Michael Keaton Still Up For ‘Beetlejuice 2′

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beetlejuice 2 Michael Keaton Michael Keaton Still Up For Beetlejuice 2

Plans for a sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 hit Beetlejuice go as far back as 1990 when screenwriter Jonathan Gems penned a draft titled Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. There’s very little known about that script other than it involved the title character entering a surfing competition. Thankfully, that never materialized.

There was also some talk of continuing the franchise via the direct-to-video market, likely because at this point a second Beetlejuice isn’t as safe a bet as it would have been in the early 90′s. Still, the passage of time hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of star Michael Keaton, who recently indicated he’s as ready as ever to return to the title role.

At a press junket for Toy Story 3, the 58-year-old actor told Moviehole:

“Oh I’d do that in a heartbeat… that’s the one thing I’d love to do again.”

Keaton isn’t alone. Back in April his Beetlejuice co-star Geena Davis also expressed interest in a follow-up. While this is by no means an official confirmation that the project is moving forward, it’s still nice to know that Keaton would be game if the film ever did get off the ground. Especially in this age of reboots and remakes.

I can’t help but feel that if Beetlejuice 2 does come to fruition, it would be better to surround Keaton with brand new characters. Too many sequels wind up needlessly complicated by ridiculous attempts to make sure every returning character gets shoehorned into the story. There’s no reason for Beetlejuice to remain tied to the family from the first film. It’d be a lot more fun to watch him antagonize someone new.

Either way, Keaton is an immensely talented actor and I’d love to see him return to this sort of physical comedy.

What are your thoughts on a Beetlejuice sequel after all these years? Would you want to see more of the original cast return or are you ready for something new?

Source: Moviehole via Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. I’d love to see this happen but I agree it should be Keaton surrounded by a new cast… and Burton back in the director’s chair

  2. I would love to see Keaton back doing broad, slapstick comedy. I loved Beetlejuice and Johnny Dangerously. Even Multiplicity had its moments of fun.

  3. Yah, I don’t see how they can get the original cast back in, especially since Winona Ryder is all grown up and probably too busy shoplifting to do another Beetlejuice…

  4. I’ll watch anything with Keaton but it’s hard for me to push beyond my intese hatred for any thing from Tim Burton. I can’t even put in to words how talentless and overrated that hack is.

    • Burton talentless? Really? Maybe he hasnt made anything great for 10 years or so but he has made some damn fine films, he made the best Batman by far!!!

      • I’m completely with you on the Batman! “Batman Returns” is the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen! I loved Keaton in that role!

    • Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure? Batman? Batman Returns? Edward Scissorhands? The Nightmare Before Christmas? Ed Wood? Big Fish? Corpse Bride?

      Not exactly the résumé of a typical ‘talentless hack’.

    • @”I can’t even put in to words how talentless and overrated that hack is.”

      I agree. The only film I’ve enjoyed from Burton was Beetlejuice.

      • I’m not a fan of most of his movies, but I wouldn’t say that he’s a “talentless hack.” His style is very specific and it works for a very niche market, but just because that market is not those of us who don’t like his movies, doesn’t mean he’s a bad director…

      • hmmm lets see… Batman Returns… Beetlejuice… Corpse Bride… Sweeney Todd… Alice in Wonderland… I’m sure if Burton was talentless, then he wouldn’t be getting all of this work.

  5. Please something new. I doubt Alec Baldwin and Wiona Ryder would even return. Get on somebody elses nerves. This is the cartoon version. Itll be better to the story.

  6. I’d love to see Keaton terrorize a couple like the one in Date Night. I would probably be laughing soo hard they would have to throw me out of the theater. ;-)

  7. I’d be all for a new cast with Keaton and Burton, however it would be fun to see what happened to Charles and Delia Deetz. Don’t care so much about Lydia…

    • Maybe the family from the original Beetlejuice could be given cameo appearances so we could see what they’re up to now?

  8. I think it’s a good idea although keep Burton away from it -if you havent made a good movie in over 10 years then ure worthless

    No offence Art students!

  9. Of course he’d be up for it. Does he still have a career? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him in a new movie.

  10. This is a great idea. I want to see this happen.

  11. 00Sleven,
    Yes, i agree. I hope this movie will happen. They should make a Beetlejuice 2, because honestly there is no point in them not making a Beetlejuice 2 !. In fact, they should of made a Beetlejuice 2 a while back ago!. It would be great to see another Beetlejuice movie, but hopefuly they’ll release it to theaters first, and then put it on dvd and blu ray disc, and not make it into a direct-to-dvd ordeal.

