Battlestar Galactica: Have We Been Dealt Major Spoilers?

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aaron douglas battlestar galactica Battlestar Galactica: Have We Been Dealt Major Spoilers?This article has speculative premises that could be spoilers, and a definitive spoiler later on. Reader, beware!

Back in April 2008, I had thrown out my conjecture on who the last Cylon is in the upcoming final season of Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel. Screen Rant readers came through in droves and offered up many ideas and suggestions. I was humbled at your participation and it was awesome to see some of your ideas, and entertaining to see others. For instance, I’m going way out on a limb and saying Jack Black is not the last Cylon. icon smile Battlestar Galactica: Have We Been Dealt Major Spoilers?

Some of you presented fantastic reasoning behind your thoughts. Fantastic enough that it almost changed my own mind. I was on the Cylon bubble! Almost.

Back in April, the quote that got my wheels grinding was:

This has all happened before; and will all happen again.”

I gave my reasons and how they evolved into my idea that “All of humanity is The Last Cylon.” The course of history does manage to repeat itself, no matter what.

Of course, I always have a plan B. Plan B was Mr. Gaeta.

The biggest piece of bait that fed our imagination through all of this was that dang Last Supper image.

There’s a goblet at an empty spot. Characters are pointing at each other (or something). Who really is technically at the table, etc., etc. Heck, even some inventive folks over at SpaceWesterns took an ingenious approach and manipulated the image by digitally folding it in spots (They used the two glasses on the table as fold references) and they came up with even more ideas from that new image. Zoinks! The possibilities are endless!

In July wrote about the last scene at the end of season 4.0. They believed they landed on earth and that “not all is as it seems in regards to Earth, or to be more accurate, the planet they landed on.

Edward James Olmos also said in an interview that the show does not have a happy ending. On top of that, if you remember the old man Cylon in the tank from Battlestar Galactica: Razor, some rumors said that might have been Daniel Graystone, and that info could be relevant to who the final Cylon might be. Graystone, in the BSG mythos, is the creative force who developed the Cylons.

At Comic-Con in San Diego, Ron Moore told me (OK, I was in the audience he was talking to) that the only clue we get to the final Cylon is that it’s someone we’ve seen before, who’s been on screen before. Well that really helped narrow it down Ron. Dag nabbit.

Hungry for more? Curious about any potential developments that are going to toss us on our ears?

On September 13th, an interview of Aaron Douglas will be in the October 2008 issue of SFX magazine, and they’ve got the interview over on Aaron Douglas

In the interview, Aaron said the following interesting bit:

“The four of the final five are one-offs. The original Cylons. Thousands of years ago, when there were 13 colonies on Kobol, 12 went that way and one went that way to find Earth – or create an Earth – and that colony was actually Cylons. They’re individuals, there’s no multiple models. The seven that we know are a different kind of Cylon that came much later. They’re probably ten, 20 years old, born out of the metal machines that fought back 40 years ago in the Cylon wars of the 12 colonies. So they’re essentially like the gods. And we were on the new Earth, and destroyed that and came back to the 12 colonies to rejoin humanity to find out the cycle of time.”

Head slap!! That one statement seems to confirm what I said in April, but I’m not holding my breath yet. Is Aaron just messing with our heads? So even though I wasn’t right about the last Cylon, I seem to have been onto something.

Over on, Cort and Fatboy, personalities from 101.1 KUFO in Portland, Oregon interviewed Aaron. I listened to the interview and came away with the following:


