New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer Brings The Alien Onslaught

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battle los angeles trailer 2 New Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Brings The Alien Onslaught

One of the most anticipated films of the year, and another entry to the quickly expanding alien invasion genre, is that of Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: Los Angeles. Mixing elements of District 9 and Black Hawk Down, but playing with a much larger scale battlefield, Battle: Los Angeles is set to take moviegoers to the front lines of a key location during the world invasion.

The film has seen two trailers and numerous posters, reminiscing on real life UFO sightings throughout history, but each has only shown slight reveals of the aliens and their tech, leaving the rest to your imagination. As refreshing as it’s been to have not been shown all in a theatrical movie trailer, the third Battle: Los Angeles trailer has just released and it presents a whole new look at the film and what it entails.

The latest Battle: Los Angeles trailer focuses on the action and horror as we get up close and personal during the intense and action-heavy beginning of the alien onslaught. We also finally get some decent screentime for the film’s star, Aaron Eckhart. Watch and enjoy:

I am completely sold on this movie. While there are quite a few shots from previous trailers and footage, there is a lot of new content in this teaser. What really works for Battle: Los Angeles is how grounded in reality it is. Even in this particular trailer, almost the entire first minute follows the characters enjoying everyday life until that first scene of the strange “meteors” hitting the battleship. The impact of that hit emanates into the feeling of anxiety watching the events unfold.

The film takes place in Los Angeles as we spend our time with a platoon of Marines fighting for survival, but in the background the aliens are attacking locations all over the planet, hence the international title of the movie being World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (franchise alert!). The most interesting new footage unveiled with this trailer is by far the large vehicle coming out of the ground at the end, which looks quite similar to the alien mothership from District 9. That should cause some problems for the characters played by Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Lucas Till and co.

Ready to be colonized? I’m cheering for the aliens.

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Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters on March 11, 2011.

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  1. Wow. This movie is now the movie I can not wait for in 2011.. I have no doubt that this movie will be one of the best movies of 2011.

    That just looks crazy lol.

  2. This is probably the greatest trailer i’ve seen for awhile. Epic on so many levels.

  3. This movie has a grittier look than Skyline, more of a District 9 look. Could it suffer the fate some have put on Sucker Punch, the average movie going crowd scratching their heads and choosing another boring Adam Sandler movie instead. Skyline wanted to be Independence Day “popular”, to resonate with movie fans you have to have a memorable movie people want to see again on video. That is how great movies of the sci-fi genre last like Blade Runner, Alien and Terminator got the sequels was not necessarily from it’s theatrical run but what they did in the budding home video markets. So for every mediocre Twilight movie there is a Kick-Ass, for every Little Fockers there is a Superbad. Sucker Punch and Battle: Los Angeles may prove to be better when we can watch it again and again. Good article Rob!

  4. This looks like it’s aiming to be part drama part sci-fi action. I hope they pull it off because it’s been a while since there has been a legitimately good serious action movie. If this is like Black Hawk Down with aliens, I think it could be the best movie of 2011, but I guess we’ll see in 2 months…

  5. why is it that all extra terrestrial beings have to look like f***ing robots, couldn’t they have made these guys more organic looking ?
    this looks more like a ‘what if autobots didn’t land to save earth and the humans had to fend for themselves’. that huge alien/ship looking thing rising in the end totally ruined the mood for me, i’m not even going to consider taking this s*** seriously now.

    cybernetic ‘aliens’ blowing s*** up left and right with tech beyond human understanding… we all know how this is going to end.

    also wtf is up with the sudden release of ET movies, is it this yrs theme for hollywood or what ?

    • for once… i would like to see aliens.. who have technology more primitive than us..(unlike the xenomorphs or moorwen etc)

      • Avatar?

        Wait, that didn’t work out so well for us either … hmmmm .. maybe humans are just a bunch of moronic idiots who don’t deserve to exist.

        • Hey, who you callin’ human??!!

      • Avatar?

      • go watch Avatar then

  6. Looks decent. The effects look like they need work though.

  7. Hey Guys lets not forget the trailer for TERMINATOR SALVATION, it looked amazing!!!…I still liked the movie but it was not a great movie by any means…with that said I hope Battle: Los Angeles ROCKS!!!

    • Salvation was amazing, but too many fan boys couldnt get over the fact that it wasn’t going to be exactly like what they thought. It was still a much better movie than the crap Cameron put out in Avatar.

  8. Ok looks like this is my second most anticipated movie of 2011!!!!!!!

    wow that sh*t was epic!

    • Definitely agree on that Rickster.

  9. Funny how we see Eckhart running on the beach in the first scene. If anyone saw him on Conan, he talked about running on the beach and meeting Nolan there…that’s when he told him he won’t be in Batman 3 :(

    Anyway, my buddy Nic worked on the effects for this movie and he says it’s really good. He also worked on Skyline and Yogi bear and he said they were piles of crap. So I trust him. Day 1 for me.

