BBC Hints At a Possible Doctor Who Movie

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doctor who logo BBC Hints At a Possible Doctor Who Movie

Quick! Name the longest running TV show with original episodes! If you said anything other than Doctor Who or COPS, you were wrong. Starting with season one and counting this current season, Doctor Who has aired 759 episodes and been on TV since 1963 – and, with a 2010 season already slated, Doctor Who shows no signs of slowing down.

In a recent interview, BBC Film entertainment spokeswoman Lizo Mzimba confirmed that “a script is in development” for a Doctor Who movie, but if the project moved into full production, we likely wouldn’t see a release for several years.

(In that time we could have three or four more “Doctors” because, as sure as I am geeky, the show will still be on the air.)

What makes the Doctor Who show so extraordinary is the fact that the show remains highly popular even though the lead actor has changed not once, twice or even five times but an astonishing ELEVEN times! William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith have all sported the sonic screwdriver and been behind the “wheel” of the Tardis – the Doctor’s time machine shaped like a British police box.

doctor who collage BBC Hints At a Possible Doctor Who Movie

Usually, when a TV show decides to change the actor playing the lead role, it is considered by many to be the “jump the shark” moment. When the person playing that character changes, it forces us to re-bond with them all over again, and many times we simply stop watching the show. Can you imagine someone other than Hugh Laurie playing Dr. House and millions of people still tuning in every week to watch?

The constant character change hasn’t seemed to adversely affect the Doctor Who series. I think it’s because the writers never pigeon hole themselves into one specific story line. Throughout the series they have run 124 different story arcs, each one different and interesting. For that reason, out of all the Sci-Fi shows in existence today, I think Doctor Who makes itself the most adaptable to big screen treatment.

All you need is a Doctor, a time machine shaped like a British police box (which looks to us Americans like some sort of phone booth), a cute girl to travel with and a bad guy to fight. And get this: all three can be different in EVERY SINGLE MOVIE! Heck they’ve been doing it for forty-five years on TV and it seems to work just fine, so why stop now? Fans of the show would be happy because they are used to constant changes and newcomers would be drawn to it as well because a well told sci-fi movie almost always does well at the box office.

There are obviously no rumors about the script at this point but here is my suggestion. Let’s see an origin story of Doctor Who and how he became alone in the universe. Writers have long been mentioning the Time Wars between the Time Lords and the Daleks (think R2D2 with a bad attitude and a toilet plunger for a hand). That would make an epic battle to watch on screen and set up the next series of shows or movies quite nicely.

t christopher eccleston9 BBC Hints At a Possible Doctor Who Movienewdalek1 BBC Hints At a Possible Doctor Who Movie

What do you think about a Doctor Who movie and who would you like to see play him? I’d personally like to see Christopher Eccelston return to the post.

Dr. Who the movie is still in development and has no release date.

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  1. @ Job, I’m not high and a lot of the people I know that watch this show aren’t either so I am unsure what your information source for this tidbit is.

  2. the comments were definitely tl;dr, so here you go:

    In my opinion, there needs to be a movie that does handle the Time War, which isn’t mentioned in the first iteration of the series (as there are trips to Gallifrey) so it has to happen somewhere between the Seventh and Ninth Doctors.

    Perhaps this would finally give fans the McGann/Eccleston regeneration sequence? At any rate it would be something fans would want to see because, as you mentioned, the Time War has been hinted at so strongly ever since the show came back.

    And here’s my piece of uber-geekitude: The Fifth Doctor did not in fact use the sonic screwdriver – he went “hands-free” as they mention in “Time Crash.”

    My final tidbit: In the new Torchwood miniseries, I would LOVE to see Matt Smith show up as the 11th Doctor in a cameo before he actually takes over for Tennant. Given the whole time travel thing, it’s definitely not out of the question.

    • YES! my thoughts exactly! i love paul as the doctor and now there is a new costume for eight, they have no excuse

      • Dtarant, I completely agree. I would love to see that regeneration sequence, but I do not think that McGaan is youn enough to preform in the movie, but U also agree with your previous comment with one change. I think that they should have one of the Doctors, either Matt or David, and they should help them in some cases, or even just ask for their help. I think this because you see Torchwood In Doctor Who, so why not see the Doctor in Torchwood.

    • Well I mostly agree with what you say, you are incorrect on one point. The fifth doctor did use the sonic screw driver, until it was destroyed in “The Visitation”, as John Nathan Turner (the show’s head guy at the time) felt it was becoming a cure-all type device, the sonic screwdriver did not appear again in the original run. However in the 1996 telemovie, the seventh doctor took a sonic screwdriver from a toolbox in the tardis used it, and the eighth doctor used this after the seventh doctor’s regeneration. So since the sonic screwdriver was introduced during the second doctors tenure, only the first and sixth doctors never used it.

