Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Premiere = Fracking Awesome

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BSG75 Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Premiere = Fracking AwesomeAfter a full year, Battlestar Galactica is back – and man was it worth the wait.

I had Tivo’d the season 3 finale just so I could re-watch it right before the season 4 premiere, so there it sat on the hard drive for a full 12 months. I planned on making tonight a BSG event. icon smile Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Premiere = Fracking Awesome

It was almost like seeing the finale for the first time all over again, and I feel for folks who hadn’t recorded it. I’d forgotten about the emotionally packed episode’s highlights, which included the verdict on Baltar’s trial and the sharp falling out between Lee Adama and his father. Of course the BIG deal about the finale was the reveal of second in command Saul Tigh, Master Chief Galen Tyrol, resistance fighter Sam Anders and presidential chief of staff Tory Fostervas being Cylons.

This final season premiere episode picks up right where that one left off. Spoilers galore below, FYI.

To me, Battlestar Galactica is the most pure Sci Fi series that we’ve had on TV for quite a while. Sure, I enjoy Stargate Atlantis and I was a huge fan of Stargate SGI-1, but this show truly combines fantastic outer space/fantasy with gut wrenching, emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating storytelling.

As I said, the episode opens right exactly where the last one left off: The Cylons are attacking the fleet in such numbers that it seems like the convoy is truly done for. Anyone on Galactica who knows how to pilot a ship is called into duty, and Lee Adama (who resigned in the previous episode) decides to pitch in and help in the face of such overwhelming odds. Along with him are newbie pilot Sam Anders, who was Kara Thrace’s love interest. While everyone thought she was dead (well, not viewers, who knew better) she suddenly appears in a showroom new Viper fighter, saying she’s been to Earth and knows the way there.

During the battle, Anders forgets to undo the safety on his ship’s guns, and during his hesitation a Cylon Raider scans him, determines he’s a Cylon and the entire fleet attack comes to an abrupt end.

Everyone of course doubts that she’s still herself and that she does in fact know where Earth is located. The assumption is that she’s a Cylon. Meanwhile the folks who’ve just learned they are Cylons are coming to terms with that. Colonel Tigh has a vision of blowing away Commander Adama, but in the end decides that he will never allow that to happen because he’s aware that he’s a Cylon and can therefore stop it before it happens. On the other hand Anders is having serious doubts that he’s in control of himself.

Kara seems to have been imbued with an intuition regarding whether the fleet is getting closer or further from Earth, and the problem is that the clues the fleet is following is taking them further away from Earth according to her. The president trusts the clues they’ve received to date more than Kara and Adama is backing her up.

In an interesting exchange between her and her former lover Anders, he consoles her by saying that even if she is and always has been a Cylon, that wouldn’t change who she is or how people feel about her. Her reply is that if she found out that he is a Cylon (and he is) she would not hesitate to put a bullet between his eyes.

Meanwhile Gaius Baltar has been taken in by a bunch of young idiots who believe him to be some sort of religious leader. On the good side, he finally seems to be caring about others more than himself, as evidenced by a prayer (when everyone was asleep) that God take him instead of a little boy who was terminally ill. He also cared more about a woman who was being attacked at the same time he was than he did for himself.

The cliffhanger ending had Kara storming into the president’s quarters with a gun pointed at her head with the intent of convincing her to turn the fleet around in order to head back to Earth.

It remains to be seen if Kara is in fact the fifth and final unknown Cylon.

I can’t wait to see how this final season of Battlestar Galactica plays out.

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  1. just saw it
    Damn good TV.

  2. Man this sounds good!!!!!!

  3. it should be noted that in between this fine premiere was a whole lot of Iron man Goodness!
    a clip from the film and an ad or two.
    The SciFi Channel know its audience well.

  4. Definite setup episode. Hope the Starbuck mystery does not take all season to be resolved.

  5. Man, how I have missed this show. I had forgotten how great it is. It really is the best show on TV. It really gets my adrenaline going, and keeps my mind stimulated too. And so far, this episode is the best one, I get excited thinking about how the rest of the season is going to go.

    I just wish I could get my wife into it, but she can’t get past the, “its sci-fi so its too nerdy” aspect. We could really have some interesting conversations about the whole religious, “god vs. gods” or, “are we the decendants of cylons” thing.

  6. Funny you should mention your wife – I can’t get mine to watch it either, but for different reasons. It’s too “dark” for her tastes.

