Battlestar Galactica Movie: Back To The Beginning?

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battlestar galactica movie Battlestar Galactica Movie: Back To The Beginning?

Ronald D. Moore took the older sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica and turned it into a riveting adult drama that is slowly and quietly coming to a close. I’m rather traumatized by the idea of this emotionally cutting-edged show coming to a close, but it’s going out with quite a bang. Thank you Mr. Moore.

In my mind, once this is done and we get to the prequel Caprica and a few BSG movies, we should be good – right? Well it seems Universal is not the the same page we are. As a matter of fact I’m wondering if they’re even reading the same book!

In what I think is one of the most boneheaded pieces of news I have come across in recent times, it’s been rumored that Universal has been in negotiations with Glen A. Larson to do a Battlestar Galactica movie.

Great news you say? Not so fast.

The concept is NOT a movie with Ronald D. Moore and his gritty view on the politics of war and the dirty edge of humanity. Instead, Universal is looking to bring back a version reminiscent of the original series.  A lighter version that Larson’s camp would like to see make a comeback.  This version will have absolutely nothing to do with the present series, but will still have the characters of Adama, Starbuck and Baltar in it.

Glen A. Larson helmed the original late 70′s version that the current Battlestar Galactica is based on.

old cylon new cylon Battlestar Galactica Movie: Back To The Beginning?Frack me! Leave it alone already. It sounds like they’re trying to ride the wave of attention that the Sci-Fi Channel and Moore’s version have created. As far as I’m concerned it isn’t going to be anywhere near the same and will probably only come off as a cheap effort to Xerox a book that’s already been Xeroxed… again.

On the other hand, for those who don’t like the life-like dark version of humanity on the run may just go for it.

What is this story going to be?  Yet another origin?  Or an extension of some other angle?  If this actually does come to fruition, they should at least give it a bit of time before they even try to grace the airwaves or silver screen or whatever medium they’re targeting with this idea.  Really, the only thing I can think of that might be viable is a cartoon.  Star Wars: The Clone Wars is doing pretty well in its animated format on TV.  Why not?  But that’s if it comes together at all.

Remember… wait long enough for us to have forgotten about this most excellent version of Battlestar Galactica that’s on today.

That’s my take.

Sources- Story: THR, Adama Images: Galicticabbs

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  1. This just goes to show that film companies these days really do not have a clue.

    Its just a cash cow to squeeze some more money out of the show, no matter how vile the idea.

  2. Yes Shane… you are right. And it will come and go and it will have been a big waste of money. I am thumping my head on the desk in confusion as we speak.

  3. I would much rather see something that takes place in the current continuity.
    Such as an adventure that takes place before the finale .
    This is just Larson making a vain attempt that wont get off the ground.

  4. Yeah but when the series is over the Moore version of the story will be over. Plus we have a prequel coming anyway. So what could they do in a movie other than a reboot?? I wouldn’t want to see Moore’s version rebooted just as I don’t want to see Shatner Trek nor Babylon 5 rebooted. So a reboot of the original might not be such a bad idea. And I would imagine some of the actors from the show being out of work would be happy for the parts. EJ Olmos is a wonderful actor and I would love to see him play more of a Lorne Greene Adama and Jamie Bamber more of a Hatch Apollo. Not more so than these versions but this is not a reboot of Moore Galactica (remember the singer version floating around a few years ago this will likely be it) Something only needs a reboot if it sucks. All the Star Trek after Shatner sucked so it needed a reboot.

  5. Horrible idea. A movie based on the old series will not get one cent of my money.

  6. The new Galactica done as a movie should be R rated whereas the old series is a PG rated movie..PG means more money for studios but it would be like having two different Batman franchises running at the same time or the Batman franchise and then with a different Batman for tried that and it didn`t go well for George Miller..

  7. Actually I think it’s a good idea that the original creator is allowed to update his original vision, even if it’s a new remake..
    It’s no problem for me if there is no connection to the current series. I’ll be watching it for sure.

