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battlestar last supper Whats Next For The Cast Of Battlestar Galactica

We’ve had some complaints about opening this post with the fifth Cylon reveal, so we’ll go ahead and put in some space, although I don’t know how technically something that already happened on the show can be considered a spoiler.

If you haven’t seen ANY episodes of BSG this season, there is a big spoiler below that was revealed in the first episode of the current season (it’s already happened, so if you’re caught up on the show, you’re fine.

BTW, Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. I hope that doesn’t ruin a 30 year old Star Wars movie for anyone. 😛





Well, it was something to behold when Ellen Tigh, the 5th and final Cylon, was revealed on Battlestar Galactica.  Though I initially did not like that it was Ellen Tigh (played by Kate Vernon), I think they really made it work with all the back story she was able to provide.

I was blown away by the fact that Vernon knew she was the final Cylon 2 years ago!  Now that’s some serious secret keeping!





And if you look at that Last Supper picture that everyone was beating themselves up with, dang, how frakkin’ obvious can it be!  I didn’t really ponder too much on the image because I took off with my own theory that was generated by the behavior of a single Centurion after the Cylon civil war was started… but that’s neither here nor there now.

All that conjecture was fun though, wasn’t it?

So with the end of the show in sight, I have to wonder if we wanted to follow some of the cast, just where they are headed off to?  (Remember, this isn’t a post about the projects themselves.  I’m just touching on where everyone is headed!)

Jamie Bamber (Lee “Apollo” Adama), had a role in a project called Pulse 2: Afterlife…  don’t ask.  But he will be off to play Detective Matt Devlin in an overseas installment of Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise, Law & Order: London.  I think seems right to me.  He’s make a great cop.

James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar) has a project in post-production called Merlin and the Book of Beasts.  Not surprisingly, he played Merlin.

Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol) has headed to a cop show called The Bridge that will be debuting on CBS this fall.  Another project he appeared in is called Blood: A Butcher’s Tale.

Tricia Helfer (Caprica Six) has been playing a regular role on Burn Notice, which just wrapped up its second season. She just filmed a FOX pilot titled Inseparable, in which she plays a psychiatrist that evaluates suspects for a police department. There’s also a rumor she’s filming a movie titled Hidden Crimes.

The surprising development for me is that despite a rather riveting and compelling performance by Michael Hogan who played Col. Saul Tigh, Hogan has nothing lined up besides the Battlestar Galactica: The Plan movie.  Nothing!  That surprises me.

Alessandro Juliani (Felix Geata) had a part in Smallville and a part in Watchmen.  He’s also in another project that’s completed called Traveling.

Kandyse McClure (Anastasia Dualla) has been in a few episodes of Reaper and three other projects.  One titled Cole, the Children of the Corn, and she is presently filming a project called Broken Kingdom.  She has herself a great agent!

Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin) has already been in a  recurring role as Dr. Virginia Dixon on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.  Dixon is a doctor with a few mental issues in how she deals with people.  It’s funny to watch her…  yes, I am forced to watch GA when my wife turns it on…  no questions asked.  Really, none.

Edward James Olmos (Amdiral William Adama) has gone on to another BSG project.  The movie called Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, is reported to be in post-production.

Grace Park (Sharon “Boomer” Valeri) has just wrapped up filming the first season of A&E’s The Cleaner, co starring with Benjamin Bratt, and season 2 premieres later this year.  She’s also starred in the CBC show called The Border.  Another project that’s in pre-production is called Punctured.

Tahmoh Penikett (Karl “Helo” Agathon), as we all know, has slid over into what is probably a doomed effort on FOX in the Friday night series, Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.  I hope he looks around at other stuff…  I’d like to see him branch out, if he can.

Donnelly Rhodes, who played the ever grumpy and wonderfully pragmatic Dr. Cottle doesn’t seem to be slated for anything.  But I’d love to see him play some more snarky grumpy roles.  He was a blast.

Katee Sackhoff (Kara “Starbuck” Thrace) has popped up in FX’s Nip/Tuck.  More notably, NBC has picked up a pilot she shot called Lost and Found, where she plays a police detective who’s been demoted to the department that pursues the John Doe cases.  Have you noticed that she tends to get the real head case characters?  She does play them rather well.

