Battlestar Galactica’s Ronald D. Moore To Create ‘Adult Harry Potter’

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Ronald D. Moore is no stranger to genre television. He began his career as a writer and producer for series such as Star Trek (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine & Voyager), HBO’s critically acclaimed Carnivale and Roswell.  In 2005 he and David Eick created the Battlestar Glactica reboot for Syfy. The series was both a critical and popular success. Moore developed another space-themed series for Fox last season, entitled Virtuality, which did not make it past its pilot airing. He now makes a move into the realm of fantasy.

Moore will produce a drama which is described as an “adult themed Harry Potter” police procedural for NBC. The project, from Sony TV (who Moore signed a two-year overall deal with this May), is reported to have received close to $2 million dollars in pilot and series penalties. It can become a fun trick of the mind to imagine exactly what an “adult themed Harry Potter police procedural” drama might look like.

lawrorderphoeix Battlestar Galacticas Ronald D. Moore To Create Adult Harry Potter

As a devoted BSG fan however, I have absolute faith in Ronald Moore’s ability to turn a kernel of an idea into a creative gemstone. Some may not have been entirely pleased with series conclusion for Battlestar; but as a whole, BSG was one of the best Sci Fi series brought to life in recent years. The “New Caprica” storyline from season two was particularly compelling, so much so that it inspired a retrospective and discussion at the United Nations in 2009. Show themes such as human rights and terrorism were discussed at the conference.

Though the marketing descriptor may sound somewhat like a Saturday Night Live sketch, judging from Moore’s previous work, this series is bound to bring a one-two punch of creative ingenuity and surprising social relevance. It is also heartening to see that television executives are venturing further into the realm of fantasy. HBO’s Game of Thrones, a fantasy series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, is another highly anticipated series due to premiere in 2011.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. This sounds fantastic- almost like the Dresden Files. The Dresden show was not as good as the book, but it was still a concept, even in a watered down incarnation. This might revive the concept. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    • “almost like the Dresden Files”

      That’s the first thing that came to my mind too. Hopefully the world itself will have magic as an integral part instead of some elites that have some secret ability…

  2. they should ask JK Rowling permission to use her set up.

    dont have harry potter, voldemort, or any specifics from the book but use the universe created as a set up. a ministry of magic, magical laws, hiden from non-magic-folks, etc.

    it would be good for the fans to have something to look forward to now that HP is over (next summer) without continuing the actually HP story and getting into conflict with Rowling and the fans

    • Sadly she nor Warner Bros would allow that. And definitely not for a price NBC can afford.

      • technecally no.

        its not using any names or anything copywrited. NBC writers and lawyers have many ways to avoid getting sued.

        its just polite and easier to ask so that Rowling and Warner brothers dont feel cheated.

        the idea of Wizards and Witches in hiding, and setting up their own underground government with laws and authories and having a universe set up similar to harry potter is technecally fair game. Using names of characters, places, and events that are copywrited is against the rules but that still leaves enough to make a good show that would appeal to the HP fan base

  3. When I read “Adult Harry Potter” the first thinh that came to head was that they were developing some type of porno!

    Seriously though, this does sound interesting.


  5. Ugh, I hated the latest BSG series. I couldn’t get into it. It was sooo damn dull and depressing. I sure hope this show doesn’t end up like that.

  6. I too have faith in Moore after “Battlestar: Galactica.” The parallels were drawn directly to our reality – - although I do not like the series finale. Another season would have alleviated the rushed feelings of those final episodes and given these amazingly strong characters a better send-off.

    I hope he’s only using Harry Potter as a description for magical world. I don’t want them in hiding with their own secret government. Powers aren’t hidden but you’re either born with them or you’re not: but fear isn’t prominent for this aspect in everyday life. They’re dealing with murderers who use guns and robbers who can say a spell to crack a safe open.

    Too many shows of late have included a fantastical element that must be hidden from the world: be it vampires or shape-shifters or witches. I’d to see a show that can incorporate magical elements into a real-world scenario without having to resort to lying and hiding.

    • I loved the finale, but disliked much of the last season. I too agree that a 5th season would have ensured less rushed plotting. I also think it would have allowed far more exploration of political issues of our world, rather than focussing self-consciously on religious beliefs of the characters. There was no nearly enough stuff with Lee Adama and far too much Baltar; Tory was thrown out in that last half season and Paula never lived up to her potential; don’t even get me started on most of the cylons.

      Although Ron Moore and David Eick have wisely tried to present this as their decision to avoid a “forced off the air early” headline, both Richard Hatch and, more importantly (since he was more involved with the show) Michael Rymer have said they asked Sci Fi for 2 more years and only got one guaranteed. What a shame and a poor decision on Sci Fi’s part!

  7. The question is how much writing he’ll do. As you rightly imply, BSG was fantastic and unprecedented in its political insight and dramatic realism and was thoroughly successful when he was rewriting scripts. Yet, the less he wrote, the more the show generally suffered; he did no rewrites in Season 4 and his work sparkles, but many episodes not written by him are way off the mark.

    Similarly, after the pilot that Ronald D. Moore wrote, Caprica has been dull, repetitive, and not challenging of the mainstream US media on political issues of vital relevance; he stepped down as head writer and the far less foreign policy-minded Jane Espenson took over; she’s more into gay issues and has no real scepticism of CNN-style reporting and bias on the issue of terrorism. The show is supposed to improve drastically after her stepping down, but it just won’t live up to its promise unless the main man does some writing.

    So, I’ll only check this out if Ron Moore does the writing. However, I’d rather he focus on writing Caprica Season 2 if that gets approved.

    • If I’m remembering correctly Jane Espenson is from the Joss Whedon vault isn’t she? I’m fairly certain her name had numerous writing credits on “Buffy” and “Dollhouse.” This explains so much about what I don’t like about “Caprica.”

  8. I wish them ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. With Nielsen being the one and only judge on how long a show lasts ESPECIALLY on basic stations like NBC…well they NEED it.

    Also, WHY!? the heck would they even go to stations like NBC anyways? They do realize that these guys don’t even FINISH a dam season when it gets canceled, right? At least cable stations finish the dam thing.

    Sigh, it’s sad and it sounds like a really interesting show like The Dresden Files (even though it was canceled, at least they finished the season) but with Nielsen in power and basic stations spewing the same crap over and over again and then not having the decency to even FINISH what they start…I don’t know if this is even going to make it through half of it’s season. If they even let it get that far.

    I’ll try to be positive though and hope for the best. I still can’t understand how Nielsen is the ONLY source of ratings. All this technology and they STILL haven’t used for the ratings system. All those good shows that never got a chance will never see the light of day again. So sad. They tried with Cupid but again, another show they didn’t let finish the season, AGAIN (this was a 2nd try at the series).

  9. Its sad that Caprica had to go, I’ll miss it. I didn’t care for the Desdien files, but it had it’s moments.
    It’s good that Ronald is looking into the future but a Harry Potter theme series. As much I like the idea, I’ve always felt that a Hogwarts TV series would be better.
    No disrespect but if Ron wanted to direct something in the Harry Universe, then Bloomsberry and Jo would have to be behind it as well.

    Hogwarts, it has a nice ring to it.