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Beautiful Creatures Alice Englert Beautiful Creatures Review

Despite routine references to crazy powers and an epic light versus dark struggle, Beautiful Creatures is a bland film experience that is surprisingly devoid of actual movie magic.

Beautiful Creatures, from director Richard LaGravenese (Freedom Writers), is the latest project attempting to conjure box office success in the highly-profitable supernatural romance genre. The source material story of the same name is part one of four installments in the Caster Chronicles (followed by Beautiful DarknessBeautiful Chaos, and Beautiful Redemption) - a young adult book series from co-authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl about magical beings known as “Casters” locked in a struggle between light and dark.

At first glance, some viewers will no doubt dismiss Beautiful Creatures as Twilight with witches but just because a film includes supernatural elements and a romantic subplot doesn’t outright mean that it can’t deliver an entertaining moviegoing experience for fans outside of its core audience. Does LaGravenese present a movie with enough slick effects, intriguing characters, and worthwhile drama to expand the appeal of Beautiful Creatures to casual viewers – not just supernatural romance lovers?

Unfortunately, no. Beautiful Creatures is a choppy and melodramatic experience with very little payoff beyond the central love story. Worse yet, overlooking the usual on-the-nose dialogue about eternal love and sacrifice, this tale of star-crossed sweethearts is especially cheesy and unconvincing – even when compared to similarly heavy-handed young adult novel-turned-movies. Fans of the supernatural romance sub-genre will get about what they expect – a boy meets witch story with a few cool “Caster” variations along with scene after scene of teenagers ruminating about eternal love, duality, and Kurt Vonnegut. For that reason, Beautiful Creatures is serviceable but most moviegoers will find the film to be an overlong progression of disconnected scenes, weighed down with thick exposition and schmaltzy performances from its leads.

Beautiful Creatures Alice Englert Jeremy Irons Alden Ehrenreich Emmy Rossum Beautiful Creatures Review

Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons, Alden Ehrenreich, and Emmy Rossum in ‘Beautiful Creatures’

The core Beautiful Creatures plot, along with the larger “Caster Chronicles,” centers around Ethan Lawson Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), a high school junior who falls for new girl, Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), in the small-town community of Gatlin, South Carolina. A withdrawn and mysterious girl, Lena eventually reveals to Ethan that she is a “Caster” – a magical being who, on her sixteenth birthday, will be “claimed” as a force for light or dark. On one side, Lena’s uncle, Macon Ravenwood (Jeremy Irons) advocates for the light while her mother, Sarafine (Emma Thompson), tempts Lena with the power of the dark side (for lack of a better phrase). As the days count down until Lena’s birthday and subsequent “Claiming,” Ethan must help her confront dark urges as well as uncover a long-buried connection between Casters and his own family – if he wants to keep his new-found love from going dark.

Like many young adult novel adaptations, it’s clear that a lot of the more interesting ideas in the source material were left on the page – to make way for a straightforward movie storyline. The Caster mythology is shallow (and extremely convoluted), relying on exposition-heavy platitudes about light and dark instead of educating viewers with captivating onscreen examples. The story follows an extremely standard point A to point B to point C progression and offers very few surprises. Many of the intended “twists” are telegraphed so far in advance that the film becomes a waiting game instead of an immersive drama. Most narrative elements are underdeveloped, shelving interesting plot details to make room for more scenes of Ethan and Lena discussing their mutual devotion and affection.

The amount of time spent with the leads in doe-eyed close up is especially problematic since they share very little actual chemistry. Instead, this “forbidden” love affair relies heavily on Ehrenreich smirking drunkenly while giggling through one cheesy line after another – as if he can’t believe how lucky he is to be caught in a life-threatening battle for love at age sixteen. Similarly, Englert delivers a serviceable riff on the withdrawn outsider character trope but, aside from all the talk of “destiny,” it’s unclear what actually draws the two lovers together. Despite speaking lines about love and pressing their lips together once in awhile, there’s little spark selling the intimacy to anyone outside the frame. Instead, the romance is thin and cliche, clumsily reconstituting familiar love story beats  - without genuine emotional payoff. It’s a reckless misstep – especially considering the amount of time dedicated to the core love story plot.

