Battlestar Galactica Season 4 & Caprica Notes

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galactica montage Battlestar Galactica Season 4 & Caprica Notes

With the closing of (mid) season 4 finale, a lot happened in the closing episodes that will keep us on the hook to come back for the continuance of the last ten episodes of season (5) four.

A few items that got my gut reaction were Admiral Adama’s reaction to Col. Tigh, his oldest friend being a Cylon. Colonel Tigh, and the others, trying to deal with their new situation.

And they’ve apparently, finally found Earth – but in a state of post apocalyptic ruin… Our initial impression of the supposed salvation of the humans and Cylons dashed, shocked, hopelessly disappointed. Regardless of it being on the Sci-Fi Channel, Ron Moore brings emotion to the forefront as we find ourselves being shocked, surprised, confused and more importantly, creatively challenged as we watch, wondering what will happen next.

Much of the following can be classified as rumor, but if it turns out to be true there are some potentially BIG spoilers – so consider yourself warned.

I was pondering why there was so much to-do about Hera, the first successful hybrid, but there was almost an active disinterest in Nicholas who’s obviously a second succesful hybrid.

Over on Syfy Portal they present some conjecture that these two little tykes invoke a storyline of Biblical proportions, not unlike Genisis. As if they are the new race… Adam and Eve, if you will.

The source they were chatting with said that not all is as it seems in regards to Earth, or to be more accurate, the planet they landed on.

Syfy Portal says to treat this all as rumor, so take it as you will, but it sure seems to be a nice piece of info that accents what we’ve seen and what could be, since we do have yet to see the last Cylon yet.

Despite what little hope the viewing audience might be holding onto, Edward James Olmos said in an interview that the show does not have a happy ending.

Since we’re chatting about unhappy endings, we know where the prequel Caprica is going. It’s like any movie about the Titanic in that It’s the journey to the event that makes each take on the tale good or bad.

Remember what the Cylon hybrid in the tank said to Kendra Shaw:

“And the fifth, still in the shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption, that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them.”

SyFy Portal also reported an unconfirmed piece of info that the old man in the tank was the father of all Cylons, who may have been once a human by the name of Daniel Graystone.

If you recall, Caprica is about the creation of the Cylons and two powerful families: The Adamas and the Graystones.

It’s RUMORED that this piece of info may be relavent to who the final Cylon might be. (head smack!)

If this rumor is true, then that puts a lot of our guestimations out the window completely. I came across someone’s blog or an interview of someone from the cast or crew who said that of all the guesses they’ve seen out in the wild of the internet aren’t even close. (I’m trying real hard to find that link again.)

Until then, we may need to completely rethink our ideas of who that last toaster really is!

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  1. One thing I noticed at the end on Earth was Tyrol smirking and shaking his head. Just another cosmic joke.

  2. Isn’t it all anyway Mike?

  3. cool article Bruce.

    That’s a little bit depressing on how the show will not have a happy ending…but I guess it must end that way to truly end.

    But at the same time, aren’t the prophecies about the dying leader supposed be about a happy ending?

  4. I love how BSG always keeps us guessing!

  5. I know its too late but BattleStar Galactica’s opening theme blows chunks.

    Worst sci-fi theme I think I’ve ever heard from a great show. :-(

  6. Benjamin Linus is the final cylon. It’s part of the Dharma Initiative. The cloud planet Kara flew into is the smoke monster.

  7. “We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back to Caprica, and prevent it from happening again!”

  8. Damm it Jim, this mans a Cylon !!!

  9. Nooooo… not the curs-ed smoke monster from Lost!! I hate that thing… whatever it is.

  10. Last cylon is KITT from Knight Rider.

    But you knew that already, didn’t you?

  11. Bruce,

    your comments at the top of the page are freakin fantastic.

    i havent the slightest clue who it is. but i do believe it to be someone on earth, or what we believe to be the war torn earth.

    who that is, who knows.

    but what you are saying is just mind bending. i can not wait to see the final episodes.

    i guess Heroes will have to tide me over come Sept. until BG comes back on the air….

  12. Maybe everyone on Galactica is a Cylon, and this is just a giant lab experiment by Daniel Graystone. ;)

  13. 790; “Don’t give in to the hate… that leads to the dark side!” Let the force that is the BSG theme song flo thru you!

    “Gageth unto me with a spoon” -Bender “Futurama”

  14. Hey the old man, how’s it going bro,
    Well I’m old school BSG, the original theme had trumpets galore and the song instantly stuck in your head like a John Williams piece. I forget who did the theme, ?
    I even had the BSG movie soundtrack album when I was in my teens. BSG started a blockbuster movie not a tv show btw.

    This new theme “falls like Caprica” somewhere inbetween a bad Farscape wanabee mixed with Enyas worst album, if that’s not a paradox of irony. ;-)
    But I do love the show!! No darkside there.

