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bsg centurion 1001 Battlestar Galactica Finale Review

The short non-spoiler take: Holy crap! My take on the Battlestar Galactica series finale was that it was 99% incredibly satisfying and delivered beyond what I was hoping for. In the end, it seems destiny will be what it will be, much like fighting gravity.

The finale was heart pounding. I did not need coffee to stay up for this one. The advertising for this final episode spouted endlessly that we will know the truth. Indeed. The ending was satisfying, sad, fulfilling and the truth of it all confused me.

Sure, there were a few loopholes or discontinuities but I chose to focus on where they were going, not what they were missing or glazing over. They had to get somewhere without being so verbose that it distracted from the end game.

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bsg finale caprica gaius p Battlestar Galactica Finale Review

I sat down and committed my household to Battlestar Galactica (BSG) all night long. I started focusing on it during the replay of the special from Monday evening when Ronald D. Moore quipped about the phrase on how it “all happened before and it will all happen again” came about from a scene he saw in Peter Pan where they said that.

I don’t remember anyone in BSG thinking happy thoughts, or flying… except out of airlocks!

A Nagging Theme Or Two

The one theme that has been present since the very first episode was No 6 in Baltar’s head telling him “Trust in God’s plan for you.” This was presented to us time and time again throughout the 4 (or was it 6?) seasons!

The other nagging theme that always lurked below the surface of my tortured mind was a point made midway through the series, and that was the ability that Cylons had to project themselves into fantasy worlds that they build in their heads.

Why? Because of the visions that some of the humans had throughout the show. Baltar with his hot No. 6, in his head. Lucky Bastard. But there were the shared visions between Baltar, Caprica, Hera, Athena and Laura had of the opera house. That always had me suspicious, period.

And Starbuck? She didn’t have visions. But her artistic tendencies to draw symbols from mankind’s destiny and being called the harbinger of death kind of makes you wonder about her. Then coming back from death but not being a Cylon? WTH was that? But more on all this later. Or will there be? Maybe I’ll just stop typing… and call it God’s plan.

The Finale Delivers In Bucket Loads

Watching scenes of our favored characters in Caprica city, “Before the Fall” really drove home their lives as they were developing before it all happened. The back story was great to see. Pondering the label, “Before the Fall“: I have to look back and wonder, was that past tense, or future tense, since this all going to happen again?

Watching the preparations on the Galactica to head off to get Hera back hit home with some good emotional anchors:

  • Adama turning over command of the fleet,
  • Anders tank being hooked up into the CiC.*
  • Lee Adama making Romo Lampkin President, in his absence.
  • Or the surreal scene of a squad of Centurions in the flight deck, preparing for battle.

*Tigh telling Adama it wasn’t too late to shove all the Cylons in the CiC out the airlock and Adama saying it would take too much time. – was frakking hilarious and poignant to me. The Cylon TIgh, looking to jettison Cylons, staying true to the humanity, the commander and the ship he grew to love.

Action Stations

When the Galactica jumped in on top of this freaky new looking Cylon ship that reminded me a bit of the Shadow ships from Babylon 5, the ensuing firefight left me wondering if the Galactica would survive.

Then the Galactica ramming into the hull of Cavil’s ship, making their own airlock with the ship and ground teams dispersing into the Cylon ship, looking for Hera. Now that’s how you make an entrance!

Watching new and old style Centurions in battle was surreal. Even if the CGI seemed a little bit funny with the old Centurions. Did you notice that?

A Momentary Truce

The humans get Hera, but Cavil snags her back. Finally, Gaius, for all his chitter chatter, finally hits his stride and serves his purpose in this entire mythos as he talks Cavil into a truce.

bsg finale caprica and balter Battlestar Galactica Finale Review

It’s here that Gaius says that he tells Cavil that he sees angels (The In-the-head Caprica and Gaius) and that there are other forces at work via puzzles deciphered in prophecy, by dreams given to a chosen few.