Michael Trucco, (Samual Anders or Mr. Starbuck) only has the Battlestar Galactica: The Plan noted as projects he’s involved in.  I’m sure there are many of you out there that would like to see him in other quality projects.

Kate Vernon, (Ellen Tigh) only has BSG: The Plan on her docket for the time being.  Dang, you’d think the final Cylon could get a job after 2,000 years of experience!

And there you have it – the full lowdown on where all your favorite Battlestar Galactica actors are heading.

Sources: Access Hollywood, IMDB

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  1. Could you put a FRAKKING SPOILER WARNING before that article!!!!

    Thank you.


  2. Yeah, I just got owned by the same thing :(

  3. What kind of spoiler are you talking about? Are you referring to Ellen? Oops… that’s such old news and it’s plastered everywhere that I didn’t even consider that a spoiler…

    Thanks for the input!

  4. Um, yeah, thought Ellen was far out of the closet.

    Going to be very hard for these actors to move on. Usually is with such a cult show.
    Although McDonnell should be fine, being probably the best known actor when the show started.

    Tigh and Cottle have always been good to watch.

  5. Spoilers? What spoilers? Agree with Vic. Ellen Tigh being a Cylon is not a spoiler – it was revealed like almost a month ago! Just because you haven’t been watching the shows doesn’t mean it’s a spoiler.

    Or cannot we not talk about how Batman Begins shows how Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight…oops, sorry, spoiled!

  6. I’m confused on the spoiler comments as well… are you guys in the UK or somewhere in which they’re airing episodes one season behind?


  7. We’re only a bit behind in the UK. The last episode (next one airing tomorrow) was the one where Starbuck plays the piano and Boomer does her naughty thing.

    (better not say too much 😉 )

  8. @Lava:

    > Just because you haven’t been watching
    > the shows doesn’t mean it’s a spoiler.

    Worst… argument… ever!


    > are you guys in the UK or somewhere in > which they’re airing episodes one
    > season behind?

    Not the UK, but definitely behind.

    Besides, since a good friend records all the episodes for me, I wanted to watch the whole rest of the season in one piece. Maybe I’m not the only one?


  9. I’m in Australia, so yeah we are a fair whack behind.

  10. I was going to chime in and say no it’s not a spoiler, but I think these people are right. You shouldn’t put something like that in the first sentence with no warning.
    You’ve got to give people a legitimate chance to pass by an article without being spoiled if they so choose.

    That being said, if these spoiler-phobes really thought they could wait for the DVD or whatever without finding out what would happen, then they are frakking insane.

  11. Some updates on your info. Jamie has already wrapped on L&O and is hoping for a second series. There of the episodes have already been broadcast.

    Eddie’s project includes him acting in, directing and producing “The Crystal Frontier,” a drama that examines U.S.-Mexico border issues and the effects of the two nations’ foreign-policy decisions.

    As for the spoiler issue I tend to agree that the information about Ellen is well beyond the spoiler stage. I suppose though a statement saying something like “Spoilers through episode X” wouldn’t be a bad idea for most articles especially in these final days. However, for those in places where the episodes having been broadcast yet or especially for those who are self-delaying viewing the expectation that they can wander around the net and be catered to re not getting spoiled is a vain one at best.

    I don’t tend to get back to these sites to see if anyone has responded to me but I’m just curious what gets done with my website link. I believe I did come back to one place and didn’t see that it had been displayed.

  12. Ok, ok – I can see how opening the post with that might bother some people. I’ve modified the post with a “this already happened but you might consider it a spoiler” warning.


  13. The following comments takes place between 4:25 and 4:35 PM and is my impersonation of a Denis Leary rant:

    After some debate between us, I like what my editor did to my article. My article that I worked pretty hard on, to make it what it is, combining some old but interesting news with some of the newer generic outlines of other news – yet my image work and article had to be changed to appease those who aren’t watching the show along with the most of us.