    • LOL!! the look on his face on the scene prolly does portray “aww!! what no batman3!!”
      XD hahahahahah

  10. This looks AWESOME!!.. that being said.. i would like to take the cautious row seats here.. i have been awed enough by trailers and disappointed by the whole material..
    so i would like to just wait and watch.. this one..

    • Wait a minute, I thought ID showed the Air Force fighting the aliens?

      • ID did show the air force fighting but you can not conquer any land without ground troops to secure the conquered lands. Too many SciFi geeks think a war is won simply because they destroy the air power of the opposing force, it takes all three factions of land sea and air to secure an invasion.

  11. Idunno about this movie… I really really want this to be good and parts of the trailer truly do look epic. But I’m with jwalka on the part about why can’t the aliens look a bit more organic. It seriously looked like they were fighting decepticons… are you kidding me. I hate to say it but this aspect could make or break the movie for me. Who knows maybe the aliens use robotic suits to cover up there organic bodies but I feel like this look has been a little played out through the years. Also im not totally buying aaron eckhart as a platoon sgt. It just doesn’t seem to fit. Don’t get me wrong I love eckhart in almost all his movies but this seems like a miscast to me. Of course this is all speculation… I’m more excited for jjabrams super 8… even tho im sure they will be insanely different movies.

    • my favourite geared up aliens would have to be the ones from independence day, those little guys creeped me out with their predator looking suits.

      also does anyone know what this mess is going to be rated ?

  12. Wow makes me start to think who I should drag to the cinema with me now, looks like a must watch in with the cinematic theater system!

  13. holy s**t that was awesome im front and centre when this hits the cinema, what a great trailer

  14. big fan of Eckhart. on a side note, anyone here watch the music video for the song at the end of this trailer screen rant posted a little while ago?? Bloody depressing. Love the song choice though,looking forward to seeing this

    • What’s the name of that song at the end? Catch and creepy.

      • It’s “The Sun’s Gone Dim And The Sky’s Turned Black” by Johann Johannsson.

  15. WOW now that was a action trailer!!!! If the movie is as good as a trailer it will be a hit!!!

  16. dam the trailer was sick

  17. Whoooo weee! I’m excited. I love survival horror/sci fi flicks! it’d be cool to screen this on a military installation.

  18. ya know its been a while since a trailer has made me feel really anxious for how the movie is gonna end.

  19. People are commenting on the fact that the aliens don’t look organic. I’m actually tired of organic looking aliens, because it wouldn’t necessarily make sense for beings to go to war unprotected. Why wouldn’t they use armor like we do when they go into battle? A lot of nature has built in armor, but hyper-intelligent beings would likely always create better defenses than that which occurs naturally. So many alien movies assume that the aliens are naturally stronger and more resistant to our puny weapons. It would be nice for a change to not make that assumption and have the aliens just as susceptible to gun fire, etc. and require armor to defend themselves. My guess is that this’ll be a lot like the “predator” and they will at some point in the movie remove their armor to reveal what they truly look like.

    • Nice comment Great White! This films really looks like some hard ass tech work involved and good performances.

    • personally the aliens look a lot like the Stroggs from Quake 4.

  20. We’ve all been fooled by trailers before but I really, really hope they get the balance right in this film. The drama has to be there but the action has to be intense, sudden, realistic but short (to keep people on the back-foot)…my hope is that the “threat” of that violence…so sudden, unexpected and without quarter…builds a nice tension for the drama throughout the film.

  21. The problem I have with all these Earth invasion movies is that yes you would wipe out the indigenous population. And you’d do it quickly and cleanly from orbit. Why would you bother landing and going toe to tentacle with the inhabitants?

    • One, because you’d have a really short movie.
      two, because scorched earth policies robs you of all the natural resources rather than just simply killing the people.

      • Our own satellites can pinpoint you standing in front of your house. These are much more advanced aliens. They could wipe us out with little or no damage. And if you look at the movie they are blowing hell out of everything anyway. They could eliminate most of us from orbit and then send in drones to hunt down the few survivors. Not a great movie concept but much cheaper to make :)

        Or they could just contaminate the air with a genetically designed airborne virus that only killed humans.

        Basically what I’m saying is that a race of aliens with interstellar capabilities just isn’t going to have any problems wiping out a bunch of primitive primates despite what George Lucas and his Ewoks might say.

        • That’s what the British thought about the Zulu, The Russians about Afghanistan, probably Custard’s last thought.

          • None of those guy had space flight capabilities or they would have won.

            • Isn’t it in just about every other Alien invasion movie that they come down using their big spacecrafts, robots and flying saucers or some kind of jammy ‘Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers’ technique. It is so refusing to see a film which shows good old gritty ground combat, where we can get in the thick of the action of what would be (if in realty) the most epic battle of human history. Possibly the last.

              • *refreshing (not refusing :/)

                • BTW how do you necessarily know that they have the tech to simply kill us off in those ways. Or it may be a cultural thing. They like the glory of a fight, or even maybe find it unethical to kill people in such a quick, godlike way, similarly to how we humans may find it unethical to torture in western society? Even though the military can do it to make life easier, we don’t necessarily do it. Also, they may be planning to enslave us and want us alive?