I was on edge waiting for that other shoe to drop from Cavil’s side, and boy, did it. Tyrol interrupts a data stream when he discovers that Tory was who killed Cally and in his rage, Tyrol kills Tory, which ends the cease-fire everyone had. So much for peace.

Destiny Takes Its Path

Chaos ensued and Adama yells at Starbuck to jump them out of there but she has no coordinates. Instead she inputs the numbers that she’s associated with the song that Hera drew out and gave her.

Plop. Kara’s coordinates put them right on top of the moon, our moon, with our Earth in sight. I actually never expected to see this. Despite being teased us at times when we could see constellations in the background we recognize, like Orion, but I just thought they were messing with my mind. (It’s not that hard sometimes!)

After scoping out the planet and its spear carrying human species, they decide to stay and blend in. But how they do it confused me. Or more in-line with the show, took a leap of faith to follow their actions.

What’s left of humanity shuns technology and blends with the natives… our ancestors.

Adama makes the decision to have Anders drive the ships of the fleet and all its technology into the Sun, and live out their years with the natives, without their technology. Technology has been their curse. They’re done with it. No one seems to argue.

William Adama tells Laura that he calls this Earth because Earth is a dream they’ve been chasing for a long time.

Tough And Touching Moments

Starbuck saying goodbye to Anders in his tank, who pulls through his Cylon induced fog to tell her that he’ll see her on the other side. Eh?

Watching William Adama being the last person to leave the Galactica in his old Viper, looking over the fleet one last time.

Watching William Adama bid farewell to Lee and flies off into the distance with Laura in the Raptor with him, who dies in-flight. Bill builds a little home and talks to her grave, updating her on what’s up.

Not a surprise, Tyrol has had it with people and goes off to his own island.

Gaius and Caprica together with no trauma going on in the background finally. For possibly for the first time, Gaius can have a grieving moment for his father. They then head off to do what Gaius knows… farming.

My “What the Frak” Moment

Lee and Kara are talking about what they’re going to do, now that everyone is off doing what they’re gonna do. Kara says that she is leaving. She’s done here and has completed her journey and just vanishes in mid conversation. That’s it.

Backtrack: Remember when Baltar announced to the assembled crowd that his study of Kara’s blood proved that Kara was 100% human? If you paid attention, Gaius said that the blood on the pendant that came from the corpse is 100% human. I got caught up with everything the first time and missed that. I thought he was proving Kara was human, but I noticed this the 2nd time through, he proved the dead pilot back on the burnt out Earth was human.

The Future Happens Anyway

150,000 years into the future, we see downtown New York. We learn that humanity has discovered the mitochondrial Eve, the woman to whom all of humanity can be traced to. Hera. We also see humanity starting to build bipedal robots and what not… here we go again!

The Big Reveal

Looking over Ronald D. Moore’s shoulder in his cameo appearance in one of the final scenes, stands the in-their-heads versions of Gaius and Caprica. WTF? They make note of the fact that Eve was discovered in Tanzania and how Eve was found alongside her Human and Cylon parents.

Caprica said something about how even though it happened before, that mathematically speaking, there’s a chance it won’t happen again. Then they mention god, and Gaius reminds her that he doesn’t like being called that. Eh? The Matrix?

I got confused here. Is society pretty much Cylon at this point? Are these two really angels, or Cylons? Has this just been a big master plan, a tale from god that we’ve watched all along? Are we being being set up for a sequel in case they decide to go with that?

My Take

The finale was a big payoff.

I really enjoyed just about every single second of it. There was tons of satisfying action. That final jump by the Galactica was way awesome! As it popped out of FTL flight near Earth, it flexed, wobbled and rippled – pieces and parts being flung off in the aftermath. I thought it was going to end right there.

Yet once everyone is on the planet, everyone seemed agreeable to give up technology for spears. I get it… yet really, would you? NO! I want my microwave and cell phone and laptop damnit. Hmm… that would mean building the internet all over again.