    And yeah, I geeked out on the double Iron Man goodness, including watching the new commercial in slo-mo. :-D


  7. Lol Vic!!!!

  8. I never liked the actress that plays the president.

  9. I no longer get Sci Fi Channel, so I had to wait a LONG time to see S3 via rental DVD. I caught up on it all in one week (hmm, a bit of overload.)

    Fortunately SciFi has begun showing episodes online. So at last I can at least stay up on the show and NOT have to go crazy trying to avoid spoilers.

    Here’s to the Baltar As Messiah storyline coming to a screeching halt, soon.

  10. no need to feel sorry for us who didn’t record the season 3 finale, they re-aired it right before the premiere. And all of them can be watched on the BSG website anyways.

    But they all kicked a whole lotta ass.

  11. Damn good show and episode. Excellent writing and pacing. One of the best battle sequences also. I know I’m getting suckered here but its just soooooooooooo obvious that starbuck is the last cylon. I know that means she isnt but i just cant figure out how…..grrrrrrrr….
    Also, i bought the 3.0 season of bsg and gotta say, absolutely worth the $$ with all of the extra features on it. As far as the ‘wife thinks its too dark’ comment, i can kinda see it, but its just too damn good of a show to ignore. Now if you want dark, i recommend ‘breaking bad’. I honestly dont think i’ve ever seen a darker show. and you know me, i likes the dark…

  12. Did anyone else notice that there was a lot of sound during the space battle? In previous episodes weren’t all the space battles silent because of the lack of oxygen in space?

  13. It was just so wonderful.. but also so damn short!!!! I NEED MORE!!!

    Good lord, this show is top notch all the way!

    For any soundtrack fans out there, do your selves a favor and invest in the soundtracks. There are 4 soundtracks of BSG out there, they are all wonderful. Worth every penny!

    One thing though, for all those who saw the minisodes with Young Adama… why was it that they have such fake BLUE eyes? I mean, they are exaggerated to the point it makes you wonder… So, in the last episode of Season 4, I’ve noticed on old Adama too that he had almost bionic blue eyes…


    Baltar is such an amazing character and those women he’s surrounded by now, are hot!

  14. All of you talking about your wives not watching it, I must be the luckiest man alive cuz I think my wife likes it more than I do once she gave in to watch it. We are in the middle of season 3 now, had to rent seasons 1 and 2 so she could watch fromt he beginning.

    Stephen – Baltar is by far the most interesting character on the show. I’m betting the final Cylon is not one of the obvious high profile characters (i.e. Starbuck, Apollo, Adama, Baltar, or the Pres). It’s probably someone like Gaeta who gained started to become a deeper character in season 3. Don’t flame me, just a theory

  15. Hey Panda,

    Yep, me and my girlfriend watch this show together religiously… So I’m pretty lucky too.. :)

    I agree, it’s probably going to be someone we didn’t suspect, I doubt Bill Adama, cause if they will make Caprica the series about the Adamas, it would be a bit of a let down if we all knew that Bill was a Cylon to begin with. On the other hand, maybe Apollo is one. He might have died in that lake? Remember? The president can’t be one, cause Six can’t sense her as being one. But the she didn’t sense Chief or Tigh being one either. So these may be different models.


    Imagine we STILL don’t know who the last person is and it’s the final season. Starbuck probably isn’t because they’ve said too much about her NOT being one. Then again, it might very well be a distraction, but I don’t think so. It’s too obvious if it is.

    Gaeta is a likely character because he had such a bit role from the beginning. He was with Baltar, protecting him, feeding the rebellion etc.

    Helo can’t be, because he was used to be able to give birth to a new breed of cylons. But then their child isn’t the only mixed breed. Chiefs baby is also unique, and so that’s going to play some role too.

    Hmmmm… I’m getting dizzy with all the possibilities of various outcomes.

    Best show by far… it’s wonderfully written and it’s just a blast!

  16. I’m not ruling ANYONE out.

    If the Final 4 are different and more advanced than the other cylons, it may be that the Final Cylon is more advanced than all others.

    The Final Four have been cylons “from the start.” But the Final Cylon may have transcended from one form (human or cylon model).

    *Bill Adama is HIGH on my list, since he crossed paths with the prototype hybrid.

    *Sharon broke from programming (and was identified by Six as ‘the weakest model’).

    *What about a Six, even “Imaginary Six?” She has asked “Are you alive?” and sought to experience love.

