‘Sherlock’ Producer Warns CBS: We Will Protect Our Series (Legally)

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sherlock watson bbc Sherlock Producer Warns CBS: We Will Protect Our Series (Legally)

When CBS decided to order the modern-day Sherlock Holmes pilot Elementary, fans of the BBC and PBS series Sherlock were appropriately perplexed. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with creating a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, it’s currently being done. By the best. And it’s very good.

Fortunately, Sherlock executive producer Sue Vertue (and wife of co-creator Steven Moffat) isn’t staying quiet about CBS’s programming decision. Shedding some light on why CBS decided to move forward with their modern-day Sherlock Holmes pilot, as well reassuring fans that they’ll make sure Sherlock is in no way negatively impacted by Elementary, Vertue lays out the uphill battle that CBS will have if they decide to take their modern telling of Sherlock Holmes to series.

Following the announcement of CBS’s Elementary, Vertue took to Twitter to mock the network’s decision (which has since been removed):  “Mmm interesting CBS, I’m surprised no one has thought of making a modern day version of Sherlock before, oh hang on, we have!”

Moving outside of the limited 140-character world of Twitter, Vertue revealed to The Independent that she knew CBS was interested in developing a modern day Sherlock Holmes series, because the network previously approached Sherlock bosses about wanting to remake their series – a series that’s currently on the air and that is co-produced and broadcast by PBS in America:

We understand that CBS are doing their own version of an updated Sherlock Holmes. It’s interesting, as they approached us a while back about remaking our show.

At the time, they made great assurances about their integrity, so we have to assume that their modernised Sherlock Holmes doesn’t resemble ours in any way, as that would be extremely worrying.

While Vertue did confirm that CBS assured Sherlock producers at one time, things can change over time, especially as a project is developed further. After what may be a change of executives at the network, changes in writers and showrunners, things that were once assured have the possibility of falling to the wayside.

sherlock benedict cumberbatch bbc Sherlock Producer Warns CBS: We Will Protect Our Series (Legally)

Thankfully, Vertue (as well as everyone else involved in Sherlock) isn’t going to allow that to happen. In what may be the most indirect (yet direct) warning that any UK television producer has publically given an American television network (though in polite fashion), Vertue elegantly states:

We are very proud of our show and like any proud parent, will protect the interest and wellbeing of our offspring.

While not out-right threatening CBS with legal action, the wording does lend itself to the assumption that if something were to negatively impact Sherlock, BBC’s legal department will be at the ready.

But what exactly could Sherlock make a case about? At what point could the BBC take legal action again CBS’s Elementary? Thankfully, The Independent asked copyright specialist Margaret Tofalides that exact question.

The concept of a new Sherlock Holmes is unprotectable. But if the unusual elements of the BBC series – the modern settings, characters, clothes, plots and distinctive visual style – were closely reproduced in the CBS version, that could form the basis of a potential copyright claim.

And therein lies the problem for CBS. How is a network supposed to develop a pilot that needs to be continuously and extensively vetted by its legal department in order for it to make it to air? While subtle similarities may show up here and there, the sheer amount of work and potential legal battles that may come from attempting to bring about one new series to air isn’t worth it.


Sherlock season 2 airs in May on PBS. Expect Sherlock season 3 Summer 2013. Expect CBS to make a decision on Elementary this May.

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Source: The Independent [via: Digital Spy]