  • They will wrap a BSG movie at the end of September. (The Plan: Takes place 15 days before the Cylon attack, and it’s from the perspective of the Cylons in the fleet.)
  • He describes himself like: “Think of him as a hung over Chief Tyrol.”
  • During the show, Aaron didn’t know if the writers were being secretive or don’t know what they’re doing until the last minute and make it up as they go.
  • He thinks that writers are nerds. But nerds are cool. (Nice cover, Aaron.)
  • The final five are considerably different.
  • In reference to the fact that no one really made any noise about Tyrol’s baby: “I promise you, it gets dealt with in the back ten.”
  • Why was the Bob Dylan song used: It gets covered in the back ten.
  • When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It’s the perfect ending to a show.
  • They asked him if we’ll ever get to see the Cylon home world. Douglas said: “You did, at the end of season 4.” Douglas says that the last 10 minutes of the season 4 closer hits on how the scriptures say they found other people and they’re Cylons.
  • They asked why they have to wait so long for the last 10 episodes, and like Bamber, Douglas doesn’t hold back about the NBC affiliate, The Sci-Fi Channel: “Because sci-fi has the best ideas on how to alienate their audience, in the history of TV. They do it better than anyone on the planet. It’s fantastic. If you ever want to slow down the momentum of a show and piss off the audience, they’ve written the handbook.” (Classic response Aaron. We love it here on Screen Rant.)
  • He originally auditioned for Apollo, then was called back for Gaeta.
  • Douglas’ next project: The Bridge. A Canadian show. American networks are falling all over themselves to get to it.
  • He hasn’t seen the final episode yet.

It’s a great interview and he just chats with the guys like they’re all one of the guys and yakking to yak. He’s a drinker of sorts, and has a sailor’s mouth to some degree. I liked it, and I’m not one to really enjoy interviews.

So the question still remains as to who the final Cylon is, but more to the point: Even if Aaron sounded believable and down to earth about it, is he tossing us a red herring? We’re hungry enough to bite at anything these days, at least I am.

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  1. The more I read about this the more I hate it. What a cop out!

  2. Anastashia: I’d wait and see. They’ve worked some good angles on everything else they’ve put out under BSG, and for me, it makes sense.

  3. I think it slipped out and he covered it up – in reference to the earth-cylon homeworld.

    It seemed like he definately forgot where the very last scene of season 4.0 left off in comparison to the beginning of 4.5.

    I guess we’ll see next year…

  4. What it says in essence is humanity does not survive and I ain’t buying.

  5. I have an interesting idea and I want to start with what Aaron says:”Thousands of years ago, when there were 13 colonies on Kobol, 12 went that way and one went that way to find Earth – or create an Earth – and that colony was actually Cylons.”
    So at the end of season 4 Humans+Cylons have found the “Earth” that Cylons created and also somehow destroyed. Here goes an interesting thought: But what if the real Earth(The Earth) they should find as “the promised land” is the “Kobol” itself and that they’ve just found the Cylon’s homeplanet known as “Earth”. Humans+Cylons were living on Kobol a long time ago then they went to different directions, so Kobol is the home of the 13 colonies and can be “The Earth(as the promised land)” and also I want to point out that:”not all is as it seems in regards to Earth(at least Cylon Earth), or to be more accurate, THE PLANET they landed on”. So when they reach Kobol(if they will anyhow) then it would be in agreement with general saying:”This has all happened before; and will all happen again.” Then Humans+Cylons will once more be united as a species of “The Earth/Kobol” and everything we’ve seen so far start to happen one more time-> 1- A divide followed by a war that breaks out between humans and Cylons, 2- Cylons return,find humans and start to kill them, 3,4… and goes on and on. So it is once more in agreement with what Aaron says “When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It’s the perfect ending to a show.” becasue it will become a circular script, a loop that no one wants it to continue b/c everyone then know the whole story in a cycle and then it would be in agreement with what Edward James Olmos says:”the show does not have a happy ending.” Huh the funny thing is, it really doesn’t have any kind of an ending if everything play out as I said. And I have an opinion about who might be the final cylon and in my opinion it is Kara Thrace. I’m sure you want some proofs and here you go: The Hybrid at Battlestar Galactica: Razor says: “At last, they’ve come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves, the pain of revelation bringing new clarity, and in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin, but in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many, and THEN THEY WILL JOIN THE PROMISED-LAND, GATHERED ON THE WINGS OF AN ANGEL. NOT AN END, BUT A BEGINING.” and also tells Kendra Shaw that Kara Thrace will lead humanity to their end(in this cas also a begining:D). She is “the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death.” So she is the one who is leading Humans+Cylons as an angel to the “promised land” but also as “the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death” to their ends. However it is “NOT AN END, BUT A BEGINING” as the Razor’s Hybrid puts it !BAM! it’s just true for a circular script and a loop that no one wants it to continue as Edward James Olmos says.

