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battlestar galactica 0314 Battlestar Galacticas U.N. Panel

Yes, you read that right.

Just how many shows do you watch that make such a statement on social issues that a United Nations panel is convened to talk about those very issues?  As far as I can tell, just one.  Battlestar Galactica.

Yes, that’s pretty cool, and that is what is going to happen on March 17th at 7 p.m. in the United Nations in New York.

After 4 harrowing seasons of Battlestar Galactica, the show has touched on many social issues that can be considered some of the grittier, darker issues of humanity.  Along the way, Ronald D. Moore and David Eick touched on some of our basic fears, hopes and visions we may all secretly hold somewhere deep down inside.

Aside from all the angles the show looked at, more specifically, the UN panel will be talking about war, faith and morality and how they’ve been presented in the show.

The show has handled these issues in a dark and depressing fashion, and yet delivered the plot in such a way that made it interesting and riveting…  a part of which I think is why the show has been such a hit.

The “Battlestar” U.N. panel will consist of executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, with cast members Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin) and Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama).

With the creative personnel of the show, other panel members include UN representatives Radhika Coomaraswamy, special rep of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict; Craig Mokhiber, deputy director of the New York office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights; and Robert Orr, assistant secretary-general for policy planning, executive office of the Secretary-General.

Of all folks that could possibly host this event, the moderator will be one of the biggest fan-persons of sci-fi, Whoopi Goldberg. She always manages to squeeze in on the big sci-fi shows of the time.  I wish I had that kind of pull with the shows I like!

If you must, it’s being reported that there will be a transcript of the panel available on Sci-Fi when it becomes publicly available.  There was no date noted for that release.

Side note:  I get a kick out of a small reference as to how the 4 seasons of BSG started 6 years ago…  what a subtle snarky statement about how Sci-Fi handled one of its flagship shows.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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  1. wait, what?

  2. U.N… United Nations.. Yea… I know. But cool, huh?

  3. The UN is pretty useless. They’re good at taking bribes and collecting money but never enforce any of the sanctions they like to place. Pretty much useless. The only international organization like that I respect is NATO, and that’s only because that’s a purely military type “if you mess with any of our members we will all bomb you” type group… Actions, not words…

  4. Good for them!
    Way to go BSG!

  5. I’ve alway said that the new BSG was nothing but left wing propaganda and that the UN likes it that much confirms my opinion

  6. But Whoopi Goldberg will be there… oh, nevermind, that just further proves your point kyle…

  7. I would say surely the UN has better things to do, but then they do so little.

  8. steven, what are you talking about? The UN is always busy, you know, when they place a sanction on someone, then when that country breaks those sanctions, the UN is there to film it and place more sanctions as punishment, yah, they are very effective. Then they go against using military action to enforce those sanctions they just placed. I guess nations are under the “honor system” when it comes to following these things…

  9. haha, steven the git, you nailed it!
    Lets see, there is a huge crisis in Sri Lanka where innocent civilians are being slaughtered. Of course, crisis in Darfur! The Middle-East conflicts, but, ah, forget about it, lets use our time to talk about a TV show.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have watched Battlestar from the get go, but there are more pressing issues to deal with! Unless, Sci-Fi gave them some cash and said, “hey, our 2 hour finale is coming up, you scratch our back we’ll scratch yours!”

  10. Does the new Daylight Saving Time effect the month April Fool’s Day falls on?

  11. @Sylar’s Hunger

    LMAO! :-P


  12. The UN is as good and effective as its member states make it.
    For example, if certain major nations (cough) paid up their membership fees properly and committed to ground force intervention when most needed, (regardless of “national strategic considerations” then maybe the UN would be more effective. In any case, if not the UN has anyone here a suggestion that would represent a shining replacement ?

  13. Oh yes, membership fees. They are good at collecting those, but they do little to nothing else. They place “sanctions” on other nations, but when they break them, the UN responds by “threatening” to place more sanctions (more sanctions they won’t enforce BTW). So of course, logically that country goes on to break more of the sanctions, and the UN responds by placing even more sanctions as “punishment.” Until eventually nobody cares what they say anymore.

    And who knows where all of that money goes. Oh wait, I think a couple years ago we uncovered a huge scandal with the head of the UN that showed where some of that money went… Anyhow, is it just me or does the UN seem like a big international labor union? And they are just as corrupt and useless as labor unions, so it fits.

    Actually, what am I saying? Labor unions aren’t useless. If their purpose in life is to promote outsourcing and to destroy American businesses and our economy then they are very effective indeed…

  14. @Ken J

    Thanks for stepping in on that one before I did…


  15. Heh, heh, a few here must’ve been sweating in the 1990s: who the hell could be blamed for all of life’s little ills once the Berlin Wall came down? How could oversimplistic, them-versus-us wordviews be maintained thereafter without a scapegoat/bogeyman to lay it all on?

    Alas, no Toasters to fill the role. What are we left with to fill the breach?

    Ah, the good old UN (Black helicopters an’ all)!