It was a very fairy tale ending in this rag tag fleet of humans just seeming to go along with this decision, so I had a little bit of a problem with this. Yet, like I said at the front of this article, suspending disbelief to allow for the story to be moved along.

What in blue blazes was Kara Thrace? A ghost that EVERYONE saw? Another angel? An ascended being from Stargate. (She’s in a lot of trouble if that’s the case)

Was Kara something that everyone wanted, or needed to see? It’s been said that Moore said she can be whatever we wanted her to be. That feels like a cop out. Why, after delivering so many answers, do we get this grey answer to one of the biggest developments in the mythos? I’d like to have had Kara explained. Plain and simple. Especially since everyone saw and interacted with her. Especially since she had a life she lived which fed to this point in time.

As far as we can tell, even she didn’t know until that very last moment. Come on, Moore. I would have liked you do give more than this to us.


So if we go back to literally day one of this whole thing, angels have been guiding Gaius and later, Caprica on their paths? Has this really been their story all along? Have the humans been nothing but pawns in this entire series?

If so, the sufferance of humanity seems cheapened by this new wrinkle. Well, at least it didn’t end on a Holodeck, but it sure felt close to that.

I’m not unhappy

The entire series broached a whole new kind of entertainment. The kind that deals with our fears and hopes and realities of what is and what could be. It dealt with how we do have control of our destiny. But we can only control our destinies just so far until they intertwine with others. Then the group destiny that we become a part of, no matter what else we do is what dictates our end game. That’s what I took away from the series.

Now we have to watch this whole series all over again, and watch it from the angels point of view as they guide our hapless characters along their sordid way.

The Sad

But for now, there will be no more new episodes. Sure, we’ll have a few movies that take place during the series time frame. Sure, we’ll have the prequel, Caprica. But the end of the show has been laid before us. Battlestar Galactica, the journey, has found its goal.

It’s time to say farewell to the journeys of William Adama, Laura Roslin, Kara Thrace, Lee Adama, Gaius Baltar, Saul Tigh, Doc Cottle, Helo Agathon, Galen Tyrol, Ellen Tigh, Felix Gaeta, Sharon Valerii, Caprica Six, Tom Zarek, Romo Lampkin, Cavil, Sam Anders and the coolest, new Centurions.

My Question To You

For you, what character really made the show. What event really hit home in the series that resonated with you?

Update: 3/29/09:  I’ve added some perspectives on some of Moore’s approach to the Battlestar Galactica series in a new article we’ve published.

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  1. I think Kara was Human .
    but she died and came back ,
    Because it was her destiny to lead her friends to their “end”.
    As in the end of their journey.
    I am also glad Baltar got a chance to rededem himself and that he is finally at peace with his past.

  2. This series was a lot of I don’t know what!!!, The show started out great them it went way out into left field and out the park. I know it was a new show but it could have followed the original a little bit more, I mean when they finally find earth they are so far back in time that there are prehistoric man walking around and you mean to tell me that the survivors will not run into the natives. They should of stayed with the original story line , if they did that I feel the show would of been a bit better

  3. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Sun Times
    Noted in her review that whilke she wa watching Kara with Lee and the Admiral
    Ain image flashed in her head ,
    The Father. The Son . and The Holy Ghost.
    She didnt think it was moores conscious intent,
    But its an interesting thought nonetheless.

  4. Yes, despite Baltar annoying the living crap out of me through most of this, it all came together nicely in this last epi.

    It was nice to see him step up.

    Was it not hilarious to watch him take down the Centurion and not let up on the trigger? Caprica had to calm him from that… LOL. That was rich!

  5. Very interesting Gary.

  6. Just out of curiosity, how did the original show end? Did they ever find Earth or was the show cancelled before they got to that??

  7. I wnt back to Maureen Ryan site and Moore told her in an interview that they definitely researched the Christ mythology and the idea of a woman ressurected from the dead for a certain purpose who ends up giving people hope ,
    But if you wanted to Moore said you could also make the case That Kara could be another one of the Head Chracters.
    LOVED the simultaneous Head chracter visitation!
    The shows humor was first rate last night.