    I know there are some folks out there that either don’t frakking pay for cable, or hate the frakking ads so much they refuse to watch a frakking show live and insist on buying the DVD set a year after the show / season ends. Then they’re surprised when they happen upon something that’s been written about something ages old.

    Crickets… lots and lots of crickets.

    My film club has some folks in it that do that and I get where they’re coming from. I really do.

    I used to hide from ALL previews for things I wanted to watch because I want to be surprised.

    But it’s a frakking film club. We’re supposed to be able to eagerly talk about these things. But those few who shush us ruin the experience or opportunity for the rest of us to chat about that exciting reveal that finally took place.

    Instead, we watch reruns of X-Files. By the time we do get to talk about it, we’ll be watching BSG: The Next Frakking Generation!

    It seems frakking impossible to avoid reveals unless you live in a cave. Every major newspaper, website, radio and television program that deals with entertainment has reported this to one extent or another. Heck, even the ads for the show on Sci-Fi, NBC and their other affiliates have blown the reveal. If you’ve been successful at dodging one of the biggest reveals in recent Sci-Fi television history that is weeks old, kudos to you. Really. But to expect a website to NOT idly mention old news seems off kilter.

    Next thing you know, vegetarians will be complaining about Black Angus having frakking steak!

    Despite the fact that the reveal has been made in places, the show is still so damn enjoyable that it doesn’t matter. Boxey has a lot of wisdom to dispense about the Cylon past and even though I didn’t like their choice of who it was, the story has so overshadowed the let down for me that it’s fine by me. Heck, it was almost a side note when they let on that Boxey was in Spock’s dreams all these years and Spock is the true leader of the… oops… we weren’t supposed to tell you that part about Abrams’ Star Trek… dang!

    SPOILER AHEAD: Superman is Clark Kent. That’s right, the space alien’s secret identity is Clark Kent. If you think about it, that’s the accurate way to look at that. Whoa! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Should I even mention what happened to the Titanic?

    OK, now I’m having fun with you. I’m not mad, but I just had to vent because after so much walking on eggshells around so many folk, something was bound to crack.

    I’m sorry if anyone felt blind sided with the reveal I let out at the top of the older article. Now I’m going to jumpy about everything I write about… when do I not add SPOILER warnings to a post these days?

    Go ahead, take your shots… I stand before you… (with shields up, way up!)

    < this is gonna hurt, isn’t it?. >

    Anyone think Mike Trucco would be the perfect guy to play as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the upcoming movie?? He’s got the Fighter pilot mentality down pat from his time on Pensacola. Plus I think he’s proven his flexibility as an actor on BSG tremendously – I think it could be his big break.

    Thoughts? The casting for the Green Lantern is a pretty hot topic right now. I really hope they don’t screw it up.

  15. Interesting idea – Trucco for GL. Indeed.

  16. @Bruce Simmons:
    No, Mr. Simmons, we are not going to criticise you to death for one small mistake.

    We’re just going to take you less serious in the future, since you seem to take criticism personally.


  17. LOL – Ouch, “Mr. Simmons”! I ain’t that old … yet.

    Actually, I didn’t take it personally.

    It wasn’t a slight on my view of things at all… I was having fun with it and making an observation… something editorial writers tend to do on and off…

    But I did learn something from that, in that I hit you guys right up front in the first line of the article and not thinking about the issue being that it was such old news, POW!, spoiler zone!

    So on a serious note, thanks for pointing it out to us. We shall be more careful in the future with recent show event news when dispatching thoughts and opinion!

  18. No worries “Mr Simmon’s” this was most definitely NOT a spoiler. If its aired in the U.S. then, not a spoiler. And this one aired pretty much forever ago, so it feels. I don’t want to make it sound like this means people CANT be personally “spoiled” because they haven’t watched it yet for whatever reason. But if its an issue for them they should probably actively avoid all BSG topics until the catch just to be safe.

  19. Re: Donnelly Rhodes. Check out Davinci’s Inquest – a really good Canadian series (1998 – 2004) finally popping up on American channels. Imagine Doc Cottle as a homicide detective.