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  1. Ok, I have a few things to say. As an avid television, movie, literature, and theater fan, I have consumed a vast quantity of media, and many versions of Sherlock Holmes. I think that the bosses of Sherlock were right to tell CBS that they could not take, “Sherlock,” and twist it into some grotesque Crime Procedural Drama. I think that their are far to many of these shows out their already. But lets face it, on American television, if it’s not cop shows, it’s doctor shows, and Holmes and Watson are essentially a cop and a doctor. It makes perfect sense that CBS would eventually try making a Sherlock Holmes show again. The fact that the BBC made one first, does not give them the right to forbid another network, in a different country, from releasing their own version. If Elementary had tried to reproduce Sherlock, them by all means BBC, sue the pants off CBS. That is not what happened. I am a fan of Elementary. I feel that the show has a very talented cast, as well as interesting stories to tell, and it paints a picture of Holmes as more than just a person who is very smart and obsessed with solving crimes. They show him as human, fallible, damaged even, and yet still trying to fit into a world he can not understand. As far as Lucy Lu as Watson, a former surgeon and now sober companion, I love it. I have always wondered why Watson always followed Holmes around to solve all those mysteries, after all how many police detectives bring their best friends or room-mates on active investigations, when the latter rarely offers any experience or information of value to the job of solving the crime or puzzle. An argument could be made that Holmes was the brain and Watson the brawn, but that feels like reaching to me. So yes, Holmes as an addict, given the difficulty someone with a mind such as his must face when dealing with the mundane world surrounding him, I could see it, plausible. Dr. Watson as an out of practice surgeon, who is now a sober companion to recovering addict Holmes, who then becomes both friend and assistant or apprentice to Holmes, provides us with a believable reason for the two to be together. So plausible as well. Do I think that Elementary is the best show ever? NO! Be realistic, please. That being said, I have to say that I have watched Sherlock as well. I think that it is an excellent show with a great cast and very good writing as well. I also have to say that some of the visual effects are very fun and compelling. Is it better than Elementary? No. Is it worse? No. It is different, an alternate interpretation of source material, and equally valid. It may be closer to the original concept, but that does not make it better. Both shows have pros and cons, for example, I much prefer Jon as Holmes to Benedict, and Martin as Watson to Lucy. So yes, I have seen both shows, and I enjoy them both. I do feel that CBS and Elementary have an edge on Sherlock and the BBC. That edge is the fact that Elementary is an actual TV show, with hour long episodes, and a full season. Sherlock on the other hand should be viewed as a movie with five sequels each running around an hour and a half in length, NOT a TV show. So the argument that Elementary is rubbish, and should not have been made simply because Sherlock came out a little sooner, is fallacious in every way, and proves that one does not have to share Sherlock Holmes’s intellect, to enjoy a good mystery.

    P.S. A point of recognition to anyone who can identify my country of origin based simply on what I have written here, and the answer of course must come with and explanation of the analysis of the text, to prove that it is not just a lucky guess. If any of you feel like playing a game, that is.

    • CJ,

      Although it’s been a month since your comment, I would still like to respond to your message.

      First: I rather disagree with your opinion on the CBS version, “Elementary.” I have watched the show, and (perhaps this is due at least partially to my personal and great dislike of Lucy Lu) found it lacking. Although it was a highly entertaining show with intriguing mysteries, I found that it rather lacked authenticity and feeling as far as being based on Sherlock Holmes. Does this mean that it should be kicked off the air for being seen by a portion of the population as a lesser show than “Sherlock”? No, absolutely not. On that, at least, we agree.

      Second: Being seen as worse than its BBC rival by some is absolutely not the reason that the BBC/those involved with Sherlock were threatening a suit–and, from what I can see, there is not even a true threat implied in these statements, merely a warning. Should a similarity appear between the two beyond the common themes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then a copyright infringement would have occurred and a suit would be both viable and perfectly within their rights.

      Three: Regarding your challenge, I repeat that you aren’t British (supported by spellings such as ‘theater’ instead of ‘theatre’, and most Britons use ‘film’ instead of ‘movie’) so neither are you Australian. Despite the common usage errors of ‘their’ instead of ‘there’ and ‘to’ instead of ‘too,’ I do not believe that you come by English as a second language, and so I put my guess down to North America, so either Canadian or from the United States.

