Battlestar Galactica TV Movies In The Pipeline?

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battlestar galactica season 31 Battlestar Galactica TV Movies In The Pipeline?Back in May, the “idle chatter” was the possibility of up to three additional Battlestar Galactica TV movies were on the table being discussed at the network.

No one at the network confirmed or denied this but if you ponder it, there’s some conflict in the air.

The possible three films will not further the storyline that’s developing in Season 4 and 4.5. Rather, they will focus on incidents that take place on the Galactica during the show’s timeline.

In an interview on June 28th with the L.A. Times, Grace Park, (Cylon No. 8, Sharon Valerii) said the first BSG movie was greenlit.

And still, the Sci-Fi Channel says things are still in discussion.

But with various cast and crew off doing other things, I read this tidbit with trepidation.

Case in point: Director Michael Rymer has been tapped to direct Witchblade. Actors Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin), Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama), Tricia Helfner (No. 6), Grace Park, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Felix Gaeta), Leah Cairns (Racetrack), Michael Trucco (anders), Paul Campbell (Billy), Rekha Sharma (Tory), Richard Hatch are all on projects in some degree of production.

If you follow Ronald Moore, you know he’s in the middle of pre-production for the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica. He has a new show in the upcoming season called Virtuality on Fox. Additionally, he’s signed a three project feature film deal with United Artists.

Does that sound like someone who’s free to make a movie for Sci-Fi?

I have to wonder that if this rumor is true, are they thinking of moving forward with the franchise without some key components that made it what it is? That would not be in their best interest to even attempt something that hair brained. It would only add further evidence of what many are calling rather poor decisions on Sci-Fi Channel’s part.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times

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  1. One can only hope it isnt true.
    I Dont want to see anything that doesnt involve the key playeres .
    could these be Direct to DVD projects?

  2. It could be that some people are just having “B.S.G.” withdrawal pains. It’s only been about a month too. :)

  3. I think we’re going to have to start getting used to two things:

    $4/gallon gasoline.

    10 month hiatuses between seasons on TV shows.


  4. If it even stops at $4 a gallon!

    Gary: They’ve made TV movies that aired once, then went to DVD, ie: Razor, so if a movie is announced, be ready with the recording instrument of your choice!

    Old man: It could be, but being that this final season split was a plan of Sci-Fi’s since last September, I think they’re still trying to balance out what to do with something that has such a following. I hope they let things lay where they lay rather than draw it out and dilute the BSG franchise with noise!

  5. Sci-Fi Channel is a joke, heh.

    As for BSG movies, they could film all 3 at once if they are to be just about stuff during BSG timeline. If they get scripts done, they could film them all together in just a few weeks and have all the time in the world for post-production.

  6. Rob, that would be too intelligent of an idea for Sci-Fi to tackle. Whad’ya thinkin?

  7. Ok, we agree in principle. However, I’m up for a good theory…

    Well since the series final episode has been shot and I’m speculating that the sets haven’t been struck. My guess is that if they shoot even a single one it will happen in late August and will air after the series is done airing.

  8. Perhaps the questions being mulled are; Do you want movies that are BSG filler or “Caprica” tie-ins? They have the opportunity to do something different: “30 minute shot glasses.” Take select extra footage that was cut and build stories around those. Two examples come to mind, the scene revealing the colonial silence on the gods issue and the cylons’ story for the start of the war. A third scenario would be to explore a cylon home-world or colony story prior to the war. That could set the tone for “Caprica” or create a gem for ” Capricas’ ” exploration. OH yeah there’s a possible SAG strike! If that becomes a reality what do we do?

    Oh yeah, anyone heard anything new about “Caprica’s” production?

  9. Just started watching this show in order on dvd starting from the Mini-series.

    So far its great. Its deffinitly a twist with the cylons having souls.
    Very well written and acted.
    I have a few problems with the new age music in the mini series and a few other things but overall I’m cooking thru season one right now.

    Baltar that guys a pr

  10. I kind of envy you perspective 790. Most have the time between all the episodes and seasons as enemies, in drawing a clear picture of the story. After your up to date you’ll have the clearer picture.

  11. Thanks TheOldMan! You rock bro!

    I can tell so far that its clear the Cylons “in human form” are helping the Galactica survive.

    I’m on episode 3 past the miniseries. Bastille Day with Richard Hatch, gonna watch it now. 😉

  12. Welcome to the fold 790.

    I got a chance to watch the entire series over again with my film club and though you may miss out on some of the fresh perspective of seeing it not knowing what’s coming down the pipe, it sure is interesting to see things from the end game point of view.


  13. Thanks Bruce…

    Looks like the Cylons have found God, and their dealing out Gods wrath on humans in some sort of karmic redemption.

    They obviously have a plan create a new lifeform and their using the humans, toying with them actually to get it.
    That’s what I’m reading so far halfway thru season 1.
    Also notice alot of Farscape influence in the Cylon nural clone and the music.
    The show would benifit with a better opening sequence. (IMO).