  8. They did a lower budget of the series called Galactica 80,
    where they found 20th Century earth.
    It was TERRIBLE.
    Smaller cast and budget.

  9. Lorne Greene was in that one.
    They had friendly Humans helping them out.
    And one appearance by Starbuck .

  10. I wonder if Kara was not of Earth. I kept wondering throughout the series if Kobol had been humanity’s first colony and if Cylons from Kobol had been the army that destroyed the earth. I wondered then if humans of Kobol had gone off anywhere else besides the 12 colonies, if there had been more out there and what role they might have played.

    As far as the “Angels” go, my first thought was that since Baltar was a genius and 6 was a cylon, couldn’t they have programmed a message into their child’s DNA that might one day be activated in themselves once it hit their identical DNA sequence, since of course they would have worked out that they will exist in the future, assuming they realize they are in the past.

  11. What a massive disappointment. 4.5 was prett much garbage with the exception of the mutiny. and this was one of the worst series finales in the history of T.V.. It taints the entire run of this once excellent show. Moore needs to go away.

  12. Firstly In relation to Baltar talking to Cavel, one scientist to another, could there be anyone more able to convince Cavel or at least convince him to question the existance of a divine plan.

    Kara Threase, is not such a hard thing nor is divine plan. Our sociaty has always had the idea of god just as it has had the developers of science. In many cases we allow both in our lives. Surely we would have a show that was out of balance if both in the end were not represented? We shy away from what is obvious representation, scared that someone would label us a ‘nutter’ if we should define it so clearly on screan.
    I say every other barrier has been broken, why not this one?

  13. Unfortunately, I have to side with the “this was crap” camp. It is
    amazing to me how easiest part of movie production * The Plot * can be so ignored, and so disrespected by the writers after 4 years of great riveting storytelling. This ending was sloppy, lazy and obviously hurriedly put together. Didn’t they concern
    themselves with the HUGE plotholes and inconsistencies? Didn’t
    they concern themselves with characters’ motivations, or
    consistency with prior behavior in previous circumstances? For a
    storyline that is premised upon an Epic journey to a great
    destination * the ending is the most important episode of all, the
    one that should be most perfect in form and content. Yet, here we
    have them literally throwing away the tools for their survival, no
    concern about the Cylons chasing them down anymore, Starbuck
    evaporating w/o explanation, the most deserving characters
    condemned to solitary banishment, death or purgatory, and the most
    heinous receiving enlightenment and joy. WTF!

  14. i always thought of this as a character driven show.
    On that basis,
    I was quite satisfied with the finale.

  15. I’m all smiles and tears, smiles and tears.

  16. Gary T, that’s the attitude of today’s society. The scum of society, murderers, rapists, child molestors, etc. deserve their rights and we should feel sorry for them because they had a rough childhood, and they should be “rehabilitated” and released back into society and treated fairly. Sex offender registries are “cruel and unusual punishment” etc. etc. etc. While people who worked hard and succeeded in life contributing to the nation’s economy are condemned as being these “evil” rich guys. Or how cops are scrutinized for every little mistake they might make or even for things that were not mistakes, they try to find bad in them even though these people are risking their lives everyday not just to support their families but to ultimately help society as a whole. Look at your work place, tell me you don’t notice that the lazy people who get what they want through unethical ways tend to get ahead faster and get away with more crap, while if you’re the one busting your butt to meet or exceed standards, the second you do anything little thing wrong they act like the world just ended. Yet these other people can be lazy and do things wrong every day and people act like since it’s normal for them it’s ok. That’s how the world is and if the finale really is the way you described where the bad people got rewarded while the good were punished, it merely is mirroring society, so you really shouldn’t be so surprised…

  17. Thought it was a fitting closure all considered.

    Asto your question, IMHO Michael Hogan was strong threw out the series but his performance in killing his wife was unforgettable and defined the series.