      -The Jabberwocky

      • You are of course, welcome to your opinion. I don’t have any deep seated hatred for Lucy Lu, so I don’t have any problem with Elementary because of that. And As far as a lack of authenticity is concerned, it is not authentic, and neither is Sherlock. As soon as you start changing things in the story, i.e. setting location, era, you have just changed the story, and it is no longer authentic. In reply to your, “Second,” comment, I never said that the producers of Sherlock were threatening CBS because they where convinced the network was going to make a weaker show. In fact my sole reason for discussing the strengths of Elementary v.s. Sherlock, was to point out that they were two different shows, both deserving in their own right. I do have the ability to read, and understand what I am reading. Perhaps a stronger emphasis should have been placed on the pettiness of the BBC in my first comment, so that their was no confusion on what was the cause of the threatened law-suit, but I didn’t think it was necessary to repeat what had been written in the article already. On to my challenge, as you put it. You are correct, I am American. I am glad that someone actually paid attention to the obvious clues in my text. I find it quite intriguing that all these folks who claim to be fans of Sherlock Holmes, can’t even read a section of text, and identify the nationality of the one who wrote it, especially given the glaring differences in the dialect of English. Thank you for paying attention.

      • The Jabberwocky,

        This is a late response, but I just wanted to clear something up:

        Canada uses British English, and where I live, we have exceptional grammar (though it’s a big place so that can vary). For example, we spell “favourite” instead of “favorite”, “colour” instead of “color”, etc. Long story short, what I’m trying to say is please don’t clump us together with the USA. Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t exactly alike.

        By the way, I agree that BBC’s Sherlock is far superior compared to Elementary. Then again, that’s just my opinion.

    • Well from your use of words such as rubbish and the way you refer to American t.v shows leads me to believe you’re from Britain. Not to mention most people here(in Canada)have absolutely horrible grammar and spelling however if you are as dedicated to Sherlock Holmes as you have proven then that would mean that you wouldn’t want to tarnish this page with horrible spelling and grammar.Now if we take out country’s that wouldn’t get access to both shows then my answer would be that you are most likely American and that you used words such as rubbish to make people think and to weed out the people who don’t pay close attention Also You have a little bit more knowledge about the actual Sherlock series/stories (to know that he was an addict in the original story line)than most people I know you are a very dedicated Sherlock Holmes fan which also leads me to believe you would want to trick people into thinking your from Britain…

      After I wrote all this I scrolled down and saw that you are indeed from America but I figured it would be a neat read ^_^ Hope you enjoy how I analyzed your writing and I hope you have a good day/evening.

      • I’d have to say, I find your claims about Canada’s grammar to be fairly unfounded. I’ve lived in Canada periodically for the last sixteen years of my life, and most of the people I know have excellent spelling and grammar skills. The people I’ve known that do not are often the ones from different countries, who are still trying to learn the rules of English.

        Just my opinion, obviously, based on my personal experience. I suppose there is potential bias, considering I spent most of my time in company of middle-to-upperclass friends and schoolmates.

    • American, with a higher education in literature and English with some minor in art

    • South Africa

  2. I don’t see a problem. I like both series. Elementary hasn’t ruined Sherlock in any way. Plus I don’t think BBC should push this, otherwise CBS will pull Star Trek from their network.

    • I would say that you are English or would it be better said as British? The way you referredreferred to American television and your use of the word “rubbish” would be my reasons for believing so, I suppose.

      • J, very good, and thank you for playing! You are wrong, I am not British, but their were things specifically chosen to give that impression. I really do appreciate you joining me in this bit of fun, as any true Holmesian would find the tease irresistible. I am not going to give you an answer here, as others may still wish to divine the answer from what was written, but I can promise you that a careful reading of my previous text, will provide the answer, should you wish to try again. Once again, thank you for playing my game, and should you wish to continue, better luck next time!

  3. No body watches Sherlock and if Elementary gets cancelled cause of this stupid our show is better thing I will be really angry cause elementary is so much better then Sherlock!

    • Nobody watches Sherlock? NOBODY WATCHES SHERLOCK?! Clearly you haven’t seen the Cumberb*tches, Sherlockians, or the Crazies that roam Tumblr. They number in the 100 thousands, that’s not nobody deary. Generally speaking Sherlockians are also Whovians and those who aren’t Sherlockian, but are Whovians are dragged into Sherlock by their fellow Whovians, and they number in the Millions please I beg o you check Tumblr if you don’t believe me.