Beautiful Creatures Emma Thompson Beautiful Creatures Review

Emma Thompson as Sarafine in ‘Beautiful Creatures’

Side characters are similarly “talked up” through exposition without rewarding drama. It’s implied that Macon Ravenwood and Sarafine are two of the most powerful Casters around but neither of them are ever let off the leash to cause captivating (or at the very least visually striking) heroism/mayhem. Instead, Beautiful Creatures expects audiences to use their imagination not their eyes – because the legend of Macon and Sarafine is a lot more intriguing than what ultimately appears in the movie. It’s a genuine shame, given that the characters are played by Irons and Thompson, respectively – an accomplished pair of Academy Award winners. Oscar-nominee and celebrated actress, Viola Davis (The Help) is equally wasted in the film as Amma, the town librarian and a friend to Ethan’s family.

Even if viewers can accept anticlimactic storytelling, stilted lead performances, and an on-the-nose but unconvincing love story, Beautiful Creatures is also saddled with countless distracting and superficial references to movies, books, and pop culture. Allowed to develop over 500 pages of prose, intended thematic connections (To Kill A Mockingbird) and satirical gags (misspelled theater marquees) are less heavy-handed on a book page but onscreen the references come in rapid succession without offering profound insight or memorable laughs. No doubt one or two of the references land but the ones that don’t undercut and outright disrupt key moments of character drama in the film – an unjustifiable tradeoff.

Beautiful Creatures is a flawed but harmless entry for supernatural romance fans or readers who are excited to see the Caster Chronicles adapted to the big screen. Yet, the film does absolutely nothing to draw outsiders in – and misses numerous opportunities to present an intriguing world for less familiar viewers. Instead, the goofy performances, overwhelming exposition, and dull love story do not translate into captivating movie drama. Despite routine references to crazy powers and an epic light versus dark struggle, Beautiful Creatures is a bland film experience that is surprisingly devoid of actual movie magic.

If you’re still on the fence about Beautiful Creatures, check out the trailer below:


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Beautiful Creatures runs 124 minutes and is rated PG-13: for violence, scary images and some sexual material. Now playing in theaters.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. this to me almost sounds something like the movie The Covenant, be nice if they could actually make a story flow and come together with genre of movie. odds are wife will still want to watch it but just be nice for them to make good supernatural movies…as it seems most of them as half ass at best. like they tried but not enough to make it good.

    • and poor jermey irons…..eragon and this movie and both wont do great in the box office.

      • hmm… to me eragon did well at the box office. i meant earning double of what it took to make it is bad then i dont know what is good. all the twihards will go see this so i think this will make its money back and get some profit.

        • Eragon did bad because it could have had at least three more movies made, but because it was so butchered when compared to the book, fans wouldn’t support it. Now here we are 7 years later and because they couldn’t be more true to the book you won’t know what happens to eragon unless you read the books, I fear beautiful creatures is headed down the same path. I’m not trying to be mean, just elaborating on why Mbleak made the comment about eragon.

      • Or how about Dungeons and Dragons? Horrible reviewed and a box office bomb. It’s a shame New Line Cinema didn’t cast him in LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring next year instead!

  2. “dough-eyed”.


    • Nope, that typo slipped through the cracks. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t trust this review much, they have a lot of it wrong, besides misused words. I have read the novels and know who plays which parts, and the descriptions are mislabeled and incorrect. The movie might be cheesy, I am seeing it tonight, but this one I will have to decide for myself!

    • I wouldn’t trust your comment much. All of the characters in the review are correctly paired with the actors and the story information is accurate to what is shown in the film.

      While it’s fine to disagree with our assessment (and call me out for the 1 typo that was pointed out in roosgoff’s comment), it’s not cool to misinform our readers (and potential movie viewers) based on your knowledge of the book, not the final film.

      As the review clearly states, fans of the books and the genre will probably find the film enjoyable but it’s hard to recommend to people who were hoping for more.

      • No, you were spot on!! I saw the movie last night, and as a reader who thoroughly enjoyed the books, I was very disappointed! The storyline was weak the scenes disconnected and the great actors underutilized. Even the special effects were weak. You have my sincerest apologies. I always admit when I am wrong. I am an avid follower of Fiction to film movies, and this could have been a great moie based on the novel, but was mediocre at best.
        Feel free to make this more public.

        • No problem at all. I figured there was probably some disconnect there between the book and film that you just hadn’t seen yet.