    An injustice he has not received any awards.

  18. There’s plenty to nitpick about, but I really really liked this ending. Like, they did something I never expected a show to be able to do: it had it’s cake and it ate it too. I mean, shows end in a few different ways (without getting canned and just dying). There’s the big smash and grab where something massive happens that brings everyone together and maybe kills a few people. Or you can get artsy and really try to wrap all the characters up together…and then have a look this is the happily ever after future. Or maybe you strip the story of it’s characters, because the themes and messages come first.

    Then g****** Battlestar Galactica decides it has to be a Time Magazine and AFI Top 10 Show damn near ever year that it’s on. It decides that sci-fi is just the beginning of an idea and that you can always be more than the tools you’ve been given. It makes a finale that, in my opinion, could never have been as great as the series itself, but manages to be this brilliant reflection of the different reasons people love and more than anything at the least, greatly respect a show with a name only a fanboy could love.

    I promise you your sci-fi novelist doesn’t love this show for the same reason as your mom or your girlfriend or your hipster friends or even for some of you, your kids. They can all manage to find a good amount to love in this.

    I’m so happy they showed the beginning and the ending at the same time. I mean really, the action was there, the drama was there with even some broad social politics too. When Galactica’s back broke, it took me a while to pick my jaw up and get that stupid smile off my face. I think they managed to do it all and do it so well.

    I’ll say this much, this was an indulgent finale. A show this big that does so many different things right, has to have a lot of really different writers (who’d appeal to different aspects of why we love BSG). They all got a very healthy chance to end the show. God knows if Lost’s finale is gonna be this heavy.

    To tell the truth, I don’t think I’ve been alive to watch a show nearly this heavy, from front to end, without the rush cancelled ending. It was a [[Lot]] to take in, but something you definitely have to watch again after you give yourself a little tour of the series again.

    Guys…why is the best show in town over?

  19. Overall, a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful series. Anyone who has followed the show knows that it has struggled with ratings and was cut short by at least one season. Oh well. All in all they did a pretty good job wrapping things up. As for the hanging plotlines, so what. I think people have become too use to being spoon fed answers with crappy Sci Fi like Star Trek. They hate having to use their OWN imagination. Ya gotta embrace uncertainty and ambiguity cause that’s life.

    One little glitch in the end. The blurb about scientists discovering the skeleton of a child (Hera) who is ‘mitochondrial Eve’ – unless Athena and Helo had another kid…. um. Oops.

  20. Despite some of the holes in the storyline, I am very happy with the ending and the series in total. Still emotionally drained two days later, I can’t wait to watch the finale again. The question about Kara was answered for me when I heard the words ‘She is an Angel, burning with the light of God, an Angel’.

  21. I thought it too was simply beautiful. I also have been rewatching many of the key earlier episodes with the Moore commentaries. Much of what many of so many of the little angry atheists are so upset with has in fact been there all along and Moore has all but said so on many occasions. On nearly every Podcast Moore asks the viewer what do you think, he is intentiaonally provocotive.
    I consider myself an agnostic but i was like Moore raised a Catholic and steeped in all that wonderful literature and dogma. Quite frankly I am shocked at all the hate towards his very blatant inclusion of religion and suprised how many Atheists there are over at Aintitcool and other genre boards. what an angry intollerant group many of you are. Have we gotten to a point in our decaying society where discussing religion in a positive note is considered counter-culture???? Yes we have and that’s part of the reason Moore did it, to piss so many of you emo-punks off and make you think. There is a scene in the extended Unfinished business where Adama who could have beaten the Chief easily allows himself to be beaten to sacrifice himself for the crew as an example to make them snap out of their despair and funk, Moore compares this to the Passion of the Christ. You can bet Moore saw that film as well, a film about Jesus the most provocative and counterculture film of our age?? Hollywood and alot of our Brothers in sisters in fandom love to grandstand and slap themselves on the back for glowing hollywood historical reinventions of Che and Milk. Turns out these are the mainstream and having a couple beloved characters in a Sci-Fi show as the heralds of God as angels is creating such rage and sence of betrayel. Wow!!