      • I COMPLETELY agree with you “hahahaha”. Majority, if not all of my friends have watched and love Sherlock. We live in America so we don’t get it as quickly, but as God is my witness, your generalization Samantha about no one watching Sherlock is an ill-educated, narcissistic, unexposed to the amazing thing that is Sherlock, comment. Humor “hahahaha” and I and watch Sherlock — all 6 episodes — and then come back with your opinion…and if you have seen Sherlock, you obviously don’t know how to appreciate the magnificence and brilliance that is Sherlock. And as far as I go, Benedict and Martin are the best team up that I have seen, and I have watched just about everything Sherlock Holmes related out there. Elementary, while it is good (in its own way) could never hope to be as good as Sherlock. As an American, the Brits have this one. We from over the pond salute your genius. Sherlock is my favorite show, and no one can change my mind on that.

      • Hey, first of all I loved your response to that dumbass! “nobody watches Sherlock” yeah cuz there are so many articles about the show in praising it, and articles like this one. I don’t even think that person even read this article or any other or really seems to believe that there would be controversy about one show affecting another show that nobody watches!

        Anyway about the other part now that I think about what you said about Sherlockians and Whovians, you are absolutely right. I myself as an American had only heard of the show Doctor Who as the most well known famous and long running British sci fi series that started in the 60′s and ran for many many seasons. I realized I had never watched any british tv series before, mostly cuz they were not as available in the US as far as I knew, than one night in 05 I randomly came across a marathon of the new series 1 and loved it. Long story short I made a point to introduce it to friends and family, as others have. As time passed with DW finally becoming popular here, some of my other American Whovians here, and UK ones online told me to watch this Sherlock series, I wasn’t interested until they told me it was modern day setting and PBS was airing the first three movies three nights in a row, and like DW a new Sherlockian was made out of me. Than things became vice versa in a sense I met Sherlockians who were never Who fans and introduced them to it.
        Lastly I want to add that before becoming a Sherlockian, being a Whovian introduced me to many other British tv series that I absolutely love. To name a few: Life on Mars, Ashes To Ashes, Skins, Merlin, Luther, Wire in the Blood. Plus the many miniseries they do based on books and whatnot, something I wished The US did more.

        • I agree. I think the US could do better. All of the good stuff comes from Britain. Have you seen Parade’s End? Benedict is in that and its brilliant, as is he (which is no surprise). If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it. Watch any of his shows/movies and you can see just how amazing he is as an actor. Instead of portraying the characters, he IS the characters and I can’t wait to see more of him in the future. The Sherlock fandom is amazing. :-) Yeah despite telling myself I never would, I have a tumblr. And I’m on it constantly. Can’t wait for Series 3! So glad they’ve finally started filming. :-D

          • I think your statement about the UK making better TV than the US is specious at best. The only reason that we think so highly of British shows is that we really only get their best stuff over here – and none of their dogs.

            Meanwhile, there’s a lot of really good stuff made over here: The Good Wife, Grimm and Suburgatory are just skimming the good network shows, while Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead are supremely fine series that come from just one cable network – and for every Hustle, we’ve got a White Collar.

            Then there are classic series like Homicide: Life on the Street, Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, The Shield, The Sopranos, Lost (for most of its run), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and hundreds more.

            And let’s not forget, the brilliant Nero Wolfe series A&E made before they decided to go the reality route – that matches up with Sherlock for quality extremely well.

            I could go on for pages, but I’m hoping that this will be enough to make you rethink your poorly thought out assessment of North American TV.

            • Nope. That is my genuine opinion. And thats all it is, my opinion. I like the things that come from Britain better than the US, and I live in the US. I’m not trying to, metaphorically speaking, shoot the country, but in my opinion BBC is just better. Granted A&E does have some pretty good stuff, so on that I do contend, but overall, I’m still for Britain. Just a fact. Sorry if you don’t like it or you disagree with it. But its my opinion and nothing you can say will ever change that.

