Syfy Passes On ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome'; TV Movie Will Still Air

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BSG Blood Chrome TV Syfy Passes On Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome; TV Movie Will Still Air

After receiving over 100,000 views in 24 hours, a leaked trailer for Syfy’s new space drama Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has eager BSG fans chomping at the bit for the series to air. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, Syfy has decided not to air the Battlestar Galactica prequel as a regular series – but there is still hope for a TV movie and a digital series.

In January, Syfy’s President of Original Programming Mark Stern stated that he and the network were “trying to figure out the economics right now” and that a solution would be figured out soon.  Now it seems that the economics were not worked out in the way Stern had intended, as the network has decided to pass on the project as a regular series, but is leaving it open for the possibility of a digital airing.

In a statement made this week, Stern gave fans some insight into the decision:

 “Though the vision for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has evolved over the course of the past year, our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned.” Stern goes on to say, “We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen. The 90-minute pilot movie will air on Syfy in its entirety at a future date.”

Originally intended as a web series, the Battlestar Galactica off-shoot was later greenlighted for a two-hour TV pilot back in October 2010, but was subsequently pushed back due to intensive post-production and special effects issues. The pilot stars English actor Luke Pasqualino ( UK Skins) as a young William “Husker” Adama, a fresh academy graduate entering the tenth year of the First Cylon War on the newest Battlestar in the Colonial fleet, The Galactica.

BSG Blood Chrome TV 2 Syfy Passes On Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome; TV Movie Will Still Air

As far as the leaked trailer goes, NBCUniversal quickly ordered it removed from YouTube and other sources, saying it was not an official trailer – but not before it went viral. Even with swift action, the trailer can still be found if you know where to look. Outside of a digital series, Universal Cable Production, which produces Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, has not completely ruled out shopping the project to other television networks.

Fans of the successful 2004 re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica, and its not-so successful spin-off Caprica, were really excited at the prospect of  Galactica and her crew making a triumphant return to television. The recent news concerning Blood & Chrome is bittersweet, as there is still a slim chance the Cylon space drama might go on in the form of a web series.

More info on the future of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as it is released


Source: Deadline & E!

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  1. Dear SyFy and NBC, go frak yourself for choosing wrestling, ghost hunting shows and other low rent budget shows your airing versus investing in great shows like Battlestar B&C. P.S. Thank you for having NO faith in CAPRICA either, you treated that show like a $2 Whore at the end! I nolonger watch your channels!

    • So say we all

      • So Say We All

    • So say we All!

    • Macross35, I agree with you 150%!!!! How can they even call themselves “SYFY” anymore. On the biggest prime time air spot, Friday night 7:00pm Central, they have frackin wrestling, Are you Frackin kidding me!!!!! And enough with the stupid Ghost shows, how many times can you watch Frackin EVP meters go beep, and then maybe see an orb at the end of the show, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! I used to use SYFY as an excuse to get extra channels on the dish, now it comes with all the other crap, & I emphasize CRAP!!!!!!! Just from that little bit of a trailer I saw of Blood & Chrome, I can tell you it would be the best thing SYFY would have aired in a long, long time. It was shows like Stargate SG1, & Battlestar Gallactica that made SYFY popular in the first place, but now I have to agree with Macross35, I rarely tune in anymore, very rarely. Whoever’s making theses programming decisions needs to go away, or at least start making some good decisions.

      • Write the sponsors, not the network!!!

    • i agree with you on that one its time i got in on this

    • Yep I agree with you. Just saw four episodes and WOW FRAK is the word very high level project too bad that ghost hunters a show that I never watch gets renewed but a great show like galactica does not shame on you Syfy or how ever you want to call your self you took SCI-FI and ruind it. bring back alphas and wearhouse 13

      • Ghost Hunters cost $1.50 to make, while each BSG episode costs $2M at least. simple economics, nothing to do with love or hate of a show. Pity how far things have moved to the almighty $$$ and away from art.

    • To Whom It May Concern,(Mark Stern)
      After receiving over 100,000 views in 24 hours. It does not make sense to me why Syfy’s President of Original Programming Mark Stern has desided to not Air a high rated show like “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome which has evolved over the course of the pasted year. I must ask my self why the Science Fiction Channel wants to air wrestling, ghost hunting shows and not true science fiction programming. I’m 58 years old and been watching science fiction all the way back to the 60s with “Lost In Space” Dear Mark Stern, If you don’t know what shows are truely SyFy change the name of your channel. I agree are just go Frak your self….

    • Well Said!!!!!!