    Kara was definatley a Judeo-Christain angel, as were head Six and Baltar, fallen angels in their case but definately Judeo-Christain in ever sense of the word. And it was the Biblical God’s plan to get them to Earth to become Adam and Eve. Sorry you could spin it any way you want if religion is so unpalatable for you to swallow but they were definately Biblical Angels, and much of the theme was the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Now chew on that when you take a break from playing Killzone2. Truth is almost 90% of the country considers themselves religious (The new counterculture hippies I suppose) so get over it.

    Now to some of the stuff I love – Space Battles- This may have been the mother of all !!!!

    Old School cylons – awesome but as Bruce pointed out their CGI did look a bit more cartooney. New school terminator cylons were awesome!! I want a redstripe cylon

    Adama leaving in the Viper saying goodbye to the old girl was so moving an such a perfect ending for a Hero. Hey Moore you couldn’t have thought of a better ending for Kirk than dropping rocks on his head??

    One question I have which maybe someone shrewder could explain: Are Cavil and his remaining skinjobs dead forever?? There main base is gone and they can not resurrect so they will apparently die out, no?? and the Centurions live on??

    Loved it. DVRed in high Def on my Mitsu 73″ DLP is a treat!!

    Can’t believe Moore is the same guy ho penned that bland load of poo, TNG. Maybe he is a cylon and his other wrote that NOT-TREK garbage. Moore has become a brilliant brilliant creator!!

    Oh and thanks to my bro Vic for letting me know this was coming!!!!

  22. Many other questions not answered, but my biggest question (aside form Kara), is what the heck does the lost cylon Daniel play in all this? Was it just to throw us off during the last 5 episodes? If so, that’s a little cheap, or maye it’ll be explained in The Plan, I don’t know

  23. Personally, I applaud the ending. Kara being a true guiding spirit, Adm Adama and Pres Roslin posthumously marry without badges. Tigh finally get’s what he wants(his wife), Hera is Eve and Gaius and Caprica really have and appreciate each other. Helo and Athena a cylon/human match for all futures.
    On a personal note, I had at times wished that Baltor was more like his “78″ counterpart. For those of you who were too young to have seen the original, the music you hear as Anders is flying the fleet into the sun was the original’s theme song albeit slowed to a fanfare. As a fanboy from that time, I was pleased and could almost hear Lorne Greene’s voiceover. {END OF LINE}

  24. My main criticism with the finale is the immense futility of the entire historic timeline of human culture up to and including the end.

    By dumping their technology and records into the sun and dispersing the remaining 35k people broadly over the world with limited supplies, the surviviors are committing slow suicide in a pretty park. They may have been able to spark the gift of language with the local humans, but not much else.

    By jumping forward 150,000 years we see that the colonials/cylons have managed to leave only a genetic trace of themselves. None of the cultural or technical achievments of their long historic struggle survive to our present by a long shot. The written word, farming, even monotheism are all lost for something like 130-140 thousand years until they get re-invented during the last 10-20 thousand years.

    So, if we ultimately manage to avoid repeating the catastrophic cyle with our own home grown robots, what we have to look forward to is a Cylon civilization with a 150,000 year head start out among the stars. Though at least they may have held onto the cultural heritage of the Colonies for us to rediscover.


    Overall I have loved BSG, but the ending solution tweeks me a bit. I would have been happy with it all if they’d just left a timecapsule to the future. Perhaps Colonial One parked in a dark corner of the moon – filled with records and waiting quietly in monolith style for its discovery.

    BTW My personal solution for the end of the show was for the human/cylon hybrid civilzation to forsake finding a new homeworld in lieu of making an eternal fleet. The final flashforward could then have been an epic fleet of ships gliding by. Perhaps ships of light ala the original series.