  15. Hey; no argument here 790 it takes awhile to get use to. ;) I just couldn’t help myself because your comments represent a freshness about the series we haven’t seen lately. Having spent going on four years watching the series its easy to grow complacent about certain aspects of it. The current theme does communicate a certain sad abysmalness while trying to rally the listener in the second half. Maybe it’s effective in that context, but does nothing to engender a sense of grandness, epic proportion, or resolve in the viewer, a desire to pickup and press forward with yet, another war story.

    While the original communicates hope, the current one says, this is a Greek tragedy make no mistake about it.

  16. I guess you make some good points The Old Man, I sure miss the orginal theme.

    Here’s one for ya?
    Ok I’m lovin BSG , but I had a prob with a season 2 epsode called “Black Market”.
    Remember that one.
    “Adama tells Lee he wants him to investagate black market activity on cloud 9″. Lees also seeing a call-girl who’s later taken prisoner by the black guy that’s in charge of the underground activity.
    Couple things.

    Why would Adama have his son and viper commander investigate criminal activity.
    This smacks of stupidity. First off these are criminals, Lee’s not a cop?
    Second he’s on duty to protect the fleet what’s gonna happen if he’s off ship fighting crime and the Cylons attack?

    This would have been a great episode to introduce a new character…
    Adama needs to modify his Military Police to cover cilvillain activities anyway this could have been a great episode to do this. Adama would have had to do this way back in season 1.

    The episode didn’t jump the shark for me but it was kinda lame. ;-)

  17. I remember that episode! It made me ponder about:

    Hard decisions made (Dealing with the underground market leader), the tough consequences (The action Lee had to live with when he DEALT with the underground market leader) and that veering too far from your own character traits (The pros and her child) that pull you into situations that one isn’t ready to deal with or can’t due to who they are.. and the complications there of. I remember being tripped out seeing that Lee had been seeing the girl!

    Adama sent him there ’cause someone in the writers group said, “How the heck we gonna put Lee in that kind of situation?” and someone probably yelled out, “Have his dad send him!”

  18. Yeah Bruce they did alot of side adventures in the Original show, and Apollo did have more than one love interest, so I’m guessing that was the inspiration for “Black Market”.

    I really think the show can be better if they expanded a bit and added a police chief and sqaud they could use. Kinda like the MAKO’s on Enterprise.

    Last words on “Black Market”…..
    Nice word play btw?
    The black crime lord guy struck me a stupid to call Lee’s bluff. The guy shoots people in space all the time, and latley he’s been suicidal. :-)

    Well onto the next episode » Scar.

  19. Further thoughts about that episode:

    Pegasus’ second in command [Fisk] was deeply involved and murdered, that threw the whole smuggling ring, into the militaries cross hairs. Also if you remember president Roslyn wanted Commander Adama to use his military as a substitute civ. police force. Despite his misgivings he’s acquiescing to this request. He probably figures despite the risks Lee is the best qualified senior officer he can trust. Don’t forget he was involved in the sabotage investigation in ” Epiphanies” which also involved a civilian. Admiral Adama might be considering martial law at this point too. It would solve the presidents requests, stem any counter military problems such as the peace movement “Epiphanies”, or the black market issues, or skin job infiltration, “Water” and “Litmus.” So if Lee would have found deep unsolvable problems investigating the black market, how could he buck dad like he did Col. Tigh? He wouldn’t have. This would cover the Admirals back if the president balked.

    It’s also an attempt to show the audience more about Lee. Kind of a poor one though.

  20. Good call Old Man you have a good recall on that episode. ;-)
    I guess I wasn’t looking at the big picture there. Still a very risky gamble on Adamas part.

    Just finished 3 episode’s, now I’m about to watch the episode “downloaded” the one where we see the birth of the hybrid. (That’s what the dvd case says). This should be good. ;-)

  21. What if Tigh’s throw away comment about the identity of the 12th cylon is true. Nothing is really changed about the story. “While exploring this new planet we see Starbuck walking along a crag. She rounds a rock, camera focuses on the view as we see just around the rock a tail section jutting up in the air. Unmistakable rocket nozzles now so close their out of focus. Starbuck walking toward the wreck seen in the background, astonished look on her face. We see a close up of that face slowly comming into view like were looking at her from inside… the cockpit of a viper! Camera switch view we see the name Starbuck on the side of a cockpit, Starbuck running away in the background..” :)

  22. wow – that’s a well written out little scene there old man..

    Now I’m waiting for the continuance!

  23. As Starbuck is running away- Camera pans down and focuses on the viper headrest- blackness- we suddenly see light camera pulls back and the shape of the back of a shovel partially obscuring dirt sliding off of the front of it. The shovel is lowered and we see an almost familiar headstone it reads:

  24. {{ The shovel is lowered and we see an
    almost familiar headstone it reads: }}


  25. ROLF That’s great jc I love it!!!!

  26. O
    Cally Tyrol
    Beloved wife
    Beloved Mother

    camera pulls back further showing

    Galen Tyrol holding a shovel, Baltar, and Sister Tivenan holding Nicholas, standing at the foot of her grave. Their backs are towards us. Camera switches so everyone faces front, Baltar is speaking;

    When we are parted from a family member, It’s only natural to feel sad.. When they go on a journey without us and we
    realize.. really realize we may not see them again.. then our sadness runs the risk of becoming despair, and that lack
    of faith is acutely felt… It’s at that crossroads, there at that desperate point that we need to be reminded… no.. assured of the one true god’s eternal love..

