New ‘Battleship’ Clips Offer Story, Characters & Big Action

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Battleship Movie Clips 2012  New Battleship Clips Offer Story, Characters & Big Action

Let’s be honest: At this point there are a considerable number of people who are still not sold on seeing Battleship, director Peter Berg’s new summer blockbuster based on the Hasbro board game of the same name. The lack of enthusiasm is probably why Universal has released so many clips from the film to help persuade moviegoers into the theater – clips we have rounded up for you here today.

Those who profess anything from indifference to disdain for Battleship have done so for reasons that usually include its total lack of connection to the actual board game it’s based on; the shoehorning of aliens into the plot; and the general sense that Hasbro and Universal are attempting to replicate the success of the Transformers movie franchise, based on the similar designs in alien tech and action sequencing.

While all of those concerns are valid, people have overlooked other familiar aspects of the film – such as the soapy human drama and stilted “comedy” that Battleship has also seemingly lifted right out of Michael Bay’s Transformers play book. As you’ll see in the clips below, from the dialogue to the jokes to the big action set pieces, Battleship is so Transformers that some viewers will likely confuse the two:

Seriously, it would be interesting to find out just how many people in the general public – who are largely unaware of this movie – would see this footage and automatically assume it’s the work of Michael Bay. To be fair, director Peter Berg has proved in films like Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom that he is more than a solid talent when it comes to telling compelling stories with good characters and big moments. But then, Hancock also proved him adept at crafting a big, silly, popcorn film as well. Battleship definitely falls into the latter camp.

Regardless of our quips about its quality (or lack thereof) the film is already off to a good start: it opened overseas (no pun) in mid-April, and has since amassed $170 million at the box office. So, even with an inflated budget and what is sure to be poor critical reception, there’s still a very good chance that Berg, Universal and Hasbro are all going to walk away laughing with some money in pocket.

We’ll find out how the battle goes stateside when Battleship opens in U.S. markets on May 18, 2012.

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  1. I thought this had already been released in America!?

    I saw it a couple of weeks ago. It’s okay. Very forgettable with some plot holes that didn’t make sense because they hinted at being something more and ended up being nothing. It’s cheesy fun with some bad acting from some real (I think ) sailors, but the AC/DC soundtrack rocks!!!!!!

  2. i hope peter berg continues to do action movies. The Rundown is awesome and Hancock was really good. and Battleship looks like a lot of fun, hopefully will be seeing it in theaters.

  3. Saw it too, popcorn fun ! Well done.

  4. I find this hard to believe that this is an actual movie.

    I thought this was a joke like a Happy Madison Production.

  5. liam neeson has already taken on europe and wolves and hades. so the only thing left for him is aliens.

    • Neeson has taken on Europe, wolves, hades, darth maul, Nazis and the batman!

      • Touche my friend, touche!

  6. I had been very critical of this movie but I was overseas and decided to watch it. This movie will never be mentioned that also has the word Oscar in it BUT it was a lot more entertaining and fun than I thought it would ever be so I hope people give it a chance.
    And as an amateur military historian I have to say (No Spoilers) the way they brought a World War 2 battleship into the plot actually made sense.

    • please don’t tell me that it’s because the older ship isn’t computer-controlled,and that that is the only way they can avoid having their defensive systems shut down by the aliens.

      Because if that IS the reason, then it’s Battlestar Galactica in water.

      • Actually, that’s not the reason at all. You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t blame you for thinking that though.

        • oh thank god!
          I was actually looking forward to this one as a fun summer turn-brain-off afternoon.

          more than likely, I will end up enjoying it.
          more than likely, I’ll end up enjoying it more than it really deserves.
          but I’m easy.

  7. I went to see battleship 2 weeks ago with some friends.
    dont waste your money, it makes transformers 2 seem like lotr.

    this is an truly awful movie, little more than a naval recruitment movie, probably some payback michael bay is roped into for being able to use so much us miltary in his movies.

    dialogue is awful, acting is awful, plot is awful, special effects are ok but nothing i havent seen since transformers.


    the us navy actually resorts to a game of battleship, grids and all to target the enemy aliens. im serious, it is lol.
    and the seen with the big battleship? try not to laugh at the aged naval veterans appearing out of nowhere and hanging around lke theyre in a music video- think village people though with the flares and handlebar moustaches.

    and the aliens? master chief ripp offs with no guns. very lame.

    rhianna- barely there. dont really care.
    tayloy kitsch- his performance matches the overall quality of the film. mid-low
    liam neeson- basically playing angry dad from wanted again. without the action. does not work.

    compared to avengers which i saw the other day? poles apart.
    in a nutshell- battleship-rental only. even then you may regret it.

    • What i thought lol

  8. The clips do not make me want to see it any more today than I did yesterday. Rental at best.

  9. Comparing Battleship to Transformers is just lazy.

    This movie is going to be bad-ass, no matter how hard some of you try to prevent people from seeing it.

  10. It’s always going to be compared to Transformers. I’ve seen it, and in my opinion, it does everything transformers does, but better. I think it’s a shame that most people are writing this film off. If you liked Transformers, you should like this.

    • yes, but what if you absolutely hated Transformers?

      I have to admit that what I hated about Transformers was the annoying ghetto-bots, and the eternally annoying Shia Lebeouf.

      And of course, Michael Bay’s supremely pretentious style.