Bay Holds Cybertronian Meeting to Discuss Transformers 3

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I was a defender of the first Transformers. While the bad parts really made watching the movie difficult the first time, upon re-watching it, I really dug a lot of it.

Unfortunately, with the sequel that I hoped would eliminate the bad parts and improve on the good… it did mostly the opposite and we got stuck with a movie that although got very bad reviews across the board, it of course banked $830 million worldwide. Wait until Revenge of the Fallen Blu-ray and DVDs hit the shelves next month. Add that with the insane merchandising and there’s no other movie that can bank more in total.

So, that means Transformers 3 is a sure-fire thing no matter what, the only question is when.

According to Michael Bay’s official website, that’s exactly what he, Steven Spielberg and Ehren Kruger are set to determine later this week as they lay down some plans for Michael Bay’s next few years of work. The following points were listed on earlier today:

  • He will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for Transformers 3. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012.
  • In the meantime “Pain & Gain” is looking very possible as is…
  • …Bad Boys 3. Either film coming to a theater near you before or after Transformers 3.

Pain & Gain is Michael Bay’s personal project he has been intending to make for a while. The plan as we knew it before, was the he’d step away from giant robots and explosions for at least a little while to work on this smaller feature. It is based on a series of lengthy articles written by Pete Collins, published between December 23, 1999 and January, 2000 in the Miami New Times tiled Pain & Gain.

As for Bad Boys 3, a few weeks back we reported on a writer being hired to pen the script for the next installment but it wasn’t confirmed on whether or not Bay would return to guide Will Smith and Martin Lawrence through the explosions. I think he’ll be back but that it’ll come after TF3 and Pain & Gain.

Onto Transformers 3. At this point, it’s clear the next one is to be made just for money (I know its a business, but this is quantity over quality now) and I have zero expecations for it after what I saw from the franchise this summer. That means, although they can’t possibly finish a film this large in scale and with this many special effects properly in a year and half to have it open in the summer of 2011, they’re still going to discuss it and it’s still a possibility.

Who cares if the CGI is unfinished or if half of the characters don’t talk… or even get a name. Where’s my paycheck!

Heck, make half of it in 2D sketches and just don’t show it in the trailer and it’ll still bank a minimum half a billion. Anyway, rant aside (we’ll save that for later), the only real thing that would delay the debut of Transformers 3 is Bay’s desire to work on other projects, namely the two we’ve discussed.

I’m very interested to see Bay step away from the grand blockbusters for a little while and to see what he’ll do with Pain & Gain.

What would you like to see from Transformers 3?


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  1. @ Saber14,

    I was referring to the movie of course, where those are actual characters and not Hasbro toys in boxes, heh.

    In the movie, there were tons (literally) of bots who didn’t speak nor got a name in the film… so why are they even there? It’s only a giant Hasbro commercial unfortunately

  2. Revenge of the fallen, in my opinion, was the worst movie of the year… a shame really as it could have been the best.

    I think to redeem themselves Bay and Co should just do a DIRECT translation of the 1986 cartoon transformers movie, with none of bays original characters (the twins? *shudder*), actually stick to the story and the transformers franchise could be saved (at least in the fans eyes)

  3. what do I want from Transformers 3……DINO-BOTS, DINO-BOTS, and the DINO-BOTS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lets hope they discuss Unicron.

  5. What i want for Transformers 3 is Mike Bay to go on a real long vacation and give us a real transformers movie, not robotic Armageddon. he couldnt even get the characters right in the first movie. Then he made devastator the mightiest of all the transformers and he looked like a giant dog. Mike Bay you suck! Watch the original cartoon and movie, then make it right….PLeeeeaaaaase

  6. The G1 movie is absolute garbage and ended the coolness that was once an awesome Transformers franchise. What in the hell were the Quintessons… better yet.. dont answer that we dont even care. If it doesnt Transform it does not belong as a part of this franchise. Thank god Michael Bay came along and resurrected the Transformers. While not perfect (Alice & Cybertronian Robots with no Earth alt modes) Bay has done an excellent job. Sure i am a nerd and a Transformers fanatic, but everything that has been a part of the Transformers lore isnt cool. Alot isnt actually… but where it does shine is in its concept that Transformers hide as machinery and technology we use today. Everything else is a fail. The movie should stick to this simple and proven successful base – and if it does, we will benefit from an extremely awesome movie line and sequels. It does not need to follow any lore… if it pays homage to it… great.. but dont stick to it. other wise we will be watching the same movie the cartoon movie was. (which was not good). let Bay continue to reinvent this franchise as he has and all will be good – minus the transforming human and transformers that didnt have earth modes. As for Unicron… he doesnt make sense as a giant planet. use him as a huge aircraft carrier or something.

  7. With all the negative takes on Transformers 2 along with other SUmmer of 2009 films like Terminator Salvation and GO Joe I’m glad that my entertainment satisfaction level/expectations are a lot easier to meet then most. I enjoyed the SUmemr of 2009 as far as movies go but it sure does seem like most were very dissapointed.

    It has to really suck to be someone who can’t enjoy a film unless it has a Dark Knight level production from story to directing to acting. Shame.

  8. Transformers 2 was awesome!!!!!!

  9. Keep the Transformers moving along with 3, 4 and 5. F* all the crap about a reboot. I liked G1 for what it was a great series when I was a kid. You can’t realistically bring those same aspects to the big screen these days. It would look ridiculous. Again the franchise failed when the killed Optimus in the G1 movie then brought him back in the series cartoon. Everyone has there opinion on who they want to bring from G1 to the big screen I would mind seeing Blaster, Rodimus, Cliffjumper. I would love Bay to use more then GM vehicles. Cliffjumper as the new Dodge Challenger would be awesome. Wheeljack as the an awesome lamborghini. Would be sick.


  10. Word Edprime! how about even a Nasa Space shuttle being a Astrotrain??? but dont limit yourself to only previously known Transformers – some of my favorite Transformers from the movie franchise have been some of the brand new ones: Blackout & Barricade. I love seeing the old school formers mixed in with some brand new ideas.

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