    Course, the UN is made up of its member states, so if your own country happens to be a member, (maybe even a prominent one…possibly even a founding member), then you won’t have to go too far afield to make a complaint about how it’s been run to date…

    Yee-ha, pardner !

  16. Oh yes, I’m sure every founding member gets to make decisions within the UN even if it contradicts those of other founding members. You do realize that they “vote” on things and if any of the founding members votes against anything, even if the majority is for it, no action is taken right? So all it takes is for the country being “sanctioned” to influence just ONE of these said founding members (and there’s more than one, thus the ‘s’) and basically the result is a useless organization good at collecting membership dues so they can misuse them, place sanctions, then do NOTHING when these sanctions are broken. But i’m sure you know all of this since you’re OBVIOUSLY so intelligent, lol.

    BTW, I personally associate them more by their cute baby blue hats than the black helicopters. Everyone has black helicopters…

  17. Maybe you’ll refer to the “Oil-for-Food” program that was so successful and not at all corrupted as an example of the great deeds by the UN?

    The only international organization worth being a member of is NATO since they are an action-oriented coalition. Not just the “oh, you do something wrong we will take a vote, don’t make us take a vote!!” Oooooohhhhh, scary!!!! I’m shaking in my boots just thinking about it!! :-D

  18. [wow,two posts, Ken: did you forget to sign on under a different sig for the second one, or did you just get a little excited in your spare time between classes ?)

    NATO was established for defence purposes, Ken. Its record also hasn’t exactly been exemplory. Like many multi-national organisations it suffers from a range of issues.
    The UN is not a competitor to NATO: it has a wider mandate: it assists a lot of the world’s population on a daily basis with health, food, education, shelter, etc (you know, the boring stuff, that doesn’t involve “action-orientated” activities).
    Anyhow, I bet you’re looking forward to your school formal; I’m confident that persistance will reward you with an eventual graduation.

  19. @Crookmeister

    The UN is useless in the extreme. I’ll tell you what might make them more effective: Instead of basing them in cushy NYC, move their damned headquarters to Iran or Iraq.

    Maybe that would give them some much needed real world perspective. They are the non-academic version of Ivory Tower elitists who get nothing done.


  20. LMAO crook, just curious, but do you think assuming I’m in “school” makes you sound condescending, thus someone intelligent enough to BE condescending? Good job, you can count, perhaps you’ve just learned a new skill? LMAO.

    Anyway, also out of curiosity, were you getting a cut from the OFF scandal or something? Seriously, you talk about NATO’s “record” yet you seem to ignore all of the countless scandals that keep coming up regarding the UN accepting and dispersing bribes, skimming money off programs meant to feed the poor and all of those things you claim the UN is so good at doing, or allowing countries to influence the way founding members votes, etc. etc.

    Those individual countries are more than capable enough to distribute funding or aide to countries in need without the UN, unless you think we NEED some of that money stolen or used as leverage in order for these countries to get help.

    You claim the UN is only as effective as its members, I disagree, it’s LESS effective than its members because a lot of the moneys from these individual countries get misused or stolen, so without them, I believe they will be much more efficient.

    I await your response. It’s amusing to see how you act like you’re married to the UN or something the way you defend it, lol.

  21. Ken, if you feel that the millions of people assisted by the UN, living in some of the dodgiest countries in the world, are capable of relying solely on their own governments you are sadly mistaken.
    See a bit of the world sometime. Having had the benefit of observing and living in a few effected places myself (something I know an armchair critic like yourself certainly hasn’t) it’ll be interesting to see what alternative arrangements you propose.

    To your credit at least you haven’t been trying to make schoolboy-level comparisons, like the effectiveness of the UN versus performance of a completely incongruous organization dedicated to, say,defence, like say, NATO, because that would be really dumb, hah, hah ! Oh, hang on, you did, didn’t you ?

    “…you act like you’re married to the UN or something…”

    H’yuk ! I know you are, but what am I ?

  22. Wow, speaking of school, maybe you need to take reading comprehension one more time. I know it’s in elementary so that’s like going all the way back 2 years for you, but still, it’ll be worth it. Just where did I say that that the countries NORMALLY receiving aide should rely on their OWN governments?

    It’s pretty useless trying to have a discussion with someone who is like butt buddies with the UN, and to make things worse, one who can’t even read and comprehend simple English. We’ll be wasting our time breaking down the definition of words and semantics and all of that so one post will be come 16 posts of explanation before you get the “ooohhh, now I get it” moment. So don’t worry about it, you love the UN, we get it, and we’re all really really proud of you, really we are! None of us are laughing, nope, NONE. :-D

    Um, I was laughint WITH you there…

  23. YO: Leave the personal attacks out of the comments about the post subject matter.

    This is where we state our opinions, not argue to undermine others opinions.


  24. wow, sorry i didn’t follow this discussion as it happened. vic, interesting how you didn’t stop the discussion from getting political….usually they get pretty vicious and you need to intervene.

    ken, crook, nice sparring…interesting and snarky too.

    ken, i never heard the UN compared to a giant labor union before. great idea. It almost sounds as if you have talent on loan from He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned in the BSG Finale Review Thread!