  8. I prefer the Original Series by a long shot, but I have no interest in seeing a movie.

    So tired of reboots. Just set a different story in the same universe. Remove the dreariness of the new series and you have the potential for a decent movie.

  9. Where can I get the cylon face-off image? That would be cool to hang on my wall.

  10. I’d like to see “Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Star World” re-released on DVD with updated special effects.

  11. WHAT’S THIS???

    A new Galactica movie, based on the Glen Larson series? Are you F**KING kidding me???

    Oh, shoot me in the head! Shoot me in the head! Somebody, PLEASE, just shoot me in the head!!!

    This had better be a joke! Ronald Moore literally took a giant turd and made something magnificent, and now, after Moore’s success, Larson wants some attention? Whaaaa…?

    This had better be a joke…somebody should stop Larson…


  12. JOHHNY-O

    Sorry… it doesn’t seem to be a joke…

    But please, no shooting – not over this.

    LOL… too funny though.

  13. @Bruce:

    I guess you’re right, after all, they tried making the ‘Lost In Space’ movie, and it was a flop, despite the efforts of such excellent stars as William Hurt, the bosomy Mimi Rogers, and the tasty(Oh, boy, would I ever!) Heather Graham, who still couldn’t save it, it was really a bomb, and it should’ve been.

    Maybe we should just trust the puplic to their own good sense…


  14. John I disagree with you calling the original a turd. This is very disrespectful. You may call bsg1980 a turd though as that was no good at all.. :)

    But for the original series, it was a great achievement for the time… I long for it to return still.

  15. Keep the comments on target with the article and do not throw barbs at each others’ opinions.


    The management!

  16. @ Mr Scriev:

    Okay, that was a bit harsh, let me explain:

    Scriev, I am sorry if I offended you, but I wasn’t knocking the fans – obviously, I was one; but U have to understand, the things that drew you in and hooked you about Glen Larson’s original Galactica – the massive sets, the space battles, the shiny Cylons – were all vital elements of Ron Moore’s excellent (and very successful) effort a few years ago, ending with a totally satisfying conclusion that set it 150,000 years in the past, explaining a great deal.

    My real beef isn’t with you or other original series fans – you’re entitled to like what you wanna like, obviously – but with the lazy, sloppy, totally unprofessional production values of Glen Larson, a man who who no doubt worshipped the TV work of Irwin Allen (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants – I did like Time Tunnel, though…), a man who paid little attention to details, constantly used action shots over and over again, and typically insulted his audience’s intelligence, because HE didn’t have any, and had no business doing science fiction, either. How many times can U watch the same three Cylon ships split into a pirouette and dive into the atmosphere of the same planet? He just phoned it in! The kicker was when the original Boomer (a black GUY) popped his un-space-suited head up on an asteroid, which as all people over the age of 12 know, is airless. I realized then I was not watching true science fiction, only crap.

    Actually, the real kicker was the totally irresponsible way they addressed religion, almost as if Larson knew little about that, either – angels as technocrats? Count Iblis? A cross-shaped starship? Puh-leeeease!

    I will admit, the first intimation of Cylons-as-humanoids was in Galactica 1980, that’s true; but, these were not true cyborgs (bio-androids), capable of sexual reproduction, only humanoid machines.

    I stand by what I said, Scirev, you’ll just have to find a way to live with it. And I DO disrespect the shoddy, half-assed work of Glen Larson, I make no apology for this, as he doesn’t deserve any.

    That does not, repeat, NOT, mean I don’t respect your right to your opinion, I do!

    I just happen to believe my opinion may be a bit more informed, is all.

    BSG-TOS was crap, with only a few undigested kernels of corn floating in it. Ron Moore piked them out, brought them to life, and planted a Field of Dreams. Dark dreams, maybe. But that was it’s charm, after all, they had jsut lost 50 billion people. BSG-TOS was just too light-hearted for a people who had been nuked.

    But if you have a sweet taste for s***, that’s up to you…


  17. JOHN

  18. @Bruce: Whaaat? Whad’I say?