  6. I would appreciate your comments on my theory.

  7. Who’s the final Cylon. Oooooh??
    This reminds me of, (“Who shot JR”) hype back in the 80′s.
    ((Its so obvious that its Bob Dylan,,,)). 8-)

    Anyone else find it ironic that the Cylons claim to be “better” than humans, yet there entire race is built on a foundation of hate and genocide…

    And for gods sakes if you know your repeating the same mistakes why embrace the ritual. Some of these Cylons seem to have a screw loose.

    (IMO) The show really deals more with the subject of reincarnation, as opposed to creation.

    Btw does anybody remember who shot JR?

  8. Kristen

  9. I haven’t followed the “who’s the last cylon” theories for awhile, but wouldn’t Kara “Starbuck” Thrace be a somewhat obvious suspect? If the “final five” really are remnants of an entire large group of “one-offs”, then some of them might have memories from Earth.

    Starbuck’s been painting the nebula picture since she was young – it matches very well with the actual view of the nebula, and with the symbolic version in the Temple of Jupiter (season 3).

    She also was snatched by powers-yet-unknown from the atmosphere of a planet, sent to Earth, and returned in a reconstituted Viper.

    Are those powers-yet-unknowns Human/Cylons that came from Earth? It’s very reminiscent of the orginal 1978 series, when Starbuck and Apollo were rescued by a humanoids in a city of light flying through space (for anybody else who remembers that).

    So – my first guess would be Lt. Thrace. I’d also guess that when they find the actual Earth we inhabit (if they weren’t already there), it will either be in the distant past (e.g., 3,000 BC) or the distant future (say, past the year 2,100 AD). The distant past would be more interesting, since together, the remaining humans and Cylons could populate the Earth, giving rise to our own Hellenistic religion (that is, Zeuss, Apollo, and the Greek gods that the humans in BSG worship).

    Wish Sci-Fi were not being so retarded on delaying this.

  10. Oh god… I think I remember. Kirk: You mean the episode where Apollo and Starbuck show up in white uniforms?

    I like the distant Earth premise. Can’t wait to see how it all fleshes out from the writers, and yes, join one of the biggest fan clubs in the world:

    “Sci-Fi, WTH are You Doing!?” club.

  11. Yeah I remember that Crystal ship.

    Apollo and Starbuck collided into it, and thought they had died.
    Everything was white and their guns didn’t work.

    Just as they started to get into more of that storyline the show ended.

    Anyone remember Lucifer,,, he had that pointed fiber-optic head?
    There were a couple different versions of him.
    There’s also no Imperious Leader in the new show. ;-(

  12. I know it’s been a while since this was posted on, but I recently rewatched the 4th season to get pumped (I know it’s a little early) for 4.5 and thought I’d add my 2 cents.
    In order for me to explain my theory (or lack therof) I need to explain some assumed *gasp* facts.

    In order for the five to have been awoken they had to be present when the fleet arrived in the nebula.

    Was it the fifth or Col. Tigh that Deanna was shocked by and apologetic towards? Or am I missing another event entirely?

    Deanna is completely aware of who all five are. She recognized all five and this has been backed up by Ron Moore when he said it’s “someone we’ve seen before”.

    So…if those three statements are true, then Starbuck cannot be the fifth Cylon. The first point I mentioned doesn’t necessarily disprove her as a candidate, but it raises the question that if it’s not her, then it has to be someone who’s been killed off or is on a planet we’ve seen previously. This would fit with my second point. I cannot remember if Deanna did something to Starbuck that would merit the apology…did she take Tigh’s eye? But she certainly recognized the person in white. Which brings me to my third point. She tells Laura Roslin that there are four in the fleet. Roslin asks her “what about the fifth?” Deanna ignores her and continues the scene. If I’m not mistaken, Deanna was boxed when Starbuck was “killed” so she wouldn’t have had a reason to assume she wasn’t in the fleet, and would have revised her statement upon seeing Starbuck in Galactica’s hanger. This makes me sure (and slightly disappointed!) that Starbuck isn’t the fifth.

