New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer Brings The Alien Onslaught

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battle los angeles trailer 2 New Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Brings The Alien Onslaught

One of the most anticipated films of the year, and another entry to the quickly expanding alien invasion genre, is that of Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: Los Angeles. Mixing elements of District 9 and Black Hawk Down, but playing with a much larger scale battlefield, Battle: Los Angeles is set to take moviegoers to the front lines of a key location during the world invasion.

The film has seen two trailers and numerous posters, reminiscing on real life UFO sightings throughout history, but each has only shown slight reveals of the aliens and their tech, leaving the rest to your imagination. As refreshing as it’s been to have not been shown all in a theatrical movie trailer, the third Battle: Los Angeles trailer has just released and it presents a whole new look at the film and what it entails.

The latest Battle: Los Angeles trailer focuses on the action and horror as we get up close and personal during the intense and action-heavy beginning of the alien onslaught. We also finally get some decent screentime for the film’s star, Aaron Eckhart. Watch and enjoy:

I am completely sold on this movie. While there are quite a few shots from previous trailers and footage, there is a lot of new content in this teaser. What really works for Battle: Los Angeles is how grounded in reality it is. Even in this particular trailer, almost the entire first minute follows the characters enjoying everyday life until that first scene of the strange “meteors” hitting the battleship. The impact of that hit emanates into the feeling of anxiety watching the events unfold.

The film takes place in Los Angeles as we spend our time with a platoon of Marines fighting for survival, but in the background the aliens are attacking locations all over the planet, hence the international title of the movie being World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (franchise alert!). The most interesting new footage unveiled with this trailer is by far the large vehicle coming out of the ground at the end, which looks quite similar to the alien mothership from District 9. That should cause some problems for the characters played by Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Lucas Till and co.

Ready to be colonized? I’m cheering for the aliens.

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Battle: Los Angeles invades theaters on March 11, 2011.

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  1. Literally holding my head when I see it any time.

  2. War of the Worlds (Remake) and Skyline put a bad taste in my Sci-Fi lovin mouth so I at least have a good feeling about this movie. Don’t disappoint!

  3. I’d be alot more excited if this blockbuster-looking movie was being released in the summer. Generally speaking, when a movie like this is released in March, it means that the producers don’t think it can compete with the other blockbusters. Sometimes they’re wrong – The Green Hornet was slated for February because the producers thought it was horrible but then test audiences loved it. Maybe this is similar but remember that other “blockbuster” action movies like The Core and Skyline were also released in March. I’ll see this when it comes out but I’m not expecting alot.

  4. A very good reason why a technologically superior race wouldn’t use a virus or ‘bio-warfare’ would be that there is a high degree of risk that the bio-organism could mutate into something else that could pose a threat to the aliens themselves. If the aliens are after resources on this planet, it would not be in their interest to use ‘bio-warfare’ since they would have to occupy the planet and live with the risk of the biological agent mutating. Remember Jurassic Park – life always finds a way, (eg life evolves, mutates).

  5. Maybe the don’t just blow everyone up from orbit because they are sportsmanlike, and like to hunt. You know, why kill a pig at 200 yards with a .308 when you can corner it, then come at it with a knife? Lots more adrenaline involved.

  6. I dont normally post and generally read/smirk at others, so neck on the block here.
    For my sins i like sci-fi an mindless action movies and this one “looks” on the face of it to be great.

    Next point (moving away from the movie and to the various discussions about aliens)

    Personally I don’t see how they cant exist however…

    we are predisposed to the trekki universe of races and cultures.. hogwash..

    look at our history, age upon age of empires, there is always one, the only real difference now, is given the communication era empires span decades rather than centuries, and these days it spans commerce as much as military… so…. what’s my point?

    Aliens: what do they represent, probably an empire, all civilisations will be at different levels and will span differing time frames of evolution. Hence at any given point if multiple races exist then Im guessing there will be an empire driven leader.

    All empires in human terms sought to use sub-servients rather than just wholesale slaughter them.

    there’s counters to every point here but its the best opinion i can come up with on an alien intent. we may be a backwater but we probably represent a resource either as food, slave labour in terms of mineral extraction or manufacturing resource…

    Slaughtering us wholesale just wouldnt make sence to me but then a culture of hunters may simply find us “good sport” who knows.

    Look at it this way if we made contact with a race the political front would be peaceful in terms of relations but in our society business men would seek to exploit our new found friends with an ensuing power struggle in one form or another…

    ok rant now…cheers peeps

  7. I think we, human, have technology because: we are vertical creature, we use foot to walk to let our hands and fingers develop through evolution so we can create delicate tools. This is first rule to have technology. Most villain aliens in hollywood movies, e.g. the war of the world, ID4, (except ripley’s alien and pradator) look pretty much primitive: octopus, lizard and insect like with jelly all over their body. ever wonder how they invent interstellar spaceship with tentacles? excuse my broken english.

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