‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailers: Aliens in the City of Angels

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battle los angeles movie1 Battle: Los Angeles Trailers: Aliens in the City of Angels

[We’ve included the Battle: Los Angeles International trailer as well!]

The Brothers Strause may have their Cloverfield-style alien invasion flick Skyline opening tomorrow, but  next summer will bring another invasion movie from director Jonathan Liebesman entitled Battle: Los Angeles (or World Invasion: Battle LA as it’s known outside of the U.S.).

Columbia Pictures has released the first trailer for Battle: Los Angeles and it’s all sorts of awesome. The film is sort of halfway between a teaser and a full trailer as it does everything a teaser trailer does – i.e. hints at what we can expect without giving away too much – but still gives us enough to really whet our appetite.

Battle: Los Angeles stars Aaron Eckhart as a Marine staff sergeant who, along with his platoon, must help fight off an invasion of extraterrestrials who are less than pleasant (to put it mildly!). The film co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan and Michael Peña.

Check out the amazing first trailer below and also the international trailer, which comes to us courtesy of Omelete:





FYI: The music in the first trailer is a song called “Sun’s Gone Dim” by Icelandic musician Johann Johannsson. You can check out the full song HERE.

An extended trailer for Battle: Los Angeles was shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and it blew everyone away, including our own Rob Keyes, who used words like, “excitement, drama, intensity, real, exhilaration and fear,” to describe the footage. Sounds like everything you could possibly want from this type of movie.

I compared Skyline to Battle: Los Angeles not just because they resemble each other as alien invasion stories, but also because the directors of Skyline, Colin and Greg Strause, were visual effects supervisors on Battle: LA. The two films became the focus of some controversy a couple of months ago when Sony, the studio behind Battle: Los Angeles, was contemplating legal action against the Strause brothers and their visual effects company Hydraulx Films because they didn’t give Sony the heads up that they were making Skyline after having access to scripts, storyboards and animatics from Battle: LA. Evidently no serious legal action has hindered Skyline from being released, as it’s currently in theaters.

skyline vs battle los angeles Battle: Los Angeles Trailers: Aliens in the City of Angels

'Skyline' and 'Battle: Los Angeles'

Battle: Los Angeles may just be another entry in a long line of alien invasion films – apart from it and Skyline we also have Battleship, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I Am Number 9 and, to a certain extent, Paul to look forward to. But at least the trailer for Battle: LA makes it seem like a movie worth marking your calendars for.

Battle: Los Angeles is scheduled to invade theaters on March 11th, 2011.

Source: Trailer Addict

Update Source: Omelete via Collider

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  1. I got chills. Can’t wait.

    I spoke with director Liebesman at a Green Hornet party at Comic-Con this summer for a while. He’s such a great guy and always has time for people. I’ll root for this film because it looks great, but also because he’s a genuine guy.

    He mentioned the inspiration for the style and structure of the film were soldier-shot videos from Fallujah. Good stuff.

    • Same here, Mike. That first trailer did it’s job well–I’m definitely willing to pony up the bucks next March to see this.

      Granted, we are going to see a new wave of alien-related films in the next few months, and this one looks like the most promising…but we won’t know how good it will be until next March.

      It would be great if there was a film or mini-series made based on Niven and Pournelle’s FOOTFALL, but…until that happens, it seems that BATTLE: LOS ANGELES might fit the bill. Hopefully.

  2. love the trailer , can’t wait to see it .

  3. Looks better than Skyline thats for sure.

    I’d like to see an alien invasion film that wasnt set in the US for a change, or at least away from LA and New York, ya know, for a change.

    • Yeah, I’m kind of tired of that too. One of the little things I loved about District 9.

      As for the trailer, it looks cool.

    • Yah, but where else can it be set where the humans will actually put up a fight? Set the movie in France and the movie will end in 15 minutes after the French surrenders to the aliens…

      Not to be mean to other countries, but we have the best capability to fight against something like this so it only makes sense that the focus is on us…

      • That’s a typically superior American response, there are dozens of other countries that might be attacked if aliens landed and wanted a fight… If they were assessing military mite I can guarantee they would go to China first.

        • Wow, someone completely misunderstands everything that has been said and shown in the trailers… Who here is talking about where the aliens might go? In case you didn’t catch it, the aliens are ALL OVER THE WORLD in every country. You talked about where the movie is SET, meaning which country the MOVIE focuses on. My point is that if the movie is focused on just one place, might as well be USA since we’ll most likely put up the best fight. Would you rather the movie focus on a country that will fall to the aliens in a half hour’s worth of fighting? Oh yah, that’ll be super exciting. You go watch that movie, I’ll watch this one…

        • from what i read on the comments i mostly agree with you doctor and seem reasonable on almost every topic…however if you think china (or any nation in the world excluding russia) has a fraction of our military might/technology/resources you are grossly misinformed

  4. Sweet Jesus! That was suspense incarnate. I will for sure check this out in theaters.

  5. Wow! I love these kind of films, looks great. In all reality though if an alien race was advanced enough to come to earth they would definitely destroy us.