                  • And of course Aliens are real right? You realize that you two are fighting a hypothetical battle, yes? Ok good, just making sure you understand that these are FAKE and don’t need to be realistic. Just a fun story.

                    • joe,

                      And you do realize that the more they try to make a movie seem realistic, the easier it is to suspend disbelief and care about the characters and what’s happening, right?

                      OK, just checking. 8)


                    • hey, they started that route way earlier than me, I am just trying to stress that there are so many ways around such technical doodars that it isn’t worth caring about it. Like I said in my first post, the idea that the film will be dealing with ground combat is very different for an alien film, and I think it will be a great gritty backdrop for good old war drama, which I think the alien invasion theme can defiantly deliver just as well as using an actually existing war because of its truly epic context.

                    • and even though, like Vic said, thinking about the logistics can be a part of how a film captures your imagination, even though it is not worth letting the film be ruined by them if you still love the story. I love the fact that movies, for a few hours at least, can make you feel as if alien invasions are reality, and even make you think of the possibilities.

                    • Aliens are real. Think of how many earth like planets exist in our Galaxy alone. We have only started to discover them.

            • most of the alien movies in the past Independence day, the thing, the body snatcher. Presents aliens using unbeatable strategies against us I believe it’s more refreshing to see one where aliens go for conventional warfare. We usually only see that in games. Besides simply watching movies where aliens keep using secret invasions gets boring after a while.

            • None of those guys had space flight capabilities, but in their minds had the equivalent thereof over what they assumed to be a weaker race.

        • first how do you know what kind and level of science they have!!
          second maybe that’s how much advanced your race is
          third an alien race that can create that kind of virus wont need to fly planet to planet for resources
          and at last having a car doesn’t make anything else than driving easier same as knowing interstellar travel doesn’t mean knowing everything.

          think first…

          • Agreed. Being advanced in one area of science or technology doesnt mean you are advanced in all areas. Many Ancient cultures, such as the Greeks, Incas, and Ancient Chinese were extremely advanced in Mathematics, having known much more than the Europeans did at the time of American colonization in the 16th century. Yet the Incas and Mayans were practically Annhililated by the Spanish, who were more advanced in the areas of Weaponry and Engineering, having more advanced knowledge of metal-working(steel)and armor and firearms/cannons and shipbuilding, but being much less sophisticated in areas of mathematics and agriculture. My point being, we tend to think these days that if society has reached higher technological sophistication in one area, than that society should be as advanced accross the board in all areas, but that’s not NECCESSARILY the case.

    • The aliens probably don’t want to damage the earth’s resources, so they decided to do things the slower way. Besides if they just bomb us from orbit then there won’t be a movie.

    • The Reason they make these movies like they are is because people love seeing Humans fight back. yes the alien tech is really good but if they just killed us from space it would be boring. so the movie makers are making it fun and cool by leting humans fight back. and i really hope we win :D

  22. Finally a sequel to ET… :-)

    • Win!

  23. I’m very curious to find out what solution/fix is implemented to finally get rid fo teh alien invasion by the films end. I am of course assuming it ends with us winning; it could be the first alien invasion film that ends with us ending instead fo the aliens.

    What puzzles me is the march release because this looks like a Spring to Summer hit and not something you’d do in late Winter to Early Spring. Then again last Years Alice In Woinderland was released during this time.

    • While almost everybody hated it, Skyline was one that ended with us being wiped out.

  24. @screenrant, change link for movie trailer, it doesn’t exist any more. :)

    • tepisi,

      The trailer works just fine for me. Just tried it.


  25. When I imagine first contact, I like to think that the aliens will give us an invitation to an intergalactic book club and a free coupon for the cure to cancer. This seems like it could also happen though.

  26. i am also excited by this movie.

    i would also be intrigued why the aliens picked earth
    for resources.

    colonization by killing the dominant species of a
    planet involves a fair amount of resources/energy/manpower
    on the part of the aliens as well.

    what kind of resource can aliens find here -that
    does not exist elsewhere?

    i imagine our solar system alone has enough uninhabited
    planets full of any resource they can want.

    unless they want organic resources of course.

    they probably have to be oxygen breathers of course.
    pretty hard to imagine any race wanting to colonize
    a planet with an atmosphere that’s poisonous to them.

    at least those aliens seem to have some sort of
    robotic exoskeleton which makes sense.

    • They w=came for the secret recipe to Yoo-Hoo. That’s all they want.

  27. Yet another movie that proves one thing about aliens
    and thats you just cant trust them. Sometimes you
    meet a nice one Starman or E.T. but usually they turn
    out to be some sort of big lizard.

  28. I await this film just hoping it will finally take the bad taste out of my mouth from War of the Worlds. They build the tension up the entire movie and you think Earth is lost and then its some algae that saves the world?!?!

    Independence Day equals great way to defeat the aliens, War of The Worlds equals horrible way. If they can’t come up with anything better than algae just let the aliens win.