  20. Michael Trucco isn’t lined up for anything, possibly because he’s still recovering from breaking his back? That’s why Sam was in the tub for so long, because Trucco was in a car accident when they were shooting. So that might be why he’s not got any new projects. Just a thought.

  21. Michael Hogan has nothing lined up.

    Didn’t Trucco broke his neck in Dec of 2007? And was mobile by Jan 2008 and filming in the March time frame?

    correct me if my dates are off.

  22. @Bruce:

    I just loved your Dennis Leary rant!!! Speaking of whom, is he not excellent in ‘Rescue Me’? Do you not LOVE it??? Talk about someone who, like was said about Katee Sackoff, has a real talent for playing near-whackos on the edge! I would love to see the two of them, Leary & Sackoff, in something together, that would be fun to watch…

    I agree with you that, as reasonable precautions, there should be spoiler warnings; however, the key word here is ‘reasonable’ – no one has the right to be offended if the rest of the planet knows something, I don’t care what it is! U all know, the Steelers won the Superbowl, right? And in ‘Citizen Kane’, Rosebud was his sled. There, I said it!

    And Red Pariah was absolutely right, ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’ was excellent, and so was Donnelly Rhodes a as, you guessed it, a grumpy, loveable cop; I remember him fondly as Dutch on the sitcom ‘Soap’, many years ago, opposite Kathryn Hellmond & Jennifer Salt. I could never get tired of him.

    As for those of you who tape shows, wait for DVDs to come out, or live in the UK or Austraila or the Planet Mongo – may I respectfully suggest that you stick your fingers in your ears, squeeze your eyes shut and sing: “LA-LALALA, LA-LA-LA…”

    Just a suggestion, I think Bruce made a fox pas that wasn’t there…just my opinion, take it or leave it.

    And for the record, the beautiful Kandyce McClure was also on ‘DaVinci’s Inquest’, on a returning guest star basis, kinda like Whoopi Goldberg as ‘Guinan’ on STNG, years ago. She also did a great ‘Andromeda’ a few years ago. Thought y’all might wanna know – I would watch Kandyce for a couple of hours if she were just dialing a phone! SOOO bummed that Dee shot herself! And she could never be a Cylon, in my book.


  23. @Everythingshiny:

    PS, I just wanted to say, I think your handle is very cool, I can’t resist showing off that I get your reference: Callie the chief engineer on ‘Firefly’, am I right? “Everything’s shiny, Captain…” I loved her!

    Good to know about Trucco, hope he recovers nicely.

    Thanx, JOHN

  24. Aw, McDonnell should be fine; she’s not only the most well-known, but also the most talented actress from BSG.
    And I’m sure EJO has about a zillion projects lined up.

    Funny how most of them seem to be going for ‘cop’ shows, though!

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    D6es anyb6dy e3se have th5s *r6b3e0+


  26. WOW, that was weird!

    Forgive me folks, I was freaking out there, for a minute!

    My keyboard seems to have had a spell of aphasia, some of the letters were coming up as numbers, like they were encrypted.

    What U saw was:

    [He336, can anyb6dy read 0y text+

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    What I typed was:

    [Hello, can anybody read my text?

    It’s all scrambled, like an enigma machine!

    Letters come out as numbers, it’s nuts!

    Does anybody else have this problem?


    Anyway, heard about a new sleeper worm last week on 60 Minutes, I thought it might be something like that, but a cold shutdown followed by a restart & diagnostic seems to have fixed the problem.

    I hope to God nobody else experiences that, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    Fare thee all well, later,


    PS: @Maddy, I take your point about cop shows, I always heard they were the mother’s milk of television, looks like that’s true on either side of the Atlantic, just like DaVinci’s Inquest.

    I like the idea of Jamie Bamber as a London DI (detective inspector).

    And Yes, it would have been super-cool to see the black hole devour that Cylon colony! A real dick mpve, cutting that out, on somebody’s part, heh?

  27. John: Every now and then in one of my typing frenzies, I hit some weird keyboard combo that confuses my keyboard, like yours.

    It’s not uncommon. I almost deleted your first comment… I thought the Cylons or Borg were trying to assimilate my brain. Then I noticed the pattern and figured out where you were trying to say.