    As I have said before I didn’t know Cally Tyrol as well as I would have liked, but I know… she was a good wife and mother and I’m grateful to her, because we are here on the good earth
    because of her sacrifices… So as we have entrusted her spirit to god we entrust her body to the earth knowing that one day we will all be “his voice trails” reunited…. Baltar looks at Galen and Sister Tivenan

    Sister Tivenan looking down say’s TOGETHER, in the fields of Elysium.

    silence.. camera switches to behind them slowly rising and pulling back.. above the backs of their heads :
    Galen say’s- Amen
    Baltar with a very slight st udder say’s A-men.

  27. Camera looks up into the sky, blue with what looks like a thin sheet of white clouds dispersed across it. There, barley visible, a dark object appears, we close in to see a a Cylon Heavy Raider descending, Viper attached to the bottom of it . The Raider, burdened by the Viper, is firing thrusters to reduce decent speed. Camera switches into the Raider cockpit Leoben Conoy at the controls. He’s wrestling with the controls, a flat toned voice reports status information as he wrestles.. Thruster output maximum.. Fuel reserves low… Descent speed 15000kmh… Spall braking maximum… Fuel reserves low… Descent speed 10000kmh… Emergency boosters primed… Fuel reserves low… Leoben mutters “this is going to be close Kara”… exterior view, glowing objects are peeling away from the the Raider.

  28. As the last of the glowing objects fly out from under the Raider.
    A thick tar like substance comes spraying out of sprinkler like whirligigs the substance quickly sticks to everything and levels out hardening almost instantly. Shortly the substance begins to glow as tremendous friction-forces, heat the now hardened ablative. It begins to peel away slowly but steadily As it peels away from the Viper its skin begins glowing. Back inside Leoben is still working busily, the flat toned voice reports.. Spall braking reserves expended… camera switches outside focuses on a single rocket nozzle … Ignition causes view to whiteout. Scene change.. Raider is now close to the ground it slips sideways hovering along rough, jagged terrain struggling to stay aloft, tipping forward as if destined to crash it suddenly drops the Viper, the Viper hits the ground nose first but obliquely. The little ship slides up into a crag its keel bending, the tail section rising into the air… Camera view at the end of the crag rising up past the Viper nose past a darkened cockpit to… see, the Raider still hovering.. a darkened half burned down city on the skyline.

  29. I have an interesting idea and I want to start with what Aaron says:”Thousands of years ago, when there were 13 colonies on Kobol, 12 went that way and one went that way to find Earth – or create an Earth – and that colony was actually Cylons.”
    So at the end of season 4 Humans+Cylons have found the “Earth” that Cylons created and also somehow destroyed. Here goes an interesting thought: But what if the real Earth(The Earth) they should find as “the promised land” is the “Kobol” itself and that they’ve just found the Cylon’s homeplanet known as “Earth”. Humans+Cylons were living on Kobol a long time ago then they went to different directions, so Kobol is the home of the 13 colonies and can be “The Earth(as the promised land)” and also I want to point out that:”not all is as it seems in regards to Earth(at least Cylon Earth), or to be more accurate, THE PLANET they landed on”. So when they reach Kobol(if they will anyhow) then it would be in agreement with general saying:”This has all happened before; and will all happen again.” Then Humans+Cylons will once more be united as a species of “The Earth/Kobol” and everything we’ve seen so far start to happen one more time-> 1- A divide followed by a war that breaks out between humans and Cylons, 2- Cylons return,find humans and start to kill them, 3,4… and goes on and on. So it is once more in agreement with what Aaron says “When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It’s the perfect ending to a show.” becasue it will become a circular script, a loop that no one wants it to continue b/c everyone then know the whole story in a cycle and then it would be in agreement with what Edward James Olmos says:”the show does not have a happy ending.” Huh the funny thing is, it really doesn’t have any kind of an ending if everything play out as I said. And I have an opinion about who might be the final cylon and in my opinion it is Kara Thrace. I’m sure you want some proofs and here you go: The Hybrid at Battlestar Galactica: Razor says: “At last, they’ve come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves, the pain of revelation bringing new clarity, and in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin, but in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many, and THEN THEY WILL JOIN THE PROMISED-LAND, GATHERED ON THE WINGS OF AN ANGEL. NOT AN END, BUT A BEGINING.” and also tells Kendra Shaw that Kara Thrace will lead humanity to their end(in this cas also a begining:D). She is “the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death.” So she is the one who is leading Humans+Cylons as an angel to the “promised land” but also as “the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death” to their ends. However it is “NOT AN END, BUT A BEGINING” as the Razor’s Hybrid puts it !BAM! it’s just true for a circular script and a loop that no one wants it to continue as Edward James Olmos says.
    I would appreciate your comments on my theory.