    Sorry, boss. I know U have to discourage ad-hominen personal attacks, and Mr Scirev is perfectly entitled to his opinion, I get that. Personally, I wouldn’t want anyone tearing into me, I’d hate to think what people would say about my childhood fondness for Space Angel!

    How ’bout mockery? May I inbibe in that?

    May I suggest, to Mr Scirev & other BSG-TOS fans, that if they like Larson’s series they might enjoy the classic jane Fonda movie ‘Barbarella’? Or even better, ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’?

    Having said that, Duran’s Orgasmic Organ did show a lot of promise…

    All due respect, Bruce, my point was, Yeah, Ron Moore watched BSG-TOS too, that’s what gave him the idea, but whereas the first one was for kids (DUMB kids), the last one was for intelligent, deep-thinking adults. If you can’t stand the heat, you shouldn’t even come into the kitchen.


  19. Why not just open a window? =o)

  20. Oh, sweet irony, how I adore you! Fans of the reboot keep jabbing me for complaining about the hijacking of my childhood. Now the reboot crowd gets a nice helping of see-how-you-like-it. SERVES YOU RIGHT!!

  21. i for one am happy thatthey are making a return to the original series for inspiration, the new series bores me to death, theres nothing original about it at all,its just BORING,the cylons being human was explored in galactica 1980, people forget this was a family show but it still had stories which were quite dark in theme, saga of star world was verry shocking for its time,there were comparisons to star wars but this was nothing like star wars,starbuck was a gambler, cassiopia was a prostitute, appollo was mourning the loss of his young brother, and adama was torn by the loss of his family on caprica, all in all a verry dark series for a sunday afternoon in the seventies[ and they didnt wear spandex.]

    • just looked at battlestar galactica the next comming on youtubeand i thought it was fantastic ,i would have loved this to go into production instead of the ron moore drivel, in a matter of fact, ron moore took a lot of ideas straight from this,the shape of the cylon ships for one,the human ,cylon design and even the idea of a more robot looking cylon, he has blatently took ideas from this trailer and used them as his own,if this version by richard hatch was chosen to go ahead instead of moores version the show would have been exiting [ the moore version sooo boring] and it also would have been more charecter driven than the present show[to be honest i can understand why tigh has turned to drink, i felt that way when i watched the new show] i reccomend you all to chech it out on youtube.

  22. Glen A. Larson’s version was good until they reached earth. From that point on the show sucked. I had to stop watching, I was on the edge of my seat I was expecting earth in 2200 or later. Not some rip off of planet of the apes!
    The end of the series was disappointing they blow up their new technology because earth isn’t ready for it? Come on man!

  23. sucked. I had to stop watching, I was on the edge of my seat I was expecting earth in 2200 or later. Not some rip off of planet of the apes!
    The end of the series was disappointing they blow up their new technology because earth isn’t ready for it? Come on man!

  24. Well, on a practical level, I am in the 40s. I love sci-fi. I was a kid when the original bsg was out and liked it sorta. I mean, for the time, there wasn’t much else out there for even kid hardcore sci-fi fan.
    The reboot came out. crazy good series, took a meh show of my youth and blew it into something so crazy good that it shocked me. I am not alone in this thinking.
    I would definitely go watch every movie set in that specific universe, and lament the premature cancelling of Caprica.

    As far as Glen’s version. Well, they tried to redo knight rider with the same cheesefest and that worked about as well as expected. That 70s kids show crap is over. It was a success back then because we had what, 8 channels to choose from and no competition. even if I was 9 years old, I would have far preferred the reimagined bsg verses that old school crap.

    I will say this. SyFy needs to release its hold on the license. SyFy is no longer a science fiction venue. AMC, Showtime, Starz, or any other network needs to pick up that license and continue on with the universe though. Hell, let Netflix pick em up as they seem to be interested now in high quality content.
    But yeah, SyFy and Glen both are lost causes. Glen needs to simply accept someone took his rather shoddy creation and turned it into proud he had a hand in its birth, and accept it has grown up and become its own thing now.
    Honorable bowing to amazing progress is far more respectable than angrily holding onto something average at best.