  2. Not sure I like the idea of this series. Prequel series have not had a good track record (Caprica and Enterprise – despite having gone 4 full seasons

    Id rather see a series along the lines of the 15 ship Lost Fleet that Pegasus looted that was saved by a 3rd Battlestar that survived and found a habital planet calling it New Kobol where they settled. In out near future they develop and build their own Cylons (forgetting the lessons of 150,000 years ago) which in turn rebel and cause them to flee New Kobol and once again the Colonial humans run for their lives. At the end of the first season after sending out ships to search for a new home one of the search vessels picks up a broadcast television signal from Earth transmitted in 1978 – the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. Shortly before their own Cylon rebellion, they would have located Cylon Earth and found a recorded story of thee Galactica Fleet left behind by Diana Biers before she died. The would begin searching for the source of the transmission. They would at some point find our Earth juast as we were about to begin using Cylon type technology on a level that could result in yet another rebellion here and try to stop it while leading their own pursuing Cylons away from our Earth.

    • The prequel would have worked just fine. They screwed up with Caprica…too far back in the BSG mythos. The war would have been fun to watch. As for Enterprise…it was really never about the founding of the Federation…at least not until the 4th season. It maintained the forhead alien of the week formula that everyone got sick of.

      • I, for one, loved Caprica. However, the real problem with Caprica, like SG-U, was that it was so different from the original. With Caprica, the type of material and plot also aimed the show at a totally different age demographic than BSG. The creator of the show admitted this – that they wanted to bring in an older audience and hoped to bring in more women viewers. Bad idea. Such a thing could be tried successfully with a series that isn’t already well known – and well known for being a typical sci-fi-cater-to-adolescent-and-young-or-young-at-heart-men type of series. I mean, come on. The BSG cult was built and maintained by boys who watched the 1978 version and grew up and passed along that love of sci-fi to (mostly) their sons who were playing with little Darth Vader action figures. The type of kid who was scratching his head in 1997 and saying “daddy, how did that nerdy little Anakin turn into this bad-a$$?). IE – NOT 30s housewives or professional women looking to unwind on Friday night after work.

        Changing the time-slot – particularly changing the show-dates, also hurt the series. There was a time when Friday night was called Sci-Friday and featured 3 hours of new sci-fi episodes, 2 of which were part of the same overall theme (after the debut of SGA at nine o’clock after SG-1). Now we get 2 hours of BORING before Lost Girl even starts. Well, right now we get an entire night of BORING before being able to watch SG-1 reruns from 3 to 5 in the morning. Haven has decent acting, but I just can’t get into it. Others may like it, however, so I’ll give it a pass for now. Still – it’s not Lost Girl. I understand that the network may want to keep that show in a late time slot due to its adult themes, but put on something decent before it airs. Not two hours of prime-time crap.

        • Clarification – I meant “this bad-a$$” as in the one in the DV action figure the little boy would have been holding.

  3. It sad that when you want to watch BSG you have to watch it on DVD or on BBC America network from England. As I said, while prequel series generally dont work well, why dont they cut a deal with BBC America to share the costs and air it on SyFy and BBC America and the BBC itself in the UK at the same time?

  4. NBC(Nothing But Crap) ruined scyfy by purchasing it and putting crap on like the stupi ass ghost shows and wrestling. Is this their version of the closeted gay network?

    If this was scyfy it would not hesitate to go with BSG. Otherwise shut down the stupid network.

  5. With all the crap SyFy has now, like wrestling (what the hell does that have to do with Sci Fi?), the crappy “D” movie of the week/month, and so on, why do they pass on what actually looks to be an awesome show? Afraid to spend money on decent entertainment, or just preferring the tax write-off “SyFy original” movies?

    • Reality shows are cheaper and that’s all the networks care about. Look at what Fox did with Terra Nova. An incredible, and well watched, show cancelled after one season because it was “too expensive” to make.

  6. The trailer for this looked amazing.
    Why don’t they just release it already.
    SciFy as a channel is just a total joke now.

  7. Well, I’ve been through all the stages of grief now for the demise of SyFy(nee SciFi), and while acceptance is hard, so is being pi$$ed. They have a couple of good shows, love Alphas and Warehouse 13, am truly hooked on Haven, but since the bulk of the programming is SUCH garbage, I only watch on Netflix(yayyy!) or Hamazon. I used to watch the channel for HOURS, like someone else here said. Clearly, no one atNBC has a frakking clue what science fiction is. They are rudderless, struggling, and all of us true fans suffer for it. I have loved scifi since my teens, going on 4O years now, and this ain’t it! NBC, are you listening? Find someone who actually knows something about the genre!!! You did ok with USA, the whole Burn Notice/characters thing; find an exec who gives a crap about science fiction!! (Ok, I ‘m still a little angry).

    • Remember Sci-Fridays? That used to be the thing to do on Friday. You could watch prev. episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis from the time you got home until 8. Then you had 3 hours of new and interesting shows. They could pick up Terra Nova and go a long, long way towards redeeming themselves. Especially if they replace “wrastlin'”.. though that won’t happen since WWE is paying the network a ton of money to air it in that time slot.