    • Excuse me but I’m sure many people disagree with both of those statements. Firstly, it is a fact that many people watch Sherlock. Secondly, though it is an opinion, I disagree with the statement that “Elementary is better than Sherlock.” Sherlock bestows wondrous cinematic potential and the acting is top-notch. Just the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in some highly anticipated and claimed movies (Star Trek II and The Hobbit Trilogy) proves that many people watch and enjoy Sherlock. For without that it is possible their acting careers would not be where they are today. Now considering the fact that you have overlooked this important evidence leads me to believe that you have not even watched Sherlock and are simply defending your dimwitted, mind-numbingly simple show because you are disappointed with your own sad little life that you scour the Internet for things to try (and fail, I might add) to argue or criticize people about. So next time watch the show you are referring to before you comment on it. And by the way I have watched your beloved Elementary and the acting is horrid. I hate “Sherlock Holmes’” accent, It is not British and Lucy Lu is not a good actress either. It is just another crime show that is completely uncoordinated with its basis of Sir Conan Doyle’s novelistic masterpieces. Now I’d like to join in on this game. What country am I from?

      • I guess you haven’t heard – Mr. Miller is English and that is his native accent.

      • D,

        On first inspection one would be inclined to think that you are British – the repetition of “your show” when referring to Elementary is distractingly suggestive of an “us and them” attitude. However, your occasional poor choices of grammar, incorrect spellings and convoluted sentence structures lead me to believe that this was intentional and a red herring to make you appear more intelligent than you really are. Please do not take offence at this, it is merely an observation and not intended as hurtful. Your inability to recognise Jonny Lee Miller’s British accent as genuine (seeing as he is British – duly note by Sheldon Wiebe) and your use of the “ize” spelling in criticise would suggest that you are actually American. This is also supported by your well-placed “Sir Conan Doyle” – another crafty misdirect – and your mistaken belief that his masterpieces were “novelistic”. Only 4 of the original tales were of a length befitting the term novel. The majority were short stories.

        Interestingly, the “ize” spelling was originally British but was shied away from centuries ago in order to differentiate the language from what was considered “lazy” American English.

        Regarding the continuing debate over these two shows; both have their merits and flaws, but should not be held up against one another. They are distinctly different in many ways and there is no quantifiable way of determining which is better, let alone whether they are actually good programmes. This childish tallying is distastefully reminiscent of the good poetry checklist from Dead Poets Society.

        This little game of “guess where I am from” is quite intriguing, though. Especially since it was originally initiated and subsequently continued by people who do not have a particularly keen eye for detail when it comes to their own grammar and spelling.

        All the best,


    • dude elementary is good, but it is complete trash compared to sherlock, time will tell if it becomes better cause right now it does not hold a candle to sherlock

    • Clearly you’ve not seen Sherlock, and are blindly defending that Elementary drivel. If you think that no one watches Sherlock, I think you’re either blind, or sadly misinformed. There is an entire fandom for Sherlock. I’ve yet to even see anything written extoling the virtues of Elementary or anything about their actors. I think you need to take a look around…you’re entitled to enjoy your programme, but to blindly state that ‘no one’ watches Sherlock makes you appear an idiot.

    • you are obviously dillusional

  4. I watch both Sherlock and Elementary.

    Sherlock’s production value is basically that of a movie. It’s one of the reasons why I have been buying each season on Blu-Ray and adding it to my movie collection. I really enjoy the modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes and his use of technology.

    I enjoy Elementary, but it certainly does not have the production values of Sherlock. I like Lucy Liu and she adds a light hearted feel to the series. So far, the stories have been interesting, if a little watered down for the TV audience. I definitely will not be adding the series to my Blu-Ray collection, though.

    Another British/Cinemax series that I enjoy is Strike Back. But that’s a different genre and a tad off topic…

  5. Hello, this note is for the producers of Elementary the Sherlock Homes series. The last TV show had a snow plow that drove Sherlock & Watson all over the city. Question I have for you is: The snow plow belonged to the state as did the FUEL to drive the snow plow. That fuel used to drive the snow plow is expensive. The money that Sherlock gave the driver would have had to be used to fill up the gas tank of the snow plow before PAM, the driver, drove the plow back that night. PAM would not have made any money herself after filling up the snow plow belonging to the STATE. But she acted as if she did make money after her joy ride with the 2 detectives. Hmmm, just thought you might know that we are watching the show and following along. But, maybe you did not catch a clue yourselves?

    • How is this relevant to anything?

  6. They have already made a modern Sherlock Holmes show in the USA. It was called House and I can assure you it was better than both of these shows combined.

