Syfy Passes On ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome'; TV Movie Will Still Air

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BSG Blood Chrome TV Syfy Passes On Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome; TV Movie Will Still Air

After receiving over 100,000 views in 24 hours, a leaked trailer for Syfy’s new space drama Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has eager BSG fans chomping at the bit for the series to air. Unfortunately, after much deliberation, Syfy has decided not to air the Battlestar Galactica prequel as a regular series – but there is still hope for a TV movie and a digital series.

In January, Syfy’s President of Original Programming Mark Stern stated that he and the network were “trying to figure out the economics right now” and that a solution would be figured out soon.  Now it seems that the economics were not worked out in the way Stern had intended, as the network has decided to pass on the project as a regular series, but is leaving it open for the possibility of a digital airing.

In a statement made this week, Stern gave fans some insight into the decision:

 “Though the vision for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has evolved over the course of the past year, our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned.” Stern goes on to say, “We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen. The 90-minute pilot movie will air on Syfy in its entirety at a future date.”

Originally intended as a web series, the Battlestar Galactica off-shoot was later greenlighted for a two-hour TV pilot back in October 2010, but was subsequently pushed back due to intensive post-production and special effects issues. The pilot stars English actor Luke Pasqualino ( UK Skins) as a young William “Husker” Adama, a fresh academy graduate entering the tenth year of the First Cylon War on the newest Battlestar in the Colonial fleet, The Galactica.

BSG Blood Chrome TV 2 Syfy Passes On Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome; TV Movie Will Still Air

As far as the leaked trailer goes, NBCUniversal quickly ordered it removed from YouTube and other sources, saying it was not an official trailer – but not before it went viral. Even with swift action, the trailer can still be found if you know where to look. Outside of a digital series, Universal Cable Production, which produces Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, has not completely ruled out shopping the project to other television networks.

Fans of the successful 2004 re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica, and its not-so successful spin-off Caprica, were really excited at the prospect of  Galactica and her crew making a triumphant return to television. The recent news concerning Blood & Chrome is bittersweet, as there is still a slim chance the Cylon space drama might go on in the form of a web series.

More info on the future of Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome as it is released


Source: Deadline & E!

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  1. What the hell is the name of this channel again… oh yeah, syfy err SciFi as in Science Fiction.

    Look, I get that wrestling is fake, okay, I accept that but what the hell happened to this channel. Actually who is probably a better question.

    You remember science fiction like the invisible man, outer limits, star trek or even more recent shows like Star Gate (SG-1, SG-A, SG-U), BSG (which was mostly awesome), Eureka (which is heading to its end), SG-U was blindsided with its cancellation. and yes I’m still bitter.

    Does no one at the NBC scifi channel read its mission statement? In light of recent history, maybe they should look at it again. Spending a billion dollars on tv movies will not save this channel. actual good programming will.

    I do remember one time NBC, the parent company, did run a couple of episode of BSG after scifi channel did on the weekend, shock, it did well on the main channel because not everyone gets scifi channel. I’m just surprised that the big channel isn’t poaching more shows from their subs, like Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, White Collar.

    Or maybe they have the same lawyers as Bandai Entertainment had with its own parent company.

    • Sif-Fee!

  2. F-ing Hate Sy-Fy these days

  3. And that’s why I stopped watching the Syfy channel. After viewing the Blood & Chrome trailer for the tenth time i knew deep down that Syfy would not make this into a series. On the Syfy channel I guess we can look forward to other fine programming like….wait…look forward to…..i got nothing.

    • You forgot to mention the CGIFAKEMOSTEROFTHEWEEK! I think that this week it’s giant two-headed Cockroaches! ~ Stark

  4. Seems like the intent is to kill the SyFy channel. Mr. Stern may just be a puppet on string doing only what NBC tells him do. You know the type, no brains and spineless. If the goal is to cut costs (and not provide good programming), then pull the plug on the channel and be done with it once and for all. It’s crap nobody watches. It won’t be missed.

  5. Frack sy fy they’ll put on mansqito but bit BSG?

  6. not toolong ago, before the syfy new logo was unveiled , I used to have the scifi channel on ALL it is rare when I have it on that channel…. being Human, Wearhouse 13 and to a lesser extent teenwolf , are the only reasons why I come back..otherwise I would never wtach it……ghost crap shows, reality shows, and for fraks sake Wrestling is no Scifi…fake or not… I hate what this channel has become. NBC just ruined it.