  3. I think they shouldn’t do anything about the Time War. What they should is make a story(s) of its’ consequences that the Doctor must set right.

    And here’s a little nugget, how about Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliff as a future Doctor Who? After all Harry was a little instrumental in bringing back the Doctor.

  4. I so want to see the Last Great Time War! Lets have 10th telling someone about it as a frame story, 8th as the main character, and a regeneration into 9th near the end. That would be simply fantastic.

  5. @Timebender13, I totally agree with you! THAT’s exactly the movie I imagined/wished for all this time. Bring on 8,9 & 10!

  6. I agree with those who want to see a telling of the whole Time War saga.

    Personally, I had strong feelings about the Doctor Who movie (“Enemy Within”), both really liking many aspects and really disliking others. I thought McGann was awesome and showed real promise, and felt it tragic we were deprived of seeing more of him on film. The only regeneration sequence viewers have never seen is the one between the 8th and 9th doctors. SO…

    Why not make the film a bridge between the old, the ‘attempted’ new, and the new by telling a story that many feel needs to be told anyway AND would fill in a missing piece of Doctor Who tradition!? We could even throw in some Eccleston/Tenant action since, let’s face it, I bet a lot of us are curious to see those two on screen together as Doctors. I say bring in McGann, Eccleston, AND Tenant! Let’s watch the tragedy of the destruction of Gallifrey unfold, give a chance for McGann to shine again, watch him transform into the 9th Doctor, and somewhere along the way watch the 8th, 9th, and 10th Doctors bump into each other!

    BTW – I’m pumped that it looks like there’s going to be a Children In Need 15-minute special with all 11 Doctors featured!!!

  7. @ Anthony B, thank you for so clearly expressing my own thoughts and hopes for this rumored movie.:)
    I completely agree with you!

    As for the Children In Need special,I’m afraid that’s just another recycled rumor. :( As much as we all want to see it happen, I’ll believe it when I watch it.

  8. Hey IzzyD,

    Thank you! Regarding the Children in Need special, I can understand your skepticism. For some reason (or rather a collective of little reasons), I believe it this time.

    (1) Russell T. Davies likes big endings, and a special featuring all 11 Doctors would certainly play into that.

    (2) The likelihood of having McGann included, in my opinion, would have been a factor in favor of disbelieving the rumored special, BUT… he has done and is remarkably still doing a boatload of radio programs as the 8th Doctor, and add to that that he recently attended his first ever convention, met with a very overcrowded room of 15,000 people! So McGann is in a better position than ever to make some sort of appearance – his popularity is on the upswing.

    (3) The series has been seeded with VISUAL references to past doctors. Davies wanted a break with the old in certain key respects, but he’s very, very loyal to the old shows. So while these can be seen as mere tidbits to please the fans, I think they may be preparing us for something. The show is signaling that it does not want to forget the past. An 11-Doctor special would be a wonderful part of the climax to this.

    Some of this doesn’t only speak in favor of the special this time around – it also speaks to a movie which might tie together the old and the new with someone like McGann present.

  9. They should cast an actor to portray The Doctor in a way that only his people saw. Then he should regenerate into a different form, starting a point in which the first episode of the VERY first season could pick up from. That would be great.

  10. Actually changed my mind, totally agree with your response an original doctor would be pretty good

  11. I would love to see a Doctor Who movie and would love to have david tennant play the doctor in it :)

  12. I think the whole thing would depend on the script to be honest. Tennant has pretty much done all he can with the role, since he is right in the middle, I didn't like Eccelston myself, but I understand people loved him, an Matt Smith is to fresh as the doctor, I don't think he has a strong enough character to support the big screen.

    We will just have to wait and see I suppose. It could litterally be anyone, it is The Doctor after all.

    (As long as it's not Johnny Depp, that guy pisses me off, and would make a horrible doctor)

  13. Just a quick comment going back to the original post above.

    The first doctor didn’t use the sonic screwdriver as it wasn’t invented yet. The second doctor was the one who first used it in season five’s ‘Fury From the Deep’ serial in 1968. Unfortunately, all six episodes of this serial are missing.

  14. Hey,
    A time War movie
    That sounds good to me I’ve wanted to watch something like that for years now if not longer.
    Although I’m not sure how they’ll do that since they would need the 8th and 9th doctors back. If they used anyone different Doctor who fans would be really dissapointed and able to see the diffrence. I’ve only seen The last five seasons as I wasn’t born before the others were made.

