played since age 11?

    • I do think Keaton could do it even now. He was wearing so much make up in the original film (including a fat suit) that the fact that he’s aged shouldn’t make any difference.
      He’s the only part I’d need in order to be completely okay with another movie.
      I’m one of those fans that actually watched the cartoon as well, so obviously consistency isn’t a problem for me.

      I just want the same feel, and Keaton would make that happen.

  10. Only way Beetlejuice 2 would work is if they have a solid script in the style of the original and explored the Netherworld further. Dark, Strange, PG-13 with an emphasis on adult themed humor (tongue and cheek).

    I could care less about a monopoly themed movie, that idea is plain stupid. It just draws attention to the lack of original ideas. It’s shameful.

    • Agreed on all counts.

      Interesting to note is that the rating on Beetlejuice was so much lower than it would be if the exact same movie came out today. I wonder if those changes in how things are rated would make a difference? I hope that they just do a script as it should be done without trying for one specific rating or another. We’ll see. (Hopefully)

  11. In addition an actor who looks and plays the role of Beetlejuice to a T without getting campy would sell me.

  12. Aslong as Tim Burton & Michael Keaton are both involved, im in for a sequel.

  13. What’s with all the board game movies. Are video games too high concept for Hollywood these days?

    Monopoly can be a boring game under the wrong circumstances, what type of movie could they hope to squeeze out of that ?

    • Video Game companies are smart and probably have too high of a price tag on their licensing since they will sell games without movie tie-ins. Also, companies like Ubisoft have created their own movie studios. Board Games probably sell their name off cheaply with hopes of easily getting more sales with movie advertising. Of course, I’m a certified idiot and most of this probably isn’t correct.

    • Instead of a monopoly/battleship/uno/sorry/monkeys in a barrel/other games people dont play after age 11, maybe they should actually do a movie that WOULD do good in the box office.

      metal gear solid, halo, gears of war, GTA, portal (that short video SR had on here a little while ago was EXCELLENT), red dead redemption, army of two, etc…

      those would get more interest over some board game that after 8 hours of playing you feel like stabbing your grandma with the small iron…

      • Already have a GTA movies its called Scarface!

  14. Beetlejuice 2…bring back an older Winona Ryder who dies and Beetlejuice finds her in the nether world or tries to marry her daughter or something cheesy like that. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin cannot be in it, they look nothing like they did in the original and ghosts don’t age. But Keaton could pull it off with the makeup. Still, I say don’t do it and focus your attention on something so absolutely spectacular that it will make the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences unanimously select a film as movie of the year, decade, and century…the “Chutes and Ladders – Hungry Hungry Hippos” crossover movie!

    • That name of yours is the best one I have ever seen on Screenrant, I wish I know where you lived so I could personally hand you the trophy, which I would most likely make by myself in the tool shed…


      • Haha Thanks!

  15. Let’s have a HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO movie!!!

  16. been a while since the original so it could be hard to pull off. i loved that movie but find it really hard to be able to capture the feel and crazy of the first one. i’m down for a messed up candyland movie…..

  17. As a fan of the original “Beetlejuice” film, I cringe at the very idea of a remake. I’ve seen so many godawful train wrecks “reimaging” or “inspired by” decent films. What always happens is the studios wants to bring in the fans of the original film, but they simultaneously want to attract people who are unfamiliar with the original, and in trying to cater to both audiences end up with a badly written, hideous Frankenstein monster which fans justifiably go after with torches and pitchforks.

    I wish instead that Warner Brothers would release “Beetlejuice: The Animated Series” on DVD. Nostalgia for 80s cartoons is big right now. If you want to make some money off the Beej franchise, WB, then please do it with that hilariously dark cartoon series, and not a sequel.

  18. “including Gore Verbinski’s Clue, McG’s Ouija, and Ridley Scott’s Monopoly”

    That line actually made me shudder. I understand the reasoning behind adapting well known properties but it still really bothers me.

  19. They should make a beetlejuice 2. MANY fans have been waiting along time for this. Michael Keaton should be Beetlejuice again no one else(he’s the ghost with the most).HE EVEN WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!! It does not matter to me if anybody else but Keaton comes back. Michael Keaton is Beetlejuice. With makeup it would be the same old Beetlejuice we all LOVE. Tim Burton does not even matter as long as its as good as the original or better(But it would be nice if Tim Burton was the director again). Explore the netherworld further. Anybody that does not agree with another Beetlejuice 2 can get over themselves. Dont watch it if you dont want it to happen. Their are more fans that want it than don’t. the original will always be the original. Their is nothing wrong with another. JUST DON’T MESS IT UP IS ALL I ASK!! -BEETLEJUICE,BEETLEJUICE,BEETLEJUICE-

  20. There’s been a lot of stuff about this on the internet. Yeah, a bunch of people want to rehash it, but the whole thing is completely based on Michael Keaton and Tim Burton. A lot of this was Tim Burton’s idea in the first place and he asked Michael Keaton before it was presented. Even the writer has stated that they won’t be doing it without approval and excitement on all three sides.

    I’m a huge Beetlejuice fan and I’m more than super excited for the sequel.

  21. Someone said the Beetlejuice sequel would involve Lydia dying and entering the Neitherworld. This seems likely, but I really like the idea of it taking place in Hawaii… As a fan of the cartoon as well as the movie, I just don’t feel a live action movie with Monster and Ginger and them would do very well and its hard for me to see a Neitherworld without them.