          No worries!

          It’s a bummer book fans aren’t finding the adaptation to be all that enjoyable either. Sounds like it was a misfire all around.

          • Ben, your review is SPOT ON. I’m a huge movie fan, and a newly converted book nerd. I read the book last week.

            Firstly, it was a horrific book-to-film adaptation. Of course things must be cut and changed when adapting, but they made MAJOR changes to characters, the plot, and the rich mythology that is presented in the novel; totally ruined the spirit of the story.

            Apart from being poorly adapted, it was simply a terrible movie for all the reasons that you stated in your review. Even if I hadn’t read the book, I would have hated this movie. I was counting down the minutes to get the heck out of the movie theater.

  4. I saw the trailer and thought I would be mildly entertained by Twilight’s second cousin. But in fact I really enjoyed this movie and didn’t want to vomit over the teenage romance. At times the film is cheesy and the ending is infuriating (if you have any attachment to the characters), but the acting and the speech is top notch. (4/5)

  5. I read the book and saw the movie today and I have to agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. The movie sucked lol.. Overall I was very disappointed because I loved the book, and I really hoped that it would translate well on screen. There were so many parts in the book that were left out of the movie, and there were even more scenes in the movie that weren’t in the book. I also didn’t like that they combined Amma and Marian’s characters in the book, in the movie. It threw off the dynamic and took away depth from the movie. There was no depth in the movie! Lol I know some people will disagree with me, but it just wasn’t a good movie. I took a friend with me to see it and I had been boasting all day about how good the book was, but by the end of the movie I was apologizing and assuring her the book was so much better. I hope they do better with the second one, if there is a second one…

    • I completely agree. I took a friend who I had given the book to as a birthday gift and another who is mid-way through the book and I would say “outraged” is the best word to describe our reaction (lol). The movie was so loosely based on the book that its a shame it even goes by the same name. I understand shortening the content for film adaptations, but I felt that a lot of necessary information was left out, useless information was added and completely unnecessary changes were made (i.e. Lena’s birthday or Ethan’s age). Not to mention that they just cut out half of the characters! I don’t see how they could possibly make a second movie with the way it was ended.

      • TOTALLY AGREE!!!

  6. the people of this movie should be ashamed. thhey took a great, amazing book and ripped it,s*** on it, threw in the trash, then they took burned it,took the ashes and made them a movie. in other words they suck. they took they story and butchered it.

  7. I just saw the movie and I read the series. It was a good movie but they ruined any chance of the sequels (if there is any) being like the books. They changed way to much. Sucks to I was looking forward to this

  8. I’d have to agree with previous comments and the original reviewer. They changed way too much and left the original charm of the story on the page. The love story had no real spark and the scenes were choppy and dull. They took all the elements and reasons why the love was forbidden out and just told us it was instead. There wasn’t even action to draw you in. How can you get a sense of power in the characters when Sarafine and Macon barely display any? Even the final conflict (showdown between Sarafine and Lena) was too watered down for anyone, outsiders or Caster Chronicles, to take seriously. As a caster chronicles fan I was extremely disappointed. It seemed like whoever wrote the script just didn’t get the story and what really made it special.

  9. I have read these books so many times I love them and I even read them to my daughter who is a fantasy movie junkie at the age of 4… we looked forward to seeing this book come to life but were gravely disappointed!!! this first book had so much potentional for great dramatic screens the way I pictured this movie coming to light and what actually happened were a complete 180 of eachother. it missed very key parts of the book to give a steady story line. if they would have stayed more true to the book they would have been able to bring in more then just the people that have read the books. My husband after seeing how visibly upset I was about this even worse butchery of a book than twilight actually sat down and read the book so he could understand why just an over all boring movie for him had me grunting and groaning to the point I wanted to leave inly 30minutes in…. lets just say hes on my side now lol he can see why I was completely taken back by what happened. the screen writer for this should be beaten for destroying such an amazing book…. I will not see the other movies if they are to come to light after im sure there major fail after this one…

  10. I love how critics trash cool movies and drool over garbage like “The Actor”, a movie that one best picture. I watched “The Actor” and it was quite possibly the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Please Note: Critics are self absorbed losers that hide in their studio apartments hating anything cool because they themselves never were cool! Movies like Twilight, Green Lantern, The Avengers, Beautiful Creatures always get trashed; however, they always make the most money? Suck on that Critics! Bwahahahahahahaha!

