Bay Holds Cybertronian Meeting to Discuss Transformers 3

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:27 pm,

I was a defender of the first Transformers. While the bad parts really made watching the movie difficult the first time, upon re-watching it, I really dug a lot of it.

Unfortunately, with the sequel that I hoped would eliminate the bad parts and improve on the good… it did mostly the opposite and we got stuck with a movie that although got very bad reviews across the board, it of course banked $830 million worldwide. Wait until Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray and DVDs hit the shelves next month. Add that with the insane merchandising and there’s no other movie that can bank more in total.

So, that means Transformers 3 is a sure-fire thing no matter what, the only question is when.

According to Michael Bay’s official website, that’s exactly what he, Steven Spielberg and Ehren Kruger are set to determine later this week as they lay down some plans for Michael Bay’s next few years of work. The following points were listed on earlier today:

  • He will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for Transformers 3. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012.
  • In the meantime “Pain & Gain” is looking very possible as is…
  • …Bad Boys 3. Either film coming to a theater near you before or after Transformers 3.

Pain & Gain is Michael Bay’s personal project he has been intending to make for a while. The plan as we knew it before, was the he’d step away from giant robots and explosions for at least a little while to work on this smaller feature. It is based on a series of lengthy articles written by Pete Collins, published between December 23, 1999 and January, 2000 in the Miami New Times tiled Pain & Gain.

As for Bad Boys 3, a few weeks back we reported on a writer being hired to pen the script for the next installment but it wasn’t confirmed on whether or not Bay would return to guide Will Smith and Martin Lawrence through the explosions. I think he’ll be back but that it’ll come after TF3 and Pain & Gain.

Onto Transformers 3. At this point, it’s clear the next one is to be made just for money (I know its a business, but this is quantity over quality now) and I have zero expecations for it after what I saw from the franchise this summer. That means, although they can’t possibly finish a film this large in scale and with this many special effects properly in a year and half to have it open in the summer of 2011, they’re still going to discuss it and it’s still a possibility.

Who cares if the CGI is unfinished or if half of the characters don’t talk… or even get a name. Where’s my paycheck!

Heck, make half of it in 2D sketches and just don’t show it in the trailer and it’ll still bank a minimum half a billion. Anyway, rant aside (we’ll save that for later), the only real thing that would delay the debut of Transformers 3 is Bay’s desire to work on other projects, namely the two we’ve discussed.

I’m very interested to see Bay step away from the grand blockbusters for a little while and to see what he’ll do with Pain & Gain.

What would you like to see from Transformers 3?


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  1. For me to be in it… Thats my biggest complaint from the past two movies. Let me jump through some explosions, get yelled at by bay and recieve that hefty paycheck. Shia… You don’t need that much money. Besides that i would like for it to be completely filmed in imax and for the stunticons to appear and maybe fight tidalwave or someone like that.

  2. Rob you got my vote on this one. Someone’s got to take the Jolt, SPIKE Shooters, or what ever he’s on and bring this director back down to earth.

  3. No one will bring him back down to earth. It’s not happening.

    But anyway, fan boys would disagree with you Rob about it being made just for money. We love our transformers even if it is being directed by that idiot Bay. What other reason is there to make any movie besides profit? It’s for entertainment purposes but besides that it’s for money. You think movies get made so we can view the artistic ability of the director or to bring a book to the big screen? That’s obviously not it since books are always better than the movie, and directors (besides a select few) are usually total douchebags.

  4. Transformers Happens.

    You know its the young guys version of “Twilight”. The fans know its crap but they like crap, what are ya gonna do???

    I will say that these threads that talk about Trans 3 read just like the threads that talked about Trans 2 and 1. So not only do we get saturated with crap in the cinema we get saturated by web info on the crap that’s flying toward the proverbial fan all year long.
    Weeeeee,,,,,,, Look out here comes crap!?, oh sheet I want some !?!?!?! 8-O

  5. “What would you like to see from Transformers 3?”

    Just what I’d wanted to see from frame one:

    Bay getting canned. Joss Whedon directing – and writing.

  6. Joss Whedon on TF? That would be something cool.

  7. This year was full of trailers that made the movies look better than they actually were.
    I have been reluctant to go to the movies so soon after their release in theaters just because I don’t want to waste my money just to see crap.

  8. I’m suprised that they didn’t go this direction for TF2 but I would like to see a reboot of the original transformers the movie. Screw Prime getting replaced by rodamus and all the new characters but put earth in danger of Unicron and then have the autobots help save earth. Now that is a story that could save TF3 from being as bad as TF2.

  9. Just make a trailer for the movie, don’t make the actual movie and still bank half a billion.

  10. @Sam

    I agree, Unicron would be the ultimate enemy.


  11. First off, kill off Fox in the first 30 seconds of the film. Get that no talent hack off the screen. She was worse in the 2nd one that the first. I’m done with her hyjinks. Second, bring it back to the core set of bots and get rid of all of those stupid smack talking sidekick bots that ruined the 2nd film. And finally, end the series with this film and make no more. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the first film. Watched it a couple dozen times, but the second one blew. Proof that more (money, bots, hotties, etc) isn’t always better.