  25. It was alright. 1.5 hours of it (the battle) was def cool. The last 30 min just tried to tie a bow on things. I think the show was always meant to be a microcosm reflective of modern existence and so there are elements of science AND religion; evolution and creationism, etc… etc… just like the real world.

    I’m glad that the ending also included all of those elements. It keeps you thinking.

  26. What a HORRIBLE ending. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly had some excellent moments; Galactica taking the biggest pounding of its life from the Cylon Colony, the death of Roslin, but wow… so many problems with the ending:

    1) Hera wasn’t important in ANY WAY. At the end of the show, there’s a big “wow” moment (that was pitifully obvious) indicating that Hera was the precursor to all human-kind. This is highly unlikely as most of the Cylons can’t breed and there are many more bloodlines in the world (including the existing tribal people who are already modern human in appearance). The only way Hera could be the predecessor of every modern human is if only her bloodline survived; assuming the other Galactica survivors didn’t breed unless it was into her blood-line, then what about the existing tribal humans on the planet?

    2) Angels?!?!? The imaginary Caprica-Six, Baltar and Starbuck are a total cop-out. If “god” is playing such an active role, then why not prevent the Cylon attack in the first place?

    3) Why was Starbuck’s body on Old Earth when we clearly saw her ship implode in space? Was that just “god” driving home the point to her that she was already dead?

    4) What was the Cylon Plan?!?! All the way through, we’ve heard about this supposed Cylon Plan and now it’s nowhere to be seen.

    5) We’ve got “Old Earth” mechanical Cylons (we saw the head on Earth) and “Old Earth” humanoid Cylons (the Final Five). The Old-Earth humanoid Cylons survived the destruction of Old-Earth. How? Why only those five? Were there more than five models? Who built the Old Earth humanoid Cylons?

    6) The Old-Earth humanoid Cylons had a definite reason to hate humanity, so why are they so benevolent and determined to end the cycle? If they were this way from the beginning, then what destroyed Old-earth humanity? If they did, then what changed their minds about humanity? Why create the 12-Colony Cylons without building in some sort of safe-guard, particularly when they almost immediately turned around and enslaved the mechanical Cylons that had requested they be engineered in the first place? Why would the mechanical Cylons even ask for such a thing if they despised humanity? Also, why would the 12-Colony humanoid Cylons hate humanity so much; they had never even seen a human before they started infiltrating the 12 Colonies, let alone been subjugated by humans.

    7) Why even mention Daniel if he was never going to have any significance to the story? Sure, there’s a Cane & Abel quality to Cavel/Daniel, but it’s tenuous, and contributes nothing.

    8) What was the point to the flashbacks other than to fill in time? They added NOTHING to the story.

    9) Why does Adama decide to live away from his son? What’s the point of isolating himself?

    10) The writers said that the Cylon Colony was destroyed (bad editing made this less than clear), suggesting that there are no Cylons left other than those that remained on New Earth with the humans, and the mechanical Cylons who took the Base-ship out into space. This is wrong, though; only the 2′s, 6′s and 8′s decided to remain on the planet… where did the others go? Also, what about the Cylons that are left on the 12 colonies? There are potentially millions of Cylons still out there hell-bent on destroying humanity.

    What a terrible way to end a great series (though, admittedly, the 3rd and 4th seasons were weak from the beginning; 1 & 2 were fantastic)

  27. I couldn’t agree with Buckwheat more after I reflected on this — Michael Hogan was the string that tied this entire show together. He provided an amazing a riveting performance week after week from where we started with him as this loser drunkard to THE man to be counted on when Galactica needed it.

    As far as those convulsing over the plot I thought the finale was devoted to the characters as this show has been. BSG has always had superb writing but it was always the fleshing out of characters and the performances that set it apart from any other show.

    I loved Six Feet Under and remember feeling disappointed it was ending. But it doesn’t approach the sadness I have for the end of BSG.

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