    Here’s our biggest clue: D’anna apparently saw Tighe, Tyrol, Anders and Tory as The Four, with relative indifference. But the One shocked her. Who did D’anna offend enough to seek forgiveness from?

  17. Jim, those are some very good points. I’m with you on Adama, it might be, but it might also be SIX, because she’s been high on the list of D’anna who was pretty much a b**** towards her.

    So that’s another good clue.

    I like your thinking Jim…

    Are we going to see the final season this year or will they stretch it till next year?

    And what about the two babies, who are half human and half cylon?

  18. I am not reading too much in the D’Anna’s “forgive me” line when she saw the final cylon in the temple (i.e. I don’t think that’s a clue to who the final cylon is). She could have asked for forgiveness for seeing their faces at all, or it could be something we don’t know yet. 6 is a possibility tho.

    Really, I’m not too worried who it is, just because I don’t want to be disappointed if the revalation of who the final cylon is doesn’t provide the climactic punch that we wish for. I just enjoy the ride.

    My big question is how the show will end… with leaving it open for big screen, or tie up everything pretty tight. Anything could happen… we don’t even know what year it is, how many will be left in the fleet by the time it ends.

    I just don’t want some crappy ‘BSG on Earth’ spinoff ala 1980′s. And I’d prefer not to leave the finale too ambiguous.

  19. I’m sad this is the last season, but I am so happy they are ending it when the story wraps instead of dragging it out. But…

    if they wanna do more episodes, what if they did multiple finales? Have like 3 or 4 different finales, each one with a different character being the final Cylon? Maybe even different resolution with respect to finding Earth.

    I guess my point is that the final Cylon is as much about what role that individual plays in the greater scheme, as it is WHO the individual is. That’s what I’m looking forward to seeing most.

  20. Two issues with the premiere:

    Starbuck taking out multiple assailants – all with military training.

    The Baltar cult – a forgotten compartment on a BattleStar?

  21. Jim Carey -
    Actually, we don’t know which one D’Anna was looking at when she asked for forgiveness (I’m betting you are right tho). With this show you can’t take anything for granted.

    I wonder if the final Cylon knows they are a Cylon. I am betting that person does know, and has known all along. But you never know (can’t take ANYTHING for granted).

  22. Panda wrote-
    {{Actually, we don’t know which one D’Anna was looking at when she asked for forgiveness}}

    I think it’s safe to say the four WE know, would have shocked her in equal proportion. The one she took time with is certainly the Final Cylon (rather than one of the four we know.) D’Anna treated this one differently:

    She looked AT the faces of four, but she stepped forward and gazed IN the face of the Fifth. (As if this face was harder to discern.)

    She appeared emotionally staggered, and said “You! …I had no idea… Forgive me.” She and the Fifth one reached hands to one another in penitence/acceptance.

    I’ll add another crazy possibility:

  23. Heads up for the Battlestar Galactica cast “Last Supper” photo. Here’s a version where Ron Moore gives hints about each of the characters pictured.

    Veiled spoilers!,,20169703,00.html

  24. Brian W,
    There have always been sound effects (the trademark whooshing sound) in this show. I believe with all space battles, it’s artistic license for the audience’s benefit. There may have been more sounds in this battle. I didn’t notice.

  25. I really do agree that the final Cylon is someone with a prominant role, at least in the third and fourth seasons, but we can’t forget about people who have died over the course of the show…

    Billy (not likely)
    Admiral Cain (umm probably not)
    Major Shaw (doubtful, since she was only in a spinoff movie)

    Zarak’s name hasn’t come up in these posts either, or Dr. Coddle

    Just trying to think outside the box. And the “clues” in the Last Supper picture, are just there to stir conversation and I doubt anyone could pull any meaning out of them about who it is.

  26. Oh… and the Oracle keeps popping into my head too as a possibility

  27. Hmm, you are right Panda,

    I was thinking about Tom Zarek, being the last one. Funny you should mention him. He’s been very quiet, but it would be cool if he turns up larger than life and transforms into this awesome last cylon.

    Hmm, I like that idea, I’ll just let it be, cause whatever the writers give us will be amazing… Unless it’s going to turn out to be THIS! :

    love this shot :

    And finally take a look at this and discuss :

  28. My pick is Baltar.

  29. Baltar???

    If he was a Cylon why would 6 have to seduce him to get access to the defense mainframe? Just flip his fracking switch!

    I do believe the hints that everyone from the Last Supper picture is excluded. That leaves about 20 or 30 possibilities