  7. Im not British or American. Sherlock is amazing. Elementary is meh. Notice how all the Hollywood Blockbusters are riddled with British actors and directors. Watch out everyone, good television is coming.

  8. I was a bit skeptical of Elementary at first, but I did enjoy it. My dad and I have always loved Sherlock Holmes and one of my fondest childhood memories was staying up late and watching the “scary” mystery stories with him. I can honestly say I love all things Sherlock Holmes so I don’t mind seeing new and interesting interpretations of the classic. I will always be a huge Sherlock fan, it is excellent in every way, but Elementary has its good points as well.
    For the record, I am an American, but my Grandmother was from Bristol, so I think I grew up with a great appreciation for all things British. I didn’t realize we “yankees” we so hated. :( I am truly sorry if my grammer is not up to par, but I definitely prefer hot tea! :)

    • “yankees” were…lest I suffer your wrath…it was a typo..:)

    • Americans aren’t really hated, its just hard for non-Americans – especially the British – not to get a bit frustrated at the fact that every good British show is followed by an American version (or atleast it seems that way)

  9. I am a Sherlockian and praise myself to be a highly functioning girl and I strognly disagree that NOBODY WATCHES SHERLOCK. THERE A facebook pages, fanart, fanfiction and countless of articles online praising this show. If BBC beleives that CBS is hurting them then let them sue, they have all the right to and nothing will stop them. I watched Elementary and in my opinion it was good but Sherlock is better. It has a more mmmm- sense of flavor compared to it. Though orignally this was how I found out about Sherlock. I had remembered-vaguely, seeing some sort of modern version of the Sherlock book series coming out and wanted to watch it. I didn’t remeber the name of the show nor the channel. So I Googled “modern Sherlock televison show” and up came Sherlock. Only later did I learn that the show I was looking for was Elementary not Sherlock. This only proves how Sherlock is an awesome and better than Elementary. Elementary did not show up in my Google search, SHERLOCK did. So ha! Take that Anderson!! Shelockians unite!! <3

  10. I don’t consider Elementary to be a “Sherlock Holmes show” but rather a different show with different characters who merely have the same names. The names are merely a tribute, nothing more to Conan Doyle’s very different characters.

    The idea of a modern setting is something many people could think of, and is not some idea that needs a copyright. It’s a DIFFERENT setting, modern or not.

  11. Well I think this is a late comment. But I decided to quickly scroll to the bottom and make a guess on your nationality, CJ. At first one must think you are British from your use of the word rubbish. But… based on what I’ve heard from British TV shows, movies and whatnot. British people say film over movie. I also noticed you wrote theater and not theatre. So my guess is either American or Canadian, like me, though most likely American.

    • I have been a fan of most interpretations of Sherlock holmes on small and big screen victorian set or otherwise as to which is better Sherlock or Elementary I think both sets of lead actors are excellent but I think Sherlock has the edge in the writing as Elementary lacks storylines with cases that would really test the deductive powers of the great detective saying that Elementary is still an enjoyable show and am pleased it has a second season renewal
      As to US tv vs British tv I would have to say I watch more US shows even though I am English as most of our television is pretty poor only Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther and top gear are worth watching which are currently still in production whereas in US there is Supernatural, The Mentalist, Castle, How I met your Mother, Arrow, perception, White Collar, ,Justifed to name a few, Oh and the best programme on TV the wonderful Breaking Bad!!

  12. Who gives a s*** what an executive producer says? She’s not even a real contributor to the show. Sherlock is clearly the Top Gear and Elementary the Top Gear US, but let them both exist and move on. People take way too much stock in the sanctity of a story.

  13. It’s nothing new for American production companies to take a superior product, and then try to sex it up and twist it into the mind numbing pablum that runs rampant on American networks these days. One has only to look at what happened with ‘Being Human.’ It was an original concept, and well done…and what do the Americans decide to do? They trip it off, call it the same thing, keep the concept of the characters but change their names. They managed to turn something good into drivel. They would try to do the same thing to BBC Sherlock if they could. I absolutely despise Elementary. It’s completely idiotic. It’s a bit too much to expect people to suspend their belief to the level it’s required to believe Lucy Lu is Watson. Please. Americans are free to make their drivel, but they had better not think, that other countries don’t have the right to do their own versions. That’s the problem and why many people don’t care for American entertainment…they think they’re all that, and have the right to bully other people into seeing it their way. I hope the creators of BBC Sherlock stand up to them, because their product, is marvelous.