  8. SyFy Channel, in it’s current state wouldn’t know a good sci-fi show if it walked up and bit them on the butt. Once they take Eureka off the air later this year I won’t be tuning into their pitiful network any longer.

    Hopefully another network will pick up Blood and Chrome and run with it as a series.

  9. GDay from Australia!!
    Well SyFy u seem to be cancelling all your science fiction series and not taking any chances on any other syfy…like cancelling Caprica that was a amazing show and now not taking the chance to do the Blood and Chrome series what are you thinking this will be watched by more people then the silly reality shows u have on…i do not watch syfy anymore u have lost your science fiction fans… you really need to either call ur station another name maybe Reality TV instead of SyFy as u are disgracing the Science Fiction Fans u are suppose to support…Change ur programing back to SCIENCE FICTION !!!!

  10. Yeah, little nuts when general networks have BETTER SYFY programming than the SYFY network! What has befallen you, Syfy??!! Noone wants your stupid reality shows and wrestling… give us actual quality Science Fiction programming, or change your dang name! Enough already!!! Nonsense!

    Or perhaps another network will step in and give us what we want! Growl!

    • BBC has better sci-fi programming than Syfy these days – even if they did cancel their best SF show (Outlanders) after one season. Maybe they’re learning lessons from Universal – but I hope not.

  11. If its for economics, they shouldn’t even have budget Blood and Chrome in the first place. Taking 2 years and everything is ready for viewers, and nothing comes out. Thats called economics.. Perhaps, they could think about how to put it in a big Cinema screen. That will solve a lot of problems. That will make perfect sense. Take a look at Star Wars. 6 films on a big screen, and they are not that great, why can’t the reimagined series of Galactica be put on one. Just why not… Everyone wins…no need to think about TV anymore….

  12. only clowns would be waiting for terrible prequels to a ‘reimagined’ anything. if something has been created, YOU CANNOT CHANGE THAT FACT by ‘reimagining’ which is a dubious term to begin with. bsg almost didnt suck for the first 2 seasons but the entire concept was flawed by the fact that the real bsg had already occurred. so it doesnt matter what fans of this farce think. it was dead on arrival because there is no premise for it to exist.

  13. I used to watch syfy with the subcription to an online tv. I loved almost all the shows altought BSG ws my favorite, i just feel this is going to end like SGU or something else and nobody else will pick it up, i just hope to god that someone will take this show if the stupid syfy wont

  14. SyFy management why have you lost sight of why this TV network was created, if not to exploit and push SciFi programmes, but as of lately we am frakkin tired of wrestling and shows that make no sense, but are cheaper to license than if make your own. BSG rocked and if you realize how successful the Star Wars franchise is, you should line up and give us, mere earthlings what we want, SciFi programmes like BSG or this one, Blood and Chrome. At the end of the day its all about dollars and sense, and we have what you want, we have buying power. So stop listening to the redneck demographics and put some quality SciFi programmes back on the line-up, all you have now is second rate. I haven’t switched my TV to SyFy in over two frakkin weeks! Guys and Gals of SyFy channel you are missing on customers like me! Long live the Toasters!

  15. So Say We All,,

  16. When is the last time Syfy has made the right choice? From changing their name to cancelling so many quality shows..

    Terrible move, Syfy. Continue to suck. I’m not watching.

  17. Come on guys! You got a good chance to give Battlestar Galactica the movie treatment it needs on the big screen.. Get it out there before we get more Star Wars crap!

  18. Syfy you are going under quickly in my book. You have turned away from actual scifi shows and have lost so many fans it is unreal. Please get back to your roots and make real scifi shows instead of your stupid syfy crap. Since when is wrestling science fiction? The ghost hunting crap is lame too! To pass on a show that totally rocks like this, shows who ever you have making the big decisions doesn’t even understand what science fiction is, and I never watch your network anymore because of it. Love the guy playing young Adama which show draw in younger viewers, but the show really sticks with the intense grittiness of the original series which will hold the older viewers and major BSG fans. This could be a nice turn around for your network to make such a quality show. Why even bother making this much and giving true scifi fans a taste of it and then pass on making it a series? Makes no sense to me which is why I only watch networks like AMC (The Walking Dead), Showtime, and HBO because they make a show and stick with it and the fans stay loyal because they are loyal to their fans. When networks make something with no long term commitment and put it out there for to test the rating waters and pull it if the ratings are not great right off the bat, that makes no sense. Maybe you should try that!Make a quality show, stick with it, and the fans will come!

