‘Battle Royale’ Finally Getting U.S. Release (In 3D)

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Battle Royale Battle Royale Finally Getting U.S. Release (In 3D)

Have you seen the Japanese cult classic film Battle Royale? If you answered “No” to that question then do yourself a favor: open a new tab to your Netflix account right now and bump the movie to the top of your que.

For those of you who HAVE seen Battle Royale and truly appreciate it for the savage fun it is, we have good news for you: after nearly a decade the film may finally be released on American soil – and in 3D, no less.

In honor of its ten year anniversary, Battle Royale undergone a 3D conversion for a Japanese theatrical re-release. Nippon Cinema reports that Anchor Bay has snagged the rights to the film, the 3D version and the sequel film, Battle Royale 2, and could release them stateside at long last.

For those who don’t know, Battle Royale is based on the novel by Koushun Takami, about a future in which the Japanese government has collapsed and the youth have become disenfranchised and hostile. A disgruntled ex-teacher working for the government kidnaps a class of ninth graders and deposits them on an island to wage war against one another in a last-man-standing battle to the death. The students are fitted with explosive collars and, like any good video game, a variety of weapons (ranging from bats to guns)¬† are distributed across the battlefield. If the students don’t kill each other off in the allotted time, the explosives in their collars will detonate, killing them all.

battle royale Battle Royale Finally Getting U.S. Release (In 3D)

Battle Royale was a simple, savage, unapologetic premise that worked very effectively as a genre film – hence why the movie is now considered a cult-classic and has spawned any number of imitators (The Condemned, I’m looking at you!). However, Battle Royale was released in 2000 – just on the heels of Columbine murders – needless to say, a movie about school children killing each other was not something America was looking for at the time. There are several conspiracy theories about why the film has been kept out of U.S. theaters (was it the will of Japanese production house, Toei, or U.S. distributors?) but the bottom line is that only a small portion of American moviegoers are aware of the flick.

battle royale 1 Battle Royale Finally Getting U.S. Release (In 3D)

Hopefully Anchor Bay is planning to release the film in America sooner before later. The thought of seeing Battle Royale in an actual theater is very appealing – though I’m not 100% sold on the idea that a 3D release¬† is necessary (though that’s the more likely scenario for a U.S. theatrical release).

If Battle Royale is released in American theaters, would you go see it? Do you think enough time has passed for a movie like this to be released in the U.S. without controversy? After all, if The Hungers Games can get the Hollywood movie treatment, why can’t this film?

Battle Royale 3D hits theaters in Japan on November 20th; a U.S. release is being planned for sometime in 2011.

Source: Nippon Cinema via Twitch Film

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  1. I’d go it see if it was UNTOUCHED by American censors. I’ts been a while since I’ve watched it..GREAT film.

    • And if they don’t don’t dub it. Subtitles only please.

  2. Awesome film! Will definitely see in theater and the 3D doesn’t bother me at all ;)!

  3. sadly i havent got my hands on the film yet but i just read the novel and am starting it for a second time, the hands down craziest most bloddy good book, my new favorite and i reccomend it to anyone with a strong stomach

  4. America is not prepared for Battle Royale but it sure is very good movie. I hope it becomes a cult favorite in the states

    • That’s why I’m kinda hoping that it doesn’t get released here. The censors would tear it up.

      • And yet they let the SAW franchise and hostel out with no problem. If they censor it I will be first amendment rioting over it. They have ratings for a reason!

        • exactly, the MPAA is a bunch of hypocrites

  5. As much as I wanted an American remake of this film, I’ll take the original being released in theatres over a chance of #@/$ing up a remake any day.

    Finally I can enjoy this film

    • You wanted an American remake? Are you on dope?

      • no I’m not on dope. I thought it would work if done right.

        • With Ants on this. Don’t mind american remakes, ut the brutality of this film would not translate well for american producers. Plus who can replace the girl from kill bill?

          • NO ONE :)

          • I woulda found her and brought her back – by any means necessary. Oh well, my dream for a good American remake shall always be that: just a dream. It was a nice dream though.

    • Wasn’t ‘The Condemed’ pretty much a remake of this movie? Well, I guess rip-off is more correct.

  6. I love this film I would love for.the UK to show it in the big screen I would be at the head of that cue but as I’ve said in many posts about a lot of films why oh why do they have to make it 3d I can’t see it enhancing the film in anyway whatsoever I hope they don’t butcher it to much with censorship as mentioned there are a lot worse getting released these days ie a Serbian film which is extreme but the UK censor has cut it so much they won’t release it here so we are going to miss out :S(sorry went off topic a bit there lol it just gets my goat)

  7. bah not streaming. Netflix has made me lazy. If it doesnt stream I wont watch it… :D

    • That’s kind of a silly rule.

      • Not a rule….. (ok actually the wife gets all her TV DVDs and I get the streaming) the smiley face is me smiling as I said that.

        However yeah I wont be getting that untill Greys Anatomy and a few other TV shows get watched and returned… Only do the 1 DVD at a time deal.

        • It’s well worth seeing Aknot.

          • I have no doubt but gotta keep the little lady happy.

            • Yea, same with my GF lol. Her listings on Netflix comes first, I’m just glad she isn’t into much TV.

              • @ Aknot

                It makes a lot more sense when you say it that way :-).

                • yeah was trying to keep some type of semblance of manhood up… :D

  8. Please not in 3D. I would go see this in theaters though. The 3 disc UK Blu Ray of Battle Royale that comes out this month is region free for any long time fans or Battle virgins to get in on.

  9. It’s about time!!!! I saw the trailer for the 3D release in Japan. Its not that good because the makers put in waayy too much CGI and it made it look cheesy…but if there’s an option to watch it not being in 3D….I’m going in for it!

  10. I can’t wait to see it at a Theater. Doesn’t matter if its in 3D its Battle Royale! Plus im tired of people talking about the Hunger Games. BR is going to show what its all about…..”Can you kill your best friend?”