‘Battleship’ Trailer 2 & Poster Tease Aliens & Large-Scale Destruction

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Battleship Trailer 2 Battleship Trailer 2 & Poster Tease Aliens & Large Scale Destruction

As promised in our recent interview with Battleship director, Peter Berg, the second trailer for the board game to film adaptation has arrived on schedule. Where as the original Battleship trailer teased the movie’s “twist” – that naval forces would be fighting an alien invasion instead of each other – the latest sneak peek at the film puts aside all pretense, offering a glimpse at the extra-terrestrials as well as an indication of the film’s large-scale scope.

In Berg’s Battleship, no one seems to be safe as the aliens appear to attack humanity by land, sea, and air.

There’s no doubt that many filmgoers are still especially skeptical of Berg’s Battleship adaptation – some out of loyalty to the “source material” (the board game) and others out of sheer revulsion at an obvious aim to bolster ticket sales for yet another blockbuster humanity vs. aliens film by packaging it in 80′s nostalgia.

That said, while cynics and non-fans will no doubt scoff at the second trailer for Battleship, action junkies who aren’t turned-off by cheesy and overly dramatic dialogue will very likely want to add the film to their list of must-see 2012 movies.

Without question there are plenty of laughable moments in the trailer (Rihanna’s dramatic voice over is not nearly as profound as it seems to imply) but, amidst some pretty awkward character flashes (ie. Alexander Skarsgård’s reacting in slow-motion to a concussive blast), there are some genuinely cool visual spectacles on display – most notably the alien suit designs and vehicle tech.

In the aforementioned interview with Berg, the director mentioned that they designed the film specifically with the original Battleship in mind – in that the board game was about finding and hurting your enemy before they hurt you. The movie is supposed to feature a similar struggle – where, despite some cool extraterrestrial tech, the humans aren’t significantly out-matched and can actually take-on the invading threat on a variety of fronts (hand-to-hand, in the air, and at sea, etc).

Alexander Skarsgard Battleship Battleship Trailer 2 & Poster Tease Aliens & Large Scale Destruction

Alexander Skarsgard in 'Battleship'

It’ll be interesting to see if the cheesy character moments depicted in the trailer are fleshed-out better in the final film – otherwise, expect Battleship to be a somewhat formulaic blockbuster but still very exciting trip to the theater.

Have a look at the latest one-sheet poster for Battleship below (click to enlarge and try not to make too many comparisons to Independence Day or Transformers):

Battleship Poster 570x902 Battleship Trailer 2 & Poster Tease Aliens & Large Scale Destruction


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Battleship opens in theaters on May 18th, 2012.

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  1. Well, who the hell knows? Perhaps Rihanna will shock the world by pulling out her brilliance and skilful acting in this film that none of us know she has.

  2. I don’t care what anyone thinks … that looks AWESOME (in a popcorn action sci-fi holy sh*t kinda way).

  3. Lol at the picture of Alexander. Talk about unflattering.

  4. All they need to do now is slap Michael Bay’s name on it and change the title to Transformers 4

    • Ghost,

      I was about to say the EXACT same thing. 8)


    • Play the trailer with your eyes closed and you’d swear you were listening to Transformers 4.

      • This is EXACTLY how I described the first trailer :)

  5. What a corney overdone concept. Has Transformers written all over it. Stupid name. Nuff said.

  6. Hate to say it, but that DOES look freaking sweet.


    • The alien ships are invisible, so the Navy have to shoot at random to hit them… Like in the game.

  8. Looks Awesome! Don’tCare What Anyone Say! Has A Lil Bit Like Transformers but Thats It

  9. “War of the Worlds” meets “Transformers” meets “Independence Day”.

  10. Wow. This looks incredibly stupid. No thank you.

  11. This beats out Spiderman for fastest reboot ever, and they didnt even show Optimus.

    • Hahahaha. Nice one.

  12. we all know how this movie looks, but november and december are for oscar bait movies and summer movie are to escape to a much more fantasy violent place. im in. they have my money.

  13. Aliens that want to take over thr world but are content With fighting sea faring ships… Eventhough they have spaceships that can in theory fly or enough juice with their tech that they can generate a permanent energy/spacetime barrier over thousand of kilometers to trap ships to fight with. What? Riiight.. Turn brain off. Get popcorn. Enjoy rhiana bring acting to an all new low. I’m in.

    • Their ships are most likely powered by water, hydroelectric, they must be getting ready for an invasion but first they need to get some fuel…

      Think about it, Earth has a ton of water, we know more about the surface of the moon then the bottom of the ocean, we (humans) cannot yet travel that far under water, as far as we know (real life or a movie) there is a giant pit stop for intergallactic families traveling from the horse head nebula and touring the milky way?

      Turn brain on, buy movie ticket, and remember not to judge Rhiana before you know how good/bad an actress she is…

  14. They even used the same music from transformers in this trailer. So is Risk going to be about fighting alien robots on land set in the WW1 era?

    • That would be most awesome,or WW2 ! Yeah…but sadly no !
      Anyway…Movie looks really really Cool ,and Liam is in it !
      Must watch !

      • Can’t do WW2 cause it would be too close to it being like Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series

  15. Awesome trailer.

    It is like Transformers with ships.

    I don’t know if Rihanna can act but she’s a great singer so let’s hope she can act great like Justin Timberlake.

    This movie could be great.

  16. Transformers at sea. I’ll go see this coz it looks like fun. Are they that desperate tho in Hollywood they have to go to an 80′s boardgame for inspiration. Jeeze.

  17. This looks like the kind of film that will be slated by critics but I will love watching at the cinema. The action alone looks worth the price of a ticket

  18. When I first heard that they were making a Battleship movie, I didnt think it was gonna be about aliens… Or look as good as that.

    I wonder how they are gonna re-invision Monopoly?…

  19. Looks badass but I can’t stop hearing the line from Scary Movie 3( but change it to fit this):
    “They mastered space flight but can’t open a wooden door?”

  20. Is Skarsgard doing a Stallone impression LMAO

  21. why do people call it an 80′s board game? it came out in the 70′s people. electrinic battleship came out in 77…but i digress. i think peter berg is a fairly competent director, and this looks like it may be pretty good (i’m curios as to where they will sneak in the line we all know will be in there!)
    maybe he should give it a go at marvel on one of their films…thor 2, hulk 2, the avengers 2 maybe. he’s got superhero film credit with “hancock”

  22. I really hope someone drops the line ‘you sunk my battleship’ in total earnest.

  23. Even though this movie is called Battleship, it doesn’t look it. They could have called it Independence Day 2 no one would of been the wiser. Calling this movie Battleship is just Marketing Strategy to stir conversation and sell tickets.

    Looks like a fun summer movie.

  24. looks good i just dont like the thought of rihanna being in this..

  25. Look like Battle: Los Angeles at sea. I’m still gonna watch it though.

  26. Hmmm the sound effects and visuals are very Transformers…However it still looks like fun.