  12. I’d go see Beetlejuice 2. The first one was so original and interesting. Michael Keaton was great and I miss seeing him in comedies. I’d also love to see a sequel to Johnny Dangerously as well. That will probably never happen, though. :(

  13. I want a origins movie

  14. I’d happily watch this. Keaton is still my favourite Batman and a cracking and underated actor, he needs to do more stuff!

  15. I love to see this It’s Keaton’s best film character and he should get much more screen time if they did another one, go with new characters for the next one though.

  16. I would LOVE to see a Beetlejuice sequal!!! however i do agree that a new cast and a new story line would be better.

    come on tim burton!

  17. I have a plot for the perfect (hilarious)sequel. Includes Beetlejuice, with another set of characters. Anyone know where I can send the script?

    • look for a contact with tim burton he should have a fan mail address or something. i think he has a myspace but dont send it until you REALLY talk to him on the phone or in person or something. good luck :)

  18. I wasn’t a big fan of the first Beetlejuice, it just never suited me. However I’d love to see Michael Keaton on the big screen again so I’d go see it just for that. He’s a very talented actor that is VERY underrated.

  19. Give me the Ghost with the most. Totally agree new characters are needed for him to mess with. Sorry fellas but Burton basically created Beetle Juice. Like him or not he is as important to the film and character as Keaton. Burton is not that bad. I mean he has an alright resume: The Planet of the Apes, 9, Edward Scissor Hands, Nightmare before Christmas, Batman, Batman Returns, this list goes on some movies better than the others. His character and set designs are unique and creative. Well whatever everybody has their own views. I hope this film will happen.

  20. Not only would Michael Keaton be great in the new Beetlejuice, but would make record movie attendance and a whole new generation of fans would be able to appreciate the talents of Mr. Keaton. I have an idea for a script if anyone is interestd.

  21. I doubt Alec Baldwin would return. He looks completely different than he did in the first. How would they explain that?

    • Um, by saying he got older. Which is what happened in real life.

      • But he’s a ghost. He’s not suppose to get heavy or age.

    • You have to figure that Beetlejuice was 23 years ago so yeah the actors aren’t going to look the same that they did back then. However, with the proper work out Alec Baldwin could become as fit as he did back then. The only question is how do you make him look younger? With the power of Technology anything is possible. They did it with Patrick Stewert in X-Men and Jeff Bridges with Tron Legacy and they could do it with Alec Baldwin if he agreed to do it, they would have to do the same with Gena Davis as well because she has aged quite a bit since this movie as well.

  22. The Merry Gentleman was amazing. I’ve purchased many copies to give to friends and family, WHY has it been ignored?

  23. Umm Richard I’ll direct your attention to Micheal bay or Ratner.

    Unless you think films like Transformers, X3 and the Rush hour franchise are oozing talent.

  24. That to me was one of the most unique characters ever in a fiction movie. Keaton deserves the chance to follow up this masterpiece. Main reason being is they barely scratched the surface of beetlegueses’ character abilities. I remember the cartoon did a great job of keeping the original storyline while being just as zaney as the movie maybe even more. The families seemed to be the main characters in the movie as opposed to the cartoon where Lydia and BG stole the stage and had many crazy adventures. PLEASE DO THIS MOVIE FOR THE FANS AND KEATON!!!!!!!

  25. i would love to see it come back.

  26. Yeah make a sequel, and put all the oldies in it again. we need all da oldies to make it a sequal, not some b.s. wannabe trying to step into the shoes of Geena Davis and Winona Ryder. Cant we figure it out, guys? Would it really be that hard to make a story with a grown up Lydia, or even a ghostly Lydia, with a technological facelift, kind of like what happened with Ian McKellen at the start of Xmen 3. That way, we could have the younger character from the old film accidently releasing Beetlejuice again, with Michael Keaton and Geena Davis to go up against him. What is so hard to comprehend? are you mexican or something?

    • Um, as good of an idea as this is, it would need alot of new people, i mean there is no way winona could reprise her role. shes entirely too old to make that work, besides, i think it would be alot more fun to watch him antagonize a totally new family.

  27. Johnny Depp 100%!!!! Just remake the original no sequal unless done well.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more on that. Good point you’ve made there. Johnny Depp would be the absolute best choice to play the role of Beetlejuice, Michael Keaton is now too old now to play Beetlejuice again in my opinion. Unless, they can find a way to digitally make him look younger with CGI involved, like how they made Jeff Bridges look in Tron Legacy, as the character “Clu”, i think that’s what that chacters name was, i’m not entirely sure.

  28. I would love to see a new beetlejuice!! I loved the first one!

  29. I would love to see another Beetlejuice movie no matter if they change it up or bring back an old cast just as long as its good. Its been many years since the first one i believe its time for a new one come on people please make this happen Im in favor of Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 2 come on Its Showtime