  7. If Syfrap wont step about trying to shop it to BBC America..they are turning into one of the better channels lately.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this to happen and now Syfy won’t even go through with it.. That channel is dead to me.

  9. I think the best thing that could happen to this show would be for Netflix to buy it, they are considering Terra Nova , well BSG has a built in fan base who would clamor for this show to be aired commercial free and with no rating issues. I say FRAK YOU, SyFy. just climb back in your time machine and go back to when you where a great channel for us Sci fi lovers

  10. I HATE SYFY!!!!!!!!! i hate wrestling, i hate alphas, i HATE ghost hunters! I miss stargate soooo bad. they care nothing for their fans, ive been looking foreward to blood and chrome since it was announced. First they leave stargate a forever unresolved cliffhanger, now this. im hoing to watch the blood and chrome movie, which will be the last program i watch on syfy.

  11. SyFy is FRAKKING INSANE. Every comment above is 10000000% correct. They’ve lost their frakkin soul.

    HBO – PLEASE PICK THIS UP. I AM BEGGING. You the $$, BRAINS, and HEART to DO THIS RIGHT. (And never make allow another gem like ROME to slip through your fingers ever again.

    DO IT.

    • Rome was frakkin awesome.

    • Agreed.

  12. This is seriously the best trailer since The Hobbit, and the only other thing I’m excited to see this year.

  13. This stinks. Syfy is like every other network supporting only cheap reality shows like the wrestling farse they air on Fridays. I wish AMC or netflix would pick this up. I’m over Syfy since thy cancelled SG Universe.

  14. seriously what the hell? not only have they cancelled SG universe but even caprica. Both amazing shows, which had much promise.
    So what did they replace it with? ghost stories, wrestling and reality shows, who the hell is this show intended for?

    the channel is named Syfy but what the hell do they show in regard to the actual name itself? they run cheap reruns, no new content unless you enjoy reality shows. I really hate the channel even more now after reading this.

    I’ve stopped watching it just because they cancelled my shows, and they cancel something which hasn’t even aired yet, seriously what the hell?!

  15. The idea of Netflix is trying to pick up all this content is interesting, seems like they are trying to become a sort of hybrid content outlet. The fact that they have also made some bad business decisions regarding their own service also kind of makes it hard to decide if it will have a positive outcome. Some of the programming they have been rumored to be interested in have high price tags attached to them, which is part of the reason the bigger networks are probably gun-shy about them.

  16. SyFy is such a huge disappointment these days. Too many well written series pulled, with little or no thought while stupid reality based ones continue to be churned out.

    Caprica was in fact, an excellent series, and I feel would have done much better were it not for the writer’s strike that hit it mid-season.
    How SyFy could think that BSG: Blood & Chrome would not have done well enough to be worth the price is beyond me.
    I’ll leave rationalization to the SyFy execs and watch all my programs on the internet, where I don’t have to let my money go to some fat cat studio exec who could care less about quality.

    • What writer’s strike? The one from 2007-2008? That was two years before Caprica premiered. Granted, that might have affected its development phase, but BSG hadn’t even premiered its final season until after the strike ended. If anything got mucked up by a strike that the writers brought on themselves, it was that.

      More likely, Caprica just got screwed over by SyFy giving it a – what? – six month hiatus in-between its only season. Love it or hate it or – like me – be indifferent to it, that was a real dick move.

  17. Please. Sy fy, or whatever they’re called these days, died a long long time ago when they cancelled Farscape unceremoniously. I admit that I’m disappointed about them not picking up the BSG spin off, but where are the Farscape webisodes fans were promised years ago? At least BSG had one and a half spin offs…Dead to me sy fy. Dead to me.

  18. The problems started with Scifi channel when NBC bought it.They brought the program director over form Lifetime channel to “trim” the fat. THats when they set out to destroy Babylon 5,SG:SG1,weekend anime blocks and other great shows. Reality tv costs less to make,and they wanted to get the kiddie / disgruntled housewife money.

  19. Accounting and creative mix like oil and water…. This is at the heart of why this channel (SyFy), is turning out absolute rubbish! This network is belly up!

  20. I didn’t actually care for BSG. The two seasons were good, but the last two were trash and the writers clearly had no idea where they were going. Caprica was a mess. Maybe it would’ve all come together, but it looked like they overloaded it with too many storylines right away – storylines that were going to take time to resolve.