  12. Joss Whedon directing would definately be something cool to watch in my opinion.

    As for transformers 3 I know its coming and I too liked teh first (to a certain degree, I mean I bought it) but I thought the second was a piece of crap. They shoudl have just left Megatron dead after the first and let the Fallen be the villain of this one.. Bringing back Megatron just completed demeaned the first Transformers ending. And now Megatron is still alive for teh third so what really happened in the 2nd? NOthing.
    And this REALLLLLLY got me TICKED OFF…a reoccuring event in the movie was fox’s character trying to get Lebouf to say that he loved her…fine…they also said that from the events of the first movie to the second movie there was a two year gap and we all know that Leboof n fox’s characters were dating from the end of the first film…so heree is my point….your telling me it took Sam (Leboof) TWO YEARS TO SAY I LOVE YOU to her and she stuck with him? GIVE ME A BREAK. Obvioulsy Bay has never been a ladies man if he let this slide.
    Aside from taht the movie was still mostly garbage as all we got out of it was a bucng of noise and action.
    They DO NEED to come out with a third because I still think that this franchise can be redeemed. They just need a better story this time around and less stupidity

  13. My mind still can’t process the fact that Spielberg is involved in this franchise…


  14. Steven Spielberg is my favorite director of all time. Ever since I was in second grade and saw E.T. I was inspired. I started reading every Steven Spielberg biography in the school library and eventually all of them in the public library as well. I completely agree though, why is he involved with this series? I guess he’s just having fun or getting a good laugh from this or something. I don’t know if he actually believes in the project that much or not or if he’s even very involved with the process at all. I know he does some stuff for the movie, but I don’t know if he really supports it… Maybe that’s just be hoping that he doesn’t, but maybe it’s true? That’s alright, I don’t lose any respect for the man. He’s a genius, whether he works on Transformers or not.

  15. Spielberg did say that he thought transformers 2 was bay’s best movie to date. What does that tell you about him?

  16. “we got stuck with a movie that although got very bad reviews across the board…”

    -By reviewers yes, but not by those who saw it.
    (Everyone forget so soon the crapstorm that ensued when Vic blasted the last one?)

    @strich, 30 seconds to kill off Fox? Why so long?!
    When you’ve got diarrhea 30 seconds is an ETERNITY. The same can be said about watching Megan Crotch ‘act’.

  17. @Vic, I gave up on Spielberg after Indy 4.

  18. @Vic
    When asked why make a sequel to TDK you said it made a BILLION dollars right…? So if this movie made over 800 mill why wouldn’t spielberg be involved with this…? Lol. You dislike/ hate this movie but i’m sure you’d agree to be involved with a over 800 mill project wouldn’t you?

  19. @ Jago,

    I think what Vic means is that of course they’re going to make a movie based purely on financial viability – no one’s questioning that, but why is Spielberg involved if he’s tarnishing his rep – he doesn’t need the money.

    @ JessSayin,

    Same thing happened when we had negative opinions of the Dragon Ball movie – There were protective fans of that too.

  20. @rob
    i know i know but even if he doesn’t need the money he is still going to want it…at least i and several others would. Also people really defended the dragonball movie…? Wow. To me what really damaged dragonball was when they brought it here to the states and marketed it for kids.

  21. @Jago

    What Rob said. Spielberg is the guy who brought us E.T. and Close Encounters – and now he’s behind giant robot movies with no plot. Ugh.


  22. @vic
    had you said “Duel, Jaws, any of the indy movies, etc” to me both E.T and Close encounters sucked big time… Anyways point i wanted to make was that people that have money will almost always want more of it… Even if they don’t need it.

  23. All I want to see for the third installment is for Bay

  24. @Jago

    Wait, wait… you think E.T. and Close Encounters “sucked big time” but you LIKE the Transformers movies?

    No wonder we can’t see eye to eye.


  25. @Vic

    Ugh…yes. Richard Dreyfuss’s performance was good in close encounters but the movie didn’t really pull me in. E.T. that alien looked like so many things (don’t want to fully engage in detail what things)that it pulled me out of the movie completely and that finger… i would have been the first calling the authorities for some reward or at least to have that thing removed from my house. Now Jaws for instance made me fear going to coney island by train because from a certain part of the station you could see into the aquarium (seriously freaked me out) and the movie “Orca” just added on to the experience.

    Now around my friends and most people i’m the guy that makes everyone laugh… and when someone or something makes me laugh i usually tend to like it. Both Transformers movies made me laugh alot… so that’s why i like it ( it isn’t Schindler’s List) but to me its entertaining. Some on here give you crap for giving Punisher Warzone a good score… i on the other hand see that movie as a good ol’ funny action movie. Little by little you’ll see that i can appreciate both types of movies and i don’t just lean to one side.

  26. @jago
    I have always said that if I saw E.T. in my backyard, I would shoot first and ask questions later. :-)

  27. @jago

    Well it seems we do agree that different types of movies can be enjoyed, we just disagree on which particular ones. :)


  28. @Vic

    Exactly… I will say though that if i could edit E.T. somehow to Make him look different i would give the movie a second chance.

  29. I’m a huge fan of Transformers-the show. Some of the movies weren’t all that great. Plus, now my parents say that each yellow Camaro they see is Bumblebee…Weird, I know.

    But, aside from that, when you said that half the characters didn’t have a name. That’s not true. You go out to any Target and you can find every-one’s name on a cardboard box that has the figure inside it.

    But you know what really ticked me off-it was the fact that the boat-the military one-in Egypt that Simmons called for back up was actually supposed to be the Transformer “Depth Charge”. But then, they decided that he would be too big and that they only needed one big transformer. I say that that is bull crap right there. A fight of big robots or a fight of giant robots? Some of the other fans that I’ve talked to told me that one of the reasons why they love it is simple-giant robots. Well, that and violence.

    That’s probably what Bay was trying for. I don’t know, I’m not him.