    • Man, whatever, troll. I saw this movie at one of the hole-in-the-wall theaters in my town (it was wednesday night, I was bored, etc.), not REALLY expecting a whole lot out of it…but, Jesus. I literally got up and walked out about 45 mins in; I couldn’t take it anymore. (And I don’t normally do that sort of thing.) This is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. And what’s so bad about it is, you could tell how hard it was trying to be Twilight (which, while pretty stupid, was at least bearable most of the time; I even got a kick out of the last one). And since we’re talking about how much money these things make, there was literally about five people in the theater when I saw it. That’s pretty bad. Especially for an opening night.

      And what the heck is with people bashing critics?! DUDE

    • A few quick points of clarification here:

      I assume you meant “The Artist” – which made 10 times it’s budget in theaters.

      Secondly, ‘The Avengers’ received a 4.5/5 here at Screen Rant. I hardly remember anyone “trashing” that film. Even Twilight got a fair shake here – and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 received a favorable review.

      Most importantly, trashing critics isn’t valid anymore, in my opinion. The Internet has allowed for a very rich spectrum of opinions and there are all kinds of reviewers and critics with very different views on film out there. So throwing a blanket statement that “critics are self absorbed losers” is just plain ignorant.

      If you don’t agree with the reviews here at Screen Rant, and they don’t match your taste, then I’d encourage you to get out there and find critics that are more in line with the movies you like – instead of simply saying that every reviewer on the planet is worthless.

      • i agree this site is full of people who care about the books and movies. we very much appreciate others comments. this is a place of conversation. also bashing great movies is not what we do. we bash movies that take an amazing book and destroyed it. to those who made this movie there is a special place in Hell for you. i am ashamed to say i even saw that movie. i have learned my lesson with movies like Eargon, Percy Jackson, and Bueatiful Creatures, the book will always rein supreme.

  11. I went last night with the wife. I’ve never read the books but the wife has. I can see this becoming the new “Twilight”. Jeremy Irons is just awesome in this film. I liked the fact that unlike Twilight, the story is told from a guy’s view. The humor is actually done pretty well. The on screen story compared to the book apparently was ok. It’s not “Oscar” type of work but it’s alright. This is going to do good with the Twilight crowd and people who read the book. Also guys taking a date to the movies, LOL. I would rate the movie as a 3 out of 5 stars which the movie is just okay.

  12. Ben, you were generous; I’d snatch about a half star off this one. Great review by the way! It’s rare I disagree with you guys.

    • Honestly, I gave it a 2 because I thought fans of the genre would still enjoy it. I would have gone lower if I didn’t think that it might serve its target audience.

      That said, I’ve definitely seen some pretty favorable reviews of the film – so it is connecting with some viewers.

  13. I think that this movie had somewhat of a good plot line but the acting wasn’t as good as I expected it to be and also the graphics were very noticebly fake.

  14. This review is spot-on. The movie was a big mess.

    The two leads had absolutely no chemistry. While watching the film, I could care less about their “forbidden love” because I just didn’t see it. The story was also muddled with unnecessary back stories…Ethan’s father never leaves his room and by the end of the film we still NEVER see the father. What was the point in that? Macon was originally a caster who chose the darkness, but for NOW he’s good! What was the point in that?

    And the big “climatic showdown” at the end was a big YAWN. There was more talking than actual action…which was a common mishap throughout the entire film. And let’s not mention that the film has like no soundtrack! The music in the trailer is what drew me in to see the film and yet there was none of it in the actual film. Huge disappointment. Emmy Rossum’s character was mildly entertaining and for that I’d give the film a half a star.

    • mayb u should read the book….then judge the movie again ^^ just saying

      • If you have to read a book to understand the movie, the movie failed to do it’s job.

    • I would give it a 1/2, because thats how much effort they put into the movie. just terrible the movie was an abomanation to the book. also Macon was an Incubus who fought for good despite his kind being born into evil.

