‘Battleship’ Super Bowl Trailer is All About The Alien Invasion

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Battleship Super Bowl Trailer Battleship Super Bowl Trailer is All About The Alien Invasion

Last summer saw the first full trailer for Peter Berg’s unique take on Battleship, showcasing how the classic Hasbro board game would play out in live-action if one of two opposing naval fleets were replaced by alien invaders and all of the ships were loaded with good-looking people.  The second Battleship trailer was more of the same and for those looking for eye candy and action, it mostly delivered.

Reaction was mixed to our early looks at Battleship with all footage demonstrating a clear case of style over substance with a heavy use of Transformers-esque visuals and sound effects, intertwined with laughable character moments. Can Universal Pictures swing some positive buzz with their most important marketing push yet, a TV spot during Super Bowl XLVI?

Featured in the Battleship TV spot is Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights fame, and how fitting is it that the MVP has lead roles on two blockbusters being showcased during the big game: Battleship and John Carter. After a small role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, following a breakout role in The Covenant, Kitsch has an opportunity to hit the Hollywood A-List this year if his films strike a chord with fans and earn themselves sequels.

Watch the Battleship Super Bowl commercial below and see if it’s something you’ll need to check out in theaters this summer:

Battleship is written by Erich & Jon Hoeber and stars Liam Neeson (The Grey), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Josh Pence (The Dark Knight Rises), Brooklyn Decker (Just Go With It), Rihanna and Tadanobu Asano (Thor).

Battleship hits theaters May 18, 2012.


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  1. looks like a good movie

    • Not even

  2. Ill be seeing it

  3. Transformers>>Battle Los Angeles>>Battleship

    Was there another?

  4. Transformers 4 it is!

  5. This looks ok but rihanna is gonna ruin the entire movie. I mean y is she even in this???

    • @ Vladiator.One person can’t make a movie suck,if this movie suck’s it was going to suck from the beginning.

      • my guess is you haven’t seen “In Time” with justin timberlake?

        • No, i haven’t but Timberlake was the star Rihanna is a supporting actress along with Brooklyn Decker,it’s obvious they’re both there for eye candy and nothing more so you just can’t complain about Rihanna this film has a whole bunch of eyebrow raisers.

          • Brooklyn Decker is on her way to being the best actress in the world. Did you see the slow motion bikini shot in Just Go With it? That’s a classic piece of cinematography. It moved me. ;)

            • @ B-List.Yea it moved somthing in my pants too.

              • Go see Phantom Menace for Jar Jar. He alone is bad enough. But then there’s also Jake Lloyd as Anakin.

                Then there’s Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight.

                How about Hayden Christensen in both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

                I’m sure if I sat down and looked at a long list of movies, I could list many more movies ruined by the presence of just one actor/character.

                • I see what you’re saying my point was that Rihanna is just a supporting actress,Timberlake and Christensen were the leading roles so alot depends on them.Those Star Wars films aren’t that bad except for Attack of the Clones which was horrific along with Hayden’s acting.Maggie Gyllenhaal did suck but people thought she was a big step up from Katie Holmes but Holmes took the role more serious she was just all wrong for that part.However Gyllenhaal in no way ruined the Dark Knight.And Jar Jar you get use to him after awhile so no he didn’t ruin the movie for me.

      • ohh, no. one person can definatly ruin a movie!

      • Yeah, they can!!

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      Spam! spamity-spam!

  7. Hell yes. I think I know what I’ll be getting from this movie and I’m totally in. Tim riggins and Liam Neeson f’ing up some badass aliens. Literary expectations lowered and I’m ready to go.

  8. The movie will do poorly in the theaters, and the studio will blame pirates instead of the movie being bad…

    …and it looks BAD.

    • I’m surprised there aren’t pirates in the movie. And dinosaurs, what else am I missing ?

      • Zombies, werewolves, and/or vampires.

        • It needs Hungry, hungry hippos….

  9. I keep reading many people bashing this movie but it looks like a good popcorn flick to me. Sure, it looks a lot like Transformers but I doubt it will have the stupid comedy or dialogue. It’s not on my most anticipated list but I think I will check it out.

    • Agree Kahless. I’ll be there. It’s a prototypical popcorn blockbuster and I love them. :)

      • So you’re a Cowboys fan, huh? No wonder we agree so much. :-D

  10. i look forward to this movie. it’ll help with my lack of transformers this year. it looks just like a transformers trailer, which made me laugh and want to see it. i know what to expect from a movie like this, and im game.

  11. I appreciate how many people bring up Transformers for this. I’m not going to see this, but I might if this wasn’t the adaptation of a board game.

    Much like how the Transformers movies would have been acceptable had any mention of Transformers had been removed. Instead we have a trilogy about why Michael Bay hates America and now we have a movie about a board game.

    Seriously since they were just making everything up anyway couldn’t they have dropped the whole game thing so that people could see the movie and still be able to look themselves in the eye the next morning….Then again, they DID make three transformers movies.

    • Umm… Michael Bay hates America? Did you see the ending to Transformers 3? Yup, totally un-patriotic.

  12. I don’t know why everybody is already hating on this movie, it’s not supposed to Bethesda social network. Let’s all just shut our brains off and watch Liam Neeson kill some aliens

  13. ^^^agreed

  14. Yeah Transformers 4.. Megatron comes back as galvatron for revenge. the autobots would have thought the earth is no more in harm, so they left earth for good. shia and his gurlfren grew up n joined the army. now they hv to save the world themselves. not a bad sequel from micheal bay..

  15. The only reason i’m even remotely interested is because it has something to do with the Navy. Even if its from Hollywoods point of view which is almost always exaggerrated and inaccurate. The movie itself looks like it drew some of its inspiration from ‘Battle Los Angeles’ and ‘Skyline’. Looks like a good rental to me…

    • Did you also go see the movie version of McHale’s Navy?

  16. Seems to be in the vein of GI Joe, Van Helsing, The Mummy films, ID4, etc…Good popcorn flicks and I will see this in theaters…although I absolutely abhor Rhianna …

  17. This looks like a rip off of Transformers. They should have done this more like a Crimson Tide or The Hunt For Red October.

    • Like

  18. I keep reading about Transformers.. I watched the trailer twice now and saw it during the Superbowl.. I see aliens and UFO’s and some crazy alien technology.. Did I miss the Giant ROBOTS? How is this a Transformers ripoff?

    BTW: Can’t wait for Transformers 4!


  19. Rhianna, white shirt and water. The ingredients are there. giggady.

  20. “fire everything”!!! – Nero at the end of star trek

    • I thought the same thing. :-)

      • Ditto.

  21. I genuinely lost count of the amount of things this was ripping off. In short, nothing to see here and I’ll tell you the ending right now.

    Humans win, Liam Neeson smokes a cigar, Rihanna and Taylor end up as a couple and two elderly parents gain closure at the loss of their young soldier son in the war, possibly whilst standing at his grave. With everyone else saluting… but then, in the final seconds, one of the aliens who we thought was dead will suddenly make a small movement, leaving the hint that sequels may be on the horizon!!!!!

    • “I love it when a plan comes together.” — Liam Neeson

  22. I will wait for the DVD. I saw many scenes in the trailer that look too much like Transformers…and I have already seen that.