    All that said, this was an idiotic move from any position you could think of. It makes more sense just to air the pilot movie first, see how it does and then make a decision. To proceed in this manner is idiotic – potentially robbing themselves of a hit, as well as signifying that they spent a lot of a money in developing a project and won’t even fully test it to see how it performs. That’s like throwing money away and a cable channel can’t really afford to do that (especially with NBC suffering as it is). I’d hate to own stock there considering such bonehead practices.

  21. The kid playing Adama looks like a tranny

    But if they recast him with someone else I would love to see this series

    • They should have stuck with Nico Cortez from the Razor Flashbacks. I thought he nailed the young Adama.

      • Me too and he looked like a young Olmos but not pretty and femmy enogh for TV execs eager to get him on a grecophile casting couch

  22. syfy i have been looking forword to this show for a long time, please put it on as a weekly series. i see what you do have on WOW! nothing.

  23. Maybe we’ll get lucky and TNT or USA network will pick up Blood and Chrome. A few years ago TNT picked up Babylon 5 after it was let go by another network and carried on for 2 or 3 more seasons, not to mention a few made for tv movies and a short lived spin off series. SYFY has become a joke and since BSG went off the air, its not worth watching. (unless youre into dragons,mutant critters,stupid reality programs,or steroid headed “wrestlers”) Bring back a few of the classics,Star Trek Series,Babylon 5,Stargate series,BSG,classic BSG,ANYTHING but this crap youre programing now!

    (steps off soapbox and retreats to dark corner)

  24. Whether one likes it or not, it’s clear SyFy doesn’t have much financial faith in the BSG franchise. And is that really so unwarrented? The new BSG was sucking fumes in the ratings by the fourth season. Caprica got simply awful ratings from its very first episode on, even getting beaten out by something called Swamp Loggers. Scripted, green screen shows aren’t cheap to make, so they have to consider all that when they decide.

    I agree SyFy is kind of a mess now, and I would have liked to have seen Blood and Chrome. But given the history of the franchise, it seems myopic to just insist they’re fools for not moving forward.

  25. Syfy is a shell of its former self. They are more worried about stupid reality shows than airing shows people care about. Theres enough content from the last 30 years that they could run a different series all the time and never run out. Sad state of affairs that NBC has created.

  26. what all the comments about the profitably of series like BSG forget is that this a*****e network’s stupid policy of taking a 4 month mid-season break mid ways through a 13\14 episode series kills any hope that series might have of getting an interested audience. Ive lost track of the number of series ive loved that i have stopped watching mailnly because i have no idea when the second half of a season is back and invariably miss it. I now stream any series i want to watch form online torrent sites so i can watch when i want

    • The mid–season break is every fans favorite excuse. I don’t like them myself, but they seem to be in vogue on multiple networks right now, and series that have a viable fan base seem to survive them.

      Shows have an intrinsic ceiling if you analyze them over time. BSG had a ceiling that was nominally viable for SyFy. It would never have been viable on a major network. Caprica was never viable even on SyFy. What people who complain about its mid-season break don’t acknowledge is that it was already dead by then. It came out of the chute with ratings so low that no network could renew on them, dropped some more and just sat there flat lined.

  27. syfy is now the reality show channel. no hope of any sci fi on it

  28. Syfy,
    I am sorry but you have lost your way. You push a show hard then only give us a few weeks of it then you remove it for 6 months and give a few more wonder why the numbers are down…
    You killed Caprica….. Entertainment Weekly said is was one of the
    best shows on tv.. But the you played with it and moved it around
    and took it away for a year…

    Now you have a show that 100,000 people scrambled to viewed a trailer they were not to see!!! MY GOD! you need to put this show on the air…

    • Caprica’s numbers were God awful from Day One, despite a significant advertising blitz. It was DOA.

      The schedulers can’t work miracles when the creative team delivers a corpse. Just be thankful they aired the episodes.

  29. Syfy is embarrasing, I wish CBS would come out with their own SciFi cable channel, they at least seem to know how to run a tv station. I would rather watch reruns all day from shows like, Star Trek, BSG, Outer limits, Lost in space, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ect. and old Scifi movies like Alien, or Blade Runner. You could literally name thousands of great shows and movies. Instead we get ghost hunters, wrestling reality TV, and lower then low budget original programming to is just aweful, and usually falls in the horror category not scifi. I watch scifi material everyday, but none of it is on the SyFy channel. How the F is that? Netflix BBc, Spike, USA, TBS, WGN, UPN, HBO, TNT, are just a few stations I can think of that have more SciFi shows on them then the SyFy channel. That is laughable, it is sad. Heck it wouldn’t surprise me if I found better SciFi programming on the Lifetime channel then on SyFy.