  15. I am in awe right now…literally confused and bewildered. These reviews are way too harsh and unfair. I walked out of that theatre feeling like this movie was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s already one of my top tens of the year. Maybe I just have a soft spot for supernatural female heroines because I also love Death Becomes Her, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic and those films aren’t particularly acclaimed themselves. The joy that I got from the performances that the veterans (Viola, Emma, Jeremy, Margo) gave was matched by the younger stars with Emmy Rossum as a standout scene stealer. I love this movie so much it makes me want to go and read the books but then I know I’ll end up disappointed seeing as though it always happens that the literary element is more palpable. The same thing happened with The Hunger Games for me, I was left so empty after seeing that film because so much of the substance was taken out of it. But in all honesty I think this was aeons better than Twilight and I didn’t read those books either. I think all Twilight films should be burned and discarded from public consciousness. This movie fixes the damage in me that Twilight caused…seriously! But that sucks even more because Twilight at least made bucketloads of money. Now I have to deal with loving this movie and it not being appreciated enough or making as much money as so many other non deserving films. The only reason I care about those things is because it greatly decreases my chances of seeing a sequel after finding out that there are not three but FOUR books! All I’m saying is if we let freaking Twilight get FIVE movies, we can surely let this franchise run its course too. But whatevs who cares nothing is going to change my love for this movie. I give it 4(and a half!) out of 5 stars!!!

    • Also I’d like to add that in no way am I saying that this film is perfect because it so obviously isn’t. It’s just that the flaws (mediocre special effects, a plot hole or two) are most definitely forgivable because the acting is amazing and the story is full and complete. I mean the defects kind of just come with the territory of adapting a YA novel into a film (in these days anyway). That is all (it’s not really but I guess I’ll give it a rest).

    • I have never read the books. I went into this knowing nothing about it, and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! Judging by the box office performance as of right now, this will only end up with around 12 million for the weekend, and that sucks because that will most likely be considered a flop(I don’t know what the budget was) and there won’t be any sequels. I wan’t to know the rest of the story! I really enjoyed it and would love to see more.

      • Thank you finally someone who understands my dilemma

  16. Just saw the movie and a real disapointment. Agonizingly slow moving pace and hits the viewer over the head with every detail. Leaves nothing to the viewer’s imagination or conclusion. The film did come alive whenever Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson (who stole the movie) or Viola Davis were on screen but unfortunately just died when they were off screen. Nice visual effects but too slow paced. The really bad hokey southern accents also distracted you contantly during the dialogue.

  17. I have read the books and loved them, so I was so eager to see the movie. After seeing the movie saying I was disappointed would be a understatement. I was so angry, the movie was terrible. It was nothing like the books. They cut a lot of the key people out of the movie. They changed the story line to some trashy romance novel. I wont be going to see the next one =(

  18. I am so angry about how they totally ruined the movie! If i new i was going to a whole different story of the book i wouldnt have seen it. Disapoined!!!

  19. As a fan of all the books ABSOLUTELY horrible! Too many changes to the main plot, I understand to make a movie plot changes need to happen but changing the charaters so much, changing the ending completely and then even adding plot twists from the second book that would totally ruin it for anyone who had not read it yet…I was left totally disappointed and wanting not only my money back but never to have wasted 2 hours of my life. I was expecting so much more since the books were amazing, total let down.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth! The ending made me want to cry, and they spoiled so many parts from other books. I have read all books also, and I feel upset that the authors would do that to their fantastic books. And to those who have not read the books but have seen the movie, I think they will think that this whole series is stupid and messed up. But the sad part is, the series is amazing but the movies will destroy the beauty in them

  20. As a fan of all the books ABSOLUTELY horrible! Too many changes to the main plot, I understand to make a movie plot changes need to happen but changing the characters so much, changing the ending completely and then even adding plot twists from the second book that would totally ruin it for anyone who had not read it yet…I was left totally disappointed and wanting not only my money back but never to have wasted 2 hours of my life. I was expecting so much more since the books were amazing, total let down.

  21. I read this review and I agree. I read the whole series and every book was filled with excellent detail and an amazing plot. The movie was the complete opposite. I was looking foward to the movie for weeks and weeks, and I was so disappointed after I watched it. There were so many differences and they were very obvious. It was a shame to see that movie become what it did; mostly because if they stuck to the book the movie would be a hit. So many things were wrong, and it effected the movie. As a fan of the books, I am utterly upset about the movie. There were some parts that I enjoyed, but when the major differences came into play, my heart broke because it just made me upset. I don’t know what Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl were thinking by letting the movie getting this different from the book, but I would stay true to the book. Overall, I was disappointed by the movie but I will remain true to the books.

