‘Twilight’ Erotic Fan-Fiction ‘Beautiful Bastard’ Snags Movie Deal

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Beautiful Bastard Top Image Twilight Erotic Fan Fiction Beautiful Bastard Snags Movie Deal

The mega-bestselling book series Fifty Shades of Grey took an infamously convoluted path to publication. Originally, the three Grey novels appeared online as a twisted, fan-fiction version of Twilight titled “Master of the Universe.” When E.L. James managed to transform these popular stories into multimillion-selling published novels, Hollywood definitely sat up and took notice.

With a movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Gray in full swing, it looks as if others are trying to take advantage of the sex-laden series’ momentum. On the same day as its official release, Constanin Films has purchased the film rights to Beautiful Bastard, another novel derived from a popular piece of Twilight fan fiction.

According to THR, Constantin Films and producer Jeremy Bolt (Resident Evil) have acquired the rights to create a movie based on Beautiful Bastard.

Widely released just yesterday, Beautiful Bastard is an erotic novel by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (published under the combined pen name of Christina Lauren). The book apparently charts the sexual relationship between MBA Chloe Mills and her unpleasant (but hot and oh-so-rich) boss, Bennett Ryan. Bastard was originally published on the Internet by Hobbs as a loose Twilight fan fiction piece titled “The Office.” After “The Office” began garnering literal millions of hits, Hobbs decided to remove it from the Internet and combine forces with Billings to convert the story into an original work. A sequel, entitled Beautiful Stranger, is due out in May of this year.

Beautiful Bastard Book Cover Twilight Erotic Fan Fiction Beautiful Bastard Snags Movie Deal

It’s difficult to see the acquisition of Beautiful Bastard as anything but an attempt to jump on Fifty Shades of Grey‘s gravy train before it inevitably runs its course. In one of the strangest cultural ironies of our era, Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired the same kind of rush on its genre (supposedly female-centric erotica, with emphasis on bondage and weird power dynamics) as Twilight did for supernatural romance. This holds as true for movies and television as it did for literature; even now, various Hollywood entities are scrambling to pump out supernatural romance properties in the aftermath of Twilight‘s finale.

Does the acquisition of Beautiful Bastard foretell the same kind of cycle for adaptations of kinky erotica? The real bellwether of that question will be the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey film. If Universal manages to overcome audiences’ resistance to overtly sexual cinema, the floodgates may open and Beautiful Bastard will only be the first movie to ride in Grey‘s wake.

Beautiful Bastard has just recently been released as a novel, so it will probably be quite a while before a film adaptation will enter production. Keep your eyes peeled to Screen Rant for all the juicy details.


Source: THR

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  1. ugh. no.. just no

  2. Wow.

    See, I wrote some erotic fan-fiction for a then-girlfriend back in 2004 and from what I was told, not only did she put it online, apparently one of her friends who saw it again recently said it was written better than all three of the 50 Shades books combined (might just be flattery for something that’s more than likely terrible) but if she’s right then damn….I should start writing again, although not that genre.

  3. Since Constantin Pictures is a german company, I (a german citizen) apologize for all the crap that will be coming. I´m truly sorry. Since Bernd Eichinger (producer of a lot of great movies and the founder of Constantin Pictures) died, the company went downhill.

    • i accept your apology, tell your countrymen to stop being so hasty. they need to relax and not jump into things headfirst all the time. we don’t need another WW

      • “They need to relax and not jump into things headfirst all the time.”

        Yeah, because we do that ALL THE TIME. Just like we start world wars all the time. Hey, can you hear that? That´s the echo of my facepalm…

    • You need to take care of Uwe Boll first.


      • Hey, Boll is a nice guy who doesn´t take himself too seriously. I once had a beer with him on Oktoberfest. I love his Postal movie (if you haven´t seen it, go watch it and thank me later).

  4. Meanwhile, writers who are truly talented and creative are working at Carl’s Junior, because publishers won’t even read a manuscript that doesn’t involve sexy monsters. This kind of nonsense is an insult to literature…And film.

    • A slight exaggeration, as there are thousands upon thousands of talented and creative writers that are being published. And most of them do not have anything to do with sexy monsters.

      • your forgetting that nowadays book publishing is now about profit. why get a book published from that guy at carl’s junior, when you can publish that celebrity’s children’s book? who will most likely sell more because of their popularity as a celebrity. its all about profit, they want to sell the most books. its like why would disney hire that nobody from carl’s junior when they can hire someone like justin bieber, or miley cyrus. the only way nobody’s like you or me will get published is if we know people, who know people.

        • I think you just hate working at Carl Jr.’s…

          Btw, while you’re there, why don’t you get me a Mephis BBQ Six Dollar Burger with no tomato, and a large chili cheese fry.

      • There are certainly success stories out there…But, it’s getting harder and harder for new writers, especially very innovative writers (and, note here, I’m not referring to myself here or blaming the system for any real-life failures on my part…I’m just a guy who cares deeply about the future of literature) who are bringing new forms to the table instead of bland, easy to digest formulaic work. Publishers aren’t taking risks. It’s hard for me to imagine even a James Joyce or Thomas Pynchon getting their foot in the door in today’s industry.

  5. This is why I hate most everyone. Why would anyone think this could be good at all!

  6. So now hollywood is just turning Twilight fan-fiction into movies?

  7. I was told at a writer’s seminar by a published author and former fan fic writer, never write fanfiction as you will never get published. I think she meant you spend too much time writing with other people’s characters and don’t create your own. But I consider it good practice, so write it anyway.

    • you can write all the fan fiction you want, but i would stay with public domain fan fiction like wizard of oz, alice in wonderland, snow white, etc its all public domain and more of a chance of being published.

  8. The Twilight fan-fiction business seems pretty lucrative. I should get in on this.

  9. Un-f***ing-believable.

  10. Can we go back to making movies out of board games, please?

    • +1 LOL…

  11. Pure sh**t, true product of our current society


  13. Suddenly all the reboot ideas don’t seem so bad.

  14. ACTUALLY, Beautiful Bastard (originally The Office) came long before Fifty Shades (Master of the Universe). I followed both works when each chapter was posted. Most of us that were there from the beginning see The Office as the one who paved the way for other authors. Additionally, Beautiful Bastard has been rewritten with additional new material. Fifty Shades is the exact replica of the original Master of the Universe. Don’t get me wrong, I love both stories to death, but I find that KYLE HEMBREE the writer of this article didn’t do her research properly prior to insinuating that “looks as if others are trying to take advantage”. Beautiful Bastard has been worked on more than what Fifty Shades was. I was there. I know how long it took from the time the Epilogue was posted on Icy’s (EL James’s) website to the time it was published. Like I said I love Fifty Shades but don’t downgrade Beautiful Bastard without having the facts.

  15. Embarrassing.

  16. Nice.
    My mouth tastes like throw-up now.

  17. Watch out, everyone, the Harry Potter and LOTR fanfictions will follow.