    I’d like to see David Tennant back as his my favourite doctor. Personally I’m not a big fan of Christopher Eccleson either, but I reckon it would make more sense to see him play a role in a Time war movie. I also have to agree with what Manic said about Matt Smith and Johnny Depp. (Jee Jhonny’s annoying)

  15. maybe they can add the 8th to 9th doc transformation…would be nice

  16. i would like to see a 3 doctors movie with matt smith Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant. It would be great and to have the Daleks

  17. I would LOVE to see a movie about the Time War and how the Doctor became the last of his kind. But mostly I would love to see David Tennant playing the role. I was quite taken with his character right away, from the moment he first spoke at the end of the 2005 season finale. I couldn’t get into Christopher Eccleson very well and I have to admit that although he may be a good actor, it wasn’t the role for him. And Matt Smith is doing a great job, but I’m just not feeling the same energy level or emotional range that Tennant had. He just seems perfect for the role and it’s hard (for me) to imagine someone else stepping in.

  18. David tennant should be the actor in the movie he was the best one in my opinion he was the funniest too :)

  19. and i even cried on the 2005 season finale it was so emotional

  20. time war all the way but mcganns television performance was 16 years ago and he probly doesent look the same but eccleson was in gi joe and he looks almost exactly the same so 9th doctor all the way not that i didnt have a man crush for david tennent but we saw most of his time and it wouldnt make sence to bring him back but at the same time a 9th doctor time war movie would only be insanely good for us die hard fans and probly wouldent bring in many new fans witch im sure is part of the plans so as much as i hate to say it i think a major motion picture is a bad idea the dalek movies of the 60s were just bad remakes of the fist two dalek stories and the 90s tv movie as much as i like the 8th doctors books and radio storys the movie wasnt very good and the whole half human thing was so absured that fans have to try to think of a way to play it off now im just rambling so to make every one happy just make a bbc mini series kind of like torchwood did give eccleson and russel t. davies an offer they cant refuse and lock steven moffet up in a towere somewere and get this thing going

  21. While I haven’t actually watched all the episodes of every series, I’ve seen most of them, as I’ve been watching the programme since the 60′s, and I have to say that every actor who’s played the part has done it well, but the last three doctors have really pulled out all the stops. Actors must love it! I think a movie about the time war would be fabulous and while I kinda agree with Captainscratch that Johnny Depp would play a great doctor, I think the role has to stay with a British actor. As does the production. My kids and grandkids all agree with me on this one!

  22. A Doctor Who movie is absolutely mandatory. But the only way it would really make sence is to feature the TIME WAR. I would say to have take place right before Dave Tennant regenerates into matt smith where the doctors life is flashing before his eyes. the movies narration would be the 10th doctors voice. the film would start just after the dalek invasion and occupation of earth in the 21st century where unit has organized the resistance against the daleks, romana has established herself as lord president of gallifrey davros is leading the imperial dalek faction, the 8th doctor has made a truce with the renegade daleks to destro the imperials which is actually a ploy to gather the info to destroy the time lords which starts the time war. romana is killed about midway through the time war, and because of the time lock she cannot regenerate, and because of the nightmare child which the rai helped create to rearrange time itself created a dark demension whch switched reality and created an evil rassillon and destroyed the benevolence of time lords, with that they resurected the master to destroy the daleks even thoiugh they had already been defeated. from there the ultimate sanction was introduced. the doctor knew this as the eighth doctor, and during the last battle he regenrates into the 9th doctor and his memory of the parallell dark demension is wiped. time is literally split in half. the doctors decisin to end the ultimate sanction it creates a time loop that sends the 1st doctor back to earth in1963 fleeing with the hand of omega so rasillon cant use it to destroy the universe. that is why doctor 1 is in ondon in 1963 in the first place with susan, and he knew that if anyone ever dicovered the tardis, they would find the hand of omega and carry out rasillons ultimate santion yet the doctor does not remember why, that is what happened to the chameleon circuit it was disabled in the time war. as time unfolds between doctor 1 and doctor 7 we find that time has looped back to the beginning of doctor who and the doctor has to learn it all over again which leads him to the 7th doctors story rememberence of the daleks to fin the hand of omega, to create the time war all over again. in other words the old series from doctor 1 to doctor 8 is a time loop. doctor 9 and beyond exists in a secondary time line. the movie ends with doctor 10s regeneration.

  23. I have seen a few Doctors come and go, from Paul McGann to Matt Smith, and I personally think that David Tennant was the best Doctor by FAR… I would LOVE to see David Tennant come back for at least one more episode, but a whole movie would just be amazing.

    Like I said, it is just my personal opinion that David Tennant was the best, everyone loves different Doctors, and I think they are all great.

  24. Thanks for posting this! I am such a huge fan of the show, and I am wondering where I can buy dr who toys to set on my desk at work? Dos anyone know of a good place online to order them? Thanks in advance for any help!

  25. I whould love to see movie about the Time War.

  26. Hey. I would live to see Matt Smith play the role, but he is too late in the series. Sadly, I am not able to see if the the last Doctor of the original series regenerated, but it does not really matter because I agree with the article. I think that Christopher Eccleson should play the role because it took place between him and the last Doctor of the original series.