    Her tattoo with Anders could be tied into the “angels wings” of the Hybrid’s prophecy…or Nike of Greek mythology…the messenger. Also, the bottom of one of her tattoos has been bugging me, it kind of looks like a constellation. Anyone else notice that?

    “And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.”

    To me that reeks of Gaius Baltar. I’m still not convinced he isn’t one despite the fact that he was in the nebula when the signal went out. He is the one who has started preaching about the Cylon god, healing with his touch, etc. He has been the one after redemption who has been constantly compared to a Jesus like character in the show (only at certain points and in certain ways don’t get me wrong).

    Perhaps the final five have a resurrection like ability. Perhaps the one Deanna was apologetic to died and will return. Maybe it was he/she that somehow brought Starbuck back.

    One last question. When the fleet found the Temple of the Five the President reads from a passage saying that “the temple was built by five priests as a monument to he who shall not be named.” WTF? LOL. Wouldn’t that imply a sixth unknown player/Cylon? Or is that supposed to be a nod to the fact that the Cylon/Baltar god doesn’t have a name/shall not be named?

  13. Hi Trystan,

    It’s never too late to chime in on any post and thanks thanks for coming by.

    I like your thinking / reasoning and coming from a fresh perspective of just having immersed oneself in the last season, you bring to light points that may have been fogged over by time / age / human memory flaws?!

    I don’t think anyone brought up the tatoo issue yet. Nice catch!

    Yea, I’m still on the bubble with Baltar.

    The sixth that you’re thinking of might be in reference to the creator of the Cylons, who, I think we will

    A: Be meeting in the prequel, Caprica,
    B: It’s been hinted at, is the gooey guy in the tank at the end of Razor!!

    The one that originally says “All this has happened before and will happen again…

    Where I wrote in a previous post:

    the old man in the tank was the father of all Cylons, who may have been once a human by the name of Daniel Graystone.

    There’s all kinds of opportunity to mess with our minds for these last 10 episodes coming up!

    Check out my other posts… and so far, though I’ve been more than likely disproven on my original premise, I still think that All of Humanity is the final Cylon, in one way or another.

    So, the “humans” are basically chasing their own tails in search for the truth, when they themselves are the truth they chase!!

    Whoa… did I just come up with that?

  14. I’m going to rewatch Razor when I get back to the states (I’m on deployment, but will be back before 4.5 is televised). I don’t remember the gooey guy in the tank. I really didn’t like Admiral Cain (as in I wanted to reach in the screen and beat the hell out of her) so I wasn’t too into the flashbacks in Razor, but the stuff with Starbuck was interesting. I’d completely forgotten about the prophetic rantings of the hybrid in that movie.

    I can see what you are saying with the “humanity is the missing cylon”…but you’d think that would have to be represented somehow in The Temple of the Five, but it was fairly clear that the fifth is a specific person. You could say that the fifth was a person who would represent humanity…but who would that be? Baltar or Roslin? Roslin is not one of the five (according to Deanna at least) and we are both on the bubble regarding Baltar. Interesting theory though.

    I went back and watched the second to last and last episodes of Season 4 last night after writing that post and something occurred to me. Could Starbuck be, or be related to, Pythia? Or maybe Roslin? I would lean more toward Starbuck though given her reincarnating tendencies. We’ve seen flashbacks of her past, but those could be just as fake as Tyrol’s memories of his parents (only an assumption!). Anywho, I’ll see if I can find a close up picture of her other tattoo and see if it matches a constellation.

  15. Trystan: First, thank you for your service, if I am reading into that correctly.

    Second, have you seen my Who is the Last Cylon Post here on ScreenRant? There may be nothing new in the post, but there are 317 fascinating comments with some awesome theories.

    Some tossed out there, others, well thought through like your own.