    • EV, its like you didn’t even read the article.

      CBS wasn’t trying to bully anyone. Quite the reverse, in fact, because it was a producer for the BBC version that was inferring that they would take legal action if “Elementary” made it to air. Prefer whichever you wish, but be intellectually honest about it please.

      Anyway, 3 years later, “Elementary” is up for its fourth season, and this article has been rendered moot in its entirety.

  14. I would venture to say that Americanized versions of British tv shows have a vastly different shade of humour, display of character depth and development of relationships between characters than their British counterparts.

    American tv shows tend to lack the subtle humour and dry wit that I find so prevalent in their British versions. A prime example being Sherlock.

    Perhaps it is because the Americanized editions such as Elementary and Being human are catering to a mostly American audience and therefore the plot delivery as well as the syntax, greatly differ from the British versions.
    Sherlock is pure genius. Elementary is entertaining as well, but in an extraordinarily different way (apples and oranges). I must confess that I’ve not seen the American edition of Being Human, simply because I am so endeared to the original. Let us not forget the brilliance of Dr. Who.

    I am quite partial to Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist and Person of Interest but am not above watching Ghost Hunters. However, shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Housewives of (whichever city) or Jersey Shore are trashier than Miley Cyrus’ twerking. This, of course is simply my opinion, therefore it’s purrly subjective.

  15. The only thing Elementary has done to “harm” Sherlock, is to be better than it on every level.

  16. Sherlock is better than elementary, by far! Sherlock is smart, clever, fantastic, the actors, the cast are brilliant! I hate America, they just steal good, and great British shows like Top Gear, Total Wipeout, and now Sherlock (or their version of Sherlock which is s*** compared to Sherlock BBC) and turn it 2 horrific nightmares! American TV is rubbish, they steal ideas and make it worse, and the only major contribution America has made in the world is that the majority are, really racist, really thick, and really obese! Please Americans dont steal ideas of good BBC, you are more than likely to make the show worse.

  17. I am not “Sherlock” fan. I can’t understand how anyone can think that it is superior to Elementary. BBC produces three episodes of Sherlock every two years. CBS produces twenty four episodes of Elementary every season. All “Sherlock” episodes are mostly adaptations of original Sherlock stories and since I already read most of them, I feel like that mystery element is missing. Elementary has more episodes and original cases, and also has character development. Also, police officers in “Elementary” aren’t lazy people who don’t know how to do their job or even interrogate suspects. Sherlock’s Moriarty comes off as childlish and immature to me, like he is trying too hard to be cool. Elementary’s Moriarty is serious, complex character, and she doesn’t act like some cartoonish, over the top villain, neither she tries to make jokes about her criminal operations.
    I am not saying that Sherlock is bad, I am just saying that Elementary is better. And to save some effort: I am white, European (although not British) man.

  18. First of all I’m a white American female and I love “Sherlock”. Because I live in the US doesn’t mean I have anything to do with the shows that are made here. I’m really saddened by the severe stereotyping that is going on. I don’t much care for “Elementary” I suppose because I am a purist, not only did they modernize the idea of Sherlock Holmes but they changed it to the point that it is hardly recognized as such. As a cop show, yeah, it’s not bad. But as a rendition of Sherlock Holmes I’m afraid it falls pretty short. Sherlock Holmes is a British character created in Britain so it only makes sense that the TV show would be made there. Just for a moment imagine BBC making a European version of the original “Star Trek” show. I’m not saying they couldn’t do it, but it would most likely not interest any of the original fans. Things would have to be changed to the point that the show would be unrecognizable. Humor codes are different, socialization cues are different. Just because we all speak the same language doesn’t mean were all the same people. Americans should stick to what they’re good at, and the British will continue with the same. However, the damage has already been done so what’s the point in fighting over it?