    • Best review I have seen. I just saw the movie and was utterly shocked with the changes, it made it difficult to enjoy the film because I was becoming more and more confused with such big differences. I also dont understand how the authors would allow such a well detailed, thought out, and overall great story be so ruined! I didnt think the movie was all bad and yes changes are necessary but I still dont see how the changes needed to be this extensive. I feel the rest of the movies are going to be a disaster inless some miracle can turn around all the drastic screw ups this film created.

  22. I read the book and absolutely loved it and was so excited about the movie being released, even the previews painted a pretty good picture. Boy was I wrong!!! I took my husband and eight year old son, which he fell asleep and will watch anything. The plot of the story was completely changed which everyone who has read the book will hate! There was bad cheesy acting that was not believable at all. It good have been a great movie but they really messed this opportunity up completely. I was so disappointed. The directors direction of the movie was so off they should have just titled the movie something different because they change it so much from the book. Why dont these directors get it???? To turn a great book into a great movie you HAVE to follow the book as closely as possible and get good actors. I hate to trash the actors because some of them are otherwise great in other films but this movie was so off. It is such a shame cause it could have been great if they just would not have made so many changes. And I know people from South Carolina and they are not that cheesy with their accents.

  23. I have never read the books. I went into this knowing nothing about it, and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! Judging by the box office performance as of right now, this will only end up with around 12 million for the weekend, and that sucks because that will most likely be considered a flop(I don’t know what the budget was) and there won’t be any sequels. I wan’t to know the rest of the story! I really enjoyed it and would love to see more.

    • James, I fear you are right. There will not be any sequels, but I suggest if you want to know what really should have happened and how it all turns out I’d read the books. Really good reads. I’m almost done with the second book, can’t put it down.

  24. The book to film adaption was HORRIBLE, this movie shouldn’t even have the same name since it was not taken from the book. They took bits and pieces from the book and made a entirely different film. I was HIGHLY disapointed. I waited almost 3 years for this movie and was super excited for it. I went with a few friends who didn’t share the same passion for the books that I did so they all thought it was an ok movie. I’m like NO!!!!! They didn’t even set the film up for a second movie (which I won’t be seeing if they do decide to put one out) They left out so many KEY scenes and characters like Miriam who is a key part of the second and third book. Or you could say the actress was Miriam in which case they left out Amma who is also a VERY important character. I can’t believe how much they changed and dared try to call it a book to film adaption. I left the theater severely pissed off I can say that. If I were the authors of this book I would have told them not to bother putting my name on this. For someone who was not a follower of the novels then it could have been a decent movie. But they were trying to focus more on the love story for those naive teenagers than the actual story plot and it did not transfer well to the movie.

  25. I am reading the last book of the series, and I absolutely love these books! I was so excited to see this movie, but I have to be honest IT WAS TERRIBLE! They messed up the movie so much!!!!!!!! They got the whole thing wrong. They took a great book and COMPLETELY changed the plot and everything. Link never shoots Ethan, Lena never makes Ethan forget about her, he never goes to NY I could go on and on about how much they changed it. I don’t know how they are going to make a second let alone third, and fourth movie. If they do I will not bother seeing them. And what about Miriam!!!!!!

  26. I am a huge fan of the book was really looking forward to seeing the film. We almost left it was so bad. The reviewer is correct on how under utilized Viola Davis is. Amman is on of the richest characters and she is relegated to a background character. I am so disappointed. This is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Shame on the makers.

  27. I remember seeing the Beautiful Creatures movie trailer a month ago and thinking, ‘Wow, that movie looks awesome; i’m gonna read that book’ I read the book and I loved it which made me anxious for the movie to come out.
    Today, I finally saw the movie and it was the biggest disappointment ever. It was cool in the beginning but towards the middle and end i kept on wondering if the screenwriter even read the book. They started making scenes up and forgetting the important parts. I just didn’t like. These people have massacred a really good book

  28. terribly disappointed. Read all four books in for days and was so excited to see it on the screen. The trailers looked awesome, but the movie was pathetic. HUGE letdown!

  29. To hell with Hollywood