    But I warn you, it ain’t a quick read at all!! I suggest making a BSG party of it. Get some buds, beers and a big monitor and read the comments out loud and debate. PEACEFULLY!!

    I’ve had some doozies at work with that approach. (No.. I’d never spend work time on this… it was during breaks. And I’m sticking to that!)


  16. Thanks for the heads up. Lots of stuff out there. I found out that the constellation on the bottom of Sam Anders and Kara Thrace’s tattoos are 1/2 of Capricorn. The little symbol next to it also appears once before in the show…it’s on the CD that the Six posing as Gina gives to Adama that has the fake picture of Baltar accessing the defense mainframe before the attack. Not sure if it’s relevant though. It could just be a defense force logo we aren’t aware of.

    After reading all the posts and going back for some visual research, I’m more inclined to jump on the Ellen Tigh or Zak Adama bandwagon. I’m leaning more towards Ellen Tigh though. The evidence about the fifth being a woman (Chalice/cup in the Last Supper picture, 12 gods, 7 lesser (4 guys, 3 girls) and 5 greater (3 guys, 2 girls) in greek mythology, D’Anna’s sketch) seems fairly conclusive. Plus, she isn’t shown dying, she does look a lot like an older Six model (which could be a plot piece for Tigh and Caprica Six), she is very supportive to Saul Tigh (even if we don’t agree with her motives sometimes), and when they test her blood Virtual Six tells Gaius “What would they say if they knew everyone passes these days? What did her test really say?” and Gaius cryptically responds “I’ll never tell”.

    As for Zak Adama being the fifth…I don’t know about that one. I think a lot of that conjecture is being drawn from rumors about the plot of Caprica. I’m not saying to disregard those rumors, but I’m trying to focus on the hard evidence at hand. :P

    My personal pet theory is that Earth of the show’s past (our future) creates a Cylon. The Cylons want to be more like their creators and create Skin Jobs. The Cylons and Humans have a war, Earth gets destroyed and the survivors flee to settle on Kobol. I personally believe that the “gods” the humans lived amongst on Kobol were the original Skin Jobs from Earth. This would fit with the fact that some Skin Jobs want to coexist with the Humans (like on New Caprica). Perhaps New Caprica and Kobol were similar except Kobol worked and lasted longer. Lets say the Skin Jobs and Humans have a falling out, perhaps over the mortality of humans and the Skin Jobs lack of. The humans decide to leave and start their own colonies, while the skin jobs want to reclaim Earth.

    I read somewhere that Ron Moore wanted the ruins on the planet at the end of Season 4 to look much older. He said the original images looked like they were destroyed yesterday and they made them look older, but he wanted them to look much more Kobolish…he also said he wanted more ruins on Kobol to be visible but ran out of money or somesuch.

    So, back to the theory, maybe the skin jobs on Kobol only numbered 12 or something small. Over the eons they were reduced to 5. They get to the colonies and realize they are close to developing their own Cylons and have a division. Three (or four if you count Tori) want to preserve the Human race. The fifth (I believe a woman, could be either) manipulates a human and helps his development of the Cylons (daniel graystone maybe…perhaps his wife?). This splinter skin job could be the “jealous god” from Kobol, maybe they became convinced that Humans were unworthy of existence.

    There’s definitely some holes in my theory, but it would fit with the cyclic time (All this has happened before, and will happen again) theme. There are definitely some things that don’t fit though…like why wouldn’t the four remember who they are and what had happened so they could assist more. How do Starbuck and Roslin fit into it given their more supernatural affinity for foretelling. How does someone on Earth have a Colonial locator signal let alone a brand new Viper and Starbuck body…Well, time for some more research and going nuts til the show is televised. Later!

  17. Bah…I’m going to quit posting theories. Right after I posted that I read where someone else posted a very similar concept. I’m just going to keep reading and watching. :)

  18. So?

    You’re thinking this through and it doesn’t matter if someone posted a similar theory somewhere else. We appreciate your input here on ScreenRant and enjoy your participation!

    Thanks for your time TrystanQuinn and never hold back!! We don’t!