  19. I agree with all of you. Please start doing more good shows like BSG this was a good series. Networks do not even give good shows a chance any more. It takes more then 1 season to get to know the actors and let the actors grow and have some good scripts if you would put forth the effort. We want BSG to return…. Also bring more shows back like Star Trek, StarGate, and not the wimpy watered down stuff. If you do shows like this you will get more viewers plus a larger profit in return. Better TV Show = Hint more viewers then more profit Think Networks think! Frak Networks use Common Sense sense bring what the viewers want!

  20. Dear Syfy/NBC Executives
    Do you wonder why your channel is failing? Do you wonder why after “season 1″ of a show looses its ratings when “season 2″ begins?? tell you why… your split season tactics are not working and who ever came up with splitting seasons needs to be canned. A season of a show is 22 to 24 episodes! NOT 10 to 12 and then are the rest of the 10 to 12 eight months later and call it season 2. This is why you loosing your ratings for a show! You air 10 to 12 episodes of a show then you make people wait 6 to 8 months to watch the last 10 or 12 and by doing this people have lost interest because you didnt keep the audience entertained and those people began watching other shows in that time slot on other channels. Please go back to making quality shows and not splitting the seasons, you will be amazed and how you will retain your audience and the fans. Know the old saying ” if it aint broken dont fix it” and in this case your decisions to split shows into half season is lame and stupid.
    You clowns have killed scifi channel, I knew once the name and logo changed other changes were coming, WWE crap on scifi?? WT-FRAK! Ghost hunting and other reality shows?? c’mon get off that band wagon and stick to scifi , not syfy.
    you guys killed your own channel by killing off caprica, SGU and now wont even do B&C what gives?
    Also, I am a warehouse 13 fan, however due to your track record of killing shows and splitting seasons I dont know if the show is cancelled or still in production! image millions of other people thinking the same thing…. so now wonder why you to get people back to watch the other half of the season 6 or 8 months later because they are probably thinking same as me ….. cancelled.

  21. This is sad Syfy. Your sins would all be forgiven if you had just picked this up as a regular tv series. It would have been like AMC’s redemption after years of…well, nothing. I hate cable TV.

  22. I have nothing new to say. All of the previous posts say it all.
    Syfy needs to return to Scifi. Its the only way you are going to survive….

  23. To Whom It May Concern,(Mark Stern)
    After receiving over 100,000 views in 24 hours. It does not make sense to me why Syfy’s President of Original Programming Mark Stern has desided to not Air a high rated show like “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome which has evolved over the course of the pasted year. I must ask my self why the Science Fiction Channel wants to air wrestling, ghost hunting shows and not true science fiction programming. I’m 58 years old and been watching science fiction all the way back to the 60s with “Lost In Space” Dear Mark Stern, If you don’t know what shows are truely SyFy change the name of your channel. I agree are just go Frak your self….”SO SAY WE ALL”

  24. I am a shut in home all day and watch a ton of TV and anything on the web. This Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome pilot was better than 90 percent of what currently on the tube including HBO. Here is the problem, when SCFY runs this in Feb., most people like myself have already seen it on the web or through a torrent so rating will be low and the egg heads at the network will not make anymore episodes because of it.

    Hope someone picks it up and shots 12 episodes for it will be a hit with all the BStar fans like myself.

  25. I have to add my frustration to the mix. Yeah, I know it is all about the money but honestly SyFy I am very upset that you yanked Caprica – just finished watching it on Netflix and wow! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy it but would have appreciated what would have been an even better second season. I do not believe you could see a hit if it hit you in the face! Blood and Chrome – same thing – soooo much promise never to be realized. Pass on the BSG property to artwork with the stones to finish what they start. I am so unimpressed.

  26. THE LONG TERM GAMEPLAN: Eliminate the original fanbase with low budget reality programming to the point that the numbers will justify a complete change in format. The beginning was when SciFi (one of the best most thought provoking channels on cable) received a new CEO and he promptly change the name to SyFy (pronounced siffie). That telegraphed the beginning of the end. Original programming became lower in cost by importing syndicated original fiction and reality which WWE had opened to door to. The idea is to slowly phase out good programming with drivel that will alienate the core audience that it originally attracted. Eventually the Channel name will change to SF. Then perhaps it will be bought out and become a MMA/Wrestling/boxing based channel. YES sports will be the true future for Siffie. I’d rather have my spine ripped out by a Cylon. Frack the nimnulls.

  27. I saw the series on the web and was sold! Now… I come to find it was all a tease. Sorry,but what a frackin’ joke. Even as a die hard Trekkie, the spinoffs grew tired and old. BSG might have run about five shows too long, but it was captivating and interesting for the entire run. Funny thing… I find myself using my DVR more and more… all my childhood classics and watch them when I have the time. Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Wild Wild West. we all can appreciate the almighty dollar, but continously running cheaply produced “reality” shows is frankly a death spiral. Sell the show… or else I’ll just keep surfing by the SyFy channel without a second thought.