  6. this looks alot more intense and dramatic then Skyline

  7. HOLY CRAP! This movie is gonna be spectacular!

  8. Oh Em Gee. Looks a lot better than skyline.

  9. Either way Im going to see it!!!

  10. Wow, I got goosebumps. Does anyone know the song from the first trailer?

    Very well done trailer and the movie looks great. Eckhart should overshadow the constantly horrible Michele Rodriguez. Special effects look GREAT!

    I’m a sucker for SciFi and not a big fan of Los Angeles (I live here) so I’m looking forward to this movie

  11. Why cant we lose LA? I would think DC and some places in the mid west are cant lose places.

    I mean what is so special about LA?


    • Aknot,

      ROFLOL! That’s EXACTLY what I thought! We can lose DC, Paris and NYC – but we CAN’T lose Los Angeles…

      Really? Totally expendable as far as I’m concerned.


      But seriously, this looks pretty amazing.


      • :D

        Yeah and when I ever hear a mention of LA all I can think of is Goose leaning out the side of a van in makeup… WE LOVE IT!

        As much as I loathed BF Earth I would like to see a decent Alien take over movie in that vein. War of the Worlds was semi close but I Want something meater and long like a LoTR.

        I can remember a long time ago reading Mission Earth by L. Ron and I thought I enjoyed it… I was rather young though…

      • @Vic

        I think most likely those other places are already lost, they’re saying we can’t lose LA because it’s kind of like our last stand. That’s the impression I got from the international trailer.

        Anyway, this looks pretty awesome, all out war, and I’m glad it’s in the USA. Hopefully this movie does our awesome military some justice. Kind of in the spirit since the 10th was the US Marines’ birthday and then the 11th was Veteran’s Day. :-) Semper Fi.

        • Ken J,

          Valid point. I just thought it was a very funny line. 8)


  12. BLA looks incredible and it will be nice to not have to wait till late Spring/Summer to get a major release like BLA. I’m very surprised (and very thankful) they didn’t wait till Spring or Summer to release it.

    Then again it would have been nice as a 2010 Holiday release to. But I guess that would be asking too much.

    As for Skyline I think there is more then enough room for both films even though BLA looks like it will be better over all. Then again it did have over 100Million to work with in its production verses Skylines budget.

    Just imagine would could be done if you paired a great writer (like Goyer who I know is hit or miss) with a team like the Straus brothers. From what I can tell so far it sounds like SKYLINE is short on story and so if they got a good writer they could probably do something pretty amazing.

  13. No L.A., No more Hollywood = reduction of invasion movie making possibly???
    Um wait…now that I’ve chewed on that for a second…GO AHEAD AND BLOW IT TO THE BEJEEZEUS BELT AND BACK! LOL :)

  14. I keep thinking Master Chief will pop out somewhere while watching the trailer…

  15. I haven’t gotten goose bumps like that when watching a trailer since those two amazing trailers for Watchmen! Looks amazing!

  16. i wonder if Michelle Rodriguez will play some battle hard tough chick.
    you know
    because shes so versatile as an actress

    • L M A O !!!

  17. Bim, bam, zim, zam, lots of flashy effects, so what? When I read the script last year, there was no motive given for the aliens attacking us and it read like a paint-by-numbers story. I wasn’t impressed.

    • I enjoy paint by numbers. They allow me to create without having to think. Just like a paint by numbers movie allows me to be entertained without too much thinking.

    • Do the aliens really need to communicate to us why they’re invading before they invade? I think they just want the Earth for themselves, and need to get rid of us. Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that…

  18. Trailer has changed my mind totally about this film, for the better. Off to iTunes to buy that track though!!

  19. Will it be a popcorn flick ala ID4 or are they trying to get some deep meaningful message out?

    • Doubt there’s much too deep. However, the actors are of higher dramatic quality…so whilst I think it’s popcorn/alien/effects based its going to be a bit more gritty.

      • “However, the actors are of higher dramatic quality”

        Uhhh, you did see Michelle Rodriguez is in this, right?

        • LOL.

        • Do’h and there I was blanking her totally from my head…I wondered what all those dark spots were in the trailer. It was Michelle Rodriguez…which my mind had blanked. Oh well, reminded again and there she is.

          Well. Thanks! (wink)

  20. Mars at least needed women in the Tommy Kirk film and in War of the Worlds(The original 1953 version, accept no substitute and H.G. Welles’ book.) to take over Earth because theirs was a dying planet. In Hitchhiker’s Guide they wanted Earth out of the way so aliens could pave the way for the Pan Galactic highway. What do these aliens want; nice hats?

    • Maybe they’re worried about weapons of mass destruction? Kinda makes you wonder if that’s what people in Iraq felt like when the US invaded with ‘shock & awe’.

      • *appalause* couldnt have put it better myself :)

        • LOL, you kids are so cute… :-)

  21. Probably succumb to smog and gang bangers before the marines arrive…….

  22. Looks pretty good, compared to skyline which I haven’t watched yet but at least it actually has some good actors, there is only 1 thing that went wrong with this movie, the idiot who offered them the movie title.. Seriously, whether or not this movie succeed, who is ever going to remember a movie with such a generic title.

    • i think the title opens it up for sequals or same story parallels? (cnt spell)

      for example;

      world invasion : battle Brtiain


      world invasion : battle gaza (this one could be aliens helping the palestinians from the zionist oppression! )

  23. this movie will be way more better than skyline i can’t wait to see it march 25th 2011